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Aaron Stark (Heroes Uprising)

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Aaron Stark (Heroes Uprising)

Post by lol1991 on Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:49 am

Sometimes mister Stark, you remind me too much of your grandfather. And this isn't a compliment
Silver Surfer

Name: Aaron Stark
Codename: Iron Man
Age: 27
Height: 5.10(without armor) 6.6 (with armor)
Weight: 163 lbs (plus 200 lbs when in armor)
Alignment: Lawful Good
Identity: Public
Species: Homo sapiens
Race: Caucasian
Aaron Stark is a very calm, collected person. His constant uplifting attitude borderlines overconfidence, and he has little problem mocking his opponents mid battle and showing off his powers and charisma.
He is also somewhat unscrupulous, willing to do whatever is needed to further his goals and defend his morals. He has associated with villains in the past, and has gone has far as attack the SXM during the Civil War and Legacy arc. Despite all this, he has not once regretted any of his actions, and stands by what he has done, willing to take the consequences. He holds a great deal of respect for the SXM and sees them as heroes to look up to. Perhaps has a result of this, he often gives people second chances and believes in heroism at heart.
More a part of Aaron Stark than Iron Man, he is a playboy, and enjoys his perks to the fullest. But, perhaps his natural charisma is what also makes him a true leader
Known Relatives: Father (Howard Stark the II, deceased); Mother (Elizabeth Stark, deceased); Grandfather (Anthony Stark, deceased); Mother (Virginia "Pepper" Potts, deceased)

Allies: Avengers, SHIELD, Shadow X-Men, Illuminati, Asgard

Enemies: Espada, Akatsuki, Hellfire Club,

Occupation: SHIELD Director (formerly), Avengers Leader (formerly), Illuminati member, President and CEO of Stark Enterprises
Religion: Atheist
Theme Songs
for Iron Man
Black Sabbath: Iron Man
for Aaron Stark
Normal - AC/DC: Shoot to Thrill
Battle - AC/DC: Razor's Edge

-Expert mechanic and engineer: Stark is a master mechanical engineer, and he likes to remind people of this constantly. He is responsible for most of the technology SHIELD uses (he helped reverse engineer most of the things Milo provided). He was a part of the research team that developed SWORD's space fleet. His repulsor technology has been adapted for commercial airliner use. He as also show capable of understanding the complex Asgardian magical technology and forge his own weaponry based on it. He has, on occasion, even created a suit capable of harnessing the powers of the Infinity Gems. His genius extends to usage, as he can come up with nearly any use for even the most mundane of machines. He is an excellent engineer and mechanic capable of fixing almost, if not all, machinery.

-Respected businessmen: Stark is extremely well-respected in the business world, able to command people's attentions when he speaks on economic matters. He is known for the loyalty he commands from and returns to those who work for him, as well as his impeccable business ethics.

-Expert Tactician and leader: He is a brilliant tactician capable of quickly formulating strategies and new plans should the situation change. He's also a natural leader and inspires confidence from others, as he managed to gather a very different cast of heroes and get them not only to work together, but to do so willingly. Over the next 2 years he led the Avengers to numerous victories. He also boast that he can take down anyone in the extended League, include Milo, Kano, Amber and Sandra. How exactly, he doesn't divulge. But Milo trusts Stark with handling him if he ever goes rogue.

-Hand to hand combatant: Stark was trained in unarmed combat by Gary and Stewart and has become quite physically formidable on his own when the situation demands.

Aaron possesses the Iron Man armor. He makes use of many different models.

It grants him several abilities, such has:
--Superhuman Strength: He is capable of lifting approximately 100 tons when wearing his armor.
--Superhuman Speed: Even when not traveling for extended distances, the armor enables the wearer to move and react at high speeds.
--Flight: The armor can typically reach speeds in excess of Mach 8.
--Self-Contained Life-Support System & Environmental Protection: The armor can be completely sealed for operations in vacuum or underwater, providing its own life support, and is shielded against radiation.
--Magnetism: The armor can use magnetism to pull or push metal objects at will.
--Force Field: Energy shielding that can protect the user from harm. It is also capable of reflecting attacks and staying mobile. At full power, it can withstand a nuclear explosion, but it quickly drains away the power of the armor
--Anti-Mugen shield: Reversed engineered from the substance, the shield emits the same frequency as the metal thus granting him some level of protection. But it is mostly used in offense as it allows him to bypass mutant defenses.

--Artificial Intelligence: An internal artificial intelligence operating system that provides strategies, background information on opponents, and on surroundings and the current status of the suit, and prevents a lock on from targeting systems.
--Sensor Systems: Known sensors include radar/lidar, night vision, and physiological/medical scans that allowed Iron Man to take the vitals of other people, including heart and brain scans and monitors. These scans also provide Stark with real-time personal physiological data. An all-environmental scan for atmospheric content or life forms. It should be noted that the armor scans, radars, and environmental sensors run at all times, recording everything Iron Man comes into contact with

The armor also possesses various weapons and armaments

-Repulsor Rays: The armor's primary energy weapon. A particle beam weapon, standard equipment in the palm gauntlets; can repel physical and energy-based attacks, traveling as a single stream or as a wide-field dispersal. It's damage potential is extremely lethal, from being able to go through 2 inches of steel like paper to blasting a hole along an entire city block. They can be powered up to make a larger beam or a Full Form Repulsor Ray, which does 360 degrees of attacks.
-Lasers: Standard lasers that can be used as weapons or for welding.
-Pulse Bolts: Extremely powerful plasma discharges that propagate in strength over distance, but implode if they get overloaded.
-Energy Blade: This laser sword, emitted from his left arm, could also be flattened into a shield on his hands, or spread over the entire armor to encase the armor in a protective covering.
-Pulse Barrage: Pulse Barrage is one of Iron Man's standard long range attack. Because of its extremely low energy consumption, Pulse Barrage can be a very effective attack. An upgraded Red Pulse Barrage has the ability to penetrate through foes hitting others behind them, and the ability to ricochet off walls hitting more targets.

-Smart Missiles: The Smart Missile is one that can target the weak points of a structure, object, or foe to inflict maximum damage with minimal payload.
-Missile Box: Similar to an assault helicopter rocket pack, holds several missiles of up to eight types rockets, including Anti-Tank, Anti-Ship, Spent Uranium Core Armor-Piercing, Flame Bomb, Fire Suppressant, Smoke, Tear Gas, Radio Repeater and a Mini-Nukes. Each type of missile can scan and target several targets at once and fire at a moments notice. The missile can also reach Mach 2 in under 5 seconds.
-Gauntlet Mini-canon: This variably configured gun contains eight kinds of specialty 3.9 mm ammo: Spent-Uranium-Core Armor-Piercing, High Explosive, Concussion Type, High Temperature Thermite, Tear Gas, Tracer, Flare, Smoke and anti mugen They can be switched in the middle of combat instantly.

-Unibeam: A powerful searchlight, capable of projecting beams in virtually every light spectrum. Also used as a powerful weapon that can destroy anything in its path. It fires a boosted form of the Monobeam with some Arc Reactor energy backing it up.
--Freon Stream: An attack capable of freezing the air.
--Tri-beam: This version of the Unibeam runs on direct power from the Arc Reactor, draining it's energy rapidly if not fully charged. It has considerable knockback.
--Multi-beam: As the name implies, the Multi-beam can fire multiple energies at the same time. Generally used with the energy that Tony Stark has absorbed.
--Pentabeam: The Pentabeam has microwave lensing that allows for directed beams of high joule electrons, protons, acoustic energy, and neutrons.

Aaron as been injected with the Extremis Virus, which allows him to directly interface with the Iron Man armor as well as other machinery and technology

-Direct Cybernetic Interface: Extremis has fused Stark's armor to his body, allowing him to store the Iron Man armor in the hollows of his bones as well as control it through direct brain impulses. He has direct control over the communication devices, scanning equipment, and recording devices located in his helmet.

-Wireless Communication: He is also able to remotely connect to external communications systems such as satellites, cellular phones, and computers throughout the world.

-Improved Response Time: Because the armor's operating system is now directly connected to Stark's nervous system, its response time has been significantly improved.

-Superhuman Reflexes: The Extremis armor grants him super human reaction time.

-Regenerative Systems: He has the ability to heal himself and repair the armor.

Aaron was born to Howard Stark the II and Elizabeth Stark, and was the first son of the couple, as a result heir to the Stark empire. His mother died when he was young, in a car accident, and he was left at the care of his butler most of the times. His lifestyle often lead to him not having friends, and his butler became his only friend.
When he was 20, his father contracted cancer, and died as well. Aaron took this well, and kept his spirits up, becoming a success in the business world, and recognizable face everywhere.

However, on his 22nd birthday, he received a letter from an unknown source, telling him that the Stark family needed to get involved again, and that the world was in danger. The letter coincided with the formation of the yet unknown X-Men, and all the troubles caused by evolved humans.

He returned home, and following the letter instructions, he found the high tech armor is ancestor, Anthony Stark, developed, and used to fight crime as Iron Man. He soon upgraded the armor with the latest technology, and took up the mantel of the new Iron Man.

He soon meet Harry and Filipe from the X-Men, and as a result, became involved in the tournament Shawkun organized. He battled Filipe and nearly won. However since he used armor and possessed no powers Shawkun did not steal his soul. He stuck around to watch.

After that he began fighting crime Solo. He started investigating Velon's activities after Velon attacked his connection to the underworld. He located him, after getting the information from Ledge, and then decided to forgive, on the terms he didn't attack innocents, and started giving him info on the crime network.

He remains largely uninvolved with the happenings of the SXM, but helps whenever something big goes down. He helped fend off the demon invasion and joined the SXM during the Secrete Wars and left afterwords.
Later however he joined Pro Registration during the Civil War and became the leader of Pro Registration.
As the fight dragged on, Aaron started to doubt the government more and more, but continued to follow orders

During the Skrull invasion, he had the SXM help fight them off, and despite working with them again, he was coercing them by threatening Leah and Nate.
When Legacy fell, Aaron returned to independent work, but kept his contacts inside both SHIELD and the government, still commanding respect and his often being asked for help.

He's next seen getting the help of the comedy, yet brilliant, duo of Gary and Stewart to help track down Kira, as is financing their work and investigation with his large fortune. The first roadblock he hit was N's orders to stop all side investigations of the case. He ignored it and ordered the two to keep digging.

When the Predators attacked Earth, one of their targets ended up being Los Angeles. This caused Aaron, Gary and Stewart to take a break from their investigations and help the SXM with the invasion. As Gary defeated the attacking ship, Aaron helped the SXM devise a plan to capture some ships and board the Mother-Ship. However, when executing the plan, he was injured and infected with a powerful cell destroying virus. William couldn't heal the condition, and Aaron was left with no choice.
He had the SXM take him to his main offices and laboratory, where Alfred his butler administered the Extremis formula, which allowed his body to reboot and synced him further with the armor. He was left to recuperate, and managed to do so in time and use his new powers (which included technology interfacing) to drive Travler's ship and help the SXM stop the aliens

He and the trouble duo continued to look for Kira, until finally, they're plan was set off and they actively engaged in the search by stealing the criminal database to lure Kira out, and started to work with Near. This failed. When Sandra started his rampage, Near was forced to flee Japan, and decided to meet with him, Stew and Gary
The team continued the search, and tried to find Zulan by asking Wave, the last remaining Agency member, but they failed as Wave was corrupted. As they were about to give up, Amber returned, and she and James went to them with a plan to find the alternate dimension were the Phoenix Alliance were hiding, as James had figured it out with Manda's help.
Aaron, Gary and Amber, as well as Metallic and the other members of Manda's group engaged Kira's army. He managed to knock out Angie and Kiya fast, and then focused on Quelton and Lezune. He managed to convince Devon to trust in the SXM and their powers, which made him surrender.
The captured members were freed, and they appeared back at Earth with Kira nearby. Aaron and Near took him to SHIELD, and as a result of his capture, Aaron was made the new director of SHIELD

When he first started the job, he, along with Near and Zane, gathered a group of powerful people that didn't rely on mutant powers: Marco Pollo, the new Captain America, Cyber the robot, Natsu, Elsa and Laxus, Cloy and Kano. Together, he announced the reformation of the Avengers, under SHIELD directive.

Right after the formation of the Avengers, Kyle, a demigod son of Zeus, came to them for help. A man demanded that he gather several rings of power. Upon gathering the rings, it was discovered that these were the rings of the Mandarin, and the man, Harold, became the new one. However, thanks to Aaron's plan, they manage to capture him.

His next mission involved the Kree empire, who came to Earth to attempt and seize the Phoenix Avatar for their own uses. The Avengers fought to protect Sandra, but eventually she was captured by the emperor himself, Son-Aris. Aaron was also brought aboard. The Avengers raced to save their leader, while on Hala, Aaron and Sandra discovered that this attack was a conspiracy by the Supreme Intelligence, who was controlling Son-Aris. Aaron discovered this thanks to Poll-Aris insistence that his brother was not a bad person.
Calling Milo in, the mutant and Kano the Odinson did battle with Son-Aris and managed to defeat him. Meanwhile Sandra burned down the entire Hala surface in cosmic flames and killed the Supreme Intelligence.
Despite the good ending, the Kree empire named the Inhumans as the guilty party and banished them from Hala, forcing them to take residence on the Earth's moon, as the species had once done

Aaron next appeared when the Gods of Olympus launched a war on planet Earth. Defending Los Angeles from the attack, the Avengers were forced to retreat as the city was laid wast to by Hades, despite their best efforts. The rest of the invasion was spent trying to defend the planet, and they were also responsible for the rebuilding of the city

Aaron next problem was when Jorgan, using his faked death, framed him and had his position as director of SHIELD taken and his Avengers named fugitives. Jorgan's ultimate plan was to create the final super soldier using the long lost serum from WWII and the Iron Man armor. Stark refused, and invoked the wrath of Osborn. However, thanks to a recent arrival, Nono, the Avengers managed not only to stop Jorgan, but to defeat the entire mass produced IronMan armors the military made, who went out of control. Nono was revealed to be a intergalactic traveler and enemy of the Hunters. She promised to return to help defeat the invasion

After months, the day finally came. The Avengers first helped defend Genosha, before they were scattered and attack the invasion on many fronts. Stark was sent to Los Angeles with the magic trio. As the invasion ended, Nono was gravely injured, but Stark managed to rebuild her shattered android body, but proved unable to rebuild her degeneracy engine, despite his best efforts.

Five months later, Aaron became one of the members of the Illuminati. Stark's last major problem as director of SHIELD came in the form of Osborn, who after making himself president framed the Avengers for an attack on DC (which they actually performed, albeit under mind control). Stark was the only one who escaped, and was forced to watch as SHIELD was replaced with HAMMER. Staying on the run for weeks, he slowly gathered information until, the days before the final battle, he managed to severely injure Jorgan's standing with the press.
At the final fight, Aaron was seen taking down several HAMMER agents. In the fallout, his name was cleared, but his position in SHIELD was forever lost, and despite being offered a position as HAMMER's leader, he rejected it and officially "retired" from super heroism. Despite this, he continued to fund both the SXM and the X-Force, and continued to serve as the Avenger's leader. He heard of Milo's forceful takeover of Genosha, and hoped this would not come back to haunt his friend. It was also during this time that the Predators attacked Earth again, returning with the same technology that gave origin to Nono. Aaron hatched a plan, and managed to return Nono her full powers by reinstating her with a degeneracy engine.

Next, Aaron was caught in a fight between the SXM and a man trying to call forth the Source of All Evil from the void of conceptuality. He helped with his resources, using the Avengers to monitor during the night when the killings of innocents was taking place.
Finally, after Milo took down HAMMER, Aaron saw a chance to regain his standings. But Milo had other plans, and created the X-Lords. Aaron, seeing Milo go down a path he knew all to well, joined Drac's resistance, who was all to soon taken down. However, even after all the horrible deeds, TOAA put things right.
In the new timeline, Aaron was again made the leader of the Avengers, and only bellow Zane within SHIELD. Back to leading the team officially, his first official mission was the defense of Earth against the Council of Gods, showing off his new powerful armor that was created with Alex's help, and Kano's contribution for the upper limits. This armor became know as the Bleeding Edge

During the next few weeks, Zane was removed from office at SHIELD and became a fugitive, again making Aaron the director of the organization. His company has also formed an alliance with Oliver Morrison's company, and they've created a repulsor engine to be used commercially. During this time, Oscorp was also dealt a major blow with Jorgan's death (which unbeknown to Aaron was Oliver's doings).

However, his happiness was short lived. Terrel, attempting vengeance against the Silver Surfer, killed a good part of his team, and seriously injured the other. Aaron, viewing this as a personal failure, resigned as director of SHIELD, giving Near the job, and disbanded the Avengers. He retreated to his residence in LA, where he began building a powerful version of the Bleeding Edge. The "War Machine" debuted in his own vengeance against Terrel, after he had acquired both the infinity gauntlet, and the Zen Lavian technology that they had previously used against Terrel
Despite this, he was still unable to defeat him, and Terrel allowed Aaron the chance to either kill or back down, by pretending to lose. With Nono's help, Aaron' backed down

After spending some time solo, and going back to his regular Bleeding Edge, the events of No More Heroes saw Aaron again joining a team, this time the Shadow League, where he became one of the senior members. Him and Kano's friendship led to him being the best man at his wedding.

During the events of Fear Itself, Aaron was the first to encounter a Worthy in combat, and later came to realize the heroes could not defeat them. He appealed to Odin, so he could help Kano and save the world and his friend. Odin allowed him access to his forging room, where Aaron created the 9 Hammers of the Mighty, as well as a new armor for himself, the "Thor Buster", or as he calls it "The Magitech armor"
He helped defeat Skadi and the Serpent.
During Sutur's war he was also on the front line
When HYDRA sabotaged both the SHIELD hellicarrier, and the Vault prison, Aaron joined Tyler and Matt, (Cap American and Goliath respectively) in hunting down the ones responsible, and retrieving SHIELD's stolen cosmic cube. They managed to track down the main HYDRA base, but the stolen cube disappeared as well as the de-facto leader of the organization. With no way to track the still sleeper agents, Aaron and Tyler left the clean up to SHIELD and withdrew.

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Re: Aaron Stark (Heroes Uprising)

Post by lol1991 on Mon Jan 10, 2011 11:50 am

The Armor Dissembling after an Attack

Anti-Hulk Armor

Iron Man and the War Machine

Stark Wielding the Infinity Gems

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The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
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Re: Aaron Stark (Heroes Uprising)

Post by lol1991 on Tue Jan 18, 2011 3:33 pm

Aaron Stark, Director of Shield

Stark Fighting off the Hunters

Iron Man Getting attacked during the Civil War

Stark Leading the SHIELD forces:

The Unibeam


Take the Magic: The Gathering 'What Color Are You?' Quiz.

The only thing that interferes with my learning is my education.
Albert Einstein
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Resident Sniper

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Re: Aaron Stark (Heroes Uprising)

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