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Post by Tlaloc on Sun Nov 20, 2011 10:51 pm

Hi there guys!

I am working this as of late night Nov. 17.

These months have been well...

This past summer, I was finally taking driving lessons. But they had to end abruptly due to some condition my mother was having.

Back when I was in high school, like in 2000; my mother had some tumor on her breast, which was removed with no problem.

In 2008, my mother had breast cancer. I found out for myself while reading her medical papers as she told me all she had were "old milk balls" inside of her but had to be removed or they became cancer. They got removed and her breast got reduced.

After that she went every few months to treatments out of town and did all kinds of alternative medicines.

This past late summer, she claimed to have some pains that prevented her to move around.

Then one day as I was going to work, and she collapsed in the floor. I tried to help lift her up with my father, but she tried to bite me and had her "crazy" head.

Thing is, all of her life; as far as I have known her; she has been always been very childish; very capricious. She tends to say things too infantile and lies, to be point it is hard to take her seriously.

So... (Nov 20th now), honestly I wish right now she is just having her nervous breakdowns, but amplified to the x3 potence. She is always like that, her particular way of behavior.

Anyway, it turned out she had cancer again, and she was sent to Monterrey for quick treatment. But eventually, it made her get her left breast removed. This because the cancer was spreading to her spine, and had to cut the source, that is why she is not able to walk.

I don't know why I am saying this... whenever I talk to people how my mother trully behaves, none believes me.

I had to stay at home due to my job. Eventually my mother was brought back, but she still felt bad.

We believe it is her treatment, a medicine called Xeloda. Appearantly she looses her mind thinking she will never walk again, despite she moves other parts and her legs are really strong.

At our city, she was sent to a women's clinic (for pay) while we set her up an hospital bed at home (which costed double here in Mexico).

She was here for like 2 weeks, but despite we tried to calm her down, she didn't even tried.

Many people have come to see her, and they believe this kind of behavior is new on her because of her disease. But she has always been like this, but now more.

I really hope she gets OK, but lately many already believe that she might be suffering from "results" of the treatment and other things so... well I hope she gets well but I don't know what to do anymore. I feel guilty that this is all my fault.

Bye, peace.

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