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Avengers (Heroes Uprising)

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Avengers (Heroes Uprising) Empty Avengers (Heroes Uprising)

Post by lol1991 Tue Oct 19, 2010 8:36 pm

Name: Avengers
Location(s): SHIELD HQ, Nevada; Los Angeles, California; New York City (Avengers Tower and Avengers Mansion)
-AC/DC: Thunderstruck
-Halo 3: ODST Soundtrack: Main Theme

-Iron Man's mansion in LA

-Stark Tower(Also know as Avengers Tower),
Avengers (Heroes Uprising) Avenge10

-Avenger Mansion

-The Avenger's Jet, custom made by Stark using SHIELD's resources
-Stark's entire collection of important paraphernalia, including anti mugen guns and several counter measures against the Earth's strongest Heroes. While no longer a member of the Avengers, Stark has left these up for the heroes to use should they need it
-Stark's laboratories and company, now under Oliver's direction.
To protect human kind and the planet, and to deal with threats to world peace
Oliver Morris (Green Arrow)
Nono (Buster Machine #7)
Tyler Arndson (Captain America)
Sean Biship (Field)
Felicia Farmore (Vengeance)
Shawn Jackson (Spectre)
Matt Galmore (Goliath)

The group was founded by SHIELD director Aaron Stark as an after match of the Phoenix Alliance incident. During it he realized that humans needed to take their fate into their own hands

When he was made director of SHIELD, he immediately gathered humans who weren't mutants and assembled them into the Avengers. Himself, Marco (the new Captain America), Kano, Cloy, Natsu, Laxus and Elsa, and Cyber.
Their first task came from Kyle, a demi-god of the Olympus who was looking for his human mother. It turned out a former worker from Stark industries named Howard was behind the kidnapping of Kyle's mother. The Avengers managed to stop Howard, and take his source of power the Mandarin Rings.

They begin to deal with regular crime, and eventually helped the SXM fight against the Olympian Invasion. They also dealt with the Atlanteon & Kree invasion. Later on..Kano left the team to help deal with a Hunter Invasion back on Asgard, and they engaged in battle against the New Brotherhood.

During Dark Reign, they lost their support from SHIELD, and became an independent group funded by Stark Enterprises.
They continued to deal with threats as they could, and eventually, after the events of X-Lords and the fall of HAMMER and restitution of SHIELD, they regained government sponsoring, moving to NYC to the Avengers Mansion.

Their next major fight came during the Council of Gods invasion as they defended the world from both the angry Gods and the invading demons from hell.
During this time, they gained a new member in Kosmos. However, without a memory, the hero attacked and ended up killed by Terrel from the SXM. Surfer then vowed vengeance and during his fight severely injured Riya
This in turned caused Terrel to become obsessed with murdering him. After two attempts and defeats by the Avengers (one of them thanks to a sneak attack by the Green Arrow), Terrel finally managed to kill Surfer and defeat the Avengers, killing many of their members in the process. Marco, Cloy, Dale and Kairi died in the confrontation. Natsu and Elsa were gravely injured, Cyber heavily damaged and Nono turned into a chocolate statue, her status unknown.

Nono was recovered, but Aaron quit both SHIELD and the Avengers. Without Iron Man, and Nono being the last one capable of fighting, the first incarnation of the Avengers since the return of the name was thus disbanded.

However, thanks to the efforts of the Green Arrow Oliver Morris, the Avengers were born again, this time separate from SHIELD and their own team. Oliver used the resources from both his empire and the Stark empire to fund the new team, and new members joined, Felicia, Sean, Shawn, Poll-Arris (on request to the Inhumans), and Tyler, the new Captain America.
On their first mission to deal with the zombie apocalypse, they meet Matt, Goliath, who then became a member as well

Cyber returned soon after, having been repaired. Just in time for the Avengers to help deal with the Galaxy War, in collaboration with SHIELD and SWORD.
However, soon after, Castiel and Lucifer used Samantha to plunge the world into the Dark Month. The Avengers fought to keep her sage despite the Heavenly Host's efforts to eliminate her. In the end, she left the team. As she did, Elsa and Natsu waked up, rejoining the team.
When Milo created the SXML, most of the Avengers were drafted into the team, so the team is as of then defunct. Natsu, Laxus and Elsa also left the team in favor of traveling the world.
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