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Death Note: The Return of Kira

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Death Note: The Return of Kira Empty Death Note: The Return of Kira

Post by Chulance Sat Jul 10, 2010 1:34 pm

Episode 1: Message
Death is a natural occurrence, an occurrence that comes with a barrage of negative emotion's. Death is something that can either be natural or artificial due to human interference. This is the year 2107 were death, is something nearly always caused by humanity. Criminals, are people who defy the laws set up by the Government's. They harm innocent people, for the sake of materialistic possession's. Around a hundred years ago a University student named Light Yagami, used a supernatural note-book to actively wipe out criminals. He went by the pseudonym Kira, a name which inspired Justice. A name which is now regarded as a myth, although some people still hope for his return. Hope isn't going to bring about change, only action can do this.

A police car had made it’s way into an old neighborhood, two cops inside the vehicle, the one driving slowing down as they arrived infront of an old home. The other cop is seen stuffing a glazed curler into his mouth.

Cop: I’ll go talk to the woman, David you stay here
David: No problem partner
Cop: Just don’t eat my damned donuts!

The cop got out, slammed the door, and left David alone in the vehicle. Making his way over the door, he knocked, and moments later a Latino with dark black hair, dressed in casual clothing came to speak to him. The cop began speaking to the woman, who’s eyes widdened in shock, before she burst out into tears.

Woman: have to be making a mistake!!!
Cop: I’m sorry ma’me, your kids were both caught in the crossfire of two gangs, really though your partly to blame, letting two kids go out alone
Woman: GET OUT OF MY HOUSE YOU BASTARD! Get the hell away!
Cop: Gladly, ya know I’ll go home to my kids, There still alive, I don’t send them out

The cop made his way out, and the woman fell to her knees, sobbnig, her life shattered, her children dead. The Same Woman was seen leaning forward, now in a bedroom, a man also of Mexican descent running into the room.

Man: ANGIE! Are you okay?! I heard screaming
Angie: I am sorry Victor, I..had the dream again.
Victor: It’s..okay Sister, I know it was hard for you, loosing your kids. How about you lay down, I’ll make you some eggs before I got to work.
Angie: Thank you.

Victor left the room, heading down into the kitchen to get cracking on those eggs he’d just promised his sister, quickly opening up the refrigerator, and pulling out the eggs, cracking them open, an letting the yolk fall into a container. He sighed, as he looked over an empty fruit.

Victor: Damn it Angie ate all the apple’s again…

Back in the room Angie was sitting down leaning against the wall, curled up against the wall, holding a picture of her two children, wiping her eyes with a napkin. A winged creature with red eyes, and grayish skin made it’s way over to Angie, looking down at the picture, a black note book in it’s hand.

Creature: She’s still Crying… Morning Bitch..
Angie: J..Jewel y..your back?
Jewel: OF course, I told you I want to help you, The note-book.

Jewel held out her hand, The words Death Note written on the black note.

Angie: NO!!! I can’t I KILLED someone! I’m no better, then the gang bangers who killed my kids, if I kill.
Jewel: Fine then think that way, just know the people who killed your kids are stil free, the police never tracked them down once they escaped prison.
Angie: I…I..

Jewel placed the note book on a fold up table by Angie’s bed, right by a half empty bottle of water. Then placed a pen down besides the note book, Angie looking at the book.

Jewel: Do it already killed that other man, think about it..kill them avenge your kids, think about all the other innocent kids that might die..
Angie: Your…I..
Jewel: Your brother’s calling you, think about it over breakfast, after that you make the choice to let your children’s killers..roam free, or you take action.

Angie said nothing, she just made her way out of bed, and slowly made her way down to the kitchen, where a plate with eggs was seen.

Victor: Eat Up, Sis I’m heading to work, I’ll be back just stay inside, and stay safe.

He went over to Angie gave her a hug, and headed into the garage, heading off to work, leaving Angie alone, who stabbed her fork into her eggs, and slowly began eating.
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