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Post by Chulance Sat Aug 27, 2011 9:25 pm

Ultimate Heroes Uprising Nation_X_Vol_1_1_Textless

Mutants the very name strikes fear in the hearts of some people. For Centuries the fear of a certain people group has led to there extermination, as fear breeds hatred. A World in which relations between mutants, and humanity are strained. Terrorism from Mutant Factions is growing, and the United Nations has responded with the SHIELD sponsored group the Mutant Response Division aka the M.R.D. To Repair the Mutant's images and prevent an all out war, the Shadow X Men have been formed to save the world. To make matters worse Earth has become somewhat of a Refugee planet for Extraterrestrial, and Supernatural beings, now with chaos enveloping the world, can it be saved from its own hatred. The year is 2150, I for one fear for earth's survival, let humanity's final oddessy begin!

-This is going to have a more realistic tone, so death should be more final, more realistic, and it's set in 2100.
-Most of the Original Heroes are gone, we can use some of them, but most should be dead.
-You can't find the Tessaract, if you want to be connected to the plot tell me.
-You can use originals from HU, or new characters run powers by me tho please.
-Have fun!
"The Streets of New York were scene, Peter Parker was seen on a roof top a joint in his mouth, burning weed, leaning back looking below, at sirens, and a newspaper in his hand."

Peter: haha..Norman's still out here doing this shit haha.
???: PETER GET INSIDE! THe New Spiderman's on the news honey
Peter: Ah Fuck em, I was the best,
Mary: OH you cranky ass old man, alright keep doing your drugs, keep letting it tget t oyuo
Peter: SHUT UP!

"IN another part of town Dale had webbed up some thugs, as the cops came opening fire Dale swung away getting to a roof top looking around he slipped off his mask, and changed into his civilian clothes, shooting web to the edge of the building pulling his camera over to him."

Dale: Nice footage, Amber would be proud. Maybe even inspire her to get her powers down.
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