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Dragonball Evolution Script My Version

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Dragonball Evolution Script My Version

Post by Daisuke Ozuru on Sat Oct 24, 2009 8:12 pm

Below is my script:) I copied some of Nikku's ideas....I apologize Nikku:(

The story starts with a narrator explaining stuffs that have nothing to do with Dragonball Evolution and finally we'll see Justin Chatwin standing on a pole waiting for his grandpa to train him.

Gohan: The 1st person falls down loses!
Justin Chatwin: I'm not ready for this.
Gohan: C'mon Guku!
Justin Chatwin: But I'm not ready for this!

So his grandpa knocks him down.

Gohan: Are you hurt?
Justin Chatwin: No, I'm not ready to get hurt.

After training with his grandpa, Justin Chatwin goes to highschool and meet Jamie Chung. Chatwin stares blindly at Jamie Chung eating red strawberry infront of a green screen which shows a very lame CGI sunflower rains.

Teacher: Guku! Wake up!
Justin Chatwin: I'm not ready to wake up.

The bell rings, and school's over. Meanwhile, Justin saw Jamie at her locker room saying "damn it!" Goku remembered that he can use Ki to open the locked for his grewfriend. A white puff of smoke comes out of Goku's palms and hits the locked and the locked door opens.

Jamie Chung: Guku! You're a hero!

They kisses like in most movies.

Jamie: Guku, tommorow's mai barthday! Wanna come to my party?
Justin: Sorry Chi-Chi, I'm not ready to go to a party.
Jamie: Oh yes you do!
Justin: No I'm not ready for this.

Meanwhile at Goku's house. Grandpa was eating chinese food and a yellow guy with a bald head and a sexy woman in a red suit appears out of nowhere. James Marsters chokes Gohan because he thinks that he is a Sith Lord.

James Marsters: Where are the Dragonballs? I need them so I can have 2 attenas on my head and become green again!
Gohan: You'll never find them Piccolo! You're yellow since your're born!
James Marsters: That's not right, a crappy director named James Wong turned me yellow by putting me in this crappy movie! Die!

Marsters uses Force Crush to crush Gohan's house, then he and the sexy lady in the red suit leaves. Goku runs back home and saw his grandpa buried in the woods.

Chatwin: What happened!?
Gohan: Do not let Piccolo get the Dragonballs! If he become green again the whole movie will be destroyed!
Gohan: Find Master Roshi!
Chatwin: I'll do what I must.

The next day a mad woman who dyed her blue hair brown comes to Justin's house and points 2 guns at Chatwin for no reason. Justin dodged her bullets in slow motion and they had a Matrix style fight. Both lies on the ground.

Justin Chatwin: I'm not ready for this.
Emmie: Where's the Dragonballs?
Justin Chatwin: I'm not ready to tell you where they are.
Emmie: Let's go find them!

They found Chow Yun Fat's house and went him. Soon Justin was discovered by Fat and they had the Matrix style fight again. Fat then joins them in the search for Dragonballs. Bulma's mechanical card transforms into a motorcycle Transformers style. Fat hangs onto Rossum because he is indeed too slow.

They meet Jamie Chung in a basketball arena. Chatwin meets her and they kisses again. Meanwhile, Piccolo is on his helicarrier and prepares to destroy a town below him.

Marsters: I'll destroy this town with my red evil bomb!

A CGI red puff of smoke comes out of Marsters's palm and he throws it at the town. A lame explosion is heard.

Marsters: Yes! Another ball! 6 more and I'll fulfill my destiny to become green again!

Meanwhile, Fat meets a black guy who looks like Mace Windu.

Chow Yun Fat: I need to seal Piccolo in this bottle!
Black Guy Who Looks Like Mace Windu: But that'll consume all your life force!
Chow Yun Fat: I have no other choice.

They had a gay hug and then offscreen. Meanwhile, Fat is teaching Chatwin.

Fat: Now you'll master the final level of air bending technique?
Chatwin: (WTF? I thought I'm in a Dragonball movie not Avatar!)
Fat: Kuh....meh....huh....meh....HUUUUUUUUUUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A CGI yellow puff of smoke comes out of Fat's hands and lighted 1 candle.

Fat: Light all the candles before the Sun rises up.

Chatwin decided to cheat. But Jamie Chung appears out of nowhere.

Jamie: That's cheating Guku!
Chatwin: I'm not ready for cheating.
Chatwin: Kuh....meh....huh....meh....HUUUUUUUUUUUUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chatwin: Yay I did it!
Jamie: Congratulations Guku!

They kissed for 30 minutes, and when they're done kissing, half of the audience probably fell asleep. Them a clone of Jamie Chung shows up without the movie explaining what the hell happened.

Jamie and Jamie's clone had the Matrix style fighting that is shot completely in slow motion. Goku kicks the wrong Jamie and he got shot by a gun and he dies. Meanwhile, the real and original Goku sitting in the movie theatre is thinking: WTF!? I got killed by a fuckin' bullet!? I can withstand bullets since I was a kid! Man this movie is so fucked up! Chow revives Chatwin with a CGI yellow puff of smoke.

Then they goes to a CGI ancient temple and they confronted James Marsters. Justin Chatwin puts on an orange suit. Then Chatwin and Marsters fight in slow motion.

Justin Chatwin: Kuh....meh....huh....meh....HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A CGI blue puff of smokes comes out of Chatwin's hands and it strikes Marsters. Marsters falls down and dies.

Jamie Chung: Guku! You saved the world!

They kisses for another 30 minutes, which wasted the audiences' time. But Chow is dead. Chatwin summons a 6 feet tall dragon and ask him to revive his former master. So the 6 feet tall dragon screams and a yellow light comes out of its mouth and it hits Chow Yun Fat. Chow Yun Fat comes to life again. They all go home and Chatwin kisses Jamie in the lips for anotjer 30 minutes. Then a the end sign shows up. Meawhile the audiences walks out of the movie theatre laughing, but Goku is angry.

Goku: How dare they make fun of me and my friends!

Goku transforms into the legendary Super Saiyan.

Goku: I'm going to make 20th Century Fox pay!

Goku teleports to 20th Century Fox using Instant Transmission.



Fox explodes.

Goku: This is for not having Krillin in this movie and for fucking up me and my friends!

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