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Armed Librarians: The Book of Bantorra

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Armed Librarians: The Book of Bantorra

Post by lol1991 on Sun Feb 14, 2010 7:55 am

Seriously, this anime is 26 eps, already onto the 20th...(as in, they have planned 26, there's been 20 released)

I recommend this anime to anyone that knows Baccano, Bebop or Ghost in The Shell

It's beautiful, characters are very well done, especially the leader of the Bantorra.

Plot and universe: 7/10. Somewhat plain, but it drags you in

Okay, so basically, the world here functions like this:
There's 3 gods born from the first one that made the world and the humans and all that
God of the life that will come
God of the life that exist
And God of the life that as past (this one, is named Bantorra)

The last God is said to have created a library to house the books of people, because in this world, people that die have their souls turned into stone tablets called books, that can be read by physical contact and expose the life of that person

Anyway, this means of course books are very precious, so, Bantorra created the Library of Bantorra for safekeeping.
He made a huge labyrinth to store the books, and monsters for guards

But, so the books could be viewed by others and because well...monsters are dangerous, he created a group of humans called the Armed Librarians, that use magic to protect the books
This is the stories that surround them and a Church that opposes them as heretics to the teachings of the Gods

Next part of review is spoilers about the characters, and is a huge mess of fucked up shit that you need to watch the show to understand. To review them, I need to do this, so just skip this part if you don't know the anime: but the score is 9/10
The anime characters are extremely well done! Hamyuts Meseta, the current chief of the librarians, is portrayed as a psycho with a free license, only interested in finding the man that can kill her. She's so far to mysterious to say more, but she's into some deep shit

Matt, the defaux second in command, is pretty bad ass. He's the one that introduced Hamy to the librarians in teh first place, as she was already a powerful fighter without the training. Result is she's stronger than him. What's been show is that he struggles between his morality, and his view that human life is irrational and makes no sense, so there's no point trying to be moral in the fist place. The latter case wins and he kinda says screw it to the internal conspiracies happening at Bantorra Library

Next favorite character is a meat. meats as humans used as bombs by the church, trained from a young age to believe they are not human, and thus deserve no love and happiness (despite the Church saying humans should pursue this at all cost)
Anyway, Colio, is a very weak meat, that by hands of fate gets a book from a witch called Shiron Byacornise. Now, it's revealed that for some reason, she seems to speak to him as if in love with him
It is revealed later that she would see the future, and feel in love with him through those visions. He, in turn, feel in love with her, both out of his morals though to him as a meat (that all humans deserved to be loved) and due to his own resurfacing feelings. In the end, he does what Shiron said to do from the book, dies, and we see a last shot of him with her spirit watching the sunset
Really the best story so far

Second best is the one of Enlike and Noloty. Noloty is a training Librarian who refuses to kill under any circumstance because she feels the Earth belongs to her, and she shouldn't harm it. She meets a young white haired man. At first, he seems to want to die, and it's revealed that this man is actually Zathon, a magician with the power to eat books and gain powers of magic should the person know them.
Enlike was really someone who's book he ate, a meat raised to believe that he was a monster and that killing would bring him happiness and let him smile, which was his only wish. He soon came to discover this was just a lie of the church, and he had killed people for no reason. His book was eaten (he was just really being trained to feed Zathon) but his spirit remained, and with Noloty's encouragement, he took control of Zatho's body for good.

Volken and Mirephoc's story is also kinda sad, Basically, Volken didn't agree with Hamy's views and betrayed Bantorra, and Mire drank water from an weapon in order to forget her love for him
When he returned to reclaim his honor and expose what he thought was a crime of Hamy, he got himself in over his head and discovered the secret behind the Church. that they were working with the Armed Librarians.
Mirephoc remembered him in the end, but was too late to tell him her true feelings
Volken was a moralfag anyway. Really, tragic love tale normal stuff. The most boring out of the main focused cast

Alright, this spoiler tag is more for warning. It's spoiler, but what matters is HOW it happens, and that's detailed in the one above for my character review
EVERYONE DIES!! It's infuriating if you aren't used to it, just saying. They all die at different times and ALL the deaths have meaning...but it's still rage worthy

Animation is top notch
music is good for the mood

In the end, I give it a 8/10


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