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Character stories. (all rp's)

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Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by justinlynch3 on Mon Jul 20, 2009 5:52 pm

This is not a profile thread, but rather a thread to show characters histories.

The histories are basically stories of how you characters was before they appeared in said rp's. It's basically taking your profile bio and writing a 1 or 2 chapter long story, showing more detailed of what said characters went through.

When you do the histories, follow this simple template.

Character name:
Chapter title:

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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by justinlynch3 on Mon Jul 20, 2009 7:22 pm

Character name: Troy.
Rp: Heroes Uprising.

Chapter title: The history of Troy.

We take a look around the broken and deserted streets in a city filled with crime. Looking at some motel rooms, we here yelling as a man in his mid to late teens run out of the building. Following him, a large overweight man who stopped at the doorways, unable to chase the youth any further. The overweight man shakes his fist in anger while yelling at the running youth.


The overweight man then turns back and walks into the motel as the youth begins to get out of sight. The next day we see the same youth in a classroom. The place looks like it's about to rot apart and collapse. Sitting at the back, the youth ignores the teacher at the front, screaming her head off.

Youth: God I hate this fucking place.

Lost in thought, the youth doesn't notice the teacher walking towards him. With a sudden and load crack, the youth grabs his hand in pain.

Teacher: Troy, fucking pay attention.
Troy: Arg, you bitch.

Grasping the meter stick tightly in her hand, she gives it a full force swing, smacking Troy across the head with enough force to crack the stick in half.

Teacher: You own me money for a new stick.
Troy: *on the floor rubbing the side of his face* But you fucking broke it.
Teacher: So. I'm still making you pay for it.

Troy is force through the remainder of the class without any medical care for the simple reason that the school has no nurse. At lunch time, Troy makes his way to the kitchen counter, tray in hand with the empty bowls laid out. He reaches the chief who scoops up a large spoon full of "food" and slops it down in Troy's bowl. The "food" is some kind of white soup, it smells, and a hair can be seen floating in the bowl. Troy simply takes the stuff and dumps it into a trash can as he walks by.

Troy: Another hungry day.

In one of the back halls of the building, Troy is forcibly slammed against the wall buy a large muscular black man.

Black man: Where's my money Troy.
Troy: I don't have it.
Black man: Have it by the end of the week.
Troy: Or what?
Black man: Use your imagination.

Later that night, we see Troy huddled in the corner of a rundown and broken house. No sheets, no blanket, he shivers in the coldness of the night.

Troy: Man I hate this shit. I'm treated like dirt, cold and hungry, broke, and everybody wants to kill me. Someday they'll pay, they'll all pay for it.

Outside gunfire is heard, it becomes increasingly loader and before long a man ducks into the very house Troy is in. The man watches as cops surround the place. Troy try's to make a quick dash to safety, but the man spots him and grabs him, putting a gun to Troy's head.

Man: Stay back, I have an hostage.

There is a short pause and the police officer speaks up.

Officer: Take em both out.

Troy can only take cover and bullets starts whizzing buy, missing him buy mere inches. The cops ends up killing the criminal. As the cops enter the house, the commanding officer looks and Troy and say's "kill him". At that moment all officers except one leaves.

Troy: Bastards, what did I do?
Officer: Nothing.
Troy: So what, I die just like that, for no reason.
Officer: Yes.

The officer readies his guy. Zooming outside we see a flash of light in the night sky followed by screams. The next day, we see Troy exit the broken house, a burned body lay behind him.

Troy: Wow, just what the hell happened last night? That guy like, combusted into flames... Well, good riddance anyway.

Deciding to skip school, Troy takes his chances walking around town. He keeps walking, not noticing he has stepped outside his area. The school bully from before, as well as several other large men approach Troy.

Black guy: Hey punk, come to pay up.
Troy: No.

On that instant Troy is smacked across the back of the head with a 2X4 piece of wood and knocked to the ground.

Black guy: No payment, no living.

Troy leaps forward trying to jump the man but is intercepted and kicked away by one of his goons. Then then start to surround Troy while readying there weapons.

Black guy: Foolish idiot. Guys, put him out of his misery.

Troy rises to his feet as they all take aim.

Troy: I... hate... ALL OF YOU!!!

And with a mighty yell, a huge explosion of fire erupts from around Troy, forming into a dome the flames spread across half the block. When the fire fades, Troy falls to the ground. Breathing heavily, thin trails of smock rising off his body, and burned, tattered, remains of his clothing left. Troy stares at his hands for a few seconds, he then starts to smile.

A few years later we see Troy again, new clothing specially made for him. He walks into a part of the city that is nothing but burned and charred ruins.

Troy: You assholes won't be making my life hell anymore.

Troy looks in the palm of his hand, he stares at the chunk of gold he holds.

Troy: Should be worth a good deal of money.

Troy then sets off into the sunset. The next time we see him is in the heroes uprising rp, when he sets a bank ablaze.

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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by justinlynch3 on Sat Oct 03, 2009 8:27 pm

Character: Angie Law.
Rp: Heroes Uprising.

Chapter title: Wrongfully Accused.

Our story starts in a locker room where we see a girl pulling into a military outfit. As she finishes dressing a man comes along.

???: Angie, new mission.
Angie: Don't tell me it's that JKB terrorist group again.
???: The very same.

Angie sighs as she gets a handgun out of the locker and closes the door.

Angie: This is one persistent group, I'll give them that. What's our mission.
???: Infiltrate and secure the area.
Angie: So basically kill everyone, correct.
???: Yes, take no hostage. Just wipe out and lock down.
Angie: I though so. When do we leave.
???: 0600 hours. (Not good with military time, but I think that's 6 o clock right?)

The man turns and leaves, Angie turns and leaves in a different direction towards the shooting range. Come 6pm, a group of 5 soldiers, including Angie enters a waiting helicopter. Once on the helicopter lifts off.

Angie: This plan was put together rather hastily wasn't it.
Soldier: Probably. Your new to this group right?
Angie: Yes, I'm Angie.
Soldier: I'm Shane. Sitting by me with the machine gun is Gunner Bob, the hellcat sitting across from you is Kiya, and beside her is Commander Duke.
Angie: I've been told I'd get the attack plan on route.
Shane: Yes. You and the commander are entering from the front entrance. Bob will enter from the rare as me and Kiya will enter from both sides.
Angie: So the basic attack plan.
Shane: Yes.

The helicopter soon touches down at the desired location, and the team jumps out before the helicopter takes off once more.

Commander: Move out!

The group surrounds the building, entering from all sides. They clear the first floor without trouble, and the commander, Angie, and Kiya move upstairs as Shane and Gunner Bob watch the stairway. Upstairs they find a few rooms hiding terrorist and they are quickly taken out by the group. Coming to the last few rooms, Angie breaks in a door find a few young men, as well as women and children.

Angie: Sir, we have children here. Women and children.
Commander: America?
Angie: No.
Commander: Kill them.
Angie: Sir?
Commander: Our mission is to clear the area, take them out solder.
Angie: You can't be serious, with all do respect sir I don't think we should be killing children.
Commander: It's not a request, it's a order. Do it.

Angie takes another look at the frightened group.

Angie: No... sir. I won't.
Commander: You disobey a direct order. Fine I'll do it.

As the commander walks past Angie, she quickly grabs his left arm, twisting it behind his back. She then takes his gun to his head.

Commander: Angie!!
Angie: Taking out a terrorist group is one thing, but I won't allow killing of women and children. Do any of you in the group speak English?
Commander: Your making a big mistake, you know that.

A young man, maybe about 16 years of age stands up.

Young man: I speak some English.
Angie: Do you know what I'm saying when I say fire escape?
Young man: Yes yes, I know fire escape.
Angie: All the soldiers are inside, the window behind you has a fire escape. Use that to get out of here, now.

The young man nods in agreement, he opens the window and starts to get the others in the room out. Seconds later Kiya comes up from another hall.

Kiya: What the hell?

Kiya quickly aims her gun as Angie positions the commander in front of her.

Kiya: Let him go Angie.
Angie: No.
Kiya: Let him go, or your gonna die.
Angie: I'll take my chances.
Commander: Kiya, take the shot.

Kiya takes aim, and shoots the gun out of Angie's hand without hitting her commander or Angie herself. The commander now reverses the hold, maneuvering himself behind Angie, this time twisting her arm behind her back. He then knocks Angie forward, causing her to fall.

Commander: Stand up!

Angie does so.

Commander: For helping the enemy, as well as attacking the commanding officer. You are to be killed.
Angie: Your no judge, you have no right to make that call.
Kiya: Quick or slow?
Commander: Slow.

On that command Angie is shot through the heart.

(continued on next post)



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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by justinlynch3 on Sat Oct 03, 2009 10:26 pm

Character: Angie Law.
Rp: Heroes Uprising.

Chapter title: Wrongfully Accused (part 2)

We start with a view of nothing but blast, we can soon faintly hear people talking in a foreign languish. As Angie starts to open her eyes, we see she is in a room lite by candles. It isn't long before the young man she spoke to earlier took notice and came to her.

Young boy: Please don't move.
Angie: Where... am I?
Young boy: Your at our villain.

A elderly man turns around with a shape knife in his hand and say's something Angie doesn't understand.

Angie: What... did he say?
Young boy: He said that the bullet has to come out, or it can kill you.

The elderly man then says something else.

Angie: What did he... say then?
Young man: Prepare yourself, this will be very painful.

The camera then zooms outside the hurt, over viewing the small village as a painful scream overtakes the peaceful quite. A week passes by and we see Angie outside sitting by the fire pit. The young man who had since revealed his name as Genard comes and sits by Angie.

Genard: You should probably not be up and around this soon, you where almost killed. You should give it at least 2 weeks.
Angie: It's alright Genard, I'll be fine. Why.
Genard: What?
Angie: You people seem so peaceful, why do you do what you do Genard?
Genard: You mean the hijacking and stealing, we do it to survive. We are driven out of our homeland, taking refuge in a land that is over hunter with little life stock. People refuse to hire us just because we are not American, and we are treated far differently by the law then Americans. I once had a friend arrested for walking into the movies with popcorn... they thought he was caring a bomb... What about you, why do you hunt us?
Angie: It's how I was raised.
Genard: You was raised to hunt people?
Angie: No, I was raised to protect people, or so I thought. My mother died giving birth to me, my father couldn't take it and killed himself shortly after. I was adopted as piratically a baby and raised in a family with a long military history. About 7 years ago I was recruited as a official soldier. That very year my foster family was killed in a bombing... it seems father had some enemy's. 5 years later at the age of 24, I was moved into a higher class of specialized soldiers who that was designed to end terrorist groups quickly, and prevent large fights from breaking out.
Genard: Then why did you protect us?
Angie: Cause my job is killing terrorist, not women and children.

From the distance, a sound is heard getting loader as it closes in.

Angie: What is... crap, down!!!

Angie grabs Genard, both dive to the ground just before a large explosion occurs and the village is destroyed. After the explosion subsides, Angie is seen picking herself up. By no more then shear luck, she was protected from the full impact of the blast by ruble, and Genard's body, which got thrown on top of her. She stands up, bleeding, and looks around, before slowly limping away.

Two years later Angie is walking though an alley way, she hears some commotion and quickly heads to the scene, where 2 men are fighting. She watches the fight, keeping herself out of sight. When the fight ends, the younger mans body had turned pale. The other man then lifted up the pale body, places his free hand to the younger mans chest.

Angie: What is he...

Before she can finish her thought, a blast of what would appear to be lava burns it's way through the mans body.

Angie: *shocked*
Other man (Shawkun): Hope you had a good show miss.

Shawkun then leaves, shortly after Angie runs over to the body.

Angie: How... did he do that?

Minutes later clouds fill the sky and lightning flashes. A strong guest of wind then slams Angie back against a wall where spiky vines quickly grow to hold her in place. She looks to see a man walking up the alley, he kneels down by the body.

Man: My son... *stands up*

Angie attempts to get free, but the spikes on the vines dig into wrist and ankles. Suddenly grass starts to rapidly grow up the wall Angie is pinned to, she looks in panic, unable to get free. With a sudden yell Angie releases various blast from from in all direction, breaking the wall she was pinned to, but also causing massive damage all around her. After the firing the blast, Angie is set free and she drops to her knees. It's only then she notices all the damage around her.

After a few seconds she notices some of the ruble moving, and she runs off. We soon see the dead boy father stand up, his wounds being healed at a quick pace.

Man: All this destruction, there is no doubt anyone, she's the killer.



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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by justinlynch3 on Sun Oct 04, 2009 9:48 pm

Character: Shin/Tanya.
Rp: Heroes Uprising.

Chapter title: Siblings troubles.

Our story starts with a young male and a young female, both in there mind to late teens, sparring with each other out on a grassy field. The sparring soon turns into a little wrestle as both start rolling over the ground. After this they break apart and go back in on the sparring until a voice calls out.

Voice: Tanya, Shin, dinner.
Shin: Coming!
Tanya: Race you back? *smirk*
Shin: Sure sis.

As Tanya turns around to get in a race ready positions, Shin leap frog jumps on her, knocking her down and runs ahead.

Tanya: Oh your gonna get it for that little brother.

Tanya then runs off after Shin. After about 6 minutes, both barge into there house at the same time, fighting to squeeze through the door to see who'll win. Both however halt there struggle as they come to a realization that they have wedged themselves in the narrow doorway and is stuck.

Tanya: ... dad!...

After getting unstuck, they sit at the dinner table to eat. There father and mother notices them in a mess, but a bit of rough play is nothing strange for these two and they make no fuss over it. After there meal everything proceeds as it was any other day as the two get themselves cleaned up and ready for school. The school day proceeds as any usual day, and the brother sister duo race home just in time for supper.

Mother: How was your day?
Shin: Pretty much the usual.

They finish the meal and head upstairs. As night falls, screams from people outside are heard as they are seen running away. Tanya and Shin takes a glance out the window, when there father stops by there room.

Tanya: Dad...
Father: You two stay here and keep the doors locked.
Tanya: Right.

There father, armed with a rifle in hand, runs out the hall and down the stairs as Tanya locks the door behind him. Gun shots are fired, and things are briefly silent until horrible screams of horror and pain are heard. When the yells die, footsteps are heard coming up the stairs.

Tanya: Shin, stay behind me.
Shin: But sis...
Tanya: Damnit Shin, just stay back.

As the footsteps near, the locked door is suddenly blown open, revealing a man in his 40's.

...: A few hide away's.
Tanya: We don't want trouble, just leave.
...: You might not want trouble, but I do.

Tanya makes the first move, creating a clone as she ran towards the mysterious man. Tanya jumped for a aerial attack as the clone ran in for a head on attack, the stranger grinned before letting out a explosive doom blowing Tanya into the ceiling before having her drop to the floor. Her clone is blasted through the window and disappears. Tanya was then telekinetically lifted and slammed against the wall with great force before being slammed to the floor a second time.

Shin: Sis!
Stranger: Didn't expect to actually gain any ability's from this small town.
Shin: Come on Tanya, say something...
Tanya: You... you have to... to run arg... he's... way to strong.
Shin: No, I can't, I won't leave you.
Stranger: Hmhmhm, your soul is mine... Tanya.

The stranger makes a sort of "come here" gesture with his index finger and Tanya's body is stripped of her soul, quickly becoming pale and seemingly lifeless.

Shin: *tears* no!! You bastard.

Shin charges at the stranger only to be blasted into a wall.

Stranger: Young man, do you have a ability as well?
Shin: Why, so you can steal it.
Stranger: How would you like a chance of getting your sister back.
Shin: Wha-what?
Stranger: I'm putting together a tournament for... special fighters like yourself. However many will be reluctant to join. You help me "persuade" others to join, as well as win yourself 3 tournaments. And I will reunite you with her.
Shin: And what do I have to rely on, your word. No thanks.
Stranger: I'm offering you a offer very few people get. You can throw away the offer and die, or you can work with me and save the life of at least one member of your family. She was ready to give anything to protect you, even her life. Are you willing to give anything to rescue her?

There is a long silence till Shin finally agrees.

Stranger: Shin, my name is Shawkun.
Shin: You better hold up your end of the deal.
Shawkun: Win 3 tournaments, and you will see your sister again.



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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by justinlynch3 on Mon Oct 05, 2009 5:39 pm

Character name: Nina.
Rp: Heroes Uprising.

Chapter title: Vampire girl.

We begin with a girl in her early to mid 20's, she sits in a dark room alone with the blinds over the windows closed. The girl herself is wearing all black clothing, she is only visible from the glare of a small black and white T.V which is set on the news.

News Reporter: For the past several months, people has been disappearing with no traces.

The girl smirks at the comment before we take a look down stairs to see the girls parents, they look worried as they sit at the dinner table, a plate of food left that hasn't been touched.

Mother: What are we going to do Gorge?
Gorge: *sigh* I don't know. Nina has always had... issues, but lately she really worries me.
Mother: She's in her room all day with the blinds closed, she won't eat, and if ask her why she either ignores us or mumbles some nonsense about vampires, I think it's time we get her some... professional help.
Gorge: Like a shrink?

The night rolls in and passes by seemingly uneventful. Morning however is welcomed by tears and grief as Nina's parents lean that there family members had been killed. It's reported on the news as this towns most brutal killing spree ever. Nina's mother soon comes up to her room, opening the door.

Nina: Close the door.
Mother: *teary* Nina, your... grandparents are all dead.
Nina: I know, now get out.
Mother: Nina!
Nina: Your know mother, the killer will get you, both you and father.
Mother: How, can you tell that.
Nina: Because I know who the killer is. *grin* Me.

With this Nina jumps up, putting the palm of her hand to her mothers chest. Pulse waves are released from Nina's palm, attacking her mothers heart and causing her a fatal heart attack. Nina then headed downstairs. Come later that night, Nina is seen loading the body's into a car and driving off. Come morning.

News Reporter: Again and series of disappears as Gorge, Nina and Tiny are missing. Police has no lead, but this has got to stop. As a result, a city wide manhunt is being arranged. By 7 o'clock the city and surrounding area are crawling with police. At 4am a group of cops are checking out a tip about a cabin on the outskirts of town. The officers get a strong sent of a decomposing smell as the near the cabin. One officer opens the cabin door and is immediately jumped by Nina. Before she can deal the officer and serous harm though, she is tazered by 2 other officers. Police storm the cabin, finding blood and bodies everywhere.

3 days later, Nina is in the court house, hands tied behind her back.

Governor: For multiple murders, covering up of said murders, attacking a police officer and cannibalism, you are hear by given the death sentence.
Nina: Fuck you.
Governor: Officers, take her away.

However, from seemingly out of the blue a massive sand storm kicks up, the officers are thrown around and knocked out or killed, however Nina isn't touched. Then in front of Nina the sand starts to swirl around, forming into a body.

...: Hello Nina, I'm the guy referred to as Sandman. How you you like to have all the bodies you could feed off.
Nina: *grin*
Sandman: Then come with me.



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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by justinlynch3 on Wed Oct 07, 2009 11:09 pm

Character name: Kiya Sky's.
Rp: Heroes Uprising.

Chapter title: Forced Career.

We start off with a look at an open field, in this field are various targets set up at different distances, directions, and heights. In the middle of all these targets is a 17 year old girl. She is armed with a handgun in her hand and a sword strapped to her back. She stands completely still as a breeze of wind blows through her hair.

Girl: 3... 2... and 1.

She quickly makes a quick spin around making various shots, she then quickly fires two shots high before and a couple of shots over her shoulder. She makes and spin, doing a sweep kick type move, and kicking up a few grains of grass. Putting away the gun though the spin, she grabs the sword making a slice, cutting one of the grains of grass length ways down the middle. She finishes with a slash, cutting the last few grains of grass in half.

...: Very impressive Kiya.

Kiya put away her sword, turning around to see several men in suits.

Suited man: Look at this, every signal target was a perfect shot, straight though the middle of the bull. And you made all these shots withing a few seconds.
Kiya: So what, I'm a good shot.
Suited man: Exactly, to good. The best marksmen in the world would need to take aim. You can do all these things effortless.
Kiya: Look, are you going somewhere with this or not? If your quite finished, then get out of my sight.
Suited man: Your skills are special Kiya, your much more skilled with a weapon then any human could ever hope to be.
Kiya: So what of it.
Suited man: The government could use your skills Kiya.
Kiya: Well sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not interested.
Suited man: To bad, I don't think your family would like that choice.
Kiya: What!!

Kiya takes aim at the man, the other suited men quickly take aim.

Suited man: Now now, you shoot at a target and it won't shoot back. You shoot at me, and well you get the picture. So unless you can dodge bullets, I wouldn't suggest it.

Kiya hesitates to lower her weapon, but faced with the situation at hand, she soon does.

Kiya: What... what em is it you want me to do?
Suited man: You'll be sent in with a team of highly ranked soldiers for those missions that require a little extra skill. Mainly various terrorist organizations that we can't handle alone.
Kiya: When you say "organizations you can't handle".
Suited man: Don't worry, you won't be hunting others of your kind, usually. The government are cooking up there own idea encase they decide to someday get out of hand. You can be a hero Sky's, or you and your family can be dead.

Years later.

Kiya: Let him go, or your gonna die.
Angie: I'll take my chances.
Commander: Kiya, take the shot.

Kiya takes aim, and shoots the gun out of Angie's hand without hitting her commander or Angie herself. The commander now reverses Angie's hold on him, maneuvering himself behind Angie, twisting her arm behind her back. He then knocks Angie forward, causing her to fall.

Commander: Stand up!

Angie does so.

Commander: For helping the enemy, as well as attacking your commanding officer. You are to be killed.
Angie: Your no judge, you have no right to make that call.
Kiya: Quick or slow?
Commander: Slow.

On that command Angie is shot through the heart. The commanding officer leaves but Kiya stays behind.

Kiya: I don't like working for these jerks any more then you do. The shot looks fatal, but you should be alive for at least a few hours, or longer. If you survive, just go. The next time I see you, I may not be able to spare your life.

With that Kiya turns and leaves

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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by lol1991 on Tue Dec 08, 2009 4:49 pm

Character Name: Madara Uchiha
RP: Heroes Uprising

Story Title: My Eyes

Chapter 1: Prelude

Madara Uchiha, the strongest member of his clan, for generations herald as such...His eyes held both a need for power, and an emptiness like no other. What events made the man that can even defeat Milo Ventro

"We see Madara up on a rock near the old village, reminiscing. Zetsu joins him"

Zetsu: Feeling gloomy?
Madara: The weather today...reminds me of that day...hmm, I sometimes find myself looking back to it
Zetsu: Ah yes, the battle that formed this valley. You never did tell me what happened in a proper way.
Madara: Well, we have some time to kill before we have to move out. I'll tell you

Long ago, in feudal Japan, there existed 3 Clans that were know as both the strongest of mercenaries, and the wisest men. They were the Uchiha, the Byaku, and the Rikudo. The reasons for their strength was unknown, for no man survived a fight with them to tell

The Rikudo led this alliance. However, the Uchiha, who considered themselves more powerful, wanted that spot. Back then, my life was nothing but struggle and fighting.

My story starts around the decade of 1450 A.C in a small village in Norther Japan. At this time, the 3 Clans lived separately, with the Uchiha stayed at the North. Our village only had the Uchiha residing there, about 500 in population. I started my training to enter the fighting section of the clan at mere 5 years of age. I succeed in entering at 13.

"We cut to a small house in the outskirts of the village. Two young men are training with each other in physical combat. Suddenly, one trips the other, only for the one tripped to use his hands to get his balance and kick the first in a handstand, getting up and putting his fist in a finishing maneuver"

...: Nice one...again. Boy Madara, you get better with each day.
Madara: Well, it's normal...I aim to be the strongest in this clan after all Inazaki nii-san
Inazaki: Yeah, you wish! I'll be the strongest, you'll see

"Madara helps his brother up and the two jokingly mess about, before going inside for some food and rest"

Well, those were the days for me. Me and my brother had been orphaned young, as our parents were killed in a fight with the Rikudo. The war was itching to break out, with the Uchiha taking up more and more jobs that went against the Rikudo clan. There was, of course, independence to do so, but the Uchiha refused to back down if they directly confronted the Rikudo, and most of the times, the Rikudo would kill the attacking Uchiha. The Byaku peace lovers always spoke out against this, but the Rikudo figured that it would teach us a lesson. One day, me and my brother enrolled for a mission that again went against the Rikudo

"We cut to night time, in what appears to be an old Japanese manor. Izanaki and Madara are outside, Madara wearing an outfit similar to his later one, but more simple, and Izanaki wearing something similar to the Akatsuki robes, only black and with normal pants. The two sneak about in the manor, going up to a room. Suddenly, the room doors explode, and the two end up floored. Before them appears a man in robes similar to the ones Namini used to wear"

Man: Hmmp...I new the Uchiha would come here
Madara: Shit, it's Irano...he's a famous fighter from the Rikudo...
Izakani: Wanna back out?
Madara: "grin" Who ARE you talking too...

"Madara and Izanaki both attack at the same time, but their efforts are easily cut off, as Irano uses a strong magic to burn Madara, Madara barely dodging. Suddenly, he ends up trapped in vines grown from the ground. Izanaki tries to take the advantage to attack Irano, but he holds him up with magic, and starts to choke him"

Irano: Now, is your final hour...Katon:
Izanaki: No!!

Madara: BROTHER!!

Irano: Gokakyuu!!

"As the fireball engulfs Izanaki, suddenly, it seems to fade as Madara appeared in between the two. His eyes now red with black markings"

Irano: It's the ...the Wheel Eye...

In the mists of flames...The first time he awakened his powers was to protect his brother. What events lead Madara to the path he chose.


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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by lol1991 on Wed Dec 09, 2009 10:19 am

Story Title: My Eyes

Chapter 2: The Kaleidoscope

Enveloped in fire...The awakening of Madara Uchiha

"As Madara cancels out the fire, Irano is left shocked"

Irano: How did you do that?

"Madara seems rather surprise himself. Suddenly, he does the hand signs and fires a massive fireball at Irano, as Irano has to dodge"

Irano: What power. I've never seen an Uchiha copy a Jutsu with such flawless technique. If I didn't know any better, I'd say I was staring down the Samsara and not the Wheel eye

"Irano goes on to attack again, but Madara uses his Wheel eye to predict everyone attack easily, and then moves to counter attack. However, the latter blocks with his hands, and goes for a kick, that Madara blocks with his other hand. Then two back away, as Madara has a confident grin on his face"

Irano: Is fighting skills are strong
Madara: This is amazing. I can clearly see his attacks and how he moves. Plus, the way he uses his magic. I can see the energy and dodge the attacks. Now then...time to try something

"Madara uses another fireball, but Irano dodges, Just then, as Irano is in the air, Madara does different hand signs then before and uses a more rapid fire version, firing small fireballs at Irano. Irano counters by blowing them away, only for it to be revealed that there's hidden shuriken in the fireballs, as they hit their mark. Irano reals, and Madara takes no time. Taking out a sword he had with him, he quickly jumps up, dodges one last fire attack, and manages to stab Irano in the chest, leaving the sword there as Irano falls to the ground"

Irano: Impossible!! A little brat beat me like this!
Madara: Hmp. This was actually pretty easy

"Irano starts to bleed on the ground, as Madara pulls the blade from his body, the blood flowing even more and Irano finally dying"

Madara: Izanaki, you okay?
Izanaki: Yeah, but...that was brilliant. You unlocked the eyes of our clan
Madara: Yeah. This power it's...let's just get going.

"Madara and Izanaki finish their mission, which was to kill the Feudal Lord living in the mansion"

After that first mission, I returned to the clan as hero. Using the still lingering peace to the clan's advantage, the then clan leader researched on the fire release I had copied and modified from Irano, and then taught it to the other members. Thus, the Great Fireball became the Uchiha trademark attack. Some of the elite fighters were able to modified it further, and thus, we became know for our Katon magic

As time passed, I did more and more missions and my name became more and more well know. Always behind but not by much was my brother. He unlocked the Wheel Eye that very same month. I, however, changed from that day with Irano. I felt that the Wheel Eye had more power then that. We were the strongest clan according to the teachings of our elders, so it was impossible it was just that.

"We see Madara, now older, about 16, looking at a book on those day's science. Mostly inaccurate reading."

Madara: Hmm...this seems to be wrong as well...damn this

"Izanaki walks in"

Izanaki: Hey brother, you going to the festival tonight?
Madara: Maybe...
Izanaki: There's that girl that seems to always approach you.
Madara: ah ah ah. I hardly have time for a lover. Besides, I'm too young
Izanaki: You should loosen up...
Madara: Indeed I should, shouldn't I? Well, maybe I'll go...

"Later that evening, the village is filled with festivities. Madara seems to be wearing a more loose garment then usual, and Izanaki the same. Soon, a young woman, about 16-17 years old, approaches the two. Izanaki grins and walks away slowly. When Madara looks back he doesn't find him"

Madara: You weasel...trying at all costs to get me to have fun are you?

"The girl walks up to Madara"

Girl: Hey Madara-kun...
Madara: Goodnight Yuna-san.
Yuna: You can call me Asuka if you want you known.
Madara: Hardly. The Yuna sect is one of the most established houses of the clan. If I do that, I may end up caught in disrespect
Asuka: oh, those are silly clan rules. They hardly matter in a non formal situation now do they Madara-kun. After all, I don't call you by your last name?
Madara: You don't know my last name
Asuka: Well, since you mentioned it...
Madara: I...don't have a last name. My parents died young, and I don't think we belonged to any house in general.
Asuka: Oh? That's to bad...say, Madara-kun, can you help me with something?
Madara: What?
Asuka: I lost something, in the woods...can you help me find it?

"Madara blushes slightly, but agrees"

"The two are seen in the woods, as Madara helps her search for what she lost, when suddenly she pushes him against a tree"

Madara: What the!?

"She then kisses him while pressing against him"

Akusa: Come on...relax a bit Madara-kun...can you call me Asuka now?

"Madara looks both puzzled and annoyed by her attitude, but, for one reason or another, smiles"

Madara: Whatever you say.

It was my first actual connection with anyone besides my brother. After the festival and what this event led to

Zetsu: LOL! Imagining you like that is hard...

Shut it! Anyway, after this event, Izanaki laughed, but was happy for me. He had seen my change and wanted me to distract myself from my ever growing need for power. At this point, my relationship with Asuka grew, as I started to spend more and more time with her. If there is one thing I learned from it, was the truth of human nature when it comes to love

"Madara is seen walking with Asuka. in her house, which was a bigger, more mansion like house then Madara's"

Madara: So, what is it you wanted to tell me Asuka-san?
Asuka: Well...I should I ask know the clan's present situation with the Rikudo do you not?
Madara: yes? Are you worried they might attack?
Asuka: Yes, I a result, my father has decided something.
Madara: What?
Asuka: Well, Madara, you do love me don't you?

"Madara starts to look on with suspicion, but hides it"

Madara: Of course...why?
Asuka: My house...has decided that the Uchiha situation can't go on. As a result, my father has decided to kill the elder...
Madara: What!? That's insane!! If he does that, what would happen?
Asuka: We could ask the Rikudo for a truce if the elder was out of the way!
Madara: The elder is our leader, and one of the people I respect the most. I can't allow you to just kill him! Why would your father even consider this? And why tell me?
Asuka: father thinks that the Elder is too caught up in old differences to see the truth. And we asked for your help because the elder already suspects us of foul play...but you, you're Madara Uchiha...the "Great Fan". You are one of the greatest fighters in the clan. You can get close to the elder and do the job.
Madara: WHAT!?
Asuka: Don't worry! We wont let anything happen to you. I give you my word!
Madara: I...I'm sorry. I'm not betraying my clan!!

"Madara points to his back, where the clan symbol is engraved on his shirt"

Madara: This symbol is the thing I will never betray! Not for you, not for my brother, not even for the elder if he ever suggested such a thing! I will forever live for my clan!! And giving our pride up for the sake of those damned stuck up Rikudo's would NOT help us!! How can you not see that!!
Asuka: I you wont change your mind?
Madara: No! I'm sorry Asuka-san. I love you, but I can't betray my ideals.

"Asuka sighs and gives out a hand signal. Suddenly, tons of fighters appear"

Asuka: I'm sorry had to come to this. Our time together was perfect have to die now, for the sake of our goals

"Madara looks both shocked, sad and angry. As the Yuna house fighters attack, the last we see is the Wheel Eye in Madara's face change ever so slightly"

On that day, I awakened to the darkness. My eyes were shut to everything else but power. I don't know if it was the betrayal, or the power itself, but...I was changed forever

"We see it's night time. Madara stands on a pool of blood. All the fighters are dead, and Asuka is dead as well, her throat slit, her eyes still changed to the wheel eye. Madara's eyes are shown to be in confusion, almost lost in the blood. They are different. Not the wheel eye, but something else."

Madara: My Eyes...what is this...

Betrayal, and despite it, the pain of loss...Madara's loyalty costs him not only his love and emotions, but also his own light...What will happen now that he has awakened the Kaleidoscope.


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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by lol1991 on Sat Dec 12, 2009 6:55 pm

Story Title: My Eyes

Chapter 3: Darkness

Madara has awakened his Kaleidoscope...The truth is slowly revealing itself

"Madara sits in the pool of blood of the Yuna fighters. Suddenly, several more Uchiha arrive, accompanied by the elder"

Elder: Madara!? What have you done!!
Madara: Elder isn't what you...

"The Elder notices Madara's eyes"

Elder: What have you done...what has happened to your Wheel Eye?
Madara: Elder wasn't my fault...they
Elder: No excuses! You have murdered your clansmen. You must atone!
Madara: I...

"The guards move in to capture Madara, but he easily fends them off without killing them"

Madara: Please, you must listen!
Elder: The time for words is over...Katon: Goryuka! (Great Dragon Fire)

"The elder spits a dragon shaped fireball at Madara, as Madara suddenly bleeds from the the right eye, and black flames completely counter the attack. Madara grabs his right eye in pain"

Madara: This power...
Elder: seems you've reached another level in power...such a shame I have to kill...

"Suddenly, the Elder gets stabbed in the back. Yuna ninjas arrive along with the Yuna House leader"

Yuna Leader: So sorry Elder...but your time is over...
Elder: bastards
Madara: ELDER!!

"Madara moves quickly, as he stabs several of the recently arrived Yuna guards and gets the elder to safety"

Yuna Head: He attacked you and you still defend him
Madara: He had reasons to do on the other hand...had no reasons!!

"Madara gets up, his right eye bleeds more, and he unleashes a powerful wave of black fire to completely burn everyone from the Yuna House, leaving only the head. As he's about to escape, Madara suddenly appears in from of him, and focuses his left eye upon the head Yuna's gaze. The man screams in pain, and collapses"

Madara: I didn't kill him he can attests to the crime's he's committed...

"Several of the ninjas that had accompanied the Elder all surround him. The Elder gives Madara a sign to come close"

Elder: It seems...I was wrong. I did jump to conclusions didn't I?
Madara: Quite alright Elder. It was understandable.

"The Elder seems to cough. The attack from before has damaged his lungs"

Elder: It seems my time is inherit the clan leadership.
Madara: ME! I'm just a common warrior...surely your House must inherit the leadership of the clan!
Elder: You are the strongest Uchiha...your eyes...your ocular powers are immense. I've just seen that. The way you easily defeated the Yuna. You could have killed me if you wanted. That new power is strong...I know not it's origins, but it's definitely powerful...Madara, protect this clan...use your power to protect this is my last request to you...young warrior
Madara: Elder I...

"The Elder smiles at him, and closes his eyes, drawing his last breath"

Madara: Elder...thank you...

After that, I accepted the leadership. In honor of the Elder, I named the two powerful ocular techniques that arose that day after the two Shinto Gods...Tsukuyomi and Amaterasu. Several of the clan's main Houses were unsatisfied with the fact I was given leadership. Most changed their minds when they witnessed the Kaleidoscope.
My brother theorized that the stress and pain of being betrayed and having to kill Asuka lead to my eyes changing. I agreed to an extent. Time passed. Inazaki again surprised me. I think the fact he was always willing to do anything to follow my along my path was the reason for this. He obtained the Kaleidoscope 1 year after me. To this day I know not who he killed. All the while, my need for power grew. I masked it saying I needed to protect the clan, but I knew better. It was my own selfish desire.
2 Years passed since I rose to power. We had obtained a large amount of fame from all the other clans. We were called the "Ones who command the Gods" in honor of our ocular techniques, I was know as the "Black Fire God" for my uses of Amaterasu in destructive ways, while my brother was know as the "Red Moon God" for his use of Tsukuyomi. He could even affect many people at once. I attributed his better control of it to the fact he hated killing. He was very similar to Izoru in that aspect.
However, the tension had increased. Conflicts between Uchiha and Rikudo had risen, and war was inevitable.
One day, the Rikudo suddenly gave us an ultimatum.

Madara: WHAT!!
Inazaki: Indeed...either immediately give up our eyes for the purpose of re-balancing the powers between clans, or we go to war.
Madara: Damn them...gather the council. This needs to be discussed.

"Later that day, the council, composed of the head Houses within the Uchiha Clan, was gathered. Inazaki was there too"

Madara: We are here to discuss the ultimatum made by the Rikudo. We have a simple of two choices, for I doubt that peace loving Hashirama would give this warning out if he could be persuaded otherwise...we either hand myself and my brother over to them in a coffin with the eyes in jars...or we fight for our pride.
Inazaki: Brother...
Madara: "sigh" I for one would prefer the former, but the clan's best interest is in order, and I'm not exactly a bias vote. So, you all will vote...

"Before he can finish, another man rises"

man: All in favor of Madara and Inazaki being handed over...say now...

"no one raises their hands."

Man: All in favor of war...

"everyone raises their hands"

Madara: What?
Man: Leader, we would never hand over our clansmen, much less one that has given so much for this Clan. We will fight to the death...and we will win!!

"Everyone sheers. Inazaki smiles. Madara is emotionless"

I define that moment as the moment I became who I am today. My previous selfish desire for power was increased much by both a desire to protect my clan, and protect my own pride.

The war had started. The Byaku staid neutral, and it was just Rikudo vs Uchiha. While at first they had the advantage, soon our eye's powers to copy their magic started to give us the edge. However, soon, it went to hell. During war I was overusing my Kaleidoscope, and so was my brother. It reached a point where we were nearly blind, and it was causing us looses. Not all the medical knowledge of the clan was enough. One day I finally lost my eyesight. I was escorted back to our hidden village from the battlefields, and I cursed my own luck, falling both literally and metaphorically into darkness

"Madara sits in his bed, looking at his hands. He isn't seeing them though"

Madara: Damn...why did this power had to come at such a cost...why...I can't...protect anything anymore...not even myself...WHY!

"Inazaki walks in with some tea"

Inazaki: are you?
Madara: How do you think?
Inazaki: Sorry...what's going to happen now?
Madara: How are your eyes?
Inazaki: I can still see in blurs. But when I activate my left eye, other Uchiha say it has no pattern left...just a normal red's costing me my ability to use Tsukuyomi well enough. I can't use mass Tsukuyomi either.
Madara: I, you must take over the clan leadership. I am no longer fit. And we should hand my corpse over to them. Maybe if we do that, they'll leave it alone
Inazaki: BROTHER!
Madara: It's pointless...we keep fighting to the point of exhastion...but Hashirama easily counters any offensive we use. He barely even tries...what can we do!!

"Inazaki picks up his brother's hand, and puts them to his eye"

Inazaki: You can keep fighting...and I can be your eyes. Your courage is what inspires this's what gives them cannot under any circumstance give up brother..
Madara: What are you saying...

"Inazaki smiles. He drops his brothers hand, and walks out of the room. Some time later that night, Madara is awakened by screams from his brother's room. he gets up, grabbing a kunai by his bed and running, knowing the house by heart. He hears another scream and takes haste"

"When he enters his brother's room, walks up to him."

Madara: Brother!!
Inazaki: Madara...I'm sorry...I can't...keep...following you. You won in the end...he he...

"Inazaki hands Madara a jar"

Inazaki: But...I will forever be your eyes...

"His hand falls. Madara tightens the jar"


I suppose you can guess what was in that jar...that's right, my brother's eyes. I had my doctors implant the eyes into my own body. They said it was foolish, it would cost me my life...but I cared not. My own need for even a glimmer of I could have my revenge, fulled me. What arose from that day, was the most powerful eye in existence. I was consumed by darkness and revenge. My orders were take no prisoners. I soon became as much a threat to the Rikudo as Hashirama, the man who wielded the Samsara Eye, was to us. Orders were given to flee on sight if they encountered me in combat
It soon reached a point where Hashirama himself could no longer ignore me. I had spent half my life waiting for that moment. The strongest man in the world...the leader of the Rikudo, and the wielder of the great eyes...Hashirama Rikudo faced me in combat. That fight was forever destined to mark history

"Madara and a man, with long hair and a red armor, faced each other in large clearing"

Madara: Hashirama Rikudo...the man himself...
Hashirama: Madara...your tactics in the past year have been ruthless. We don't murder your civilians
Madara: Yeah, we I do...this is it. Time to put and end to take the leadership we Uchiha deserve...of course, there will be only 2 clans...because I'm wiping all of you out!!

"Both of them activate their eyes, and lunge at each other"

The battle that lead to the formation of the village...I battle that shaped the landscape itself...Hashirama vs Madara!!!


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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by lol1991 on Wed Jan 20, 2010 6:41 am

Story Title: My Eyes

Chapter 4: Battle That Changed the Landscape

Hashirama vs Madara. Two clans...two powers...two destinies...go head on in one of the greatest battles this world has ever seen

To tell the truth...I wasn't sure I'd be able to defeat him. In was hesitant...but I still tried my best. I wasn't about to let the ultimate power that was leading the 3 Clans escape from under my nose...what used to be about simple revenge...was now about getting more power...becoming the greatest...I suppose you could say I lost to the power, but I never interpreted it that way

"The battle has started, with both fighters using elemental releases on each other, Hashirama using powerful blast of air countering Madara's fire attacks. Uchiha uses his fan to create his own wind release and the fire goes into a swirling vortex in between the two fighters"

Madara: Tsk...
Hashirama: What? You didn't think it would be that easy did you Madara Uchiha!

"Hashirama suddenly makes a summon, calling fort a huge gorilla that attacks Madara. Madara activates Susanoo and slashes it aside"

Madara: Same to you
Hashirama: Indeed...those cursed eyes are powerful

"Madara uses Kamui to get behind him"

Madara: More so than you...

"He gets repelled by a Shinra Tensei before he can do anything else, and Hashirama follows his movements. Uchiha get punched in the face and fly across some rocks before using his powers and attacking Hashirama from every point with Kamui. Hashirama uses the Shinra Tensei again, repelling several black blades in several directions and manages to stab Madara who appears at his back, bleeding. He quickly removes the blade before Hashirama can exert his influence"

Madara: Damn this bastard. It's like I can't even touch him...

"Hashirama remains calm. He opens his palm and summons blades to attack Madara. Madara easily dodges and unleashes a massive Amaterasu wave. Hashirama repels it and it catches the entire nearby forest on fire. Hashirama then uses wood releases to try and trap Madara, but Madara easily dodges again with Kamui and manages to get behind Hashirama, who again uses Shinra Tensei to send him flying. Madara, however, uses Kamui just before he gets repealed to appear after the wave and starts a combo on Hashirama before he can react, finishing by sending him flying down and sending several Amaterasu flame spikes at him. Hashirama defends using the rock panda summon to block them"

Hashirama: Your powers certainly aren't for jokes...
Madara: What did you expect you damned Rikudo bastard...this is for my brother...THIS IS FOR REVENGE!!!
Hashirama: Is it? I believe you are doing this just for revenge

The battle seemed to wage on for hours. With each of our attacks, the land seemed to cry from the pain we inflicted on it. Eventually, I was slowly overwhelmed, until I demonstrate the true power of my eyes...the reason why these eyes draw me close to the great Sage of 6 Paths himself

"The fight continues, with neither of them getting the upper hand. Suddenly, Madara grins, and summons the Dragon Slayer essences"

Hashirama: What!?
Madara: MUAAHAHAH! Thanks to this power, I'm closer to the Sage of 6 Paths!! I've gained an eye that rivals yours!! I'll use our ancestors powers to gain control of the clans!!

"Madara attacks Hashirama using the powerful DS, overwhelming him Easily."

Hashirama: Shit...I gotta

"Hashirama does some hand signs and the Wood, Earth, Water, Fire and Metal Dragon slayers fall under his control

Madara: tsk...the Chinese elements...that leaves me Wind, Ice, Lighting and Sand...but then again...I still have my own eyes

"Madara uses Kamui, and Hashirama is attacked from all possible angles by the Totsuka sword of the Susanoo. However, Hashirama uses a Shinra Tensei to repel it, the shock wave to powerful it creates a huge crater underneath him. Madara reappears, and send his DS's into battle, and Hashirama does the same. The DS's battle starts to scar the land. Hashirama starts to focus on something"

I could not have been ready for his next attack. It seemed to come out of nowhere...with power that rivaled a God. Looking back on it now though, it was just his last ditch effort...a desperation move. I doubt he could have caught me in the same attack twice

"The battle rages on, with Hashirama loosing ground as Madara uses Kamui to constantly attack. Both of them are bloody, Madara from the constantly repelling, and Hashirama from the beating. Eventually, their energies can't sustain the DS and they disappear"

Hashirama: That's it...your done

"Hashirama grins. He finishes gathering the energy from focusing, and suddenly, forms a much bigger Chibaku Tensei black orb. When it's thrown into the sky, it starts to rip pieces of land away with it, shaping the landscape itself and trapping both men inside it, as Hashirama runs up to Madara. As Madara is about to use Kamui to escape, Hashirama attracts a blade to him and it stabs into Madara's back. Hashirama suppresses the Kamui and both men are trapped in the massive sphere, at much more than triple the size of Namini's sphere. The land bellow has turned into a valley"

Hashirama: This is it...DIE!!
Madara: NO!!!

"Hashirama does the same as Namini usually does, and with Madara still supressed, he causes the sphere to be filled with trees that ignite and set it on fire, creating massive bomb like effect that is seen as large as the tallest of mountains. As the sphere crumbles, both men fall out of it completely burned...Madara regains consciousness and teleports to god knows where, as Hashirama falls. He seemingly survived with ST, but is badly hurt. We see the various clan run quickly to him, as they had arrived. The Uchiha's are in shock of their loss, as the Rikudo gather around their leader"

After that...well, the damage from the magical energies hut my body beyond repair. Plus, I have feeling that bastard Rikudo implanted some of his own energies into me to help suppress me...either way, I was left without practically any power. Mostly just weak versions of the 3 techniques, and teleportation. When I returned to my village, I found that the Rikudo had beaten me there...and that my clan had surrendered like little swines and cowards.

The Rikudo decided, to stop anything like the from ever happening again, to congregate all the 3 clans at the valley that was formed from my battle with Hashirama...and they gave each clan a position. The Uchiha were the enforcers, the Byaku the spiritual leaders. And the Rikudo the leaders themselves. It was painfully obvious that the Rikudo had given the Uchiha that position to make sure they couldn't exert any influence...but any attempt at rebellion from that point on was futile...the Uchiha were now Rikudo's dogs.

"We cut back to the present, with Madara still on top of his rock sitting"

Madara: After that...I went into hiding. In recent years it seems the Uchiha are attempting to retake control. I suppose they've chosen a good time...seeing as the Rikudo are now so few. But...they still owe me for their betrayal...they all do. And once I'm done with gathering all the Dragon Slayer Essences that Hashirama scattered to keep safe...I'll use their energies, that still contain the Godly powers of the original Sage of 6 Paths, to override whatever it is that's blocking my powers...and then...I'll take my revenge, on both the Rikudo, the Uchiha...and the world

And so, the story has been told. The power of darkness was born from love. If anything, one must always be careful as to remember...when one loves, there is the risk of hatred


DOOONE! Thanks go to:

Masashi Kishimoto for the character models and powers
Justin and Chu for putting up with my crazy God modding ideas
Nikku for inspiring me to write fanfics


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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by lol1991 on Sat Jan 23, 2010 6:26 pm

Character name: Anna Angelus, Sefirot Schwarzlegne, Johann Faust, Igneel Angelus, Bernard Roux
Rp: Heroes Uprising

Red Eyes

Chapter 1: The 3 Mercenaries

"Our story starts out at mountain. It's cold, and there's barely anything in sight. Trees are all around us. However, atop a cliff's edge, a rusty broad sword, with huge length, patterned lines and two holes near the handle, is seen pierced into the ground. Suddenly, with a flash of light, Anna appears on top the cliff and crashes into the ground. She's bloodied, bruised, but she seems stable. As she gets up, she looks at her surroundings"

Anna: eh eh...Sefirot was's amazing what your mind does in a pinch...

"She collapses from strain and passes out. We skip to her thoughts"

Looking back...I was never much of a fighter...that was actually my brother Igneel...and of course that idiot Bernard...far as I can brother was always a fighter. Member of Avalanche...undisputed leader. And also as far as I can remember...there were always two people with him. The 3 were our best fighters. Nobody could beat them. Igneel Angelus, Sefirot Schwarzlegne and Johann Faust.

"We cut to the same house that Avalanche uses as a base. A young girl, about 14 years old, is sparring with a guy, also around 14-15 years old. The girl attacks, but the boy easily dodges and slams her to the ground. The girl seems to have red eyes"

Guy: Got you...again
Girl: I hate your guts...
Guy: No my fault your so weak Anna...and my power isn't even useful in this situation...
Anna: Yeah well...fuck you Bern...
Bernard: It's Bernard...don't forget to add the accent...
Anna: Again...screw you

"Bernard sighs and helps her up. Suddenly, clapping his heard. A man, about 30 years old, was watching. He's carrying the same sword seen on the cliff, but it isn't rusted or worn down"

Anna: Oh great...
Man: Now that any way to talk to your returning brother after he just completed a vEEEry dangerous mission?
Anna: Yeah well Igneel...oh...
Igneel: Don't get upset with me if you can't beat Bernard...just train more, and you'll get there
Bernard: Or not...
Igneel: Well kids, please don't let me get in the way. I have to go met Sef for a report...I hate doing those things...
Anna: And you're the leader...
Igneel: Yeah well that's why Faust is here...damn it

"He walks away as Anna and Bernard laugh at him."

"Later that night, we see Sefirot, Faust and Igneel"

Sefirot: "sigh" entire building?
Igneel: Just the 2 last floors...the subject was resisting...and he had tons of guards
Sefirot: The reason we are hired Igneel is to be thorough and not get caught
Igneel: No one saw my face
Faust: Good...because if they did...we'd be heavily screwed...
Sefirot: And my father is seriously getting tired of our problems...
Faust: Don't call him that...freaks me out. You hate to do it...and around us you don't need to
Sefirot: Force of habit

"Igneel slams his hands on the table with a smile"

Igneel: Enough of this depressing! We've been doing to much of ze killing and not enough of ze drinking
Faust: Ah true
Sefirot: Is this an invite? If it is I'll pass
Igneel: You always do...spoil sport...

"Sefirot raises his shoulders and leaves the room"

Igneel: I swear I remember him being nicer...
Faust: That's just you Igneel. Come on, lets go. I'll take you up on that

"Later that night, we see Anna and Bernard walking along a road back to the house"

Anna: Why suddenly taking me out?
Bernard: Why? Didn't like it
Anna: I didn't say that...just...
Bernard: "smile" I just felt like it. After kicking your butt all the time, you deserve it XD

"Anna punches him in the arm as the two walk along. Suddenly, both of them get alerted. They're surrounded by about 4 guys from all sides"

Anna: Damn...what the
Bernard: Obviously sent here to target Avalanche...who do you figure?
Anna: I'll give you 100 guesses...anyone we've ever targeted...
Bernard: Think we can take them?
Anna: I don't think they'd send weak people...but we can try!

"Suddenly, two of them get slice from the back and front almost simultaneously. Sefirot appears just a little in front of them, kneeling"

Sefirot: What have you kids done this time
Anna: Mister Sefirot
Sefirot: "sigh"

"He moves at super speed and stabs the other two with his katana both at the same time and in the gut. He then does a movement with the sword, gutting them simultaneously"

Sefirot: Whoever sent these guys needs to do his homework...or he just figured he'd insult Avalanche a little bit by sending idiots...
Anna: Mister Sefirot thank-

"Sefirot disappears"
Bernard: Always the same...stuck up ass
Anna: Don't say that. He's that is all
Bernard: And I still think he's an ass
Anna: He knows my brother since they were kids. He's like family, and he's also been kinda disconnected. But he's loyal...
Bernard: Still an ass...

Oh fucking wrong I turned out to be huh?

"We see one last shot of Sefirot on top of a rock watching the night sky"

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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by lol1991 on Wed Jan 27, 2010 11:56 am

Character name: Anna Angelus, Sefirot Schwarzlegne, Johann Faust, Igneel Angelus, Bernard Roux
Rp: Heroes Uprising

Red Eyes

Chapter 2: Anna and Bernard

"Anna is still lying down, looking at the sky. She manages to get up, but barely, and walks over, kneeling to a nearby rock"

Anna: long's it been since I...fought him...I just remember attacking and then everything is a blur...kinda like...

Yeah...that our old home. I was born in Germany...and I came to Japan when Igneel came as well. I don't remember my parents much...I think they died when I was young. I just know that when Igneel, Faust and Sefirot discovered their powers, most of the village shunned us. Sefirot's father payed for us to leave, and we headed for Japan. He had his second biggest office there. Sefirot never liked his father, so when Igneel said they should start workings as mercenaries to because of their powers...Sefirot was all for it. Faust the same. Even so, Sefirot's dad still supported him..Sefirot never understood why though. One day, my brother returned from a mission...I was 12 I think...

"Anna is playing cards with Faust in the same house as always, when suddenly, Igneel walks in with a kid on his shoulders. Faust gets up alarmed"

Faust: Who's that!!
Igneel: Don't know! Found him during the job. Poor kids almost dead. He was caught in the fight and ended up shot
Faust: Oh he
Igneel: No!

"Igneel takes him to another room and lies him on a bed. The kid has multiple gunshot wounds"

Igneel: Damn...hold on kid! Get Sefirot!

"Sefirot as if he was listening in the whole time, pops up"

Sefirot: Let me want me to heal him right?
Igneel: Do it!
Sefirot: Why? The kid is obviously an orphan...look at his clothes...just leave him be and he'll die without pain
Igneel: Have you lost it!
Sefirot: So what you want to take him in? Isn't it enough of a liability to have your sister living here? We aren't exactly living carefree lives and if we get attacked...their always having to be protected...and it could kill us
Faust: Sefirot...just do it

"Sefirot sighs and aims his hand at the kid. The kid seemingly heals easily."

Sefirot: There...don't come crying to me when he's in worse pain

"He turns to leave, passing by Anna. Anna seems sad at his remarks, and walks out as well. Igneel follows her, and Faust stays with the kid"

Faust: Sefirot really did it this time...

"Igneel as followed Anna outside. It's night time"

Igneel: Anna wait
Anna: What brother...are you just going to tell me he didn't mean it? Even if he didn''s true anyway...I'm useless...and you always have to protect me...always
Igneel: Don't say that...not my fault I have weird effed up powers...
Anna: Well it isn't my fault I don't is it?

"Igneel sighs and puts his hand on her shoulder"

Igneel: I would still protect you even if you didn't...
Anna: Bah...if I had powers...I'd be able to beat you no sweat! And I'd be a better mercenary!
Igneel: Ah ah! I'd like to see that...
Anna: I can prove it!!
Anna: Let me fight as well!! Let me help with the jobs
Igneel: No know you're way to yo
Anna: But I'm as a good a fighter as you! We've both trained since we were kids! It isn't fair that I can't help!
Igneel: Anna...look it's different
Anna: Yeah, I know...I don't have those stupid powers...but please

"Igneel looks at her for a while and sighs"

Igneel: Beat me in a fight...if you can do that...I'll allow it
Anna: have isn't fair
Igneel: The only reason I probably survive my missions is because of these powers, so you prove to me you're as strong without them...and I'll let you fight
Anna: Fine then!! Just you wait!

I think at that point...I just wanted to help him...if it meant getting hurt I really didn't care. Sefirot's remark really hurt me I suppose...couple of weeks passed. The kid was Bernard. It turned out he had powers as well...and as a result my brother started to train him along with me. He was always better...and my brother always said he'd be of help. He said the same things to me...but I always though he was just lying to make me feel better. Because of all of this, I hated Bernard. But he...he was always nice to me. Always helped me train...and when we were fighting in front of Igneel...he always threw every fight...always let me win. Igneel knew of course...but it was really sweet of him. Over time...I guess I warmed up to him

Going back to the days after that night...during this time I developed what you'd call a crush on Sefirot...I admired him...and always tried to talk to him, mostly because he was always on his own for the most part. It was always like that. Faust and my brother were still his friends...but he was always a loner for some reason...

"Sefirot is seen in the walkways outside the house, sitting down with his Katana apparently sleeping. As Anna walks up to him, he opens his eyes"

Sefirot: What?
Anna: Nothing...just...though I'd ask how you're doing
Sefirot: I'm fine...

"Anna sits down next to him"

Anna: brother asked for another practice session tomorrow...and I really want to beat Bernard this time...can you help me?
Sefirot: Look...I'm not exactly fit to help train you...
Anna: Why?
Sefirot: Because I tend to take things a little to far. Just ask Faust or something.
Anna. Faust would just tell Igneel anyway...please?

"Sefirot sighs and gets up, walking away. Anna stays in her place with a disappointed look"

Sefirot: Come on then...we don't have all day. And we don't want to do it here if you want to keep it from your brother.

"We next cut to Sefirot, with his katana in hand, and Anna on the floor. He sighs and heals her"

Anna; ouch...
Sefirot: Told you I'm not cut out to do this...and your moves are too move as if you're predetermined by it...fighting is's never equal and no matter how we predict it will will never happen as predict it.
Anna: I...don't quite follow
Sefirot: And that's why you're weak. You want to beat me...fight like you mean it. You fight for the weak motives...for feelings and emotions...same as Igneel. And I've always told him this, might as well tell day that'll get you killed. Fight to hurt, fight to cause pain, fight to not for you opponent only for yourself. Fighting is chaos as I've said...there is nothing good about if you want to survive...fight as if you're evil's the only way

"Anna is left looking at Sefirot for a while, and gets back up"

At that time...I took it at heart, I really did. I was so willing to do anything to prove myself to Igneel. He...I believe what Sefirot told me then, and maybe it's when I also gained even more respect for fight like that and not get's something. Guess I was wrong...he did get lost along the way.

"We later see Igneel looking onto Anna and Bernard fighting. Anna dodges a blow from Bernard, and then uses a open palm strike straight to his chin. Bernard sees it coming and dodges, but Anna doesn't let up and punches him in the chest, causing him to fall back with trouble breathing"

Bernard: Damn! Wait!

"Anna doesn't, and kicks him to the floor. Igneel sighs and stops the fight"

Anna: Well...I finally did it...
Bernard: I told you wait! Seriously...I think...I...cant...brea...breath

"Igneel goes over to him, and hits him in the back, as he start to cough. Without looking at Anna he addresses her"

Igneel: Those last blows...were a bit to serious weren't they Anna?
Anna: What? Why's that a problem. It's not like Sefirot isn't around...if something happens he can-
Igneel: Not the don't aim for a kill when fighting a comrade...for whatever reason that may be. What's gotten into you?
Anna: Nothing! I'm just mad because you keep getting on my back! I mean...if I loose you bug me...if I win you bug me! What am I to do then!
Igneel: Win fairly
Anna: As if fighting is fair game! Fighting is evil so trying to make it anything else is stupidity

"Anna walks away, leaving Igneel to help Bernard. Bernard follows after Anna after he gains his breath"

Bernard: Hey wait! Did I piss you off or something!
Anna: isn''re not the problem alright
Bernard: Then why those two attacks
Anna: I was just trying to win...nothing else
Bernard: Yeah don't have to be an ass about it like Sefirot
Anna: Sefirot at least fights like he means it...
Bernard: What's this about anyway? You been talking to Sefirot or something...cause you sure are acting like a mini-him
Anna. Better to act like him than act like my brother.
Bernard: What?
Anna: He always hits with the blunt side of his sword...he's a pacifist...why does he take up the jobs anyway if he doesn't like to fight
Bernard: That should be obvious you idiot.
Anna: Hey!
Bernard: He fights to protect you obviously...when one has a reason to fight...if one likes to fight or not shouldn't matter...isn't that as true as the crap about fighting being evil and all that? Fighting isn't always evil...depends on the perspective...

Again...I hate the idiot...but he always knew what to say ton cheer me up. After that he forced me to apologize to my brother. I didn't do it...not meaningfully anyway. Ever since Sefirot mentioned it...I started to see my brother as a coward...I was mad at him...for both trying to protect me, and for not letting me help him...the last few months with my brother I spent them angry at him...that's something I wish I didn't remember.


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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by lol1991 on Tue Feb 02, 2010 2:37 pm

Character name: Anna Angelus, Sefirot Schwarzlegne, Johann Faust, Igneel Angelus, Bernard Roux
Rp: Heroes Uprising

Red Eyes

Chapter 3: The Hometown

When was it...I was it was over 7 years ago. Sefirot and the rest of us were called back to our hometown...his father had died, and he was to go there for something about the inheritance. Sefirot hated his father for what he did...forcing him to leave, treating him as a freak. The entire town did that though...Faust's parents were the only ones that didn't. We spent our time back in the town with them. They were nice people. Oh...and did I mention those two numskulls? Zin-So and Hui-Ren. They had heard of Avalanche and wanted to brother took them in like an idiot. Although I still today don't know much about them...just that they are always surrounded by a huge clan of it Ren's illusions...or are they real people. Guess I'll never know

"The morning is hitting on a mountain range. A town, small, is seen illuminated by the first rays. Anna is seen already up and looking onto the mountains. Bernard joins her"

Bernard: Already up? Where's...Zin and Ren...and...your brother?
Anna: He, Sefirot and Faust have gone to the manor to sort out the reasons we came here...Zin and Ren mentioned something about morning training and left. Those two are really good fighters...
Bernard: They're weird if you ask me...but whatever. You think your brother's alright? I mean...this house is pretty far off the main town...but Sefirot's right in the middle
Anna: My brother can take care of himself...I'm just curious as what exactly do Faust and him have to do with Sefirot's inheritance...
Bernard: Who knows
Anna: to go for a walk. I can show you around the place...the mountains.
Bernard: you're being nice...alright then, we got time to kill

"We cut to a huge manor in the middle of the town. Sefirot, Faust and Igneel are outside the gates. People are watching from the side"

Igneel: Still the same
Sefirot: Sorry my father dragged you here
Igneel: No worries. Faust...
Faust: Same. I'm just glad my parents gave us a room. Hope the rest of the village doesn't find out
Sefirot: Indeed. Come on

"The three of them go in. We cut a few hours after the reading of the will. So far, nothing has been addressed to the three"

Sefirot: Did he just want me here to humiliate me...I wouldn't be surprised...
Igneel: He did say whoever took over Shinra had to keep giving us support least that

"After mostly everyone else leaves, the lawyer reading the will goes to the three"

Lawyer: Sefirot I presume? Your father left you this key...I was told it leads to the basement of this manor
Sefirot: What? The basement doesn't even have a door!
Lawyer: Indeed. He left you this letter as well. The manor was left to you as well, but he said you probably wouldn't use it anyway
Igneel: why are we here?
Lawyer: The instructions were for you three to go to the basement and read the letter together. Good luck

"The lawyer leaves"

Sefirot: What was my father thinking...

“We cut to Anna and Bernard, as they walk along the edge of the mountain, and we see that bellow them lays the village”

Bernard: This place sure if nice
Anna: My and Igneel used to come up here all the time…I remember…before that happened
Bernard: You know…it’s weird how Igneel, Sefirot and Faust all have similar powers huh?
Anna: Yeah…the village is closed off though. Maybe it has something to do with that who knows? Having them is inexplicable enough…
Bernard: Yeah…we are different…it’s…like we’re superheroes
Anna: We’re mercenaries…hardly qualifies…but it is cool to think that XD.

“Cutting back to Sefirot, Faust and Igneel, they’ve gone under the basement and are reading the leater”

Dear Sefirot. If you’re reading this, I must be dead. I’ve gone through a lot during my life…most of it caused by you. You may not know it…but you’re special…above human design…superior

Sefirot: Well…your point?

I decide that such a power needed to be controlled…and used to benefit humans. As such…when you were born and used your powers for the first time…I took children from the city, orphans of course, and had them implanted with your unnatural energy…you seemed to give it off unconsciously so collecting it was the easy part. Finding suitable candidates was another. Blood was spilled I wont lie

Igneel: What the…what’s he…
Sefirot: No…wait that’s…

So, one day, 2 children were taken in…and they managed to survive. Those are Johann and Igneel
Faust: We…we…

By using them as experiments…we managed to isolate what your powers truly are…and your potential is endless my son…endless. From this point on, I made sure only your eyes would be able to read. To Igneel and Johann. I’m sorry I did what I did to you…but you had a life. I even brought Igneel’s sister with him so has to not separate them…but I won’t lie, it was a backup in case Igneel himself died. Igneel and Anna I couldn’t find homes for…but I did for Johann at least. To you two, those are my last words…

Faust: What the…
Igneel: This is…he…Sefirot…

“Sefirot stays silent grabbing the letter”

Sefirot: Leave…let me ready the rest alone…you won’t be able to anyway
Igneel: Sef…Hey…man are you
Sefirot: I am fine! Just leave me. Wait upstairs…I won’t be long…

“Faust puts his hand on Igneel’s shoulders and the two sigh, heading upstairs. Sefirot follows the rest of the letter so he can find his father’s remaining message”

“Cutting back to Anna and Bernard, they’re both at a clearing, where lots of trees grow, and a small stream passes by”

Bernard: Whoa…
Anna: This place…hasn’t change. It’s like…the only place with humans near is the village…so this place is…free of anything bad…it’s nature at it’s finest…love it here
Bernard: You really are a softy

“Bernard ends up face first on the ground after the remark”

Bernard: Ouch…I had it coming…did you come here with your brother too?

“Anna blushes and turns her head”

Anna: No…I used to come here alone…
Bernard: Oh…alright…

“The two of them smile at each other”

“Back at the mansion, Sefirot has finished reading his father’s message. He’s holding his long katana, and looking above”

Sefirot: I…am…a God…I will…become a God

“Sefirot seems to gain a glow”

That day…everything I knew…vanished with the flames of Sefirot’s madness


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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by lol1991 on Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:07 am

Character name: Anna Angelus, Sefirot Schwarzlegne, Johann Faust, Igneel Angelus, Bernard Roux
Rp: Heroes Uprising

Red Eyes

Chapter 4: Within the Flames

I wonder now, after all these years...why Sefirot truly became like that. He gave no reason...he just seemed to loose it. Maybe Johann knows...I have nobody else to ask anyway...

"As Anna and Bernard are walking back, they suddenly see smoke coming from the town"

Anna: What the...what's that!
Bernard: No idea...we better hu-

"Suddenly, an explosion his heard that sends a current of wind raising up through the entire area"

Anna: Now we better hurry!

"As the two run towards the village, we cut to the village itself. There, it seems the area that exploded is one giant crater. Hovering above it is Sefirot"

Sefirot: I think I'll start this by wiping out this village...

"As he's about to swing his sword, Igneel gets in his way, blocking the swing. He seems to have grown a wing similar to Johann's, only white"

Igneel: Hey Sef...I think you're going to far
Sefirot: Hmp...why are you getting in my way anyway? This village treated you like a freak
Igneel: Still the same. I wont let you just destroy whatever you feel like and give AVALANCHE a bad name

"Sefirot smirks, and suddenly, both of them get enveloped in another explosion. Ingeel gets sent flying across the floor and into a nearby house. Sefirot swings his sword again and attempts to destroy the house with another explosion, but Johann gets in his way and overrides it with his own"

Sefirot: know that you'll only hurt yourself using your powers to much
Johann: So be it...

"Johann's sword starts to glow, much brighter than what had been seen in the future battles he will have, and launches himself at Sefirot. Each swing he makes causes Sef to get blown back, and he finishes by dumping the energy in the sword at one last swing, blowing up the entire area around Sefirot. However, Sefirot had dodged and appears above him, slashing him across the back. Johann manages to block and avoid a fatal injury but gets sent into the floor anyway"

Sefirot: You are all can't-

"Suddenly, he gets sent into the previous crater by a shock wave. None other than Zin appears"

Zin: My seems that our boss has lost it...

"Sefirot suddenly finds himself in a white room, seemingly without end. However, it's just his perception. Rin his behind him"

Ren: Indeed...shall I kill him
Zin: Do it
Igneel: WAIT!

"Igneel has gotten up"

Igneel: We can't just kill him...I mean
Johann: He's right...he's...
Zin: Trying to kill you...why should we stop?

"As they're arguing, suddenly, a huge explosion triggers near Ren and Sefirot. Sefirot emerges from the smoke after a while, holding Ren by his sword stabbed into him, tossing him aside with blood splattering everywhere"

Zin: You!

"Zin suddenly flies towards him and punches the air, causing a shock wave that crackles towars Sefirot. Sefirot merely swings his sword and causes both the wave and Zin to be blown aside. Sefirot prepares to continue, when suddenly"

Anna: STOP!! Sefirot enough!!

"Sefirot, Johann and Igneel suddenly find Anna and Bernard have returned"

Sefirot:'s you

"Zin had taken the opportunity to get near Sefirot again and punch him in the gut, sending a shockwave across his entire body. Sefirot merely smiles, as Zin suddenly drops to the ground"

Zin: Shit...he's

"Sefirot slashes him across the shoulder, but suddenly, a sword has blocked the swing from going further. Bernard his holding up his hand. It seems the sword had materialized out of no where."

Sefirot: That ability of yours is a know that.
Bernard: It is...isn't i

"Bernard holds up his hand, and both his hands suddenly materialize a sword"

Bernard: Come on me what you've got...
Sefirot: So be it

"Bernard has to block suddenly, as Sefirot has flow towards him. His swords break however. Bernard pushes Anna away, and then manifest another pair of swords, and attempts a counter. However, Sefirot easily dodges and then goes for a counter. However. Johann pushes the kid out of the way and blocks with his sword already glowing, meanwhile, Ingeel suddenly slashes downwards with his sword, as Sefirot blocks himself. However. Ingeel starts to suck in Sefirot energy, and he's forced to step away"

Sefirot: That half of my power is an suck in and implant your own energy...
Igneel: do realize that fighting both me
Johann: And me at the same time means fighting yourself right?
Sefirot: In a way...that's right. But, there's one major two are different people, and I can easily kill one to break that combo. And without that, no one can fight me

"Ingeel puts his hands on Johann and gives him some energy"

Igneel: lets see it then

"Igneel flies towards him, with Faust behind him, his sword already glowing. The both of them strike at the same time, with Sefirot easily blasting the first strike away, but the second getting him"

Sefirot: I can't beat them...unless

"Sefirot looks at Anna in the sidelines. Igneel notices"

Igneel: ANN RUN!
Bernard: Shit's he's aiming at her

"Without any hesitation, Sefirot flies at her and prepares to stab her, when..."

At that time...I forget exactly what happened...until a while back...against Sefirot...

"Ingeel has taken the stab directly to the heart, getting in the way of Sefirot and Anna"

Igneel: Anna...get...out...of..h

"Igneel falls to the ground. Bernard catches him. Anna is in shock, as her brother's blood is all over her."

Sefirot: Stupid fool...I knew that's get you

Johann: IGNEEL!

"Johan goes for another attack, but Sefirot blocks it, and Johann, tears in his eyes, causes an explosion before flying upwards. However, Sefirot had already dodged and suddenly stabs Johann, pushing him aside"

Bernard: IGNEEL!! IGNEEL!!
Igneel: Kid...protect...her...

"Igneel grabs Bernard's hand and he starts to glow. Sefirot notices and flies towards them, about to swing down his sword, when Anna grabs it with her hands. Her eyes have turned red"

Anna: You....

"She kicks him away, and with the kick causes a huge explosion around them. Bernard had managed to dodge extremely fast

Bernard: How did...I...Igneel! Oh no...he's...

"Anna, meanwhile, as emerged from the explosion, her eyes still glowing bright red, her expression filled with anger"

Sefirot: have...powers as well...but my father never gave you you

"Suddenly, Anna waves her hand, and a torrent of fire envelops Sefirot and the entire area behind him, as she suddenly flies towards him. Sefirot blocks her attack and stabs her, punching her away. She ends up near her brother's sword, that had gotten blown away as well. She grabs it"

Sefirot: She's...healing

"Just as he said, Anna starts to heal her wounds, and suddenly flies towards him again, swinging down the sword, and causing a crater as Sefirot dodges. She wastes no time, leaves the sword and punches the ground, causing a huge explosion to run across it and envelop Sefirot. Sefirot again manages to escape, but before he can do anything else, Anna's already on him, and grabs him by the head. He tries to stab her, but she blocks with her hand"

Sefirot: What...are you...
Anna: the hell did you do...why
Sefirot: he got in my way...JUST LIKE YOU!

"Sefirot pulls back the sword and stabs it into Anna, who doesn't dodge"

Anna: I've...had in your that...all?

"Anna suddenly opens her eyes further, and the entire area around the both of them, for a good 200 meters, gets enveloped in a huge explosion"

"Sefirot seems to have been blown away considerably. He doesn't seem to be healing anymore, and his hurt"

Sefirot: did she do it.

"Johann, Bernard and Zin are looking on. Ren is slowly getting up"

Zin: What...what is she?
Johann: Anna...

"Anna is floating in the air, her eyes still glowing red, her body seemingly glowing. She raises her hands, and Sefirot gets enveloped in another explosion"

Bernard: Anna....enough!


"Sefirot had managed to dodge again, but just barely. He's left arm is bleeding and hurt, and he doesn't seem to be able to heal anymore"

Sefirot: Damn...I'm out of biological energy to heal...I need to

"Anna suddenly appears in front of him, and gives him a punch to the gut"

Anna: You don't need to do anything.

"Sefirot stabs her again, but she dodges and kicks him in the head sending him skidding through the ground. He drops his sword along the way, and she picks it up. walking slowly to him, putting it to his throat"

Anna: Any last words.
Sefirot: Shit...

"Anna prepares to finish it, when Johann suddenly stops her, grabbing her arm"

Johann: Enough...
Anna: Out of the way.
Johann: I said enough!

"As the two look at each other, Sefirot reacts in an instant to the opening, and grabs Johann, sucking him of his life energy and then blowing up the entire area. Anna gets blown again, and Sefirot emerges holding his sword. He flies at Anna and stabs her through the chest. Anna can't seem to heal"

Sefirot: And now...I'll just slowly blow up every cell in your

"As he says that, Anna starts to scream as her chest starts to bleed. However, she grabs Sefirot's head"

Anna: I...I may die...but...I'LL TAKE YOU TO HELL WITH ME!

"As she says this, Sefirot's eyes suddenly go blank, and he drops to the floor. Anna herself barely manages to stand up, and quickly removes the sword from her chest. However, she can't seem to heal properly, and soon drops to the floor, loosing consciousness"

I can only imagine what happened next...because when I woke up, I was in a train heading towards Eastern Europe, with Igneel's sword in my hands. I didn't remember anything about what happened. That last stab must have burned out my powers for me to heal, and I must have blocked everything out. I don't know what happened to Bernard...Zin says that after the fight, Bernard took me and disappeared. After that he spent a great time looking for me, but never found me. So, somewhere in between my fight with Sefirot that day and waking up on the train, Bernard also vanished.

"Anna slowly gets up. It's night time. Looking more closely, we see that it's actually the same place the fight took place. She's standing on the cliff that overlooks what used to be that village."

Anna: head hurts...Well...what to do now. I guess I should hurry back to the SXM. I have no idea how long I was gone. I managed to do that weird teleport but...Better get going. As for that I remember...I'll find him...somehow.

"Anna suddenly gets up, and flies away. However, she stops in mid air, and waves her hand. The sword, seemingly rusted, is polished up by the kinetic energy Anna's unleashing on it, and it starts to glow, good as new"

Anna: There...I'll bring Milo back here...get this place green again

"This time, she really flies off. The sword is left at it's place"

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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by justinlynch3 on Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:29 pm

Character name: Spike Torsin, Joe Dark, Katy Karma.
Rp: Heroes Uprising.
Chapter title: Spike's Revenge (Part 1) - The Crime Bosses Son.

We begin our story with a overlook of some busy city streets. These streets appear to be full of gangs. Most vehicles driving around are old and rusted, some even missing body parts such as bumpers or even fenders. The building are not in that much better condition with broken or missing signs, visible property damage, even rot in some of the older wooden structures. The roads, although drivable, are poorly maintained with many bumps and deep holes. Driving though this rundown section of city, a shiny black limo stands out among all the other vehicles. Slowly making it's way down the streets, several bullet shots sudden hit the limo's back window, causing the car to quickly speed off.

Inside the car we see Spike () grinning, alongside him is a older man, thisd man in his mid to late 40's. With white hair, and overweight, the now panicked man wears a black suit. None of the shots had gotten through the cars bullet proof glass.

Spike: See Mr. Mayor. I bet your glad we took the bullet proof car, are you not?

Claiming down soon after, the mayor replies.

Mayor: Yes, good thing we did.

Reaching it's destination after a few more blocks, the mayor orders the limo driver to stop. The rare door opens and Spike steps out first. Taking a quick look around, he signals the mayor to step out. Both quickly enter a near building. As they walk though, they pass many armed men with hand guns, as well as a fair few who carry AK47 machine guns. None of these soldiers attempt to stop them however. Continuing through the hall, they make a turn heading down a flight of steps. Reaching the bottom, they enter a warehouse type area. This area contains many crates containing various weapons. We even see a open crate that has a rocket launcher laid in it. Spike guides the mayor to a back room. There they are welcomed by another older man again in his late 50's (appearance)

...: Ah, Mr. Mayor. Glad you could come.

The old man walks around to the back of a desk in the room, he takes a stash of cash and tosses it to Spike, who catches it.

...: Well done as usually son.
Spike: Same deal father?
...: Yes, half now. The rest when you return the mayor home, safely.
Spike: Consider it done.
...: Good. Mayor, take a seat.

As the mayor does so, Spikes father takes him aside, so the mayor can't hear what they are saying.

...: So, your sure he's the same man?
Spike: Don't worry about it. His personality is almost completely unchanged, the only difference being that he now supports you, off the record sort to say. He will deny all claims in public.
...: Fantastic. With support like this, we'll run this city in no time.
Spike: Please, you already run this city. This will just tighten your hold further.
...: I really wish you would reconsider, to take my position when I die.
Spike: Sorry father, but sitting around counting money and buying guns, it's my type of work. I prefer to be out there, doing these jobs.
...: Very well. You can wait outside until it's time to leave.
Spike: Very well.

Spike leaves the room. A few hours later, all arrangements and deals are made. The mayor exits the room, with the other man behind them.

...: Everything is settled. Get him back, and you will receive the second half of your payment.

Spike, sitting in a chair by the door, stands up.

Spike: I haven't failed you yet, have I?
...: No, that's why I trust you.

Spike and the mayor are next seen walking up the stairs, to the main hall. Once there, they hear gunfire at the exit they are suppose to take. 3 armed men then approach them.

Armed man 1: A rival gang is trying to invade. It's to dangerous for you to leave this way. We've arranged for a helicopter to pick you guys up. We need to get to the roof.
Spike: *grin* Gotta love that government funding. You don't mind paying for the ride, do you Mr. Mayor?
Mayor: Just get me home, I'll pay for the helicopter.
Spike: Good.

Making there way to the roof, the armed men run out first as Spike and the mayor stay out of view. On a rooftop across the street, the armed men see a rival gang member with a rocket launcher. He fires down upon the street, blowing up the mayor's car. Spike see's this as well.

Spike: Just as I figured. They are after the mayor, probably wants him to use as ransom for money.

The armed men quickly shoot the rival gang member. As the helicopter approaches, more rival gang members run up on the rooftop across the street, returning fire with sub-machine guns. A gun battle ensures, and although both sides take out men, the armed men on Spikes side are the first to all die.

Spike: For the love of... father has to train these guys better... set up a shooting range or something. *sigh* Stay here.

Waiting till the rival gangs focus is off, Spike suddenly runs out, grabs one of the downed mens guns, and takes cover behind a exhaust vent just in time to avoid a rain of bullets. Upon the first opening, Spike returns fire, making the rival gang members scatter.

Spike: Run to the chopper!

The mayor makes a run to the chopper. One rival member tries to shoot the mayor while he's in the open, but is shot by Spike as soon as he reveals himself from cover. Spike backs up, getting into the chopper as well. Spike takes a few more shots, taking another rival gang member down, then the chopper takes off.

A view weeks after completing the mission, Spike is seen walking down the streets. With it being night, and most of the lights either broken or burned out, it makes for a dark and dangerous walk as you never know who's around the next corner. Spike suddenly feels a vibration in his pocket. Reaching in his pocket, he grabs a phone and reads the awaiting text message. A little over an hour later, Spike is seen meeting up with a man in his early 30's. Wearing a black suit and brown overcoat, Spike knows the man.

Spike: Why have you asked me here?

The man takes a piece of paper out of his pocket. He lowers his head as he slides it across the table. Spike takes the paper, he unfolds it and reads what is written. He crumples the paper in his hand as he makes a fist.

Spike: Who? Evil or Very Mad
...: Nick Johnathon Dark.
Spike: When can we go after him?
...: Not yet. We was hit hard by the attack. Many lost, many resources also lost.

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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by justinlynch3 on Fri Feb 26, 2010 9:33 pm

Character name: Spike Torsin, Joe Dark, Katy Karma.
RP: Heroes Uprising.
Chapter title: Spike's Revenge (part 2) - Joe Dark.

A month passes by, and we switch our views from the gang streets to a smaller country side town. Overlooking a large building with many teenagers around, we hear the school bell ring as the students begin to enter the building. Our view focuses on one student ( appearance ) who walks along the hallway of the building. As he continues he is jokingly jumped by another teenage male.

???: Last day of school. Coming to the party tonight Joe?
Joe: I'll think about it. It hasn't been a easy couple of weeks you know.

The unnamed student suddenly drops his cheerful attitude.

???: Oh, right I'm sorry man. Your father passing and all.
Joe: In one regard, I'm angry at that idiot. He was warned to retire and take it easy because of his weakening heart. Of course, he wasn't one to take doctors orders, and look what happened. *sigh* Despite this, you can't stay mad at the man. All he wanted to do was make the world safe.
???: Yes, I heard he took down a major crime boss only a week before he died.
Joe: Yes he did.
???: Well, anyway, lets not dwell on the past. I know it must be hard losing a parent, but hey, come and have a good time. Take your mind off all the bad stuff for a while. Who knows, maybe you'll ever get to score, there will be lots of chicks drinking. Smile
Joe: You may be right. Alright, I'll see you there.
???: Great. I promise, you won't have any worries by the time the nights out.
Joe: At one of your party's, I believe you. Razz

As Joe and his buddy's finish up the school day. We skip forward to that night. It's around 10pm at night, and we see a group of young women at the local pool. We see a blue haired women climb up on the diving board, she does a somersault flip into the pool, joining the other women who are already in the water. After about a half hour, all the women get out, except for the blue haired girl.

Girl 1: It's 10:30, Katy you coming?
Katy: No, I may stay here another few minutes. Just float around some.
Girl 1: Are you sure? We'd love to stay and wait, but we've got to get going.
Katy: That's alright, you girls go on. It's only a half hour until the janitor comes to lock up anyway. So I'll see you girls in the morning.

Katy lies back in the pool, simply floating and closes her eyes. About 15 minutes after, a sound is heard, like a gear clicking into place. The pool starts to close over, Katy wakes. (The pool is like the roof of a stadium dome, it has 2 metal plates that come together to seal it off at night.) To her shock, she see's the pool closing over and that the water hasn't been drained out. Katy scrambles to attempt to get out of the pool, but is unable to reach the sides in time and takes a gasp of air as the pool closes over. Not long after, a old man, well in his seventy's at least, enters the pool area and starts walking around the closed pool. As the man walks around the pool, we can hear Katy knocking on the surface from inside. The old mans hearing however isn't all to good, and he fails to notice the sounds. Viewing inside the pool, we see Katy continues to knock a few more times before she starts running out of breath, and choking for air. Suddenly, the closed off pool burst open as water is sent everywhere. The old man is knocked back in a corner, and stairs with a apparently frightened look as he see's Katy in the now empty pool, gasping and trying to catch her breath.

Old man: The stories... are true. I thought they was just stories but... they do exist... *takes out a cell phone and dials a number*

Katy climbs out of the pool, the metal platforms that had before sealed it off, now peeled back like someone had taken a massive can opener to it. Observing the damage, and seeing the frightened old man, Katy herself has a look of fear.

Katy: Oh no... no, not again...

Katy backs up, and seems to leave the area quickly in a panic. We check back in with Joe who is walking down the street. He soon spots the women from before ( appearance ) as she ran down the street, several people appear to be chasing after her. As she was being chased, with noting on her feet, she ends up tripping and falling when she steps on a shape rock. Just as one of the chasers closes in on Katy, he is suddenly struck in the face by a strong punch and knocked to the ground, out cold. Looking up, Katy see's Joe standing between herself and the people chasing her.

Joe: Alright, what's the meaning of this?

A man makes his way to the front of the group.

???: Out of the way kid. We got to finish off this water freak.
Joe: Water... wait, are you saying she controls water then?
???: You are correct. New step aside.
Joe: ... No.
???: What!?
Joe: You heard me. I will not step aside.
???: Your a fool. We have to eliminate the girl before she learns to call on her powers freely.
Joe: Why, they have to die just for being different? *smirk* No, not tonight. I won't allow it.
???: Stubborn child, you have no idea the danger these beings process.
Joe: Hey miss.
Katy: Y-yeah.
Joe: Listen, go, get out of here. I'll hold these guys off.
Katy: Why would you..?
Joe: Don't worry about it. Just go while you still can.
Katy: T-thank you.

Katy scrambles back up to her feet and continues on down the road. Meanwhile Joe blocks the way of the group. Joe then charges the group, clenches his fist as he made a mighty battle roar. The view then pans out into the night sky as the sounds of fighting are heard. The next day, Joe is seen waking up in a bed. With various bandages, Joe looks around the hospital room he is in. Sat in a chair, with her head resting on a pillow laid against the wall. Joe see's Katy sleeping.

Joe: It's... why did she come here?

Katy starts to wake up shortly after, and notices Joe is awake as well.

Katy: Hey, your awake.
Joe: What are you... doing here?
Katy: Those people, they would have killed me last night if you hadn't stopped them. I... couldn't leave without knowing what happened to you. So... does the hero have a name?
Joe: I'm... Joe.
Katy: My name is Katy.
Joe: It's a pleasure to meet you, Katy.
Katy: Same.

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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by justinlynch3 on Sat Feb 27, 2010 5:58 pm

Character name: Spike Torsin, Joe Dark, Katy Karma.
RP: Heroes Uprising.
Chapter title: Spike's Revenge (part 3) - Revenge Of The Crime Bosses Son.

A couple of months had now passed since Joe and Katy met. Joe learned about Katy's ability's, and suggested that she should train them. Katy however refused to, she didn't want everybody seeing her as some kind of freak, she just wanted to live a normal life. The two by now have started becoming really close. Katy invites Joe to meet her parents, and Joe invited Katy to meet his mother. It's at this point she finds out about Joe's father dying only a few months ago. Checking in with the two, we see them at a beach, lying back on the soft sand and getting a tan.

Katy: Say Joe, what happened to those people from that night we met... those chasing me?
Joe: Well, turns out they was taken to a insane asylum for two weeks, after spending a night in prison for what they did to me.
Katy: Insane asylum?
Joe: Well, you know, it's not like the world is full of people that process um... powers. Your the only one I've ever met. Anyway, yeah, when those guys said they was chasing a girl who could control water... well, the police didn't believe them. One officer even made a signal with his finger as if saying to the others "these guys are crazy".
Katy: So that's why they haven't come after me.
Joe: No. I gave the police your description. Told them the group was trying trying to attack you when I stepped in. I guess they made sure those people wasn't allowed around you again.

Meanwhile, we check in with Spike again as he meets the same contact.

...: Here is all the information you requested.

The man slides a folded piece of paper to Spike.

Spike: Thank you.
...: What are you going to do?
Spike: Nick killed my father. And since I can't take revenge on him directly due to his passing, his son will just have to pay. Joe life is so nice and peaceful right now. After tonight, that will all change.

We skip ahead to that night. Upon walking towards Katy's house, we see Joe take a shortcut in a alley. As he walks, suddenly Spike steps out in his way.

Spike: Going somewhere, Joe? *smirk*

Joe looks a bit surprised to this stranger knowing his name.

Joe: Look, I'm running late for a date. So if you'll just move aside.
Spike: Oh, your not going anywhere. Well, not yet.
Joe: Grr, alright, who are you? What do you want with me?
Spike: Does the name Torsin mean anything to you?
Joe: Torsin... isn't that the name of...
Spike: Yes, it is. I'm his son.
Joe: Look, if you want revenge, I'm sorry. First of, I wouldn't tell you where he is. Second, your a bit late, he's already dead.
Spike: Oh I already know about that. That's why I'm taking my revenge out on you instead.

Spike quickly runs forward on the attack. Joe takes the defensive and starts blocking and dodging, but he is hit after a short while as Spike appears to be stronger then him. Pushing Joe back to a wall, Spike makes a fist and strikes Joe hard in the stomach. As Spike lets Joe go, his head seems to merely slump forward, and Joe stands motionless.

Spike: Death is to quick a punishment for your family.

Spike places his palm flat on Joe's forehead.

Spike: Forget about the man you are. Look into the deepest desires of your heart. You take what you want, the world is yours. Anyone in your way will pay.

Spike smirks as he brings his hand down, making a fist once again. He punches Joe back against the wall. Spike then watches as Joe drops to the group. Around an hour later, Joe starts to wake up. With a headache, Joe seems not to have any clear memory of what happened. Picking himself up, Joe slowly continues towards Katy's, stumbling a bit at first. Reaching Katy's front step, Joe knocks on the door, and is greeted by Katy's mother.

Mother: Oh hello Joe. Katy's waiting for you, she's just upstairs.
Joe: Thank you.

Joe makes his way upstairs. He enters Katy's room where Katy welcomes him. As Katy cleans up a bit, Joe closes and locks the door behind him.

Katy: Sorry for the place being such a mess. So how are you?

Katy stands back up straight, when she turns around Joe is standing directly in front of her. Katy is a bit surprised by this.

Katy: Oh... you surprised me there.

Joe however doesn't move, and Katy starts getting a more concerned look.

Katy: J-Joe...
Joe: I'm tired of waiting.
Katy: What are you...

Katy suddenly finds herself thrown on the bed, as Joe jumps on top of her, placing his hand over her mouth so she can't call for help. Walking along the hall, Katy's father seems to hear a struggle. Knocking on Katy's door, he ends up not getting a reply.

Father: Katy, everything alright?

Listening closely, he hears a faint scream.

Mother: Is, something wrong dear.
Father: Pass me the gun, and call the cops, now.

The mother quickly gets the shotgun from the closet and passes it to the father before running for the nearest phone. The father loads a few shells into the gun, then breaks the door in. He quickly runs in, pulling Joe off Katy and pointing the gun to him.

Father: Don't move you bastard. The cops are on their way. Katy, you alright?
Katy: Y-yeah...
Father: Then join your mother in the other room, now.

Time skip a few days later and we see Katy, her parents, Joe, a judge, and a bunch of other people in a courtroom.

Judge: With the testimony Ms. Katy Karma, her parents, as well as several cops which wittiness your attack on a officer as he tied to take you in. Joe Dark, I hear by give you 20 years to life under the following charges. Resisting arrest, damage of county property, attempted rape, and attempted murder of officers.

The officers approach to take Joe away to prison.

Joe: Katy! I'll get out of prison someday. When I do, I'm coming for you. *evil grin*
Katy: Why... Joe... what happened to you. It's like your a completely different person now...

The very next day, we see Spike meeting up with his contact.

...: Well, whatever you did to him... you have screwed his life up. Do you want him eliminated?
Spike: No, let him live. Twisted Evil



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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by justinlynch3 on Mon May 31, 2010 10:42 am

Character name: Abigail Anderson, Jakob Dylan.
Rp: Heroes Uprising.
Chapter title: The Awaking: Abby's bad day. (part 1)

Our story starts in the parking lot of a school, various students are seen getting off the buses and entering the school. The time line is that of around the start of the rp, so mutants are not widely known of. As students walk through the school, heading to lockers, then classes. A group of 3 boy's are seen in the halls. One of the boy's is clean and well kept, he leans back against the wall, smoking a cigarette. The other two are more untidy, wearing torn leather vest, leather pants, and pocket chains/other accessories.

Boy 1: I'm so bored with this school.
Boy 2: You can get one of the popular girls and head up to the make out point.
Boy 1: Please, I dated every popular girl in this school. It's boring, they'll listen to my every command because I got money. There nothing but a bunch of bitches looking for some fool they can sucker money out of. I need a challenge, not just another mindless drone I can manipulate by showing them a dollar.
Boy 3: Why not get one of the unpopular girls?
Boy: Really, like who? Betty, the fat ass with braces? Or Cindy, the retard? Please, you must be joking.

They watch as students pass by, after a few minutes a hot red haired girl catches the rich boy's eye.

Boy 1: Who's she?
Boy 3: Abigail... I think...
Boy 2: Your right, Abigail Anderson.
Boy 1: Fan club?
Boy 2: None.
Boy 1: Cheerleader?
Boy 2: Nope?
Boy 1: Working with the student body?
Boy 2: Na ah. She's a complete nobody, a hot one at that.
Boy 1: Any known relationships?
Boy 2: None to be known of. I heard she's been asked out multiple times, she's rejected everybody so far. She seems to be more on the shy side.
Boy 1: Really now. I wouldn't of thought a looker such as her would be on the shy side. Friends?
Boy 2: A few nobody's. Her closes friend seems to be that little wimp Billy. Then there's Tammy, Fred, etc. Just a bunch of losers.
Boy 1: Classes?
Boy 2: She takes many of the basics like mathematics, writing/creative writing, etc. No real advanced courses from what I know.
Boy 1: Time we get ourselves in basic mathematics then.
Boy 3: We could just grab her.
Boy 1: Nah, I want some fun with this one.

A voice of a older man then speaks up.

Older man: Jakob Dylan, is that a cigarette?

Jakob looks at the cigarette in his hand.

Jakob: Nah, it's a candy stick. Like you, it's hot on one end and full of crap.

The other two boys snicker as the man steps forward.

Older man: Alright wise boy, you got detention.

As the man is about to grab Jakob's shoulder, Jakob gets serious for the moment, he grabs the mans arm, twisting it behind his back and slamming the man to the lockers. He drops the cigarette, putting it out by stepping on it.

Jakob: You don't touch me, old man.
Older man: What do you think your doing, I'm school principle. Your expelled for attacking me, you hear me?
Jakob: Expelled, me? Go ahead, try it. By this time tomorrow, I'll be back in school minding my own business, and you'll be out of a job.

Jakob lets the man go.

Jakob: You can't say shit to me, you can't do shit to me. Now you best leave, while your still school principle.

The other two boys merely snicker and laugh as Jakob takes out a lighter and another cigarette, lighting it.

Jakob: Oh, and one more thing Principle Sheppard. Get me in the same class as Abigail Anderson.
Sheppard: Why would you want that?
Jakob: Mind your own damn business, that's why. Just do it, unless you feel you can speak against me.

There is a stare down between the two, Sheppard rather serious as Jakob is rather calm. Sheppard then walks away without a word as Jakob grins.

Jakob: Good.

The bell for class rings.

Boy 3: Gym class.
Jakob: Fine, Jessy owns me money anyway.
Boy: If he don't have it?
Jakob: He'll meet with a unfortunate accident then. What we playing today?
Boy 2: Hockey.
Jakob: Perfect. Lets go.



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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by justinlynch3 on Mon May 31, 2010 6:15 pm

Character name: Abigail Anderson, Jakob Dylan.
Rp: Heroes Uprising.
Chapter title: The Awaking: Abby's bad day. (part 2)

A few days later Abigail is seen entering class, she looks around, noticing a new face, Jakob. Jakob looks back at Abby, giving a smile. Class starts and the teacher asks they everybody pair up with another person. Jakob makes sure he gets himself paired up with Abby at the back of the class.

Jakob: Well now, aren't you just the cutest thing.
Abigail: Wait... I recognize you...
Jakob: I thought you would.
Abigail: W-what are you doing here?
Jakob: I requested the transfer *smile* so I could be with you.
Abigail: W-why?

His hand hidden behind her back, Jakob stokes Abby's hair.

Jakob: All the girls I'm with are so... boring. I'm hoping you can be more "fun".

Abigail shrugs Jakob away.

Abigail: Ah, I-I don't think so, sorry.
Jakob: *smirk* Come on babe.
Abigail: Ah... no.

There is a knock on the door, and the teacher leaves class for a minute.

Jakob: You know, pretty girl like yourself, I can give you anything.

Jakob smoothly runs his hand up Abigail's leg, reaching the bottom of her skirt.

Jakob: Anything.

Abby ends up giving Jakob a slap. The entire class seems to turn towards the two, some from surprise and some snickering. Jakob gets more serious.

Jakob: Nobody, makes a fool out of me Abigail.

Jakob grabs Abigail by the shirt. Some random students start to approach.

Random guy 1: Hey, hey now, take it easy here.
Jakob: Yeah, and if I don't. What are any of you going to do about it.
Random guy 2: Look, just make this easy for yourself, let the girl go, she didn't mean any disrespect.
Abigail: I... didn't mean...
Jakob: Shut it women.
Random guy 1: Alright dude, seriously, back off, your money can't save you here.
Jakob: You think I need money.

Jakob stands, swiping the paper and books off the desk.

Jakob: You best get back out of my face.
Random guy 2: You leave Abby alone you jackass.
Random guy 1: Hey, someone get the teacher back here before this ass gets his ass kicked.
Jakob: Teacher, please, I have this entire school in my pocket.

Jakob flips over the desk kicking Guy 2 away. Guy 1 charges only to get elbowed in the face. Jakob then leans over the desk, grabbing Abby's shit again, lifting her out of her chair.

Jakob: Nobody makes a joke out of me, especially not some stupid birth in the middle of an entire class. Now your about to suffer the consequences.

Abigail closes her eyes, turning away in fright as Jakob raises his hand. There is a sudden splatter of blood, and the arm Jakob raised fell to the floor, a pool of blood forming. Jakob is then sent flying into a wall, where he falls to the floor KO'd and bleeding. Everyone in the class stares in fright, Abigail, speechless herself backs into a corner of the room.

Abigail: N-no... what... did I do...

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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

Post by justinlynch3 on Mon May 31, 2010 6:15 pm

Character name: Abigail Anderson, Jakob Dylan.
Rp: Heroes Uprising.
Chapter title: The Awaking: Abby's bad day. (part 3)

Abby looks in fright at what she had just done, as she steps back, putting herself in the corner of the room, the two guys who came to her aid moments ago begin to approach her.

Guy 2: Abby... what the hell was that?
Abigail: I-I-I don't... know...
Guy 1: Don't worry, we'll help you.
Abigail: N-no, please, I don't want to end up hurting you to.

The two guys approach anyway, Abigail, unable to control what she's doing, has the same invisible force that attacked Jakob attack the two guys, ripping ones head off, and stabbing the other through the chest. Mass panic now assures as the remaining students begin running. Hearing the screams and fighting the crowds, the teacher makes her way back into the room. She runs over to the downed boys, finding both dead.

Teacher: Oh... god. Abby, did you..?
Abigail: I'm sorry, I-I don't know what happened.
Teacher: I'm calling the police.

The thought of the trouble she's now in makes Abigail panic more, and the teacher quickly ends up with a leg getting ripped off from her body.

Abigail: No.. no!!

The frightened students that ran, quickly spread what's going on throughout the school. Hearing about what's going on, Abigail's closer friend all leave their classes, running to the class Abby was in. Like the students before, they try to help, but are all also killed. Upon killing her friends, Abby seems to be unable to stand, sitting back in the corner as tears run down her face. Principle Shepperd comes to the room, upon seeing all the dead, he is quick to call 911 on his cell phone.

Within the next hour police has arrived, after the early police men was killed as they attempted to arrest Abby, police now surround the school.



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Re: Character stories. (all rp's)

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