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One Piece The Hunt: Story

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One Piece The Hunt: Story Empty One Piece The Hunt: Story

Post by lol1991 Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:56 am

It's been 16 years since that day.'s still a subjective term. Pirates still exist, marines still try and stop them. However, just as before, destiny, faith, dreams...these ideals are still and always will be held deep in the heart of man. So long as there continue to be people who seek freedom in this life, those things shall not vanish from the Earth

Chapter 1: The Young Pirate

We start our story somewhere out at see. A young man, about 17-18, is sailing along in a row boat. He's got a smile on his face as he looks on to an island he's just reached

kid: Whoa...guess I'm here...Organ Island...first step on the way to pirate king!!

The young man makes port, and grabbing his stomach, makes his way to the nearest restaurant. There, he orders a huge supply of food to eat. After he's started eating, a group of thugs walk into the bar

Leader: HEY!! Who gave you permission to open the bar today!!
Bar tender: But...I needed to start...there were clients
Leader: Doesn't matter!! I said no one is to open their businesses without my permission
Bar Tender: But mister Gato sir...
Gato: NO BUTS!!

He pushes the man down onto the floor. Just then, the young kid gets up

kid: Oi!!! That isn't very nice
Gato: MUAHAHAH!! And what are going to do about it kid?

He orders the men to attack. the Kid sighs and readies his bear fist

Kid: Gomu Gomu...PISTOL!

He suddenly extends it like rubber and punches out several of Gato's men straight out of the restaurants door

Kid: Now...why don't you let the people here eat in peace! Or should I give you another punch?

Amongst the crowd, a man with a cigar in his mouth seems to be very surprised

Man: The Sha Sha no mi...just who is this man...

He walks up to Gato

Man: I'd think you should leave now
Gato: What another guy's who's acting brave!!

He goes for a punch but the cigar man dodges and kicks him square in the face, sending him flying. the Kid meanwhile is taking care of the rest of his men

Kid: Gomu Gomu Gatling!!

He punches so fast he seems to have more than two fists, as he takes care of the rest of Gato's men

Gato: Ah...I'm outa here!!

Gato's about to run for his life, when the Kid does another Gomu Gomu Pistol and sends him flying. Everyone cheers the Kid on when suddenly, clapping is heard. A man, carrying a pair of swords, is at the entrance

Swordsman: Well done Kid...nice fight
Kid: Thanks...who are you anyway?
Swordsman: Just a traveling Swordsman Bounty Hunter...wasn't going to stop by this place, seemed kinda run down, but after seeing such a fight, guess it payed off huh?
Kid: Hey don't insult the town!!

The Smoke Guy laughs as the three of them sit down and get some food on the house

Smoke Guy: What's your name anyway kid?
Kid: Kizan!! And I'm going to be the King of the Pirates! And you?
Smoke Guy: Oh? You dream big huh? Name's Toshi
Swordsman: And I'm Tizen
Toshi: Do you have a crew?
Kizan: No...still looking why?
Toshi: Well, if you need a cook...
Kizan: You can cook? AWESOME

Just then, they hear noise outside

Kizan: Must be that damned bastard again. I'll handle it

Kizan runs outside as Toshi and Tizen follow. However, it turns out it's really marines

Kizan: Oh...
Captain: GET HIM

Kizan uses a wide kick to take out all the marines and starts to run. Toshi just kinda follows along laughing, and Tizen does the same.

Kizan: Sorry! Guess we get chased at the first island XD
Toshi: No matter...what about you Tizen?
Tizen: You said you're looking for a crew right? I have nothing better to do and you seem strong, so I'll stick along. Always looking for a fight to help make me stronger

The three of them reach Kizan's ship and manage to escape the island

Elsewhere, in open see, a marine ship is fighting pirates. The marines seem to be loosing, until the Captain steps into the battle

Marine: Captain Drew...please we

The next second, all the pirates seem to have been defeated, and Drew stands in their middle his swords drenched in blood

Drew: people need to train more if you can't even beat such a level of opponents

End Chapter 1
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