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CoD Modern Warfare 2 Online Petition

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CoD Modern Warfare 2 Online Petition

Post by lol1991 on Tue Oct 20, 2009 5:28 pm

Sign this. Shortly, Infinity Ward took the dedicated servers from Modern Warfare 2. Now, this means that matchmaking is the ONLY method of playing online for the PC version

Dedicated Servers means that you can mod the servers, making certain guns banned or play with ONLY snipers and stuff. This is also the only method if you want to play with friends and stuff

Matchmaking puts you in a server based on your rank INGAME

Now, I can't exactly tell non gamers the complications of this, as I myself don't understand them very in depth (I'm not a competitive gamer, just a gamer), but in short, it one heck of a low blow by Infinity Ward. I can sum it up like this. Most gamers believe this in an attempt to make PC games more similar to console games. I'm a console and PC gamer in different genders, and both have their advantages, but, competitive gaming IS mostly on the PC (Halo 3 is an exception) due to the easier flow granted by hotkeys and other functions. By adapting the PC version like this, they are making it similar to the console version, so as to appeal to the masses. To the little fucknuts that don't have a clue or an bit of respect for what founded this industry and are basically the consumers society for gaming. In short, this is an attempt to make money.
Here's a vid by someone that knows this shit

He can explain it much better lol

Anyway, please sign this. I respect the hell out of Modern Warfare and even more so CoD (one of the first FPS's I played was CoD 2, in the old WWII) and this shouldn't be allowed to happen to online gaming.


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