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Heroes Uprising: Evolve!

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Heroes Uprising: Evolve! Empty Heroes Uprising: Evolve!

Post by Chulance Tue Sep 08, 2009 2:54 pm

Season 1: Gaining Gifts

Opening Theme: Higurashi no Naku

Chapter 1:Beginnings
Another day was starting in New York City aka the city of lights, a place filled with tons of people trying to do various things such as get to work, getting to lunch , and quite often answering questions to the large amounts of tourists in the area. It was filled with bill-boards and large screens showing various images commercials about M n’ M’s or of half naked women. Today a young man around nineteen years old was heading towards China Town in NYC’s most popular vehicle the Taxi his name was Milo Ventro.

Milo: Okay this is my exit buddy
Man: You sure ,China Town it still one block ahead
Milo :Yeah it is but
Man: I don’t care that’s 20$
Milo: This is why I hate NYC sometimes 20$ it’s a ll due to traffic! I wish I could just fly over the stupid traffic! Well you see

Milo quickly leaped out the taxi and the man blew his horn and prepared to go after him but he was surrounded in traffic. The Taxi Driver leaped out of his car and chased after Milo on foot taking his keys with him to make sure his car wasn’t stolen.
Milo: NOOO!

Milo ran ahead and went through an alley heading towards a ladder he spotted and then he began to climb it quickly. The man arrived and began climbing the ladder as Milo got to the top and ran towards the edge of the four story building. It was too high to jump down, but there was an elevator so he clicked the down arrow and the doors slid open. He ran inside as the man was still climbing the ladder and was close to reaching the top Milo had already gotten to the 2nd floor and ran forward tackling a foreign lady who apparently was cleaning a room.

Milo: SORRY! I gotta go lady!

He ran inside towards the window and climbed out and then kept running till he arrived in China Town a place filled with many Chinese people and Tourists. He was a photographer and so with his camera he blended in perfectly with the rest of the tourists and then began heading to one of his favorite Chinese restaurants Ti-Shu. He was going to meet Lucy one of his best friends and a great reporter. They often worked together, basically she got the story and he got the pictures. He walked and spotted her eating some noodles and sat beside her.

Lucy: You finally made it? I’ve been waiting twenty minutes!
Milo: Yeah well I took a taxi than I had to escape the driver
Lucy: *Rolls eyes* Typical. Anyway did you hear about that arsonist on the loose?
Milo: The one who’s using fires to rob banks and stuff?
Lucy: Yeah, The Boss wants us to go after him learn about him
Milo: Seriously? Michael is after him as well
Lucy: Your buddy the Detective guy?
Milo: Yup!
Lucy: Perfect we can work together!

In another completely different country, a young 17 year old is walking down a street heading home. His name is Filipe an average teenager whose parents were out of town and so he went to all party that lasted till 2:00 am. Of course it would go on for many more hours but he wanted to get sleep as he had to get to martial arts class the next day at around 1:00 pm.

Filipe: Well, this is just great. I let the time pass by and now it's very late

Filipe passes by a couple of thugs, that start following him.

Thug 1: Hey kid! You have some money?
Filipe: No
Thug 2: You little liar. Come on, it’s just for some booze
Filipe: Sigh No choice then.

He turned around and face both of them. After a while, the first one approaches him and puts his face next to Filipe’s in challenge. He head-butted him in the noose"

Thug 1: You little bastard!
Filipe: Who says I'm done!

He open his palms and struck him in the chest, knocking him down. The other goon pulled out a knife and attacks Filipe, but he used his left hand to grabs his writes and deflect, and then he punch him in the gut with the right. He bends over in pain, and falls unconscious.

Filipe: You threatened me, and you got what you deserve!

However, the other one also pulled out a knife. By the time Filipe noticed, he had already stabbed him . He manage to avoid any major wounds, but was still bleeding heavily. He fell to the ground.

Thug 1: now then you little cock sucker

The guys began kicking Filipe while he was down. His ribs start to break. Just before Filipe gave up, he retreats in horror and screaming.

Thug 1: MY LEG!

The thug's leg was completely frozen. When he put it to the floor, it shatters: Filipe stands up in will alone and punches him on the ground. Then he grabbed him as he tried to stand up, and his entire body freezes up. Filipe let him go, and he shatters on contact with the ground"

Filipe: What...the...Oh my...did I, did this?

"The other thug started to awake causing Filipe to run as fast as he could. He managed to get to a phone booth and call 911. The Last thing he remembered before he passed out was the sound of sirens.

In Chicago two men were seen one was a famous gangster and ran a dangerous gang with no name. It was dangerous and was rumored to be in war with the Mafia. Of course this rumor was wrong very wrong indeed in fact they sometimes worked together like know. Well sometimes and they usually payed each together. Today the gang mentioned earlier aka Benjamin was going to meet with one of the Mafia’s assassins in a warehouse in Illinois.

Benjamin: There’s a job I need you to do?
???: A Job? I’m one of the best hit men the Mafia has you can count on me!
Benjamin: Perfect the man I need you to kill is Nate Lindor… Can you do this Mr. Rothas?
??? Call me Flare..
Benjamin: Perfect he should be in NYC get him and you’ll get your $10,000 reward
Flare: Great.. I’ll be on my way.. hehe I will get my money but if you’re so dangerous why can’t you go after him?
Benjamin: I like sending men after him myself he’s pretty resourceful
Flare: Whatever I can handle any threat

The Hit man walked out of the room prepared to kill Nate.

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Heroes Uprising: Evolve! Empty Re: Heroes Uprising: Evolve!

Post by Chulance Thu Sep 10, 2009 8:20 am

Opening Theme: Higurashi no Naku

Another day in NYC was starting up after the events of the day before occurred, a bunch of homeless men were seen sharing some food including one named Nate Landor, a man wanted dead by Benjamin’s dead and anyone they hired. He finished up a small amount of a turkey sandwich and gave the rest to another man.
Nate: There you go I should be off
Man: You sure we have a nice group here in NYC? How do you plan to travel?
Nate: I have my ways and I can’t stay
Man: Come on
Nate: No I just can’t! I’m being chased by gangsters it’s because of them my life is ruined!
Man:*Gives him a small-bag* Take it
Nate: Thanks I gotta keep moving

Nate walked off to continue his journey he had left home a while ago thanks to his condition and was on the run with nowhere to go no friends or families.

In a warehouse two people were seen one was seen drinking a soda he pulled out of a can and it began to grew colder and then he sipped it smiling. He had obviously using some sort of skill to reduce the temperature of the soda to make it more refreshing and another man approached him training.
Man 1 : Ah I remember that when you first froze a man alive.
Man 2 : Of course I remember unlocking my power it’s been three weeks since then
Man 1 : Yeah and you received that stab wound .. although I personally dislike killing with powers In fact I’m completely against it!

A flash back began and suddenly Filipe was seen lying down unconscious in a phone both bleeding to death from the stab wound he received. Sirens were heard in the distance and the thug getting tackled by police as he tried to escape. Filipe getting taken to an ambulance and hours later was lying down in a hospital and he heard the sound of foot-steps as two people entered his hospital room, his parents.

Filipe: Mom…Dad… what’s going on!
Mom: FILIPE! *Hugs him* We canceled our trip as soon as we heard!
Man: Yeah!, we wouldn’t have canceled it for anything else in fact we had a hard time canceling it for this
Filipe:*Manages to smile*Thanks, I guess I should get some rest
Mom: Yes you should you’ll be released in the hospital two to three days
Filipe: Well then Good night mommy daddy

Filipe hugged his parents and then fell back against his bed tired he had an insane weekend. His parents had left him in the house alone allowing him to go party till 2 am, and then he was attacked by thugs. He fought them off and he somehow turned another one to ice…..

Milo and Lucy were seen inside a taxi and today they were heading to Little Italy a place similar to China Town except it was slightly less crowded and filled with Italian food instead of Chinese food. Like China Town it was filled with tourists and of course instead of tons of Chinese people running the stores they had Italians.

Milo: Great I love this place!
Lucy: Yeah I love that place let’s go to the Buffet please
Milo: Sure thing that’s where Michael’s gonna meet us!

Milo and Lucy walked around Little Italy getting irritated when tourists bumped into them and asked them for directions.
Lucy: OMG!, Just because we live here doesn’t mean were living maps!
Tourist: I hate you! Stupid idiot! I just wanted a suggestion!
Milo:*Sighs* Tourists can be annoying at time not everyone here wants to stop their day to tell them where the nearest bathroom is!
Lucy: Yeah, anyway here’s the restaurant

The two entered the restaurant and saw the detective Michael sitting down at the table three menu’s were on the table and he was looking through one and looked up motioning for them to come to the table and two went over to him.

Michael: So you two finally made it
Milo: Yeah we ran into a bunch of annoying tourists
Lucy: These retarded tourists need to ask taxi drivers more info not random pedestrians!
Michael: I agree anyway it’s a buffet so are you getting a meal or the buffet?
Milo: Obviously the buffet! So have you learned anything new about the arsonist?
Michael: No, he’s killed everyone he’s come in contact too he must have a flame-thrower a large amount of them
Lucy: Well I haven’t done any reports of a flame-thrower being stolen or any weapons capable of producing flame I can go speak to Walter
Michael: That’s a start we can check the newspapers
Milo: Does he have a specific area or thing he’s after any goals or just random killings and stealing?
Michael: Random Crimes, how can we track him
Lucy: It’s simple!
Michael: How
Lucy: Set a trap and open a new store with tons of fake jewelry.

It seems Lucy has a plan to capture the dangerous arsonist and what exactly will happen to Filipe in his flash back? Will Flare be able to kill Nate and why is he being hunted by gangsters? Find out all this and more next time on Heroes Uprising!

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Supreme ruler of DBZ

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Heroes Uprising: Evolve! Empty Re: Heroes Uprising: Evolve!

Post by Chulance Thu Sep 17, 2009 8:02 pm

Opening Theme: Higurashi no Naku

Chapter 3: Arson

It was another warm and sunny day in NYC a place filled with people good and bad. Nice and Rude ect and also a place filled with cops and criminals. Today there was a bank robbery going a man with dark brown hair , a white Linkin Park shirt, and ripped blue Jeans had burst into a bank with no weapon instead he released a blast of fire from his hands burning two people alive.

Man: Please stop I have a family and..

Troy merely laughed his hands surrounded in flame and he fired a blast setting the man on fire and burning him to death he threw random balls of fire killing people or giving them severe burns.
Troy: Like I said UP AGAINST THE WALL! Now then crack open that safe now! Or else I’ll fry everyone her!

Some of the workers nodded and went over to the safe to open it up and Troy merely smiled as they got the money out and he took a plastic bag out of his pocket and began stuffing the money into it
Troy: Thanks, now to get out of here!

He smiled evilly and ran out of the bank using his powers to shoot a big blast of fire setting the bank on fire as sirens were heard in the distance and he leaped onto his motorcycle and drove forward going through an alley escaping the police and getting away with thousands of dollars.

Los Angeles, CA

Another warm day was starting in LA the second largest city in the world and one where various famous people lived actors, musicians ect. A teenage girl was seen walking through the hallways apparently with a science book in her hand.
Girl: Crap I’m gonna be late to science! Mr. Ertha won’t mind but I’ll be marked late!
Man: Yes I do your late Claire, your getting detention!
Claire:*turns around*I’m sorry Mr. Ertha my car broke down
Cleckin:*Laughs*I’m kidding Claire calm down.. just head to class were just reviewing for the test tomorrow
Claire: Oh.. okay thanks our my favorite teacher Mr. Ertha!

And with that she ran off into the classroom


Nate was seen now in Brooklyn heading to a pizza place, he had used his powers of flight moving really fast to steal someone’s wallet. He now had their money and he had already put it up in his pocket. He needed a good meal … pizza and possibly something to drink. He could stay in a hotel and then head off once again maybe fly to DC. He decided against this as it was filled with too many cops so he supposed the best place he could go right know was Florida. He entered the pizza place and found a man at the register handing him ten bucks the wallet had $70 dollars.

Nate: I’ll order two slices of pizza
Man: That’ll be $9:50
Nate:*Hands him the money*There you go
Man: The pizza will be ready in a few minutes just take a seat
Nate: Okay

Nate listened obediently and walked off to a table to sit down. He wished he had something to read or a musical instrument to play. He wished he was back at Julliard getting straight A’s and dating hot girls. Now he was on the run avoiding Benjamin’s gang… although for some reason he suspected he was being watched by someone aside from them. Minutes later someone brought his pizza slices and he smiled

Nate: Thanks* He began to eat his food*

A man walked over to him and sat down at a table nearby after ordering some pizza slices and minutes later his food came but he wasn’t even paying attention to his food.

Nate: How can that guy be wasting food when people are starving like ME!

Nate finished up his food and stood up. He walked off heading to the bathroom and as soon as he walked in the door he felt something touching his back.

???: Don’t move another muscle or I’ll shoot
Nate:Oh GOD! If there’s money I can give it to you~ I have money!
????: No…. I’m here to get rid of you… Mr. Lindor. Now then get down on the ground this will all be over very soon.

Nate gulped and got to the ground
Nate: I WON’T die like this!

Nate suddenly began to hover and moved around quickly tripping the man causing him to fall to the ground. The man turned out to be Flare who quickly reached for his gun
Flare: DIE!

Nate flew forward at super-sonic speeds as Flare fired bullets from his gun and then a ball of flame seemingly came out of nowhere bursting through the door. However Nate had already escaped the pizza place and he was knew it was time to leave New York…..

It seems the mysterious arsonist has been revealed as an evil bank robber named Troy? What exactly are his motivations for his crime's? What else will we learn about Claire and her science teacher Mr.Cleckin? It seems Flare has caught up with Nate and might have an ability! Can Nate escape an assasin who might have superhuman powers? Find out all this and more on Heroes Uprising Evolve!

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Supreme ruler of DBZ

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