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Post by Chulance Tue Dec 08, 2009 3:25 pm

Episode 1: Search

Super-human powers are extraordinary abilities, these abilities far exceed those of normal human beings. These were often features in various forms of literature and stories such as enhanced strength, flight, regeneration, and other fantastic skills. However as the modern age came about several began writing stories which contained more characters with incredible abilities. Amazing writers such as Stan Lee, and Steve Ditko, however known of these people knew super-humans or mutants were actually real. The super-humans were considered Powered Humans, and at first they lived among humanity in the early days of earth’s civilization.

However humans had various reactions to the Powered humans, some thought they were demons. Others considered them a threat to mankind, or some wanted to abuse their gifts for their own selfish purposes. Many made various stories about super-humans, but the Powered humans went into hiding, and as time passed on the Powered humans separated from each other living normal lives. However years later in the Modern Age the Chinese discovered the existence of Powered humans. They revealed their information at the recent G8 summit and so over the past months chaos has ensued to capture everyone with powers, and “cure” them.

Our Story begins in Las Vegas, Nevada. Two teenagers were seen one male Portuguese, the other a female Romanian. There were foot-steps heard behind them and loud noises. The two quickly ran into and ally and stopped running.

???:We can’t keep running forever, we need to fight back!
???: No, we need to find Yamairo like Fawkes told us to.
???:Filipe, we can’t just let Homeland Security bully us like this, because were different
Filipe: Anna, I understand your point but Yamairo’s powers will be useful we need to find him
Anna: No! We can easily blow our enemies up and move on with our lives
Filipe: But…

Filipe turned pissed as armed men came rushing in during his argument with Anna, Homeland Security agents had once again caught up with them. Filipe quickly unleashed blasts of ice to create a giant wall of ice and then Anna touched the wall and suddenly there was a large explosion causing buildings near the exploding wall of ice to collapse, as the Powered humans left the scene, and yells were heard from innocent civilians and homeland security agents. Minutes later the two had stopped running once-again stopping in an ally.

Filipe: See we don’t have time to argue! We need to get a phone and call Holst?
Anna: Are you sure we can’t blow up more HS dudes? That was fun
Filipe: Well, that wasn’t my type of fun let’s move. There should be an At &T store near
Anna: Fine
An Italian man was seen walking around in a hotel room, holding a cell-phone in his hand. He had brown hair, and blue eyes. He was currently wearing torn blue jean pants, and a Metallica T shirt, and an older man turns to speak to him.

???: They still haven’t called yet?
???: No, but everything will be fine?
???:How do you know?
???: Well…my power and all makes it kinda easy
???: Holst… that’s not making any sense? You haven’t had any painting materials in four days, meaning no powers!
Holst: Look Fawkes, I painted a picture of me on the phone with Filipe?
Fawkes: Well then, when William wakes up, I’m going to go and rob an art store, so you can help the others find Yamairo

When Fawkes spoke about William, a third man was seen. A man in his early forties, with blond hair, and a medium sized beard, on a bed.

Holst: Well for now we just wait, and also make sure to steal some food.

A tall African African male was seen entering his apartment holding a large bag , and closing the door behind him. He reached out his right hand, pushing the light switch up. As soon as he did that the lights flickered on and another black man was seen sleeping on his coach. He walked over to the counter of the kitchen area and set some bags down.

???: NATE! Wake up!

The other man slowly opened his eyes, grunting and getting up from the coach.

Nate: What time is it?
Milo: It’s 1:30, Nate I got some Italian food from Olive Garden…for lunch
Nate: Great have you seen anymore men from Homeland Security?
Milo: I told you, no. You’ve been asking that, for the past 3 days!
Nate: Well yeah, of course I am. I’ve been attacked by Homeland Security twice!
Milo: Right because of your power, and now I have this power too.
Nate: So your blaming me?
Milo: No, flight is one of my favorite super powers. I do miss the enhanced strength I had when I met that gang leader Benjamin
Nate: Well, yeah but I’m telling you, since you have a power or two powers…possibly Homeland Security will be coming after you
Milo: look Nate, I’m a police officer I promise everything will be fine. I’ve got to deal with a man who keeps robbing a local Wal-mart, he keeps escaping. It might be another guy with powers?
Nate:Are you going to arrest him?
Milo: Of course not? He might have more information about why Homeland Security attacked you, and… if he does I’m going to get the information out of him!

Narrator: And so this concludes the first episode of Mutant Pursuit. Who is Yamairo, and why are several individuals searching for him? What is this man capable of, and why is Homeland Security after Nate? Who is the mysterious food thief, and how does Milo have the same power as Nate? Find out all of this and more on the next Mutant Pursuit!
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