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Fictional battle thread.

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Fictional battle thread. Empty Fictional battle thread.

Post by justinlynch3 Sun Jul 05, 2009 1:27 pm

Here you can create mini rp battle battles between your characters, or your character vs others characters (with permission of course). Any character from any rp can fight anyone else from any rp, this topic is just meant as a fun for those slower days when not much is happening in rp's.

Enjoy and have fun. Smile

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Fictional battle thread. Empty Re: Fictional battle thread.

Post by justinlynch3 Sun Jul 05, 2009 2:24 pm

Presented from justinlynch3, Last Hero's.

(Note: This story in no way ties into the HU rp, it's a fun short story.)

We begin with the overlook of a beautiful forest, birds are chirping and everything is calm till a firy explosion puts a large section of the forest into flames. A portal opens outside the blaze and Katy and Joe arrives. From the burning inferno, Troy casually steps out from the flames.

Katy: What the hell are you doing Troy?
Troy: *grin* Whatever I want.

Troy creates a quick fireball and throws it at Katy who counter attacks with a water orb, making both attack cancel out. However Troy dashes through the think mist that was created and elbows Katy in the face before turning and blasting Joe away with a point blank fireball. Troy then surrounds himself in flames and starts to deliver a beating of firy punches down on Katy before kicking her back.

Katy: *Already looking pretty hurt* Why?

Joe jumps out of a portal striking Troy in the chest with a firm punch, but the attack hurts Joe more as Troy's flames causes his hand to explode into flames.

Troy: Fool.

Troy grabs Joe's wrist and swings him around before throwing him skyward. Troy then propels himself up hitting Joe with a knee strike to the stomach before slamming him to the ground. Troy the lands near Katy.

Katy: Son of a bitch.
Troy: It was a real pain, listening to you and your buddies. Don't kill Troy, don't rob Troy, don't do this, don't do that. What a pain in the ass. However, outright fighting the likes of Yama, Milo, or Isabel would have been suicide. So...
Katy: No, you didn't...
Troy: Yes, I went to the government. Told them you guys was planning to take over the world. War broke out, they came up with the poison bomb that killed your friends, then I killed them afterwards. Only you and your friend stand in my way, but not for much longer.
Katy: That's all I wanted to know.
Troy: Huh?
Katy: The heard everything. Every president in the world now knows about your plan.
Troy: Grr damn you.

Troy fires a tunnel of flames at Katy that disappear into a tunnel and strike him from behind. Troy is then attacked by Joe as Katy begins to form her ultimate attack. Exchanging blows in melee combat, Troy uses his fire ability's to get the upper hand on Joe and sends him flying back into a tree.

Katy: Hey Troy!

Troy looks in Katy's direction to see a Water Jet Cannon blast heading his way. Troy quickly flames up and counters with a flame tunnel. Both attacks collide and a struggle ensures. Slowly, Katy's attack starts losing ground.

Troy: Nice try Katy, but I'm just to strong for you, and now.

Troy gives his attack a push, almost overtaking Katy, but she manages to hold on.

Troy: You die!!!

With another push, Troy's attack becomes bigger and overtakes Katy, blasting through the trees and into the ocean. As the water closes back together and the ripples fade, Troy grins and turns to face Joe.

Troy: One down.

As Troy turns around he is tackled by Joe and pushed into a portal. The exit portal opens above the water, and a battle scream is heard as the water under Troy explodes into a watery tornado. Getting trapped in the vortex, Katy looks down at him with rage in her eyes.

Katy: Drown you bastard.

The vortex deepens and Troy is sucked far under the water before the vortex closes. Submerged, Troy's ability's doesn't work, and he is soon crushed by the emence water presser.

Katy: Goodbye... Troy.

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Fictional battle thread. Left_bar_bleue100/100Fictional battle thread. Empty_bar_bleue  (100/100)

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Fictional battle thread. Empty Phoenix and the nightmare from hell.

Post by justinlynch3 Fri May 28, 2010 5:10 pm

Title: Phoenix and the nightmare from hell.
Writer: Justinlynch3.
Note: This story uses Heroes Uprising characters, but does not tie into the story of the RP. It's a short story written for fun, so enjoy.

Phoenix and the nightmare from hell. (part 1)

The year, 2021. The time, 5:37pm. The place, the ruins of Washington DC. The air is dark, polluted with nuclear fallout. The once thriving city now all broken and damaged remains. Nobody lives in this area, only carefully suited military men with hazard protective suits enter this area. The men prob and examine the area, as one man kneels down, he gets a call through the mic in his headset.

Voice: We want you men to be on alert. Mutant level class A, Sandra Fuller aka the Phoenix is located near your area.
Hazard suit man: Shall my team intercept?
Voice: Negative, you are to continue work as planned. Just remain on highest alert.

In a city about 4 miles east of DC, a women sits atop a high sky scraper building. Her legs folded, eyes closed, she appears to be enjoying a moment of peace, as if she already knows it will end soon.

Women: It's been 4 years since that day, the day we all became criminals. Most of the SXM died that day, only a hand full of us survived. Just when we thought the worst was over however, the World Government made is decision on what to do with the mutant race...

The women stands to her feet as the sound of helicopters are heard approaching. The women quickly vanishes from her spot, arriving down in the city streets. Moments later the helicopter arrives on the scene, hovering above the women.

Women: Extinction.

Ropes fall all around the women as a group of around 20 soldiers slide down, surrounding her.

Random soldier: Target acquired, it's the Phoenix, Sandra fuller. *receives order* Understood.
Sandra: President Sindus, take me to him.
Soldier: Men!!

The soldiers all ready there weapons.

Sandra: You guys sure you want to do this?
Soldier: Fire!!

The soldiers all fire a round off, the bullets quickly slow, coming to a stop in mid air. The soldiers all appear frozen in place. Sandra is seen with the cosmic flames of the Phoenix Force surrounding her, she examines the thoughts of one of the soldiers, finding nothing she is looking for.

Sandra: Nothing, they have a mutant on their side for sure. No memories, and I can't find them. Why would a mutant be helping them though.

Time resumes and Sandra is gone, the fired bullets hitting random objects.

Soldier: She got away!!
Soldier 2: No, the Phoenix doesn't run away. Maybe before, but now...

Just as he said this, a load explosion is heard. The large helicopter that brought the soldiers now seen dropping from the sky. It hits the edge of a building, before falling to the street where the huge propellers slice some soldiers apart, before cracking off, flying in various directions.

Soldier: Crap! Where is she!?

The helicopter explodes, and the fires provide enough light to reveal Sandra standing on a near building.

Soldier: Kill her!!

The men ready to fire, but Sandra disappears again. Losing track of Sandra, the men back together, forming a circle so to watch from all directions. One soldier drops his weapon in fear, the others turn to see the street fill with the flames of the Phoenix. When the flames die, the surroundings are unharmed, but the soldiers are no more.

Sandra: It didn't use to be this bad. The government was always after us, but it was never like this. When the bill was passed 4 years ago that all mutants must die, it became the rules of kill or be killed. *sigh* Well, no leads, I better get back.

Meanwhile we see Sindus in his office, a man sits across from him.

...: The great mutant killer Sindus, oh, you have been a bad boy haven't you?
Sindus: Look, you don't like me, but understand this, I especially don't like you. Your hear cause I need you. We can't catch the Phoenix, she's simply to powerful. If you trap her in her dreams however, we can track her down, and kill her while she's dreaming. So Mr... um, Nightmare, what do you say.

The man know as Nightmare stands from his seat, turns and walks towards the door, stopping upon laying his hand on the door nob.

Nightmare: I say, I kill you for the many sins you committed. Yes, the demons of the after life will have fun torturing a soul like yours. However, for now, you have a deal. The Phoenix, yes, she has so many regrets, and also killed so many people. I would of taken her myself, but I don't have the power to kill her, I can only torture her in her dreams. Are your men ready to move tonight?
Sindus: We are.
Nightmare: I can make sure Phoenix will not interfere, the other one you handle yourself.
Sindus: Won't be a problem.
Nightmare: Then I bid you farewell.

Nightmare leaves the room, entering the hall where a man is leaned against the wall waiting for him.

...: How'd it go?
Nightmare: According exactly to plan. Tonight, the Phoenix dies. Get us back to base Jet.
Jet: All this waiting and I don't even get to kill anyone?
Nightmare: Plenty of time for that later. Lets go.

The two disappear into the shadows, there sinister plan to bring down the powerful Phoenix Force Avatar put into motion.

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Fictional battle thread. Empty Re: Fictional battle thread.

Post by justinlynch3 Fri May 28, 2010 5:11 pm

Phoenix and the nightmare from hell. (part 2)

We look in on a area that we see as Washington DC, many bystanders stand, looking with fear at the scene before them. Most of the SXM, including Sandra and Abigail are there. Police and government officials completely surround the area. In the middle of everything, we see Milo on his knees, his hands glowing, filling with power and radiation.

Milo: I... I can't hold it... you must... you must get away.
Katy: We can't leave you Milo. To many lives are at risk.
Milo: I... can't STOP IT!!!

Milo's entire body starts to glow, the entire group has to back away due to the intense radiation being released.

Abigail: S-Sandra...
Sandra: Milo... no...

We pan out, over seeing a large explosion erupting from Milo. The scene then cuts to black, Abigail can be heard calling Sandra's name. We overview Sandra laying on a bed, the room appears to be an old apartment. Sandra wakes up as Abigail enters the room. Abigail sits on the bed beside Sandra.

Abigail: Hey, I been calling out the past 3 minutes. Suppers ready, it's getting cold.
Sandra: Sorry, I fell asleep.
Abigail: No problem. Now come on.
Sandra: I'll be right down.

Abigail heads out, Sandra remains sat on the edge of the bed for the moment.

Sandra: Most of us died that day, only myself, Abigail, Yama, and Dave made it out. Dave... I should of never let you and Yama go on that mission alone...
Abigail *from another room*: Sandra!!
Sandra: Coming!

Sandra stands up, walking out to the kitchen. In the next scene, we see Sandra and Abigail sitting at a table, eating the meal Abigail cooked up. It's silent, not a word is said as Sandra seems somewhat distracted in thought, slowly picking at her food with her fork.

Abigail: Something wrong Sandra? You don't like it...
Sandra: What? No, the food is great, I was just... thinking about Milo, Dave... all our friends.
Abigail: Oh, I see.
Sandra: All but 4 of us died that day, then Yamairo and Dave was hunted down and killed...
Abigail: I miss them to. But if your feeling guilty over something, Sandra, it wasn't your fault.
Sandra: I don't know. I was just thinking I should of been with them.
Abigail: But what if you died as well... Sandra, your the reason I'm alive now.
Sandra: But I'm the Phoenix.
Abigail: That never stopped the Government from giving you trouble before. Look, Yamairo and Dave took a chance, they thought they could get in undetected and bring the government down. However...
Sandra: German... I could of beaten him... he can't suppress me...
Abigail: Still, if something went wrong, someone had to be here to bring order to the world. Sandra, they made the choice to go alone, it was their decision, it's not your fault.

The night go's by, it's about 10:43pm when Sandra is seen heading to her room. Abigail had already been sleeping for the past hour. As Sandra gets in bed, we look outside, in a building across the street, troops are getting ready, preparing to move in. They watch as the lights go off.

Special Op: Confirm, target is asleep.

Sindus hears the message though a speaker phone on his desk.

Sindus: Hold position. *presses button* Alright Nightmare, your move.

Sandra is seen sleeping, viewing in her mind, we see her with the group before the explosion happened. She's at a birthday party, her birthday. Outside, the Special Op's gets a order to move in, shoot to kill. With the order, they prepare, slowly moving out.

Special Op: We get codename Stabs first, then codename Phoenix.

Meanwhile, Nightmare has begun to manipulate Sandra's dream. In her dream, we see Sandra dodging attacks from Abigail. (indigo color = Sandra's dreams)

Sandra: Abigail! What are you doing?

Abigail charges again, Sandra quickly arrives behind Abigail, phoenix powers active and uses a telekinetic blast to send Abigail forward. As Abigail slides on the ground, Sandra is the struck hard in the back by Milo. As she reels back in pain, Milo blast Sandra to the ground with a energy blast. Meanwhile Abigail stands back up. Sandra is seen picking herself up. She notices something at the last second and disappears just before another powerful attack strikes.

Sandra: Milo, Abby! Why?

Yamairo suddenly arrives, his ondi-sword to Sandra's throat.

Yamairo: You want to know what's going on, we're going to kill you Sandra.
Sandra: W-why?
Milo: Because Sandra, we never liked you, you was never our friend. You was powerful, a power we could use. Now that we don't need you.
Sandra: No, something is wrong. Your being controlled!!
Yamairo: Naive girl.

And so the plan to stop the Phoenix is put in motion, Nightmare is manipulating Sandra's dreams, and the Special Op's are right outside Sandra's front door. Will Sandra survive, find out in part 3.

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Fictional battle thread. Empty Re: Fictional battle thread.

Post by justinlynch3 Fri May 28, 2010 5:11 pm

Phoenix and the nightmare from hell (part 3)

Sandra is seen in the middle of the 3 fighters who circle around her. They smirk, a sinister laughter that can just be heard.

Sandra: Someone is controlling these guys, but who...

Abigail charges forward, Sandra knocks her back via a telekinetic blast. Yamairo teleports, Sandra uses her telekinesis to catch Yamairo when he arrives, knocking him out via a telepathic mind blast. Sandra notices just in time of a incoming attack, she teleported herself and Yamairo above the explosion, only to see Milo already waiting for her. Milo shatters the bones in Sandra right arm, her then grabs her, teleporting and slamming Sandra to the ground. As Sandra picks herself up, Abigail is waiting for her, stabbing her in the stomach with her vectors.

Sandra: *cough* A-Abi...
Abigail: Goodbye, Phoenix.

As Abigail was about to go for the kill, Sandra released a large telekinetic wave, blasting everyone around her away. She uses the open to begin healing her wounds.

The Special Op's are seen entering Sandra's house, they move silently, but quickly. After clearing the living and kitchen areas, they proceed upstairs. They proceed down the hall, reaching the first door. They kick in the door and a soldier charges in, the sleeping Abigail awakens with a startle, ripping apart said soldier as blood splatters all across the walls. Disoriented in the darkness of night, the other special ops take full advantage of there night vision equipment, entering the room and firing several bullets into Abigail, the silenced weapons making little nice. Abigail falls back on her bed, coughs blood, and with her final breath, say's Sandra's name.

Abigail: Sandra...

Sandra is now battling Milo, both rapidly teleporting. Milo turns invisible, then manipulates Sandra's blood to stop her movements. Milo uses super speed, striking Sandra several times in the blink of an eye. Milo releases control of Sandra's blood, using super speed and strength to deliver a strike to Sandra's stomach with such force, it sends her flying through the air. Milo teleports behind Sandra, using control of wind to slam Sandra again to the ground. Milo then moves at light speed, kneeing Sandra in the back before she could even move. Milo then stands, lifting himself into the sky. His hands begin glowing, filling with radiation.

Sandra: M-Milo... stop...
Abigail: Sandra...

Abigail is seen kneeling down by Sandra.

Sandra: Abi...
Abigail: You freed us Sandra, well me and Yama anyway. Sandra, you must free Milo. I'll miss you, Sandra.

Yamairo appears, standing beside Abigail.

Sandra: Abi... Yama...
Yamairo: The fate of the world rest with you now.

With that Yamairo and Abigail are teleported, attacking Milo. As they appear for the attack, Milo releases his attack, the radiation completely destroying both of them.

Milo: Fools!!

Milo lands by Sandra.

Milo: Do you want to know why the others never showed up, only Abi and Yama. You want to know where Dave is?
Sandra: No... you didn't...

A clone of Milo appears beside him, and is reabsorbed into Milo.

Milo: There all dead Sandra, your all alone.
Sandra: Milo... why..? Why!!
Milo: Because I can, and nobody can stop me.

Meanwhile Nightmare is still seen manipulating the dream. Jet contacts Sindus.

Jet: Everything is ready, have your men move in.

Sandra is now being pin-balled between 3 Milo's. The first Milo hits Sandra with a blast of cold air, causing ice to form on the surface of Sandra's body, restricting her movement. The second Milo blast Sandra with a large fireball, sending her downward. The third Milo creates a rock pillar which slams into Sandra, pushing her up into the sky. As the pillar reaches it's height, Milo charges it, causing it to explode. The 3 Milo's merge back into 1.

Milo: To easy. Now, time to make my own phoenix powers stronger.

Milo teleports, catching a free falling Sandra as she drops from the sky. Holding her by the throat, Sandra appears heavily hurt, her outfit ripped and tattered.

Milo: It's about time a true Phoenix is born Sandra.

Milo places his free hand to Sandra's forehead. He starts pulling back, dragging Sandra's soul from her body. Milo seems to struggle with this however, Sandra fighting him. With a load war cry, Sandra is able to fend of Milo, her soul returning to her body and a powerful telekinetic burst is let lose, strong enough that it sends Milo flying, and levels the entire island. Sandra drops to the ground, breathing heavily as she try's to catch her breath. On that instant 5 Milo's surround her.

Milo: So you have some fight left in you?

Looking back at Sandra's room, we see all the special op's team, with the exception of 2 has been taken out. These 2 pull off their head wear, revealing themselves to be Yamairo and Dave.

Yamairo: I'm sorry Dave, about Abi. I know she meant a lot to you.
Dave: You tried to get us here in time, it's not your fault.

Just then Jet appears in the room, he waste no time blasting Yamairo away. Dave attacks, but is thrown aside easily. Jet moves in to attack Sandra when he suddenly stops, frozen in time, Yamairo is then seen walking into the room.

Yamairo: Dear me, looks like this dream manipulator isn't working alone. You alright Dave?

Dave stands up.

Dave: Yeah.
Yamairo: Everyone except myself, you and Sandra should be frozen in time. This means Sandra should be able to make her dreams her own again, so see if you can wake her up.

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Fictional battle thread. Empty Re: Fictional battle thread.

Post by justinlynch3 Sat May 29, 2010 11:37 am

Phoenix and the nightmare from hell (Part 4)

Milo: I'm going to have fun breaking you Sandra, then obtaining your full powers. *grins*

Milo reabsorbs his clones.

Milo: I have a better idea.
Sandra: What are you...

Milo starts using his telepathic powers, putting Sandra is a illusion where the death of every SXM member is played over and over again.

Milo: Come on Sandra, give up!!
Sandra: *tears* Milo... stop this...

Dave suddenly arrives, striking Milo in the back of the head. The strike does nothing due to Milo's impenetrable skin. Milo turns around to see Dave, his clothing in shatters, his body cut and bleeding all over.

Milo: Didn't clone kill you?
Dave: I guess not.

Dave teleports, grabbing Sandra then teleports away. They arrive in their old apartment in New York.

Dave: Sandra... Sandra!
Sandra: Dave... your...
Dave: Wake up Sandra.
Sandra: What? Dave, what are you talking..?
Dave: There's no time, please, wake up.

Just then Milo arrives, he shoots a thin beam of energy through Dave's heart.

Milo: Idiot!! You thought you could escape me?
Sandra: No!! Dave!!
Milo: This time, he's dead for real.
Sandra: No... Dave... Abi... Yama, Troy, Katy... you killed them all... you killed them all!!

The phoenix aura explodes around Sandra, the building they are in getting reduced to ruble almost in an instant.

Sandra: I can't let you get away with this.
Milo: So your finally getting serious? Good.

Both Milo and Sandra lift into the sky, the phoenix aura flaring up around Sandra, growing larger by the second. Milo gathers various energies, magical, elemental, etc. Milo sends forth a massive attack the same same time Sandra sends forth her phoenix flames, the powers clash, result in a power struggle unlike anyone had ever seen before. As we pan out, there is a massive explosion as we fade to black.

Dave: Sandra, wake up *light slap on the cheek* Sandra, please, wake up.

Sandra suddenly wakes up in a startle.

Dave: Sandra!!

Dave hugs Sandra tightly, Sandra stares with shock, and confusion.

Sandra: D-Dave!?
Yamairo: Welcome back.
Sandra: Yama... but your...
Yamairo: Long story short, we was imprisoned. The news of out death was fake. We finally manged to escape, and overhead some plans of killing the phoenix. Needless to say we raced back here fast as possibly but...
Sandra: But... Oh no...
Yamairo: I'm sorry, we was to late to save her.
Sandra: Abi... Sad
Yamairo: I'm sorry to say this Sandra, but you can grieve later. There's a mutant working with Sindus, a dangerous one who can manipulate dreams. We need you to find him.

Yamairo takes his sword, slicing Jet in half while time is still frozen.

Yamairo: Can you do it.
Sandra: Of course.

Time continues and Sandra starts scanning for Nightmare.

Sandra: Found him.

The 3 teleport away. Nightmare meanwhile, is conflicted, wondering how Sandra escaped the dream. He gets a call from Sindus.

Sindus: Watch out, the time manipulator Yamairo escaped, they might head your way.
Sandra: Actually, we're already here.

Nightmare looks behind him only to get destroyed by a blast of the phoenix flames.

Sindus: *still on phone* Hello, hello? Damn it all, fucking mutants.

Sindus stands from his desk, heading to the door. As soon as he opens the door, Sandra is standing in his way. Yamairo and Dave arrive behind him.

Sandra: Going somewhere?
Sindus: No!! No!!! How'd you find me here?
Sandra: I'm telepathic remember, once I found your partner, I knew where you was from his thoughts.
Sindus: Grr. Killing me won't set you free.
Yamairo: Your right, it won't.
Sandra: But it's a good start.

The image fades out as Sindus screams are heard. The next scene shows Sandra alone, sitting on a rooftop.

Sandra: We have many hard times to come, many challenges still to face. We will run, and we will fight. We will stick together, and we will survive.

Helicopters can be heard approaching. Dave is seen in the background.

Dave: Sandra, lets go.

Sandra gets up, she and Dave teleports away. We switch scenes, looking at the place Sandra and Abigail lived. In the spot Jet's severed body should lay, we see it's gone.


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Fictional battle thread. Empty Death and rebirth: Phoenix's rage.

Post by justinlynch3 Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:45 pm

Title: Death and rebirth: Phoenix's rage.
Writer: Justinlynch3.
Note: This story uses Heroes Uprising characters, but does not tie into the story of the RP. It's a short story written for fun, and is a continuation of "Phoenix and the nightmare from hell." so enjoy.

Color coding;
General story telling: Regular color.
Thoughts: Regular color (italic print.)
Telepathy: Blue (italic print)
Memories/dreams: Indigo
Narrator comment: Red

Death and rebirth: Phoenix's rage. (part 1)

Our story starts late at night, it's about 11:43pm. The area, a active city full of life, crowded with people. These people appear to be entering and exiting various bars and clubs that line the street. In a dark alley, out of the public eye, a man runs, a frightened look as he tightly grasp on to a large brown sack he carry's under his left arm. Looking back as he runs, the dimming light reveals a figure, a mere silhouette of a person standing in the distance.

Man: No... damnit!! Leave me Alone!! Get out of my head!!

The man holds his right hand out, particles of various materials quickly gather together, molding and shaping a 9mm handgun in the mans hand. The man quickly turns, firing off several rounds as he slowly steps backward. With the gun running out of ammo, the man turns and runs once more, dropping the weapon which crumples into dust on impact with the ground. Back to the person following the man, viewing the ground around this persons feet, we see the bullets simply drop from the sky, they to explode into dust upon hitting the ground. The figure then simply walks forward. Viewing back to the running man, we see him duck around a corner, he makes several turns, running as fast as possible before finding himself in a dead end alley. Looking back, the man steps backward, still fearful until hitting the wall behind him, coming to a sudden stop. He carefully scans his surroundings, he see's nothing.

Man: Heh-heheh... I think... I lost her.

The man then suddenly hears a female voice in his head.

Voice: I see you.
Man: C-crap!

In a panic, he turns placing his hand against the wall. A large section of the wall turns to sand, falling to the ground, and the man runs through. Seconds after he is seen flying black out, landing and skidding along the ground. The women following him steps out through the hole, flames start rising up around her, forming a phoenix shape around her as the women approaches the terrified man.

Women: Your scum. You go around kidnapping, murdering innocent people.
Man: Ah... bu... *gets more stern* Hell, your no different!!

The man was about to try a attack, before he could he found himself trapped in a illusion, one that replayed all the events of the people he had killed.

Women: I fought to survive, to take down the government that 5 years ago tried to wipe us off the face of this Earth. I never killed innocents at random like you have done.

The man is let free from the illusion and immediately trapped in the women telekinetic grip.

Man: So what now Phoenix, you gonna kill me? Turn me over to the police, the government?
Phoenix: No, instead I'm going to leave. "They" are coming, and you'll be here waiting for them.

With that the man is put to sleep via telepathy. Just then a voice speaks up from behind the women.

Man: Good work Sandra, or do you prefer Phoenix now.

Sandra turns around seeing 2 men behind her. One is dressed in a suit, looking like some kind of government agent. The second is a younger male, he wears all black in a more casual wear.

Sandra: Who's the new partner?
Suited man: Someone not to be underestimated.
Sandra: Make sure you handle this man carefully, he's dangerous.
Suited man: So are you.

The man reaches for his gun and Sandra teleports away, leaving the criminal behind. The suited man walks over to the criminal.

Suited man: Alright, lets get this guy in lockup. We'll drop off the money to the local authority's. Did you do what needed to be done?
Younger man: It's done.
Suited man: Good.

Switching scenes, we see Sandra arrive on top of a apartment building, overlooking the city, the many lights lighting up the night. Looking down upon the streets, we see a neon lit sign reading "the beer of 2026"

Sandra: So Carson has a new partner. I wonder what power this one processes.

Sandra closes her eyes, thinking back about her battle with Carson's previous partner. Sandra is seen in a area of complete darkness, she is unable to see, hear, or even small anything. From seeming nowhere, Sandra is sliced across her left ribs. Before she can react to this, Sandra is sliced again, this time across the chest. This injury however only causes a flesh wound. Before long Sandra has cuts all over her body. She stumbles back a few steps, blood dripping all around her. Sandra has no way to react and suddenly, a blade pieces into Sandra's stomach, and clean through out her back. Sandra buckles forward a little, coughing out blood. A voice then speaks to Sandra.

Male voice: Well, looks like it's over. You had a good run Phoenix, but it ends here.

As the unseen fighter starts pulling back the sword, which we can see is quite long, Sandra suddenly grabs the blade. With a firm yank, Sandra pushes the blade deeper through her, tugging the fighter closer as a result.

Unseen Fighter: What!?
Sandra: Now *cough blood* I've... got you.

Sandra reaches out, she touches the unseen fighter.

Unseen Fighter: Shit!!
Sandra: I've... found you...

The Phoenix flares up around Sandra, and the unseen fighter is soon destroyed, his body broken down into tiny particles and destroyed by the phoenix flames. Sandra then collapses, the phoenix flames fading. Sandra falls forward, landing on the sword that gets pushed it's full length through Sandra's body, right up to the handle.

Sandra: After this, I only have the story Dave told me.

And our story has begun. Who is this Carson man and his partner. And what happened with Sandra in her battle. Keeping reading to find out.

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Fictional battle thread. Empty Re: Fictional battle thread.

Post by justinlynch3 Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:46 pm

Death and rebirth: Phoenix's rage. (Part 2)

Viewing a scene seconds earlier, we see Dave standing by what can only be described as a wall of darkness. Dave knocks against the wall with his hands, but is unable to break in.

Dave: Sandra!! Sandra!!

Dave then turns around to the sound of a gun clicking, there he see's the Carson aiming at him.

Carson: She can't hear you.
Dave: What is this Carson? What did he do!?
Carson: My partner Ted has the ability to create his own personalized mini pocket dimension, which he likes calling the dead zone. The Phoenix may have power, but it will do nothing for her in there. All her senses are cut off except for pain. She can't see, can't hear, can't smell. Ever her telepathy won't work. All she can do is feel, feel the pain from Ted's sword.

On that instant, the black wall appears to drop. Sandra is then seen on the ground, bleeding heavily in a pool of blood and passed out, a long sword driven it's full length through her body.

Dave: No, Sandra!! Crap!!

Dave teleports, he arrives punching Carson in the face. Dave grabs Carson's gun, shooting him twice in the chest. Dave then drops the gun, teleporting over to Sandra he kneels down by her.

Dave: Hang in there Sandra... Yama will get you fixed up.

Dave grabs Sandra, teleporting away.

Sandra: The next thing I remember is waking up in bed, Dave at my side, holding my hand with a smile on his face. Hmm... Dave said he killed Carson that night, shot him twice. Unless, of course, body armor.

Sandra stands up, and quickly teleports away. She arrives inside a apartment where Yamairo and Dave are waiting.

Yamairo: So, did you get him?
Sandra: The murderer is being dealt with. "They" have him.
Dave: Well, he won't be murdering anymore, we know that.
Sandra: Yes. Speaking of "them", guess who I seen tonight, our old friend Carson.
Dave: Carson, but I...
Sandra: I figure he was using body armor. And it seems he has a new partner with him.
Dave: A mutant?
Yamairo: Must be. Isn't that there policy, one of us, one of them.
Dave: So who is he, what can this mutant do?
Sandra: I don't know. I only met them briefly, and not surprisingly, he already has the brain chip, so I can't read his mind.
Yamairo: Considering how much trouble Ted gave you Sandra, we best be careful around this new guy. Especially since we don't know his power.
Dave: I agree. The government is not out to eradicate mutant kind anymore, but we're still wanted criminals. Now this new group who's apparent sole purpose is to capture mutant criminal's.
Sandra: Right, we can't afford a slip up now.
Yamairo: We sleep, and rest. I have a lead to our next target. One of my contacts say's there is a mutant in Colando. Uses telekinesis.
Sandra: Another telekinetic user.
Yamairo: Yes, but this one isn't the Phoenix Force avatar. Smile
Sandra: True. Alright, I'll deal with it tomorrow.
Dave: Can I come?
Sandra: No, I think I'll go along. Depending on this guys skill level, telekinesis can be dangerous. I don't need him holding you hostage Dave.
Dave: Fine.

And so, the three get their rest. The following night, they've gathered back in the same apartment room once again. The clock in the room displays it to be 8:51pm, and it's now dark as Sandra prepares to head out.

Yamairo: Alright, you have his last known location.
Sandra: Don't worry, I'll find him.
Dave: Sandra, be careful.
Sandra: Don't worry Dave, I'll be back, you can count on it.

And with those words, Sandra teleports off, arriving in the city of Colando. Seconds after arriving Sandra hears alarms going off at a bank.

Sandra: Huh... I guess I found him. He isn't the stealthiest person.

Sandra teleports again, arriving at the bank to find guards and a few officers already dead. The man inside has the volt open, but hasn't stepped inside yet. As he's about to.

Sandra: Going somewhere Jose.

The man known as Jose turns towards Sandra.

Jose: How do you know that name?
Sandra: I know everything about you Jose.
Jose: So, a mind reader.

Jose raises his left hand, many shards of broken glass that litter the floor rise up and is sent in Sandra's direction. All shards stop before hitting Sandra however, and just remain floating in the air.

Sandra: I'm so much more then a mind reader Jose.

Sandra starts walking forward, the glass shards simply moving aside, clearing a passage way for Sandra, surprising Jose.

Jose: A powerful telekinetic... and a mind reader... wait... no, it can't be...

Jose watches as the phoenix flames rise around Sandra.

Sandra: You recognize me, don't you Jose.
Jose: Great... just my damn luck...
Sandra: Seems you've been a bad boy Jose. And for that, I'm taking you out.
Jose: Gah, just try it Phoenix.
Sandra: Why certainly.

Sandra has come to Carlando to stop Jose. Will she succeed. Find out in the next chapter.

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Fictional battle thread. Empty Re: Fictional battle thread.

Post by justinlynch3 Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:46 pm

Death and rebirth: Phoenix's rage. (part 3)

As Sandra continues to approach Jose, Jose uses his telekinesis to lift several metal pipes, sending them at Sandra. Sandra stops them easily, merely dropping them back to the ground. Jose then picks up a pile of ruble on the floor, as he go's to send it forward, everything suddenly comes to a stop as it appears Sandra has stopped time.

Sandra: Sorry Jose, don't feel like playing tonight.

Sandra takes another step forward, then is suddenly struck with a heavy pain in her stomach. It only last a second, but it was enough for Sandra to lose the time stop, causing the ruble Jose sent flying to crash into Sandra, and pile on top of her. Jose smiles.

Jose: That was... surprisingly easy.

Just as he said this, the ruble lifts off Sandra.

Sandra: This isn't close to over.

Sandra steps forward, she tries to use a telepathic mind burst on Jose, when she does however, she is struck with a massive headache, grabbing her head screaming, Sandra drops to one knee, breathing heavily as the headache subsides. Jose just looks with curiosity at Sandra.

Sandra: What the... damnit... somethings seriously wrong. Yama, Yama can you hear... gah...damnit...

Sandra grabs her head again in agony as she tried to send a telepathic message to Yamairo. Jose curious look soon turns to one of relief and joy.

Jose: Oh, this is to good, it's hurting you every time you try to use your powers, isn't it. I can see the pain your in, it's agonizing isn't it.

Jose picks up Sandra in a telekinetic grip, lifting Sandra up off her feet. Now the one in control, Jose walks right up to Sandra.

Jose: Oh the mighty Phoenix, look how you have fallen.

Sandra attempts a call for help, only to receive more pain instead.

Jose: Now Phoenix, I think I'm going to cut you into peaces starting from top to bottom, that should finish you off, no?
Sandra: D-damnit... what's wrong with me?

Jose uses telekinesis to start cutting into Sandra's skull, Sandra screams out in agony again as he does so. Suddenly a strong telekinetic wave from Sandra throws Jose back, slamming him hard against the wall at the opposite end of the room. Sandra drops to the floor, her entire body now in intense pain.

Sandra: Yama... D-D-Dave... it-it hurts...

Back at the apartment, Dave hears part of Sandra's message. He hears Sandra in a lot of pain, to the point of crying saying the words "it hurts".

Dave: Sandra... no, danmit somethings wrong!!

Back at the Colando bank, Sandra has managed to sit herself up, leaning against one of the building support pillars. Clearly in a lot of misery now, Sandra can barely utter the words "please hurry." Just as Sandra uttered those word, a piece of shard glass slices Sandra's throat. As blood spills and splatters, two more pieces of glass hit Sandra, one stabbing into her skull, the other stabbing into her chest. At that exact second, Dave and Yamairo show up to see Sandra's limp body fall over. Dave teleports over, knelled down, he catches Sandra, tears in his eyes.

Dave: Sandra Sad Sandra no, Sandra!! Crying or Very sad

Jose looks satisfied at his work.

Jose: Give it up man, she's dead.

Dave looks toward Jose, laying Sandra down.

Dave: You... you killed her. Evil or Very Mad
Jose: Yes. Twisted Evil It wasn't even that hard really, I must say the Phoenix is seriously over hyped.
Dave: No, no. You bastard... I'll kill you!!!

Dave teleported kneeing Jose in the back of the head. He then appears round kicking Jose in the face. Dave then go's on a rampage rapidly teleporting around Jose, beating him mercilessly. Yamairo meanwhile is looking at Sandra's bloody body.

Yamairo: Sandra... how...

Yamairo knelled down, closing Sandra's eyes, he stands up.

Yamairo: I swear, I'll find out how this happened, you have my word.

Yamairo now turns his attention to the fight, freezing time. Yamairo knocks out Jose, and teleports Dave back to the apartment before unfreezing time. Dave looks around in surprise.

Dave: The apartment... what gives, why are we back here?
Yamairo: I brought us back.
Dave: But that telekinetic bastard. *clenches fist tightly* Damn him I'll beat him to a bloody pulp.
Yamairo: No!!
Dave: What... but he, he killed her...
Yamairo: "They" will take care of Jose, I knocked him out. Besides, something else is at play here, Sandra is far to powerful to be killed by Jose. Actually, if anything, according to what Harry use to say, Sandra shouldn't be able to die. The phoenix would...
Dave: I know the story, but who cares, who cares what some stupid comic books says!! Yama, we seen her... we seen her body. Crying or Very sad

Switching scenes back to the bank, we see no other then Carson and his partner has arrived.

Carson: Well they made a mess of this place. But, at least we got the Phoenix. Alright, lets hurry and get these two in containment. Misery, your first catch was the most powerful mutant known to be alive. Your going to make a fine edition to us.

Carson and the man known as Misery handshakes then get to work.

Sandra has been beaten! Is there anyone on Earth that's now powerful enough to keep the peace. And what is Misery's power, what did he do to Sandra? Find out in the next chapter.

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Fictional battle thread. Empty Re: Fictional battle thread.

Post by justinlynch3 Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:47 pm

Death and rebirth: Phoenix's rage. (part 4)

Some four to five hours later, we look into a heavily build complex. This area appears to have cells, or rooms built from think concrete walls, and think glass. The man known as Misery stands outside one of these rooms, looking inside at Sandra who, despite appearing to be dead, is strapped to a table. Misery punches in a code on a electronic lock and a thick metal door opens. Misery enters the room, standing at the foot of Sandra's table. Raising his right hand slightly, a mere few inches, the glass shards are pulled out of Sandra's skull and chest. Misery closes said hand into a fist, and Sandra's wounds heal, disappearing as if they was never there.

Misery: See you soon, Phoenix.

Misery leaves the room, making a wave of his hand as he does so. Upon closing the door, we see the phoenix force rise around Sandra. Scene switch to Misery and Carson who are seen sat in the same room, across a table from one another eating dinner.

Misery: It's done. The Phoenix will resurrect Sandra before long.
Carson: She can't escape though?
Misery: Of course not. It will cause her to much pain to call on her powers, she won't be able to focus and utilize them. In a sense, she's as good as powerless.
Carson: Good. Do you have the others?
Misery: Yes, I'm tracking their every move. Will we go get them?
Carson: No, we have a few more pressing matters to deal with.

Scene switching again, we look deep withing a long underground area. Covered by a massive lake at the surface, then viewing through a long tunnel and a massive/complex maze, we focus in on a open area where three people can be seen, one who we've seen before, Jet.

Jet: So, "they" have her.
Women: Yes. I felt Sandra life force fading away, Yamairo and Dave then appeared, defeating Jose. Then "they" came.
Jet: Then could Yamairo and Dave have taken her?
Women: Impossible. Sandra is alive once more, I just can't locate her. It's as if she's everywhere, yet nowhere. It doesn't make sense.
Jet: I see, it's clear then, "they" have her.
Women: So what do we do now?
Jet: For now, our plans are postponed. Our new objective is to destroy "them", and free the Phoenix.
Man: I don't get it, why are we risking our life's, for someone on the opposite team, who can kill us with her thoughts.
Jet: Jin my dear boy, Phoenix is only with Yamairo and Dave temporally.

Jet lifts his left hand, holding it open as shadows are quickly drawn together into a orb.

Jet: Darkness, is the same as light. It exist in more forms then one. Everybody has darkness that dwells within them, it's simply a matter of finding that darkness...

The orb in Jet's hand then expands, before erupting upward like a volcano.

Jet: *grin* And making it explode to the surface. When we do that, Phoenix will join our cause.

Scene switch back to Sandra, we see her awake once again. She screams out to the top of her lungs, the pain she feels from attempting to call forth her powers completely agonizing. Despite her best efforts, she's unable to even call forth enough power to break the straps binding her in place. Laying on the table now, Sandra has given up, the tears in her eyes running down her face as she simply can't take the pain any longer. After a few seconds, the straps binding Sandra suddenly free themselves. Sandra is lifted into a upright standing position, suspended slightly in the air. She looks to see Misery standing before her.

Misery: Welcome back to the world of the living, Phoenix.
Sandra: We're am I... what's wrong with me, what did Jose do?
Misery: Oh, it wasn't Jose.
Sandra: Y-you... your behind this aren't you?
Misery: Yes Phoenix, I am.
Sandra: Then answer me, what did you do to me, why can't I access my powers.
Misery: Simply put, because I won't allow you to. Please Phoenix, sit.

With a simply wave of Misery's hand, a chair appears under Sandra, and Misery puts her down.

Sandra: You won't allow me, what are you, a power negator?
Misery: No. No one can "take away" the powers you process, however, my magic can prevent you from ever using said powers again.
Sandra: Magic...
Misery: Yes. You'd better get used to this empty room with no more then a table and a chair, because it's where your going to spend your immortality.
Sandra: No, no my friends will come for me.
Misery: Your friend, or your lover. *grin*
Sandra: What, but... how...
Misery: You think regular telepathic rules apply to me Phoenix? It's magic, none of your Earthly rules apply to me.
Sandra: We'll see about that, when I get out of her.
Misery: Phoenix, your not getting out. And your friends, your lover, their not coming.
Sandra: No, lair, they'd never leave me here to rot!!
Misery: *light chuckle* My dear Phoenix, they think your dead.
Sandra: Shocked Wh-what?
Misery: They was there Sandra, they seen you dead. I was even able to seal out the Phoenix's resurrecting capability's. I only allowed such ability's to surface when we brought you back here. Your alone Sandra, your all alone. No one knows your alive, if they did, they have no idea where you are. Your unable to use your ability's, so you have no way of calling for help.
Sandra: I'll get out... somehow...
Misery: Hope, that's about all you got now, isn't it. It won't help you hear. Oh, and just encase you figure you can keep trying, maybe you'll overcome the pain long enough to escape. Don't bother, the pain will grow stronger each time you attempt to use your powers, you'll never overcome it.

Misery walks towards the door.

Misery: Enjoy your stay.

With that Misery leaves, closing the exit behind him, leaving Sandra with no way out. A few tears come to Sandra's eyes as she just sits in the chair Misery created.

Sandra: Dave... no, Dave I, I need you... Sad

Misery has revealed his magical ability's. Now trapped, unable to call upon her powers. Can Sandra escape, or is indeed going to remain locked in that room for the rest of her days? Can Dave and Yamairo find her, and what role will Jet play in all this. Find out in upcoming chapters.

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Fictional battle thread. Empty Re: Fictional battle thread.

Post by justinlynch3 Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:48 pm

Death and rebirth: Phoenix's rage. (part 5)

It's day time before we check in with Dave, who is alone in his apartment. He walks along slowly, picking up a picture of himself and Sandra together. He looks at the picture, the images of finding Sandra dead replaying through his mind. A teardrop falls on the picture as Dave struggles to come to terms with his loss.

Dave: I... I can't believe your gone. Please, give me hope, a sign, a message... anything...

Dave waits, but no message ever comes. Meanwhile we see Carson and Misery, from high atop a building, we see Jet watching the two. As the two continue on their way, Jet disappears into the shadows. He trails them for the remainder of the day, noticing they have returned to the same building repeatedly.

Jet: Heh. Those former SXM really are idiots if they can't find these guys.

Jet then disappears into the shadows. Misery seems to take notice of the disappearance, reacting slightly.

Carson: Something wrong?
Misery: Someone has been trailing us.
Carson: Who?
Misery: I don't know, he never got close enough to identify him.

The hours seem to tick by at a agonizingly slow pace for both Dave and Sandra. As night rolls around, we see Yamairo has responded to a tip off about a rouge mutant. Yamairo arrives at the spot, but no mutant is there, only destruction.

Yamairo: Damnit, I missed him. This is harder without Sandra, she could track them down even if we arrived to late.

Yamairo is about to leave, but finds himself unable to teleport.

Yamairo: What the...
...: Hello Yamairo.

Yamairo turns around, seeing Carson and Misery.

Carson: I think you'll find you won't be teleporting, or stopping time for that matter.
Misery: Make this easy on yourself Yamairo, come with us.

Yamairo lay's his hand firmly on the handle of his sword, getting ready to fight. Carson takes out his gun.

Carson: Can you dodge a bullet, now that your powerless.

As Carson was about to fire, Shadows raised up engulfing Yamairo, the shadows fade and Yamairo is gone.

Misery: It's him, the one from today.
Carson: Where..?
Misery: I don't know. He showed up for just a second then, gone, as if he just disappeared. Wasn't enough time to place a power seal on him.
Carson: This mutant is going to be trouble, come, nothing more we can do here.

Scene switch back to Jet's hideout, we see him and Yamairo arrive. Yamairo quickly scans his surrounding, noticing Jet the moment he spots him.

Yamairo: It's... you.
Jet: Names Jet. Now Yamairo, I have a offer for you.
Yamairo: Which is?
Jet: In exchange for our freedom, I'll help you save you phoenix friend.
Yamairo: Your not fooling me that easy. You've already tried to kill Phoenix once, with her gone and me powerless, why not strike us down?
Jet: *chuckle* You of all people should know Sandra isn't dead, he tricked you. With your question, simply because, you are the last line of defense for us. Without you, the world would plunge into total chaos. No, we simply don't want your team chasing after us anymore.
Yamairo: I don't believe you.
Jet: Fine. Stay powerless.
Yamairo: Rather be powerless then to help you.
Jet: But would you rather betray a friends loyalty, trust. And what about Dave. Are you going to let him suffer, knowing that you could of ended it. It's a simple deal, for our freedom, we help get your friend back.

There is silence as Yamairo considers his options.

Yamairo: Not much choice then. Fine, but try anything funny...
Jet: Don't you worry about that Yamairo,

A short time skip forward, we check in with Jet and Yamairo who is sat at a large table with a map of the city in the middle.

Jet: Right here *points out location on map*. I kept a close eye on those two the whole day, each mutant they captured, they brought back to this building.
Yamairo: That's Dawson's Drugs isn't it.
Jet: By appearance at least. I've had one of my men dig up some information on those two.

Just then a folder drops down in front of Yamairo and Jet, Jin is seen standing to the side of the table.

Jin: Mr. Sean Carson, and codename Misery. Carson formerly worked for the FBI, one of the higher ranked agents, he was moved into a secret branch of the government, known as "Lockdown". The other, Misery, seems to have come from no where. We know his powers are magical in nature, but we don't know to what extent.
Jet: There is never more then one mutant captured at any given time, so I suspect there is only one team in each area.
Yamairo: Then what's your plan?
Jet: The way I see it. We get your powers back, Dave's powers back, then free Sandra and get her powers back. We then bring down this "Lockdown" section the government has going.
Yamairo: Dave?
Jet: Sandra, you, makes sense Dave would lose his powers to. Hold on a minute.

Jet disappears into the shadows, returning with Dave after a few seconds.

Dave: What the... wait, it's you!! (Jet)... huh, Yama...
Yamairo: I'll fill you in later. Can you teleport?

Dave tries to.

Dave: N-no Shocked ... what's going on?
Jet: For now, just know your girlfriend is alive, and we'll help you get your powers back so we can rescue her.
Dave: Sandra is...
Jet: Yes.
Yamairo: So how is this going to work.
Jet: Jin.
Jin: I did some research on magical spells that take away, or block powers. For mutants such as us, it's a more of mind over matter situation. You Dave, believe you can't teleport. You Yamairo, believe you can't stop time. This makes it real, if you truly believe your powerless, you will act like you are. You might not know it, but he's in your mind, Misery. You two think you have power, but deep within you don't believe in yourself. Thus your powers will never work.
Dave: Then how do we get him out of our minds.

Electricity crackles in the palm of Jin's left hard.

Jin: Twisted Evil Like this!!

Jin fires a strong current of electricity into Dave's body, causing him immense pain and knocking him out.

Jin: Sweet dreams.
Yamairo: Dave!!
Jin: Oh don't worry Yamairo, your next.

The scene then fades out with Jin firing more electricity.

Jet's team seems to have the situation figured out, but can they be trusted. What is to become of Yamairo and Dave, will Jet's group earn their freedom, and what of Sandra. The conclusion draws nearer with each chapter, so keep reading.

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Fictional battle thread. Empty Re: Fictional battle thread.

Post by justinlynch3 Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:48 pm

Death and rebirth: Phoenix's rage. (part 6)

We look in to see a view of Jet and Jin overlooking the unconscious Dave and Yamairo.

Jin: This should work for Yamairo and Dave. It's a fairly low level power seal. With Phoenix, I don't know. I'd guess he has a high level seal placed to restrict those kind of powers.
Jet: Where did you find all this information so fast anyway?
Jin: Simple... I Googled it. It's the world's biggest search engine for a reason.

We view in with Yamairo now. He is seen walking through a thick fog in what seems to be the middle of night.

Yamairo: This place... where am I?

He continues to walk, until spotting a glow in the near distance. This glow is just enough light to reveal a outline of a figure. As Yamairo approaches, this figure turns towards him, revealing himself to be misery. In Misery's hand, a brightly glowing white orb of energy.

Misery: Welcome Yamairo, to your subconscious.
Yamairo: subconscious...
Misery: *nod* And this, friend, *holds up the glowing orb* are your powers. You want them, then come get them.
Yamairo: So I beat you and then I get my powers back.

Yamairo looks, noticing he has no swords. Misery slips the small orb with Yamairo's power into his pocket.

Misery: Sounds so easy, but in fact.

Flames surround both of Misery's hands.

Misery: It's not.

Meanwhile Dave is seen rolling out the way of fireballs, his fight already started. When he finds an opening, Dave makes his approach. Misery does a few hand motions, suddenly releasing a blast of freezing cold air at Dave. Dave side steps as the blizzard like blast of air flies past his head. Using the free time, Misery waves his hand, summoning a massive hammer. With a mighty overhead swing, Misery slams the hammer to the ground. The weapon causes a massive tremor that tears away at the ground in Dave's direction. Dave jumps to the side, a deep fissure opens up where he once stood. Dave turns his attention on Misery again, seeing the hammer strike the ground once more, with the same effect happening.

Dave: The weapon is strong, but slow. Right, I got this.

Dave jumps out of the way of the opening fissure once more. Getting to his feet quickly, Dave makes a straight line dash towards Misery as he lifts the hammer once more. Misery see's Dave's approach, and with a roar brings the hammer down for another swing. -[enter slow motion]- We watch as the mighty hammer starts to fall upon Dave. Looking like he's going to be crushed, Dave drops into a skid at the last second, sliding under the massive hammer that just grazes the tip of his hairline. -[exit slow motion]- Dave is now quick to kick Misery's legs out from under him, causing him to fall back. Dave climbs on Misery quickly, his fist pulled back.

Dave: I'm saving Sandra!!

Dave strikes Misery directly in the face. Scene switch back to Yamairo, we see Misery's face twist and contort from a heavy strike he had gotten from Yamairo. With Misery's attention off for the moment, Yamairo notices his blade materialize at his side. Yamairo is quick to take the blade, stabbing it through Misery's chest.

Misery: *cough blood* Looks like... you got me... you won't be... so lucky next time...
Yamairo: We'll see.

Yamairo pulls the blade from Misery's chest, and with one swift slice, cuts Misery's head off. Yamairo watches carefully as Misery's body fades away, leaving behind the bright glowing orb from before. Scene switch to Dave, we see Dave also standing over the orb containing his power. Scene switch to a double view, we see both Yamairo and Dave reach down at the same time, as they both touch their retrospective orb, a bright light envelopes them both.

Suddenly both Yamairo and Dave awaken at the same time, still on the floor where they was knocked out earlier. Jet is seen entering the area.

Jet: Your awake, did it work?

Yamairo suddenly appears at Jet's side.

Yamairo: You tell me.
Jet: *grin* Good. Get some rest, we move out tomorrow night. Follow me, I'll show you to your beds.

Jet leads Yamairo and Dave to a place where they can rest. He then returns to his group.

Jin: I still say we should of just killed those two and left the Phoenix to rot.
Jet: Don't worry. Tomorrow, the seeds of darkness will be planted. All we have to do then, is merely watch them grow. In time, she will come to our side.

With help from Jet and Jin, Yamairo and Dave has broken Misery's power sealing spell, thus giving them back their powers. Now, they are resting, preparing for the following night when they attack "Lockdown". Can the battle won? Will Sandra be saved? And what are these seeds of darkness Jet speaks of? Can Jet really be trusted, or does he have some sinister plan behind all this? Don't you dear miss the thrilling conclusion of "Death and rebirth: Phoenix's rage".

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Fictional battle thread. Empty Re: Fictional battle thread.

Post by justinlynch3 Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:49 pm

Death and rebirth: Phoenix's rage. (part 7)

The scene, outside Dawson's Drugs, the time, night, 10:00pm dead on. Standing on a buildings roof across the road from Dawson's drugs are Yamairo, Dave, Jet, and Jin.

Yamairo: So this is the place.
Jet: *nod*
Dave: Then lets go.

The four are teleported inside the building, which by appearance seems to merely be a drug store. Jet approaches the surprised store owner.

Jet: Open it. The passage way. *raises his left hand and begins gathering darkness* Open it if you value your life.
Store owner: No, no please, I have a wife and kids... alright, alright here.

The store owner presses a button under his counter, which opens a hidden passage way.

Jet: This is where "they" go.
Store owner: Y-yes.
Jet: Thank you.

Jet unleashes a darkness wave, knocking out the store owner. The group then enters the passage. They get a surprise as there seems to be no power suppression happening.

Jet: Right, we'll handle the guards, you get Phoenix.
Yamairo: Very well.

The lights in the long passage soon start bursting one after another, the area becomes dark and Jet and Jin fade into the shadows. Yamairo and Dave give a nod and simply teleport away. We scene switch to a area deep within the base. A guard stands outside a heavy metal door. Suddenly, a sword pierces through the soldiers body, we see Yamairo and Dave has arrived. Yamairo pulls the blade back, letting the soldier fall to the floor dead. He then places the soldiers hand on the hand print decoder and opens the door. Just as both Yamairo and Dave enters, the area outside go's black, dimly lighting up with backup lights. The cell area they just entered however, remains well lite and at full power. The door closes behind them, sealing both in. Dave looks around, quickly finding Sandra's cell. He runs over, knocking on the glass and calling Sandra's name, though Sandra doesn't appear to hear him. As she leans back in her chair, she turns her head, and in both Shock and overwhelming joy, she see's Dave. Sandra runs over to the glass, calling out to Dave, but he can't hear her either. They both smile, happy to see each other. Dave watches as Sandra tries to use telekinesis to tear the door down, however Dave's joy quickly fades to worry as he see's Sandra drop to the floor in pain.

Dave: No!! Sandra, we'll get you out, don't worry!! *turns to Yamairo* Yama, something is wrong with Sandra, we need to get her out of there.
...: To do that...

Both Dave and Yamairo turn to see Misery behind them.

Misery: You must first go through me.

Yamairo reaches down, grabbing the handle of his blade. When he pulls it up, he's holding a banana in his hand.

Yamairo: What the...
Misery: Heh. *summons fireballs in both hands.*
Yamairo: I'll still defeat you.
Misery: With a banana?
Yamairo: ... If need be, yes.

Going back a few minutes earlier, we scene switch to Jin who is seen entering a room with many circuit breakers and other electrical gear.

Jin: Heh.

Jin crosses his arms in front of his body, his entire body begins to crackle with electricity, he then spreads his arms to the side, letting out a dome of electrical power. The electricity overpowers all the electrical gear in the room, causing it to short circuit and shut down. The power of the entire base, minus the cell area go's out, and only backup lights give any light at all. Jin leaves the room, to where Jet was waiting outside.

Jet: Good job.
Jin: *starts gathering water partials.* Now, we can have some fun. Twisted Evil

Scene switch to Yamairo we see him dodging fire blast. As he does, Dave go's on the attack charging Misery. Misery frees up his right hand, summoning a sword and attempts to slice Dave. Dave duck under the sword, Yamairo then strikes Misery in the back of the head, and Dave jumps up with a uppercut to Misery's stomach. Yamairo go's to pick up the sword, but it fades to dust. Misery then summons strong winds to blow Dave and Yamairo away before summoning more fire. He walks by Sandra's cell, hands flaming and smirks evilishly towards her. Knowing what Misery was gonna do, Sandra makes another desperate attempt to call forth her powers, but again falls to the floor, this time the pain literally strong enough to bring her to tears. As Misery walks towards Dave, Yamairo looks at the banana which used to be his sword.

Yamairo: It'll have to do.

As Misery stands above Dave, who was knocked against a wall by the winds Misery had summoned. Suddenly Yamairo jumps on misery's back.

Yamairo: Don't underestimate...

Yamairo knees Misery in the spine, hard, stunning him. Yamairo then takes the banana, and jabs it down Misery's throat. As Misery gasp for air, Yamairo jumps off Misery's back, turns him around, and uppercuts Misery in the jar, forcing the banana further down Misery's throat.

Yamairo: The power of a banana.

Suddenly the door leading to the cell area opens up, Carson enters, immediately draws his gun, and shoots Dave through the skull. Sandra was watching from inside the cell, her cheering over Yamairo's victory suddenly cut short as time for Sandra appeared to come to a stop.

Yamairo: No!! You bastard!
Carson: And now Yamairo, your turn.

As Carson fixes his aim on Yamairo, Misery takes his last breath of air. The bullet is fired and suddenly time start slowing down, coming to a complete stop just before the bullet was going to strike Yamairo. The door to Sandra's cell is blown clean off it's latches, and sent crashing into the wall across the area. Sandra steps out, her eyes filled with tears as she looks at Dave.

Sandra: Abby... Dave...

In the next instant Yamairo along with Dave's body, Jet, and Jin, all finds themselves outside the base.

Yamairo: What... Sandra...

Back at "Lockdown" the bullet Carson had fired is seen striking the concrete floor. Carson is then shocked to see Sandra out of her cell.

Carson: P-Phoenix... how...
Sandra: Your regular power suppressors may work on most mutants, but I'd say they are lucky to be at the Germans level. They won't effect me. And with Misery dead.
Carson: Damn!!

Carson takes several shots, all bullets which Sandra easily stops with telekinesis. Sandra drops the bullets to the ground and starts walking towards Carson.

Sandra: You just won't stop will you. You and this whole damn government is never gonna stop, not until every mutant is either in prison or killed.

Sandra grabs Carson in a telekinetic grip, she then uses her telekinesis to rip open all the cells, allowing every mutant that was locked away to escape, even Jose, the man who "killed" her.

Carson: Phoenix, this is insanity, what do you hope to accomplish by this.
Sandra: A new world. One not run by people like you.

The phoenix flames rises around Sandra. We then switch scenes, viewing from a far out view, we see Sandra's flame completely engulf the entire compound, destroying it and rising into the night sky. Sandra is then seen rising from the flames, the phoenix around her.

Sandra: This is a global message to every mutant and human on Earth. The government wants us to think they are the good guys, they want us to think they are fair. They are not. The time has come that we stop running, stop getting walked over, or for us mutants, stop with the killing. Governments has mad it clear they won't change. So then be it, I officially declare war. Any person, human or mutant alike, that has had enough of what this world has become, you are welcome to join me. And together, we will make new world, a better one. This has been the Phoenix.

Sandra disappears, arriving at the spot she placed Yamairo and the others.

Yamairo: Sandra... what have you done?
Sandra: I'm sorry Yama, but, I can't take this any longer. They are picking us off Yama, the government is cruel and corrupted. It's now or never, we have to take our stand.

Sandra walks over, kneeling down by Dave.

Sandra: You died to safe me... Sad
Yamairo: What are you going to do Sandra?

Sandra lay's Dave down, closing his eyes, she then stands, looking to the sky.

Sandra: He's with Abby now, their souls are at peace. I could bring him back, but I won't. He already lived through to much of this war, all this fighting, and it isn't over yet.
Yamairo: That's a responsible decision Sandra.
Sandra: I am going to miss him though... a lot...
Yamairo: That's only natural.

We scene switch again, it's now a few days past and we look in with Jin and Jet.

Jin: So how long are we going to need to wait, I hate being a good guy.
Jet: *grin* Patience Jin. Despair and Revenge, two of the strongest seeds of darkness you can find. Sandra will fight it for a while, but sooner or later, those seeds will take root. When they do, manipulating Sandra to our side will be... easy. Twisted Evil

They then get a telepathic call from Sandra.

Sandra: Guys, it's time.
Jet: Come on Jet, you to Manda.
Manda: *nod*

Jet grabs the two, disappearing into the night, arriving by Sandra and Yamairo. As we hear helicopters, jet planes, and ground vehicles approaching. We look behind our five man group to see a army of people, some showing mutant ability's, others carrying firearms.

Sandra: It begins. The fight for freedom starts now.

We end the scene with Sandra activating the phoenix flames, Yamairo drawing his sword, and Jet gathering darkness in his hands.

And that, friends, brings us to the end of "Phoenix's Rage". I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing this. And please, you are welcome to give your thoughts, so comment and voice your opinion.

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Fictional battle thread. Empty Re: Fictional battle thread.

Post by Chulance Wed Aug 17, 2011 10:52 pm

Title: Kingdom Come
Writer: Chulance
Note: This story uses Heroes Uprising characters, but does not tie into the story of the RP. It's a short story written for fun, so enjoy. (Copied from Justin)

Chapter 1: The Conflict of Generations
The area seen was Genosha or what was left it, the ruins of the once great mutant civilization. The former leader of the Shadow X Men Legion, Milo Ventro, and the Almighty Fusion stood amongst the wreckage. Time was frozen allowing him to take in the current view of his former home, to see the rubble, to see the dried blood spread across the surface of the island. He looked at the raging waters now frozen, waves stopped in midrise. With a simple grunt time resumed and Milo vanished returned to his house appearing in his office. On his desk lay one of his favorite books Think Big by Ben Carson, the first African American Neurosurgeon.

Milo: Sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice in departing from the team. Dracarot was right about one thing my powers made it hard for me to relate, it made it hard for me to lead. I was a Giant leading ants, but I regret Yamairo’s death, I regret the fall of Genosha, and hell that isn’t even the worst of it.

Milo was thinking about the day when Desmond and the Cleansers armed with stolen SHIELD equipment and repulsor jets, as well as the cure lead an assault on Genosha. Milo had been on a Caribbean Dinner Cruise with Marie, the day the great Yamairo’s life was ended. Shot to death by Desmond himself after being hit with a cure tranquilizer. Isabel was seen summoning large amounts of wind, hail and lightning while Harry fired massive blasts of light, and Filipe summoned large amounts of ice. In present Milo picked up the book.

Milo: Ben Carson I wonder what you would have said about my situation, talking about ballers and singers what about super-heroes. Well Vigilante’s thanks to Keel and that rat bastard Fortress. OH shit..Fawkes really Is starting to rub off on me.

“Milo chuckled a bit at this thought, as he plopped down in his leather chair. He grabbed his belly washer, filled with a mixture of sprite and Fanta his favorite combination. Sipping the cup he continued his reminiscence how a new hero emerged that day known as Fortress. The Next Fusion many called him, the man who murdered Desmond and single handedly saved the SXML from the Cleansers while Milo himself was on vacation.”

Milo: Heh Fortress, I thought the idea of a new age of heroes was good. The Vigilante movement, so fucking stupid.

“Milo opened his book up and continued reading. In Manhattan new york a woman was seen pressed against a wall. A Thug was slipping off his pants keeping the woman pressed against the wall, and a few other thugs were seen.”

Thug: Damn Nigga hurry the fuck up! Rape that bitch, I wanna hit that ass again.
Thug: Damn chill, only Amir and you hit the shit, I wanna impry this shit.
Rakim: Begging me hah that’s funny, bitch fuck you, and let’s get this shit on le-

“Rakim didn’t get to finish his sentence as a bullet hit his chest he backed up, the other thugs in shock as Keel stood on a nearby roof-top a sniper gun in his hand. The other thugs turned to run, with Rakim’s friend grabbing him. The Woman ran as a stream of fire roasted two thugs, a latino male was seen holding a Molotov cocktail in his hand which he’d sent the flames out of. A Second man in a hockey mask with a golf club stood by him.

???: Damn Aronist you roasted them fuckers
Arsonist: Clubber you know that’s how we roll, the damn Legendary Punisher is helping us let’s finish this bitches.
Clubber: Ight I’m wit you.

Clubber moved in bashing the thug with the club sending him spiraling over, a second bullet hit the thug helping Rakim. Aronist sent out a stream of fire roasting Rakim and his friend alive, while Clubber beat the thug with the golf club busting his head open. The sound of Sirens was heard, as the women who’d fled had contacted the police.”

Clubber: Ah it’s music to my ears.
Aronist: Ungrateful bitch gonna call the cops on people who saved her ass letr’s go the bitch was ugly, If I was gonna rape I’d get some Rachel Costa or hell Kardashian’s pussy still the best.
Clubber: Gotta agree to disagree The Phoenix got that fresh shit, immortal ass sexy ass Double E bitch, I’d fuck that forever.
Aronist: Hell yeah.

“The two heroes made their escape as the police came, Keel had left as well, walking he was known by all so he only was active in the nights.”

Keel: Milo was right I’ve started a new age. An Age of Heroes that dosen’t need training or any sort of approval or supervision. That day, me and Fortress worked together, Desmond’s death it changed everything. No more Age of Heroes, the age of Vigilante’s. 20 years older, my back aches, my teeth rot, my brother is still an immortal bounty hunter for me this new age makes no difference. None so far, at least Costa brought down Terracorp one good thing he did with that sorry ass excuse of a team.

“Keel had made his way into an underground subway area, long since abandoned. He headed into another section of the abandoned Subway area entering a room of sorts based off the design of an average hotel room. He flipped on the TV and went to grab a beeforni.”

Keel: Dinner.

“on the news it was showing an incident in Chicago, some Mutants had fought in the streets members of rival gangs. The fight had wrecked an entire city block, and took numerous lives.

News Lady: Jamir Johnson and Mario Philips where the instigators of this fight, with Mario now a “Vigilante” and running his own gang’s drug trafficking operation. Mr. Johnson called him out causing the fight to ensue, while Mario is dead his fellow combatant remains in intensive care. Many wonder if Terracorp and their infamous cure will return. Many wonder if Ice-Hands really was capable of bringing down such a heavily funded operation, or if there was ever a real cure to begin with. To find out we’ve sent reporter Steven Lomball to interview the famous first “Cured” subject April Smith we take you live to Oakland Californiaw where.

“Keel picked up the remote and pressed the button. The TV flickered off and he sat down to eat his beeferoni now warmed.”

Keel: Only time will tell what the age will bring, we’ve survived 20 years, we can survive 20 more.
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Fictional battle thread. Empty Re: Fictional battle thread.

Post by Chulance Thu Aug 18, 2011 5:03 pm

Chapter 2: Apocalypse Now

A new scene takes place, fire and brimstone rain from the sky, the oceans are converted into blood. Billions are seen writhing in pain, insane laughter is heard, The ground is splitting open, and demons rise from Hell. Suddenly a yell was heard as Holst shot up his dreams over, over the years his precognition had become more advanced. They had entered his dream, he could even summon the visions in a method similar to Rachel via day-dreaming or through any recreation use of drugs such as marijuana or any relaxant. He grabbed some colored pencils and began scribbling an image on his note-pad. Shawn entered his apartment with two bags of McDonalds in his hands.

Shawn: Holst Bruh, I’m here got the McDonalds you wanted, they did put pickles on it, but I got rid of em with my powers.
Holst: Powers..heh I’ve had more visions of the future. The End is near, and I don’t mean from Aliens, Demons, or what not the real end, like the finale.
Shawn: Alright I don’t like to encourage your apocalypse obsession, but I’ve been feeling something bad is coming, and not the usual amount of sin like the amount before Noah’s Flood.
Holst: God’s gonna flood the earth, or is Heaven having another temper tantrum?
Shawn: Neither, even if it was the first there’s nothing we could do to stop him. I mean it dosen’t feel like Hell is making a move, ever since Lucifer died things have died down, and Raphael helped me take out Zadkiel. So it’s something on earth, something human. But even though it’s human it feels more corrupt then anything I’ve felt before.
Holst: So your saying humanity is more corrupt then Heaven and Hell?
Shawn: Pretty much, but I’m an FBI Agent not a Pastor, leave that to Joe Olsten. Let’s just eat, Big Mac’s are best warm.
Holst: “Sighs” Alright Give me a second I need to tell this guy the winning lottery tickets for tomorrow, we split it 50 50.

“Shawn shrugged tossing Holst his McDonalds bag, and Shawn opened his own upstarting to wolf down his Big Mac and fries combo.”
Victor was seen in his Dr. Doom uniform gathering electricity in his hands firing blasts, Fortress dodged the blasts leaping forward slamming into the ground causing a shock-wave. People in the area ran for their lives, as Keel drew his weapon opening fire. A Pale skinned superhero was seen reaching out absorbing electricity from Victor’s palm into his body. As he drew the electricity in his body it restored the coloring in his body.

???: Aah Tasty” Burps” I love electricity one of the sweetest energies to eat.
Keel: No time For Games Leech! Finish of Doom! Me and Titan have our hands full with the remaining Doom Bots, and Brian is doing public escort.
Leech: Keel calm the fuck down, it’s always Leech do this, Leech do that damn Von Doom’s getting old anyway, let’s crack his mask open and get him arrested.
Fortress: MY plan exactly let’s do it!

“Fortress charged Victor who gathered energy from his suit firing a blast, but Fortress rushed through the beam. Victor seemed desperate unleashing powerful magic spell, tearing the ground apart, causing tree’s to grow wrapping them-selves around Fortress and sapping his energy, while the tree unleashed the very power of nature magic itself on the other members of the Brigade causing a massive explosion.
Victor recited several more incantations causing the energy emitting trees to continue their assault, with one taking down Keel.”

Keel: Fucking assholes, wasting fucking time yall better finish is ass off..fuck.

“Keel passed out, while Brian aka the Aronist formed a wall of fire sending it crashing into the tree trying to burn the branches that surrounded Fortress. Titan aka Mason jumped forward tearing the branches apart, while Fortress forced a blast of pure energy decimating the branches, and Victor’s body began pulsating with radiation.”

Victor: Fuck I hate this spell.
Fortress: Hate this bastard!
Mason: Let’s get it!
Brian: Roast him fucking Roast him!
Leech: No He’s emitting radiation, he’s converting himself into a living bomb! We’re ending this fuck exposure if he takes out Kansas, the damage to food supply think we won’t get fresh fruit! When Girls suck us they going be like damn that shit nasty
Mason: Oh hell no Drain him! Fortress me and you let’s tag team these Bots.

“Fortress propelled himself and Mason towards the remaining Doom-Bots, while Brian having gotten people to safety, used fire from the conflict forming it into a massive dragon sending it at the bots to aid the two powerhouses in the destruction of the bots. Leech grabbed onto Victor starting to drain him, but Victor sent him back telekentically into a building.”

Victor: I give up! I give up! Take me in of you try and finish me I’ll blow the entire fucking state up!
Leech: Bitch ass move.. fuck the radiation is in me now.

“Victor raised his hands, and SWAT helicopters nearing the scene, Swat Agents firing tranquilizer darts at Victor who emitted a shield to block them. Fortress, Mason, and Brian had finished the Doom Bots, Brian launched a wave of fire at Victor then yelling out he began manipulating the heat of the flames.

Brian: That’s it Fortress play defense, I’m going fucking supernova here it comes 3….2…BOOM!

“Brian raised the heat of the fires to match that of the sun people in the area instantly over-headed, Fortress raised a shield around the others members of the Brigade, and Victor was ensnared in the raw heat. Leech using the energy stolen from Victor emitted a field of radiation around the “Supernova” technique draining him in the process. As the flames subsided Leech dropped the shield hitting the ground and Victor was seen laying in the ground burned and beaten his armor melted away.”

Brian: And that my boys is how you fucking beat a super villain.
Mason: Holy shit..bruh..I won’t fuck with your girls again.
Victor: Surprise Surprise…I got one final move
Mason: That’s it fuck you.
Leech: Fuck it I’l ending this.

“Leech emitted the absorbed electricity directing it at Victor, who took it in. The Electricity burning him, as the Swat helicopters landed on the street. SWAT emerged armed, aiming their weapons at the Vigilante’s.”

SWAT: You are all under arrest! Put your hands up! Refusal to comply with our demands will ensure you as an enemy of the American Government, and it’s various defense agencies. Do not Kill Von Doom, he possesses diplomatic immunity and your attacks against him are un-provoked. You are all under arrest.
Keel: Arrest this bitch.

“Keel had made his way into a SWAT helicopter, having tasered and tossed the pilot out the window. Flying into the air he opened fire killing the SWAT agents, and firing a missile taking out the other SWAT helicopter, he took the vehicle into the air.”

Keel: Leech finish him and let’s go! I don’t want to deal with Clint again.
Leech: Got it.

“Leech went to put more voltages into Victor to finish him off, but he yelled out suddenly pulsating with not only radiation but magic, electricity, and raw energy yelling out in pain from Leech overloading him. Moments later Victor exploded with energy, a massive blast ensuing. The Entire state of Kansas covered in a blast of white light, the helicopter Keel was in sent flying. Hours later CNN, Fox, and various other news agencies had covered the story. A Vicious assault on the President of Latveria lead to the detonation of a powerful nuclear warhead Latveria was helping America build to deal with the Vigilante threat. Saul was watching the news, reading his Bible, an anti mugen scythe blessed by a priest in hands.”

Saul: Revelations…’s all coming true. The Cleansers may be gone, thanks to Costa and those demonic bastards, but my vision came true. The Light, The Light has been tainted, It is up to me to fulfill the Will of God, the murderous rampages of the Nephilim must end.

“Saul clenched the scythe and stood up, he pressed a button on his Ipad starting a video chat with former senator Sidus Sindrome.”

Saul: Sindus you know who this is, and you may even know my location. The Cleansers fell, the Mutants gained freedom, superhumans in general. Look what’s happened Kansas and nearby states have been irradiated, CDC has put them on quarantine. The Majority of America’s food supply is gone, this is almost as bad as the Muslim Terrorists who assaulted the oil factories in the name of Allah. Have you noticed the embrace of Islam by the superhero community, another sign of the end days. You went to Hell before, so did Afansas. He embraced mutantism and look what happened, he’s dead assassinated by Tyler’s Freedom Enforcers. Don’t bother contacting the Police, Military or whoever God has contacted me, I must accept my destiny as the second incarnation of Moses and lead humanity away from the grip of their “Heroes”. All I ask is funding if you offer me finances, and are genuine the Lord will lead me to me. Goodbye Senator, remember Armageddon approaches.

“Saul pressed a button ending the video message, then smashed his Ipad with his scythe. He hit it a few more times and then left his apartment taking only his Bible, and his emergency stash of cash. Amy Ventro, also known as Unity stood on a roof top. She mimicked the powers of Hercules to stop a bank heist. She leaped down, making contact with the ground causing a crater. The Thugs were taken off the feet, enough time for a SWAT sniper to take one down. SWAT aimed at Amy, but she rushed in smashing into the truck. The Colliding forces sent the armed vehicle and the thugs inside crashing into the entrance of the bank. Taking on the powers of Gaia she sent a massive earth pillar forward slamming the SWAT helicopter into the SWAt agent who tried to shoot her.
With work down she leaped into the air taking on the powers of Superman she flew through the skies and flew to her window. Opening the door she flew inside and fell to her bed crashing and a crack heard.”

Amy: Damn forgot to turn of the Superman mimicry.
Danny: Amy Mom’s going to kill you, like fucking kill you, and I’m going to laugh like hell.
Amy: What!
Danny: I saw you put on that costume, I mean actually you ain’t sexy why the fuck you put on that clothes, nobody on Delta airlines wants to see your ass-cheeks from their window.
Amy: shut it!
Danny: Make Me! Razz I got all the shit recorded,
Amy: Know what Danny fuck you, I’m a hero! You’re just like Dad now!
Danny: Huh yeah maybe that’a good thing, dad pays the bills, dad keeps us safe, and dad is a good hero like me. We don’t go out saving people who don’t want to be saved, anyway mimic Aesop or Einsteine do my home-work for a month and were straight.

“Danny walked out the room, and Amy grabbed his binder he left on her desk. She mimicked the powers of Voodo making a Danny Voodo doll and tossing it against her wall. The Real Danny walking down the stairs was tossed into the living room table yelling out a torrent of cuss words. Amy just giggled as she got to work on Danny’s home-work. Milo stood in line at Wal-mart, as a woman argued with a clerk at the cash register. Milo had used an Illusion to change his appearance to that of a young Latino male, having ended public appearances long ago. “

Milo: Just Pay for the damn Chicken again.

Milo pushed the thought into the woman’s head, and instantly her demenour changed. She agreed to the Clerk’s demands and walked off after paying. Milo went up next placing his purchases on the rack. The Clerk scanning them as Milo grabbed his credit card, a fake I.D that Oliver had helped him forge. A young Latino walked over to him dressed in short sleeved orange t shirt that said Beer Is Good, and a jeans mini shirt. She handed Milo a pack of beer.”

Marie: Come on Papi get it please! We gotta hurry, something tells me the kids might wipe out the neighborhood again.
Milo: Alright Baby, if you want you can go on ahead.
Marie: Great!

“Marie kissed Milo and left making her way outside, Milo had the illusion fade as Marie took the skies. Milo finished paying and took the buggy outside to his Mercedes SUV to load the groceries. He looked up to the sky.”

Milo: The Visions..I wonder when they’ll come true, I don’t really want to find out. Filipe can handle it well the Government can if one thing those bastards have gotten better with us gone, hopefully it stays that way let them save their own asses.

“Milo slammed the trunk down and pushed the buggy into the buggy area in the parking lot. Getting inside the vehicle he backed out and began the drive back to his neighborhood.

Narrator: And a story shrouded in mystery and darkness begins. The Age of Heroes has come to an end, and the rise of Vigilante’s has only just begun. It seems the Apocalypse is incoming and not the typical ones the SXML are use to conquering. It seems the Finale of their story is coming to an end 20 years after the official disbanding of the heores, with the world surrounded in chaos and violence on a level that matches the prelude to Biblical Flood of Noah’s Age. With Organized Crime, Prostitution, Drug Trafficking, Human Trafficking, Terrorism and more on the rise it seems the Last Days may be approaching.
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Fictional battle thread. Empty Re: Fictional battle thread.

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Chapter 3: Shall Not the Judge of All Earth Do Right?

"That be far from you to do after this manner, to slay the righteous with the wicked: and that the righteous should be as the wicked, that be far from you: Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right?"
-Genesis 18, 25

A Week had passed since the Kansas Incident, when most of America’s food supply was irradiated. America had put a lot of money into importing food supplies from China, and other countries now dependent due to the incident. The Members of the Brigade were all deceased or unaccounted for including Fortress. Milo sat in his office knelt in prayer, a bible in hand. Finishing the prayer he completed his readings in Proverbs.

Milo: My Son, do not forget my teaching, but let your heart keep my commandments, for length of days and years of life and peace they will add to you. Let not steadfast love and faithfulness forsake you; bind them around your neck write them on the tablet of your heart. So you will find favor and good success in the sight of God and man.

Milo closed the Bible, setting it on his desk. Reaching forward he pulled the string causing the lamp to cut off, and stood up leaving to his bed room where Marie had turned off the news as it was only filled with violence and how the Vigilante movement was disrupting society.

Milo: Not in the mood for some quality Television heh?
Marie: You could say that, I am in the mood for some quality hero.

“Marie leaned in to kiss her husband, and Milo returned the affection but felt guilty about being called a hero.

Milo: If I was a hero Yamairo, and countless other real heroes wouldn’t be dead. The Academy wouldn’t be a pile of rubble, and I’d be actually be helping instead of remaining on the side-lines. You always know how to cheer me up.
Marie: That’s my job isn’t it, that and dealing with our super powered kids.
Milo: Yup, but you know there not kids anymore or teenagers.
Marie: Yeah well there still under our roof so same thing Mr. Hero.
Milo: heh no argument their.

“Milo kissed Marie some more and as the two went to make love we see the scenery fade to black. The Next Morning Marie was making a breakfast, an Irish Dish. Amy was eating, and Danny himself was just sipping his coffee typing on his laptop.”

Marie: Come on honey you need to eat something.
Danny: Mom technically I don’t need to eat, hell Amy didn’t if she used her powers to mimic a God or vampire or something. But I need to finish this article for the Bugel, being a star reporter means I have lots of work but it’s fun.
Amy: “Mutters” The article should be easy, all your lazy ass has to do is proof read since you made me write it.
Danny: What was that?
Amy: Nothing. know what we talked about last night, dad being a hero again showing people who real heroes are. I mean Getting Uncle Costa, and them we could do it. We could be heroes again we could.

“Marie slammed her cup down spilling some of the hot coffee she was brewing for Milo on her hand. She instincly jumped a bit, but pain was something she was use too in far larger proportions then some spilled coffee. She used a gust of wind to clean up the mess quickly.”

Marie: We talked about this Amy, I mean I wouldn’t mind the glory days myself. But your father lost touch with heroism long before The Fall. And perhaps it’s for the best, we still have each other, and from time to time the others. Remember we had a Barbecue with Uncle Costa last month, and it’s no secret your always hanging out with Stella.
Danny: Yeah the only person she hangs out more with is Terrique! Fiancee! Razz
Amy: Haha at least I’m getting married before you! When you’re an old man you’re gonna be jerking off to porn all day cause your too ugly to get a woman!
Danny: That’s not what Julia Smith said last night at that party for my promotion to Reporter of the Year! So Take that!
Amy: “Rolls” I don’t know how you ever get a girlfriend with your ugly as-
Marie: Enough! You want to argue take it to your own places, for now were going to be a family ok. Good.
Danny: Yeah Amy leave dad alone, you can go out be Unity and kick ass, hell I even do a little crime stopping action from time to time, the job puts me in good spots and I can’t let coworkers die specially ones who happen to be my super sexy girlfriend Julia Star. Anyway Mom gotta go, and don’t worry about the moving to my apartment Dad helped me yesterday.
Amy: “Sighs” Fine fine.

“Danny went ove to Marie to kiss him, while Milo had appeared in the kitchen grabbing a plate of eggs, bacon and sausage, and fetching his coffee kissing his wife.”

Milo: Thanks Marie, Bye Danny, well wait I want you to hear this. I visited Reese, I wanted a prayer sermon as you know I quit the SXML before it got disbanded. But I feel the call to heroism again, I don’t intend to abandon my old life, but Amy’s bugged the heck out of me.
Amy: YEAH! DAD YOU’RE THE BEST! Isis is gonna get so much business with you back, people with powers won’t be living in fear anymore.
Danny: Great! Super Dad’s back, well if your gonna be fighting crime and being a superhero-again count me in. But what about us, I mean won’t people connect the dots.
Milo: Nope I mean not you at least. You’ve got your false identity to keep up your job at the Bugle, the rest of the family won’t care I mean I know Amy won’t.
Marie: You knew I’ll support you all the way.
Milo: Then great, the Ventro Family is..”Sighs” we’re back in business.
Amy: Wait what about Terry, he’s still in College.
Milo: Hmm good point, well Amy since you’re the one who wants the hero business the most stop by NYU see if Terry’s up for it I can protect his identity too if he is, but don’t be forceful I’m being serious about the last part.
Amy: Ah Alright Daddy, Love you!

“Amy went over to her dad kissing him and then left mimicking the powers of a Phoenix taking to the skies, while Danny just shook his head. Making his way outside and getting in the taxi, with the kids gone Milo sat down to eat his breakfast. He flipped on the news which he hadn’t done in a while and ate while Marie put the food away.”

Milo: So you want to get mad or something?
Marie: No if you want to do this, the kids will be happy, I know Terry’s always wanted to play dress up. I remember the arguments, I mean why now. Another Apocalypse?

Milo: Nov. mean no Alien invasions, or most of that. Our Alliance with the Skrulls and Zenn Lavians have helped us make peace with most, Lucifer’s dead, even with Amber and Dante dead I know Keeth is out dealing with the supernatural, this is something different. I don’t know if Mankind can outlive these “new” “Hip” heroes I promise not to do “it” again but someone has to stop this someone has t-

“Marie stopped Milo in mid sentence before he could even say to, and planted a kiss on his cheeks.”

Marie: Stop that’s enough. I said I’d help and I while. Not trying to steal a line but I’m supporting you 24/7 go Get em Tiger.
Milo: Thanks Marie, I love you more then you’ll ever know.
News Man: And now we take you to downtown Manhattan where two Vigilante’s Smith and Wesson do battle on the Brooklyn Bridge after a petty argument over how they handled their fight with the super villain known as the Golem. Authorities indicate the Golem is capable of converting his body into stone and mimic the abilities of Gargoyles of Legend. He’s been taken into custody, however the so called heroes who’ve stopped him are causing more damage than he initially was. Police have identified the Golem as the mutant Crocker Sullivan. We know take you live to the Brooklyn Bridge with Daily Bugle Reporter Julia Star.

“The Scenery on the television changes, Smith and Wesson are opening fire, people have fled from their vehickle’s. Some trying to drive to safety near impossible due to the traffic jam increased more so then usual with the superhuman battle on the bridge and the numerous abandoned vehicle. A School Bus is stuck on the edge of the bridge slowly going forward, as Wesson dries a submachine gun.”

Smith: That’s it muthafucka, this shit’s over Fuck you, Fuck you way, Golem in prison! That bitch should be dead!
Wesson: No we could have learned his powers! DAMN IT!

“Smith drew his weapon firing at Golem, the bullet missed slamming into the bus and sending it forward, Julia Star went to cover on the Bugle helicopter.”

Julia: Get away from the bridge hurry! The high caliber bullets there using have damaged the bridge’s support the whole thing might collapse! Hurry Claude!
Claude: Right but Julia
Julia: Hurry!
Claude: ALRIGHT BUT WE’RE STILL ON AIR! All the people on the bridge know they’re going to die now. Good job
Julia: What! Oh no!

“As the Bridge began to fall apart even Smith and Wesson were in shock, the bus falling forward, however out of nowhere Milo appeared in full costume grabbing the bus and pushing it up back on the bridge, now starting to fall apart. Smith and Wesson were in shock, as Milo looked at them using Optic Blasts he easily took down the two Vigilante’s.”

Milo: A Disgrace to Heroism you two are, all of your kind are. I Milo Ventro, Fusion have returned. I thought I left the world in the hands of capable heroes. But It seems I am vastly wrong so I have come to rectify my wrongs in abandoning you all. I’ll bring back real heroes, set up the wrongs, stop what Amanda Waller feared all those years ago.

“As the Bridge started to fall apart, Milo sent out a Giant Hand of Zinnon Energy that engulfed the bridge using the energies powers of change he repaired the bridge, the vehicle’s on it, and people on it. The Energy Faded away and he looked at the helicopter the news had recorded the entire event.”

Julia: there you have it live from the Daily Bugle FUSION HAS RETURNED! And he has promised a return to the heroes our parents knew and loved.
“As some teenage girls were seen strapped down and tied up, a man was smoking a cigarette, and on the phone.”

Man: yes Sir, I have the shipment of the women. Yes, there at the dock, their being loaded on the boat, we’ve set up the anti-mutant defenses the mutants come, we kill them.
??? Doubt it, you already lost, and the defenses are down.
Man: Nitro! How the hell did

“Before the Man could raise the gun, none other than Peter disarmed him and stabbed him in the lower abdomen and the girls were rushed to nearby hospital, and the police had been brought. Peter sighed leaning against the wall.”

Peter: Ah too much hard work, sorry about rushing you here officers.
Cop: No problem, we need Quality Heroes, not this Twighlight Reject versions we have running around running your name. You heard Fusion was back?
Peter: ventro whatever, I need some rest.

“Peter then left, in Stark and Morris Industries Aaron hung up his phone and sat back in his chair. He activated his computer and watched seeing the Iron-Drones on patrol in Manhattan and several other cities. Using new acceleration technology they were able to fight crime at super speed, and these speedy saves were being attributed to Peter.”

Aaron: Thanks Peter..for helping out, and unlike some heroes who don’t abandon us you’re still around. Ventro I don’t know what your game is, but you abandoned us once and we’re not just gonna jump into your arms again.

“In another House Joe was kissing Katy, and a girl was seen named Katelyn talking to her friend on the phone.”

Katelyn: Mama please!
Katy: No you know how dangerous it is for
Joe: ah shut up baby, Katelyn you can go!

“Katelyn ran over to Joe hugging him and then rushed out speaking to her phone and getting into her car. Katy scowled and Joe sat her down infront of the TV.”

Joe: Come on Katy, let her live
Katy: You know I’m not against that. many died, hell everything going on it’s just not safe, and my poor Katey-pooh might get.
Joe: oh come on she hates that nickname, you look sexy when you say it but still. Besides I have a GPS in her phone, anything happen we teleport in grab her and bring her home, and beat the shit out of whoever messed with her.
Katy: Hmm that would make me feel better, beating up someone trying to hurt our daughter.
Joe: And she’s no push over herself, she inherited your powers.
Katy: Oh alright you win the argument.

“Katy leaned into kiss Joe, on the news CNN turned to speak about Fusion’s Second Coming, which stopped their make out session and captured their interest. Castiel was watching the same broad-cast in shock as he finished his Fruit Loops.”

Castiel: So it’s finally come to past, the Visions Rachel’s final vision. Heaven’s new game plan, the Superhuman Apocalypse is upon us. But this time I won’t stand by, I promised Sammie that, I promised them, Carmen’s condition, Waller it’s all my fault. This time I’m going to fix it.

“Castiel reached for his Imac and went on yellowpages. Com to look up an address finding Connor Jones, and he dialed the number.”

Connor: Hello?
Castiel: Hello Konel what’s good!
Connor: Holy Shit Cas! I thought your ass was dead after that incident in Vegas! And it’s Connor now! Damn Man shit, well what we having a former Angel reunion or something?
Castiel: No you seen the news
Connor: Bout Fusion yeah wife and kids won’t stop talking about it. Glory Days coming back huh?
Castiel: Heh we tried Vigilantism saw how that shit worked out XD
Connor: Lmao I know right but what it is what’s up?
Castiel: Rachel Costa’s final message, I gave it to you and Balthazar remember, and Rachel. We have to stop the Prophecy, we fought Heaven once we can do it again please I know you have a family, I have a life here in Vegas too. Connor..Co
Connor: Absolutely fuck that shit no. I have a family, I have a life here. I run a Security Agency in Manhattan, do you know how many people want protection from Super-humans. I’m a millionaire, you’re a crime boss, Balthazar is a vigilante, and Rachel is a drug dealer.
Castiel: Connor please, if it happens if the vision comes to past. If Mrs. Costa’s vision occurs we’re all dead, and us the rest of the integrated were gonna burn in hell, maybe even Lucifer’s cage.
Connor: If the end days are approaching I want to spend them with my famil, get Balthazar, and Rachel.
Castiel: I can’t Balthazar died in a shooting a few months ago, a mission with those fucktards Smith and Wesson. Rachel’s in the hospital from overdose, she can hardly move. Me and you are the only ones left who knew about the prophecy please.
Connor: Look hell fucking no. I have a barbecue to go tomorrow, I’ve got with the program. We lost to Heaven when we were full Angels, there’s no way in hell we can win now, especially just the two of us a Mobster and a Security Guard. I’m your friend Cas, I love you like a brother no homo. If you need help I’ll do whatever it takes to help you with anything EXCEPT that. I gotta go.

“Connor hung up and Castiel sighed feeling alone heading into another room he pressed some numbers on his alarm box. A Door slid around revealing a room full of weapons and he went in to grab a Blessed MP10.”

Castiel: Well then I guess I have to do this alone. I started it alone, and I’ll finish it alone. I’m stopping Armageddon.
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Fictional battle thread. Empty Re: Fictional battle thread.

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Chapter 4: Heroes Uprising
There were voices and thunderings and lightnings and an earthquake...and there followed hail and fire mingled with blood. There fell a great star from heaven, burning as if it were a lamp...and I beheld, and heard an Angel, saying with a loud voice, Woe, woe, WOE to the inhabiters of the earth.

Saul closed the Bible, and looked at the people he gathered the New Cleansers, many who’d lost friends and family in the Kansas Incident. He looked among the crying, the Ushers spread blessed Anti mugen weapons amongst the crowd.

Saul: Father Desmond gave his life for the Cleansers, for the mission God had for him. Desmond died murdered by the Fortress, dying at the hand of the Vigilante Movement. We fell apart, but I had a vision from God that the end is near. Our Youth Pastor Earl is a former member of the Hellfire Cult, an atheistic movement against the mutants. If even Non-Believers rally then certainly this shows the depths of Satan’s evil.
Earl: Yes the Cleansers yall ain’t crazy. Superhumans their crazy, the things there doing God don’t like that! We gotta step up for God, we gotta believe! We Gotta Stomp the Devil Out! I attack him with my feet! Come on repeat after me!STOMP THE DEVIL OUT! I ATTACK HIM WITH MY FEET!

“Saul began singing along with Earl, and the crowd. The whole crowd chanting getting hyped up to deal with the Superhuman threat.”
“In New York panic had arisen Dimitri was back, the same Terrorist who once managed to trap Manhattan inside a video game, and murder numerous citizens, and clash with the United Nations adopting the alias Arcade.”

Julia Star: We came to you today with the notorious terrorist Arcade alive, repaired by the remnants of Al Queda along with his same drones that many in New York know personally. We have learned from SHIELD these Drones do not possesse the same digilization process, but they have overpowered all SHIELD’s attempts to stop him, and the Statue of Liberty has already been bomed and.

“The Television cut off, and Dimitri’s face appeared on the screen. It was seen half of his body was half Cyborg, and the other half human.”

Dimitri: Hello Citizens of America, and any watching this program. I want you all to know that I’m back, Arcade is back. You see I could have brought the Big Apple back in the game, but where’s the fun in that. I’m bringing the game to you, be happy I’m fighting on YOUR terms.  Let the games begin, and Vigilante’s stand down, the Drones have eliminated most of you already. I’ll let the normal programming resume so the games can begin!

“Dimitri’s face left the screen, and Iron Sentinels descended from the sky, surrounding Manhattan, people ran for their lives, many going underground, as Dimitri had the Iron Sentinels begin their attack, SHIELD desperate to fight back, Clint and some others opening fire from repulsor jets.”

Marcus: Eastwood WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON! He can’t digitalize anymore he’s a cyborg that aspect of his powers are gone why can’t you win!
Clint: Oh well first off The Iron Sentinels we had got wiped out by the Black Friday Virus years ago, and we can’t replicate Stark’s design and neither can Leven! So were kind of getting fucked over! He’s half cyborg too now! With his powers over technology that makes us fucked over, he easily overpowered our ground troops and with the Iron Sentinels we can’t even get near him anymore!
Marcus: Fuck, what about evacuation process?
Clint: Slightly well with repulsor jets, but oh shit!

“All around Manhattan Dimitri unleashed his powers crashing numerous Repulsor Jets in a scene that represented multiple 9/11’s over again and then took control of the jets turning them against SHIELD ground troops, and Approaching Military.”

Marcus: Holy shit..get our men out of there, as many Civilians as you can! We can’t do this, and what’s he mean by bring the game!
Clint: Hell If I know, Maybe the technology’s reversed and he can digitize things from the Game!
Marcus: Fuck in that case were screwed, fucking screwed. President Hamilton wants the evacuation process to occur now! We can’t get the Military into Manhattan, he’s holding us off.
Clint: With what?!
Marcus: Mainly Repulsor Jets, but a few Iron Sentinels were screwed were.

“Suddenly another loud boom was heard as Milo Ventro appeared now 200 feet tall and grabbed an Iron Sentinel punching it through its chest. Other Heroes members of the SXML were seen encased in a shield of stellar Energy with Roger controlling the shield they landed, and the shied faded away. Roger formed two hammers out of stellar energy and moved in smashing the hammers into two Iron Sentinels, while Kathy grew to Gigantic sizes to charge the Iron Sentinels. Marie formed Massive Tornadoes sending them at the Repulsor Drones to bring them down. Peter moved around easily taking down Iron Sentinels with his admantium blade. “

Peter: Ventro you ok up their.
Milo :Haha Very Funny I’m fine but Dimtiri won’t be, he’s at the roof of the Empire State Building, we need to divide our attention stopping him, I’ll deal with him myself, Kathy your gonna need to get bigger to deal with Iron Sentinels their far stronger then you!
Kathy: Right!

“Kathy ws tossed into a building, but Roger sent out a giant shovel of stellar energy catching her and saving the building she almost hit. The Hammer formed turrents and unleashed a flurry of stellar blasts taking down more repulsor jets under Dimitri’s control. Joe was using portals to redirect attacks, while Katy had fused with the ocean and became a towering woman composed of water swatting using high pressure water to smash Iron Sentinels.”

Dmitri: “Grins” And so the SXML returns the heroes here to save the day. “Chuckles” Velon would be proud of me everything going according to plan.
Tyler: Keep Fighting! Truth, Justice, The American Way! We can win we have to defend these people.

“SHIELD had begun the evacuation process now easier with the SXML, Tyler tossing his shield into a Iron Sentinel about to blast an escape vehicle, and a man in Gladitator armor leaped forward smashing into an Iron Sentinel sending it colliding into the ground.”

Peter: Show off!
Roran: Oh shut it Peter! I will make thee suffer I will
Peter: God damn enough with the lecture, were in the middle of saving Manhattan. M’kay. You have a problem, we can deal with this later.
Roran: Oh fine despite your cowardice your logic is sensible.

“Roran leaped forward smashing into another Iron Sentinel and tearing it in half the upper and lower halves at other Sentinels, while Milo marched over to Dimitri, who was summoning his Drones around him to attack, all charging, as Milo summoned pillars of earth from the ground to smash into Iron Sentinels, sharpening the top of the Sentinels. He then charged the pillars and by extension the Sentinels causing them to explode but used a spell to make sure the explosions didn’t cause further damage to Manhattan.”

Dimitri: My My..Ventro your powers haven’t faded over the years.
Milo: Enough this shit ends now!

“Milo assumed his regular size confronting Dimitri on the roof of the Empire State Building. Dimitri lunged forward, but Milo tossed him aside. The Drones opened fire on Milo but the great hero sent out an omnidirectional telekentic burst bringing down the drones. Metallic was seen encasing Iron Sentinels in giant hands composed of metal, while Amy had assumed the powers of the Titan Typhon growing to monstrous sizes to crush Dimitri’s forces. Karen had become 2000 feet tall easily overpowering Iron Sentinels, however crushing numerous by flicking the Sentine;s aside. Suddenly the image of a Fiery Bird was seen as Sandra came from the skies.”

Sandra: AAAAAH!!!!!

“Sandra yelled out emitting the Cosmic Flames wiping out all the Iron Sentinels, Repulsor Jets, and Drones under Dimitri’s control the flames subsided and none where hurt, the heroes looked at her in shock at her sheer power. Dimitri tried to overpower Milo but he took down the cyborg human with a few blows.”

Milo: Give it up
Dimitri: No..No! Wait Haha I WON!
Milo: What!
Dimitri: Read my mind Ventro read it

“As Milo went to read his mind, Dimitri whipped out a gun firing an anti mugen bullet at Milo. He stopped the bullet sending it into Dimtiri’s chest.”

Milo: Manipulative bastard!
Dimitri: haha you never read my mind
Milo: I”ll EFF YOU UP!

“Milo concentrated on Dimitri’s mind seeing flashes of Velon and Dimitri sharing a glass of Vodka. Velon was looking at a family picture of him, Peter, and Catherine.”

Dimitri: the Rostaf family together at last, and Death still hates Revivals.
Velon: Yeah well when Galactus brings your kids back, Death kinda has to deal with it.
Dimitri: Your just lucky The Big G wanted Catheine as his new herald.
Velon: I guess I don’t consider it luck that my daughter is flying around space, I don’t care what she’s doing. God’s the judge, I just wish I could be there, or she could here.
Dimitri: Yeah but Peter’s still around, anyway we saw Rachel’s vision what do we do?
Velon: Nothing my own time is coming short, you know what you must do. Do what we did to avert the Civil War, and so many other things turn against the heroes do whatever it takes to stop them. Keep the public on the SXM’s side.
Dimitri: Will do.

“In Present Milo saw the flash-back, as Dimitri felt light headed and passed out from the gun-shot wound. Milo looked at him and used fire from his mouth to incinerate Dimitri’s body.”

Milo: May God be with you in your destination in the afterlife Dimitri.

“Milo leaped off the roof flying to the others, with Kathy, and Amy reverting to their regular forms. SHIELD was finishing the evacuation, minus news and media vehicle’s which had surrounded the area, Sandra flew off to avoid the media. Roran looked up.”

Roran: Humanity’s mechanical birds seek us out, damn mortals!
Amy: Hey!
Roran: Mortals! Your Super Mortals. Very Happy
Sandra: Enough! You really think we have time for jokes, our job is to show were not reckless like those original heroes, the only one’s Milo was considering are those graduates from the Academy.
Roran: Hhmm I went through training with My Dad, so you know I’m straightened out.
Sandra: Precisely. Plus your reputation precedes you from your dealings with the Council and the Titan War.
Roran: And I helped stop Poseidon cause a duplicate of the Biblical Flood in the War for the new Olympian King.
Sandra: mhmm however this does not necessitate bragging rights. Amy Ventro is one of the most powerful superhumans on the planet just like her father, and siblings.
Amy: Ha!
Sandra: No Bragging Rights!

“Sandra clenched and used a mental bolt on both of them to calm them down, while the media had gathered, and the evacuation process stopped with Dimitri defeated, and SHIELD agents came to arrest Dimitri who was bleeding.”

Milo: Aren’t you going to stop the bleeding?
Agent: Heh, you heroes really are different, the medical personell will deal with him if he survives the ride.
Agent 2: Hopefully the bastard dosen’t he killed my wife, thanks Ventro.
Milo: Just showing people how heroes should be.

“As he said that the Daily Bugle helicopter landed and Danny Ventro was there, dressed in an expensive suit, micro-phone in hand, and using his own powers he disabeled the radio signals in the area, and satellite stopping Daily Bugle from recording.”

Danny: Hello Mr. Ventro, so you’ve returned if you don’t mind I’d like to interview the you and the team about your ‘Second Coming’ as the media has dubbed it and how you intend to show people what true heroism is.
Milo: I will gladly agree to an interview, as I said with interviews which-ever reporters get to me first. Who do you represent?
Danny: Daily Bugle, my name is Daniel Valentine.
Milo: Alright then I’m hoping you don’t have any form of motion sickness.
Danny: What wh-

“Milo cut off him before he could say why, and using super speed brought him to the rest of the team that had gathered. Marie, Sandra, Joe, Katy, Metallic, Manny, Amy, Roran, Tyler, Kathy, and Peter.”

Danny: Not much for heads up, well then I guess the interrogation begins Mr. Fusion? So first off what inspired the return, how did you get these returns and I’ve noticed many other heroes aren’t here that aren’t listed as deceased any comments..

“That night a party was being thrown at the Bugle by Jeremy Jameson the current owner of the Bugle happy that they got the first scoop on the return of the SXML courtesy of Daniel Valentine, Danny was kissing Julia.”

Julia: Damn it Danny, you shouldn’t have went out into fucking world war 3 for a story!
Danny: Oh come on baby! Now we got that raise, and you got that super star reporter dick. 
Julia: Mhmm you know your right, but if you die, I’ll bring you back and kill you again for leaving me!
Danny: Haha alright, that time of month ago, everybody’here’s drunk, fax room, work out for me.
Julia: Let’s go.

“With that the two slipped out the party, Milo stood on a roof top watching the scene dressed in civilian clothes, and he’d changed to his civilian guise his natural physical form as Molito. He sat down sipping a drink Danny had brought him. Beside him stood none other then Oliver Morris also having a drink, and in civilian guise, Milo had erected a cloaking field around them.”

Milo: So Terry wants to help out, Terrell would be proud, and looks like all my kids are masters of the game they got that from their dead.
Oliver: Milo come on this isn’t a joke, Stark dosen’t trust you, he’s saying you left us once you’ll leave us again.
Milo: You Mean the Second Coming Propaganda? I didn’t start it, anyway Stark and the others don’t have to trust me I’m just here to clean up the mess.
Oliver: Oh yeah I read the interview deal with the things you said. Clean up the Vigilantism, Deal with traditional heroism. Have you forget the things you did, hell I’ll be honest things we did. You think your conversion makes you better, makes you clean.
Milo: Perhaps not, but the majority of these people are not real heroes. The ones Amy, and Rachel helped.
Oliver: Oh yeah Rachel is dead, nice job saving her.

“Milo rushed forward grabbing Oliver and slammed him against the wall. Oliver looked at him a brief feeling terror surging through his body, Milo felt the fear, and let go of Oliver. “

Oliver: Sorry Milo I know
Milo: No your right I did mess up. A lot. I don’t think I’m better I just want to make up, whether I’ll stay this time around depends on if I’m up to it. Costa is the real hero, Costa, Stark, there the Big Damn Heroes, I’m just The Hero. Hope you do well with your run for President, Mr. Congress Man
Oliver: Milo I didn’t mean it like..

“Milo had already vanished and Oliver reappeared in his mansion back where he left. He slumped down his chair seeing a message from Aaron. In another part of Washington D.C, the copter that had Dimitri had landed and two of the agents were dead. The Pilot was having his memories altered by none other than James. Aaron had Dimitri attached to a machine, and was typing some co-ordinates in.”

Aaron: Are the Memories modified?
James: Yes, I contacted Costa about the new program were initiating to deal with the Vigilantism.
Aaron: What was Costa’s decision?
James: He stated if Milo has a Second Coming, they need to move in before his return’s full effects seep in, and deal with Victor once and for all, your program will take care of that right?
Aaron: Yeah we’re going to be in control of the majority of the technology on the Planet, SHIELD retrieved Dimitri’s damaged technology, this program will let us repair it instantly, more upgraded based of Cyber’s evolution program combined with my system I based off of Eagle Eye connected Extremis.
James: Perfect let’s get this moving, those bastards are going to pay for what they did to me, for what they did to Carmen, they’ll pay.
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