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The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here Empty The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here

Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 05, 2009 3:46 pm

Ladies and gentlemen. for your reading pleasure. This first post will be made to put the character info. Of you have a particular skill you might want, as long as it isn't to crazy, feel free to PM me. DTX and Ningen are the only ones so far with powers. Also, ignore the following post if you haven't read the chapter yet. It may take some time to get them all up, seeing as I'll be correcting previous mistakes, which I am sure most of you realize are plenty.

1th part - The Beggining of the End.
Me - Master marksmen and firearms expert. Status: Deceased
Jessica Raine - Expert double blade wielder, the Osake knifes. Status: Final Battle
Nikku - Incredible intellect, strategist and computer expert. Also able to fight with knifes. Status: Final Battle
Tlaloc - Strategist, and expert in hand to hand combat. Good with firearms. Status: Final Battle
Vegeta_DTX - Hand to hand combat. Gained minor control over ki similar to DBZ. Status: Final Battle

2th part - The First Battle: The power of DBE

3th Part - To the Leaders Home.
Ningen - Marksmen. Able to use Transmutation abilities of FMA. Status: Right Outside the Fox HQ Giant Robot
Iceman - Expert with Bow and Arrow. Status: Final Battle, Incapaciated
Sephi - Master Katana wielder. Fast and agile. Final Battle

7th part
Superman - Capable at hand to hand combat. Status: Final Battle
Anime Goku - Katana expert. Knowledgeable in works of fiction, and capable strategist. Status: Deceased.

10th part
Brief cameos by:
Secor - Explosives Expert. Statues: Final Battle
Luffy - Rubber Physiology. Status: Fighting off the remaining Homunculi
Son Goku - Enhanced Strength and Speed. Statues: Final Battle

12th Part:
Hawttdawgg: Expert in using double handed swords. Only one capable of understanding Jamie Chung. Status: Fighting off the remaining Homunculi

14th Part:
Sonaditya - Pressure Point master, as well as proficient with several martial arts. Status: Fighting off the remaining Homunculi
JustinLynch3 - Equipped with wrist flamethrowers. Status: Final Battle
Venus - Expert knife thrower. Agile and fast. Status: Final Battle
4NeoDemon - Scythe wielder. Status: Final Battle

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Resident Sniper

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The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here Empty Re: The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here

Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 05, 2009 3:58 pm

Chapter 1 - Beginning of the end

As of early April, the streets if Lisbon Portugal lived in fear. A series of murders were taking place, and the police was completely dumbstruck by the method. It seemed to be a sniper, yet the calculated distance was impossible for any human to pull off.

"I was in my room, watching the DBE movie again, and just getting madder by each the part of "HO ARE U" came on, I got up from my chair, and cursed Wong and is crew for the Bull shit that I was watching.
I felt like taking a breather, so picked up, what seemed like a brief case, and opened it. Inside, there was sniper rifle"

Me: I never shoot from home, but at this point, I really don't care if i get caught. I just can't stand DBE anymore.

"As I prepared to shoot, I spotted two people with a map, that seemed to be a print screen of the DB-LAM-Protest forum map. One was a guy, another a girl."

Me: There are only two groups that would need a map to find my address. It's either Fox, or the DB LAM protesters

"Just then, I Notice what seemed to be a couple of knifes on the girls back pack."

Me: Jessie...thank god. "I put the gun away and yelled from the window" YO JESSIE, OVER HERE.

"Both Jessie the guy made their way to my house."

Jessie: How you doing lol. So, the string of murders...?
Me: What, I just needed to blow off steam. I only targeted people that I knew watched the movie.
Guy: Then it's okay. After all, they deserve to be obliterated
Me: NIKKU?! So it's you. Anyway, what are you guys doing here?
Jessie: It's about Vegeta_DTX. You noticed he hasn't come online in a while right? I'm thinking, since DBE got a bad
income, and the petition sky rocked after the movie, Fox is going to start targeting us.
Nikku: Yeah, and that means, we are all in danger. Every single member of the forum.
Me: That's just like Fox. So what do you have in mind?
Nikku: Well, both me and Jessie planned to fly to Serbia and find the local members, including DTX. But, I only had
enough money for a plane here.
Jessie: So I joined him here, and set out to find you.
Me: Boy, you guys are sure reckless. But no sweat. I got your back

"I go over to my safe, and pull out a bag full of money"

Me: I kinda robbed a lot of movie theaters of any money made from DBE, so I'm rich, even if the movie bombed.
Jessie and Nikku: O.O
Me: I think this should be enough for at least 6 tickets
Nikku: Awesome.

"After a while of preparations, the three friends made their way to the nearest airport."

Me: Wait a second...look over there

"I point to a skirmish going on in one of the entry gates, were what seemed to be a Mexican, attack another person, laying a punch straight in his jaw"

Other guy: YOU HAVE NO LIFE FOR TRYING TO STOP DBE. YOU ARE A "his head ass-plodes"

Everyone around: WTF!

"I was holding my Sniper Riffle, without even having my eye in the scope"

Me: This might be a good time to run

"Police officers start to surround me, Jessie and Nikku"

New guy: I HATE COPS!

"The guy tackles on one of the cops and brings him down. Me and the others take the opportunity to slip past the others"

Me: RUN!
Jessie: Yeah that might be a good idea.

We run. After a while, we duck into an alley way and catch our breaths"

Nikku: are you?
New guy: Well, my name is...wait a minute...a sniper...a pair of Osaka knifes...LOL AND JESSIE!?
Nikku: And Nikku.
Me: TLALOC. What are you doing here?
Tlaloc: I was trying to get to Serbia, because of DTX's vanishing act, but I got into a fight in the plane and...well...yeah.
Me: Well anyway, now that...

"Suddenly, I get shoot in the shoulder"
Voice: Well. seems I found 4 more targets...I knew going after the leader would work.
Voice: Who do you think.

"Suddenly, a woman comes forward, with two guns, one in each hand. She had a single line of blue in her brown hair.
It was Emmy Rossum."

End Chapter 1. Next Chapter, The first battle

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Resident Sniper

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The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here Empty Re: The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here

Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:16 pm

Chapter 2 - First Battle

Tlaloc: You mean Rascacolas
Me: Or that.
Emmy: HEY! Don't insult me...I know what that means.
Nikku: So?
Emmy: I don't think you realize this, but I have GUNS YOU MORONS! What can you do? Also, I shot that kid first, because he's the only one with any decent weapon in the lot of you.
Me: One problem...those guns are only props. I only felt a slight sting. Now that I said this, and utterly humiliated you, I have a question; What have you done with our leader?
Emmy: CHATWIN YOU JACKASS! He must have switched my guns with the fakes from the movies. Thank god i have the real...

"Suddenly I take a shoot at Rossum with my sniper, but she disappears, and I miss"

Me: DAMM! I missed! She moves way to fast to be a normal human.
Emmy: You don't realize our true does wonders on one's genetics. We knew you guys were good fighters, or good shooters from the beginning, so Fox as given all the crew of DBE super human abilities
Jessie: What is this!? Heroes? "pulls out her Osaka knives"
Me: Nikku, if you have any fighting skills, now would be the time to talk. Same goes for you Tlaloc.
Tlaloc: I can fight hand to hand. But she's way to fast. Toss me a gun and that's a different story though.
Me: Alright. Nikku, what about you?
Nikku: Well, at this point I really can't help you guys
Jessie: Enough of this, lets just kill her alright?
Me: Yeah...whatever.

" I aim straight at Rossum's head, and take the shoot. She again dodges with ease."

Emmy: Please like you could hit me.
Me: DAMM! I missed again
Emmy: MUAHAHAH! We are going to rape millions of childhoods and there's nothing you bastards can do about it.
Jessie: Oh yeah

"Jessie fast paces to Emmy, and proceeds and attacks her with both the knives, Emmy, duck easily, and just as she's about to trip Jessi"

Emmy: Nice try...but no.
Nikku: LOL! You're Rascacolas
Emmy: FUCK YO...

"Thanks to that one pause, Jessie managed to pull herself back and lunge at Emmy, the latter barely managing to avoid major damage to her vital points"

Emmy: DAMMIT!!
Jessie: LOL can you shoot her now!?
Me: Shoot her? I can no scope her!


Nikku: Man that chick was stupid
Jessie: To lower her guard over something like this
Me: WHAT!?
Nikku: We shouldn't have killed her. Can't tell us what happened to Vegeta_DTX
Me: Oh fuck!
Jessie: It's impolite to curse!
Me: So what? Anyway...what now? Since I kinda shoot a guy in the airport, I doubt air plains will be an option.
Nikku: Well...that's not entirely true...
Me: What do you have in mind?
Nikku: Tlaloc...did you bring any extra luggage you don't need?
Tlaloc: yeah...I did?
Nikku: And is the bag big enough for a person
Tlaloc: Yeeeees.

"Nikku takes a look in my direction"

Nikku: Twisted Evil
Me: I get a feeling whatever he is planing is going to hurt Sad

A few hours latter, everyone but me is on the plane to Serbia

Jessie: Poor Lol.
Nikku: It was necessary.
Tlaloc: Still...did it have to be done this way?
Nikku: Think of it like this. He's saving money by not paying the ticket Very Happy.

"Meanwhile, in the luggage compartment of the plain"


End Chapter 2. Next Chapter, The Leaders Home

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Resident Sniper

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The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here Empty Re: The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here

Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:36 pm

Chapter 3 - The Leaders Home

"Our rag tag team of heroes have arrived in Serbia."

Nikku: Wait, please, at least give me some head start T_T.
Jessie: He's been in there for over 3 hours. Poor guy. Let him out already

"We find our heroes in an alley...well all but myself. Jessie then moves to open a person sized bag that they are carrying. When she does, I jump out like a maniac"

Nikku: affraid
Tlaloc: Get a grip Lol. It was a good idea.
Me: Fine...fine. Anyway...what now?
Nikku: Well, we have to find DTX's house...but since he's never online these days...oh wait I know... Smile. I need a computer.
Me: I brought my laptop, fully charged.
Nikku: Perfect.

"Nikku turns on the computer, and opens up both Google earth, and the DB-LAM protest site. Then starts typing in both windows"

Jessie. What are you going to do?
Nikku: Well, I'm going to use the map of the protest site to track down Ningen, Iceman, Superman and Sephi.
Tlaloc: But the Serbia part of the map is very incomplete.
Nikku: What do you think Google earth is for?
Me: Whoa! You can actually match Google earth the the protest site's map?!
Nikku: Sure I can, I'm that smart. Cool
Jessie: Nice. Very Happy

"Time Passes quickly, as Nikku does his work. Me and Jessie are using Nikku's card to play a game of Yu-Gi-Oh"

Me: I win Jessie.
Jessie: Damm, you're good at this!
Nikku: If i wasn't so busy, I would show you how you play Yugioh...Anyway, almost there. Okay, done!
Tlaloc: Awesome
Nikku: Well I managed to track down all of them, except Superman. He isn't on right now. The closest one is Iceman. Ready?
Me: Lets GO!

After a while of searching, and walking around the capital, we can't seem to find Iceman's house

Nikku: Impossible...but I was sure...
Jessie: I'm thinking we should have turned left.
Nikku: Damn, we're screwed!
...: Excuse me...are you lost?
Me: Yeah. We're looking for a friends house, but we're not from around here.
...: I see...wait a minute...OSAKA KNIFES!?
Tlaloc: Wait a 70 krelac...what is it?
Iceman: It's my rank in the forum XD.
Iceman: Yep! It's me!
Nikku: Great...we found one of them.
Iceman: What are you doing here, well that doesn't matter, we kinda need to get to somewhere safe, things around here have been...weird...let's just get inside. My house is right here
Nikku: SEE! I was right!
Me: Yeah, whatever.

"As we get inside Iceman's house, we start to tell him about everything, that happened, including the fight with Rossum"

Iceman: I see. Well I'm glad to see that someone outside Serbia is aware of the weird stuff going on.
Me: What do you mean?
Iceman: Well, to start, not only as DTX gone missing, but Ningen was attacked. The guy seemed to know everything about the protest group...and he kept saying Ningen wasn't ready for this. He only put 2+2 together when he got home.
Jessie: Chatwin...
Tlaloc: It's Chatfail.
Nikku: Anyway, what about Sephi? Is he alright?
Iceman: Yeah, he's fine. We were gonna get together today at his house, I suppose you guys wanna come?
Me: You bet.

We leave Iceman's house. After a while of walking, and taking a bus, we get to Sephi's house

Iceman: Well, anyway, how did you defeat Emmy? I mean if what you said is true, normal humans don't have a chance right?
Me: It was like BOOM HEAD SHOT!
Nikku: Thats putting it simple. Fact is, we only won because of Tlaloc, and Rossum's own stupidity.
Tlaloc: How you figure that?
Nikku: Rascacolas. She seemed to get distracted with rage if we called her the name name. I used it to distract her. Lucky too.
Jessie: yeah, stupid idiot Rossum!
Iceman: Well, this is it. We're here.
Me: So this is Sephi's ho...

"Suddenly I get shoot at. I duck just in time "

Sephi:...Sorry, I didn't recognize you Iceman.

"He was holding a gun out of the window, and Ningen came up from behind him"

Ningen: I told you to be careful with that.
Jessie: Ningen, Sephi, how you doing?
Ningen:...You should hide those knifes better, or else everyone will know you're psycho
Jessie: I'm not psycho...just very random.
Sephi: Whatever...just get inside.

"As the team gets inside, I notice something...a Sephiroth poster"

Me: ALL HAIL THE MASTER OF DEATH. "starts to sing one winged angel".
Sephi: Thank you XD.
Ningen: People, we have business to discuss
Nikku: Yeah. We need to start coming up with a plan
Me: Well I figure that they are holding Vegeta_DTX in their HQ.
Jessie: Most likely, but we don't know that for sure, if we did, coming here would have been pointless.
Nikku: If only somehow he could get online...I could trace him with the same method i traced you guys
Sephi: What method?
Nikku: Well I used the map in the protest site, and then crossed it with Google earth.
Ningen: OH SHIT!
Tlaloc: What!?
Iceman: Well if you guys did it, then there is nothing stopping the Fox from doing the same
Tlaloc: FUCK!
Jessie: He's right.

"Suddenly, Iceman, that using Sephi's PC to monitor the Forum, let out a gasp"

Iceman: OMG! NO WAY
Me: What! Is it them! Are they here?!
Iceman: No...DTX is online.
Nikku: GREAT!

"Nikku turns on the laptop, and goes to the protest site. He then opens Google Earth, and starts doing the same thing he did before."

Me: Well, hurry!
Nikku: This is delicate work...he is here in Serbia...
Everyone: WHAT!!
Me: Where?
Nikku: In this section here. "he points to a spot on the map" Do any of you know it?
Ningen: Yeah, it's an abandoned warehouse section. I know were it his
Me: We have our heading, let's go!
Tlaloc: To save our leader
Jessie: WOOT
Sephi: One second

"Sephi goes to his closet, and starts looking for something. He then pulls out a huge katana, same as the one used by Sephiroth"

Iceman: Is that what i think it is?
Sephi: Yep, an exact replica of Sephiroth's sword, in size and everything.
Me: Shocked AWESOME!!
Sephi: I get a feeling I may need it
Ningen: Do you even know how to use that thing.
Sephi: Oh yeah Twisted Evil
Nikku: Cool Very Happy and this is not quoting's cool that is all.
Tlaloc: Can we go now?
Me: DB-LAM protest group...let's GO!
Tlaloc: And the Fox executives

End Chapter 3- Next Chapter, The Assault

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The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here Empty Re: The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here

Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 05, 2009 4:56 pm

Chapter 4 - The Assault

Somewhere, on a rooftop. 4 individuals are casually talking. One of them is looking through the scope of a sniper at a warehouse like building

Me: All I'm saying is that she was hot. She was also ugly, but that's another thing
Iceman: If you say a girl is "hot" you take into consideration everything, not just the "accents".
Jessie: Do you mind, there are members of the opposite gender in the vicinity.
Me: silent
Iceman: Fine then.
Ningen: Back to's it looking?
Me: Well, I'm counting three guards, and I can't see some areas of the building. There's a closed room inside, with 2 of the guards. I assume that's where they are keeping DTX.
Jessie: I see. Well, a ground strike seems in order...
Nikku: Or not.

"Nikku, along with Tlaloc and Sephi, arrive at the rooftop"

Ningen: You're back. How's it looking?
Tlaloc: Bad. There are more guards than you can't see from here Lol, and...
Me: They're armed...yeah ? figured.
Sephi. What now.
Me: Ningen...have you ever handled a sniper?
Ningen: pale No...
Me: Well, you are going to start. I have a spare sniper, but it's not a .50 cal. You'll have to aim for the head. Here's my plan. I go to that other spot I found before this one, and snipe from there. Ningen from here. That should take out half of them. Then Sephi and Jessie handle the rest, either themselves or by giving me or Ningen a shot. Tlaloc, Nikku and Iceman, you guys go in, and save DTX. We clear?
Sephi: Understood.
Jessie: Osaka time!
Ningen: Fine then. Let's do this.
Nikku: Why in the hell are they paying for all this, or going to this much trouble anyway? I mean even if the movie bombed, they are still rich as hell. Why go to such lengths to harm a bunch of people from an internet forum.
Tlaloc: Because it was a huge kick in the balls for them. For once, they couldn't buy success, and that means they found out the hard way, money can't buy everything. Besides, I'm sure this is hurting them economically, and our forum is like the base of operations of the entire worldwide protest of the movie. If this starts spilling into some other of their films, or even other areas, it might get ugly for them. They have to shut us up.
Me: Damned fuckers!
Jessie: Impoliiiite.
Me: Anyway, let's just go

We cut to two guards having a casual conversation

Guard 1: So, have you seen DBE?
Guard 2: Yeah, it seems like a well constructed adaptation of the original Dragon Ba- "HEAD SHOT!"
Guard 1: What the deuce"also HEAD SHOOT".

"From the nearby door, Iceman, Tlaloc and Nikku slip in after the guards are dead, and sneak carefully to the next room"

Nikku: Nice job Ningen. Beginners luck or just plain skill. Either way, nice job.

In another zone of the building/warehouse

Guard 3: Did you hear something "head as-plodes"
Guard 4: Exclamation OMG WTF BBQ "head also As-plodes"

"Suddenly, from a nearby window, both Jessie and Sephi get into the building, surveying the dead guards with their heads in pieces"

Jessie: Nice job. He really is a good sniper.
Sephi: Understatement of the year. Ready?
Jessie: "shows her Osaka Knife" Oh yeah!
Sephi: Let's get to work then.

"From the nearby rooftop, I watch over Jessie and Sephi walking into another area of the building I can't see"

Me: Damn, what a bad shot. I missed the eye Hit the nose on both. Damn, if I had hit them in the eye, the as-plosions would have been better.

"Screams echo from the warehouse"

Me: Looks like the massacre has started. Makes me wish i was there...
Ningen "on a communicator": Hey, mine are down as well. Guess I'm a better shot than I thought. Now what?
Me: You forgot roger. I'm not answering until you say roger.
Ningen: Fuck you; roger.
Me: What did Roger ever do to you, roger...and you forgot roger again...roger.
Ningen: "face palm sounds"
Me: Very Happy


"Jessie and Sephi are standing in a pile of bodies, with blood all around. Sephi is using one of the dead guys sleeves to wipe the blood from his sword"

Jessie: How I love the sight of blood! What a Face
Sephi: That was the last of the guards...let's hope Nikku's group did their part.


Nikku: Ok, we're here. Close call too. That guard nearly spot us
Tlaloc: Good thing he didn't. This way, all I had to do was sneak up behind him and break his neck.
Iceman: Dear god, you are all deadly!
Nikku: Not me, I'm a brain...that comes up with the deadly. Let's just get go.

"They approach the room were DTX is suppose to be, and slowly open the door"

...: Stay away from that door, you punks!
Nikku: Wait, not you AAHHHHHHHHHH

Back to the bloody mess

Jessie: That scream...IT WAS NIKKU!!


Me: FUCK!. They had one damn job, and they still managed to screw up! "I speak to the communicator" Let's go Ningen
Ningen"over the communicator": Hope they're alright.

End Chapter 4. Next Chapter, Round 2

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The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here Empty Re: The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here

Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 05, 2009 5:15 pm

Chapter 5: Round 2: vs Fat

Steps echoed through the building, as both me and Ningen rush to Nikku.

"We run into Jessie and Sephi, as they were heading in the same direction."

Jessie: Did you hear it?
Me : Yeah. It can’t be good!
Sephi: Let’s hope they're all alright.

"All four of us move as fast as we can, and we finally get to Nikku’s group. Both Tlaloc and Iceman seemed unharmed.
But Nikku was lying unconscious on the floor."

Me: TLALOC, ICEMAN! What happened?!
Tlaloc: It was Chow Yun-Fat!
Iceman: He just came out of nowhere and hit Nikku straight on...poor guy never had a chance.
Chow: The answer would be behind you.

"Before anyway could do anything, Chow Yun-Fat punches Jessie straight in the jaw, sending her flying into the wall, hitting it hard, and then sliding limp to the floor"

Sephi: Jessie!
Chow: And your nex-

"Before he could finish, a Ningen shoots him in the head. He does a matrix type dodge"

Ningen: Damn, I missed!

"I shoot several times at Yun-Fat, but he dodges them all."

Chow: Have you forgotten your fight with Emmy. You can't touch us. You only got lucky with Emmy because she was an air head fool. I wont make the same mistakes.
Tlaloc: He's right. I doubt he will be fooled by the same trick.
Iceman: He doesn't seem the type to fall for simple mind games...we're screwed.
Sephi: Lol, think if you had opening, even a second worth of it, you would get a shot in?
Me: Yes, but...wait, no Sephi.
Sephi: It's okay, get ready!

Sephi charges at Yun-Fat with his sword, lunging at him. Fat easily dodges to the side, only to have me shot him. Fat takes a step back, and turns back to Sephi. He kicks him in the stomach, and sends him to the ground"

Me: Damn!! Sorry Sephi, he's just to fast!
Chow - You are all doomed, and now, to show you that, I'm going to humiliate your friend there.
Ningen: Fuck!
Tlaloc: Damned son of a bitch!
Iceman: Don't do do it

"Yun-Fat walks over to Nikku, ready to had insult to injury"

Chow - First I kill him, then that girl, then the rest of you. Payment for messing with my career. I will never get another decent job because of you damned fans...the movie sucked because the original sucked beyond hope. If anything, our movie made it prepare to d-AMN IT! MY DRAGONBALLS

"Nikku took the fact Chow Yun-Fat had turned his back, and upercut him in the groin."

Nikku: Never turn your back on an enemy, and it's DRAGON BALLS...NOW LOL1991, but don't kill him.
Ningen: Allow me the pleasure.
Me: Go ahead XD.

Ningen shoots Chow Yun-Fat in the leg, immobilizing him. Yun-Fat struggles and leans against the wall, grabbing both his leg, and his "dragon balls"

Chow: I may go down, but I leave you with this warning. You will never beat our power. This drug is not what you think
Ningen: What are talking about?

"Just then, Jessie suddenly appeards in front Chow Yun-Fat and slices throat by crossing her knives in an X shape"

Nikku: I'm too awesome to die Cool
Nigen: Damn it Jessie. Now we'll never know what he was talking about!
Tlaloc: We'll think about that later. Now we have to-

"Just then, a familiar voice his heard."

Voice :
Sephi: That voice...
Ningen: It can't be!
Iceman: Vegeta_DTX?!

"Out of the door comes the leader of the DB-LAM Protesters"

Everyone: WHAT THE FUCK!!!

End Chapter 5. Next Chapter, The Leader

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Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 05, 2009 5:41 pm

Chapter 6: The Leader.

To the surprise of all present, DTX emerged from the doors uttering words no one would ever expect him to utter.

Me: Ok, DTX, tell me your joking.
Me: Dam!!
Nikku: DTX, it's us, the LAM protesters, don't you recognize us?
Jessie: yeah...Vegeta, come on, please talk to us normal
Tlaloc: Don't wast your breath guys, look at his eyes.

"DTX's eyes had darted to the corpse of Chow Yun-Fat...and what seemed like a tear left them afterward."

Iceman:"Whipers" No...
Ningen: Damn.
Sephi: DTX, just come with us, it will be alright...
DTX: You killed will die!
Me: Whoa man, calm down, none of us want to hurt you!
DTX: You, the one with the .50 cal, was it you that shot his leg?
Me: No, but what doe-
DTX: Then who?
Ningen: It was me!
DTX: I see...

"The next second he was gone. At blinding speed, he darts towards me and punches square in the stomach. Last thing I remember is seeing is blank expression. I fall to the ground unconscious."

DTX: One down, 6 to go.
Jessie: DAMMIT!! We can't attack our leader, but if you don't defend ourselves...
DTX: To slow

"DTX run" over to Ningen so fast no one can stop him, and then proceeds to punch him into the wall. But before Ningen even reached the wall, DTX appeared above him and kicked him down with a spinning kick, in mid air. Ningen hits the floor hard, but manages to roll over hand avoid damge to his spine"

Nikku: Shocked
Iceman: WTF!?!
Tlaloc: How did he...
DTX: You're next sword guy
Sephi: FUCK!!

"Before Sephi could do anything, DTX was already behind him, and kicked him in the back of the knee, that bent like it isn't suppose to"

Sephi: AHAHH!
Jessie: How is he doing this?
Tlaloc: I GOT IT...

"Just as Tlaloc sais these words, DTX kicks him in the face."

Nikku: Jessie, Iceman! Get here...quick!
Jessie What!
Nikku: I got it to. They must have injected him with a bigger dose of the stuff they injected the actors with.
Jessie: Why not do this to the actors?
Nikku: Most likely they wanted to know the side effects. If Vegeta_DTX is showing none, you can bet your ass they will do it eventually.
Jessie: But why is he...
Iceman: Brainwashed. It's the only logical explanation.
Nikku: Yeah, and when he first talked, he seemed out of it.
Iceman: now what? Lol1991, Ningen, Tlaloc and Sephi are all out.
Jessie: That leaves me to fight him...I will hold him off, you guys get to Iceman's house and contact the rest of the DB-LAM protesters...
Nikku: But Jessie...
Jessie: JUST GO!!
Iceman:...Right...good luck psycho Wink .
Jessie: When this is over, I'll get you for that.
Nikku:...You stay it?!

"Both Nikku and Iceman walk out of the room, leaving Jessica against DTX."

Jessie: Looks like it's you and me...let's just see how good that drug really is!
DTX: After I am done with you...I will get your friends...
Jessie: You got us all together...and I will be DAMNED if I let you go on like this!
DTX: I...

Both of them lung at each other, as Jessie pulls out the Osaka Knifes.
DTX jumped to the left to avoid them, but Jessie caught his movement in time and attacks to the left as well, managing to cut DTX."

Jessie: Got him, now I just have to...
DTX: You think that hurt! I can ignore pain like this like I ignore DBE support...
Jessie: Shocked DTX. Did you hear what you said! THAT'S YOU! You hate DBE!
DTX: No...shut up...I love..DB...JUST SHUT UP AND DI...!
...: Enough...

"A tranquilizer dart hits DTX, and he falls to the ground"

End Chapter 6. Next Chapter, Bringing Back the Boss.

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Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 05, 2009 5:55 pm

Chapter 7 - Bringing Back the Boss.

"I start to get up, and hear voices around me"

...: Well, what do we do now?
...: We have to figure out why DTX...

"Suddenly, it all comes back to me, the fight, finding DTX...his words. I quickly get up and look around. Two people are staring at me with alarmed, yet relieved eyes."

...: Glad to see your alive lol.
Me: Who are-

"Suddenly, I get knocked down from the couch I was in, and someone is hugging me."

Me: WTFudge!!
Jessie: Crying or Very sad YOU'RE ALRIGHT!!
Me: Well, now it's starting to hurt, so kindly let go Jess.
Jessie: Sorry, sorry "wipes tears" It's just Goku and Superman said you were hurt bad.
Me: Shocked Jessica, what have you been smocking...I want some! Very Happy
Superman: No you idiot, she means the forum ones. I'm superman, call me Sups
Anime Goku: I'm Anime Goku by the way...nice to see you lol.
Me: Is that a katana...and a drill?
Anime Goku: Yeah I got the sword on one of my trips to Japan. And the drill I stole from a construction site, then made a few modifications to look like the ones from TTGL. You like it?
Me: It's stylish Cool .
Superman. Enough of this. We have bigger things to deal with. Like DTX.
Me: OH YEAH!! What happened after he knocked me out?
Jessie: And broke your ribs.
Me: So that's why it hurts.

"Anime Goku and Superman sit down, and start to tell the story."

Superman: Well, I live just a few blocks down from where you were fighting, and I heard the mayhem, so I went to check it out.
Anime Goku: On the way, he found me. I used Google eĀ«Earth in combination with the protest sites online user map to track down DTX. He was missing for a long time, so I got worried.
Superman: Has we got there we heard screams, and when we got to the source we found you guys. I hit DTX with a tranq
Anime Goku: He still attacked us after, but eventually the tranq did it's thing. We then tied him up with a steel chain, and brought you guys to Sups grandparents house
Superman: I didn't think it was wise to bring you to a location so close to a DBE HQ. This house is a bit farther, so it's safer.
Me: Where are the others?
Jessie: Nikku and Iceman got away, and went to contact any additional DB LAM protesters. I stayed behind to stall DTX.
Me: You are CRAZY! He could have killed you...anyway, what about Tlaloc, Ningen and Sephi?
Jessie:...Well, they're...
Me: Wait they're not...
Sups: Calm down! You should let people finish.
Anime Goku: They're hurt, bad. Ningen has a broken arm, and a couple of broken ribs. It could have been worse, but Jessie told me that he managed to land on his stomach. If he hadn't, the impact on his spine would have killed him. Tlaloc as a broken jaw, and Sephi a badly dislocated knee. You have 3 broken ribs from the punch that knocked you out. The other three are in Superman's room. We brought you here because of lack of space
Me: OUCH!! Jezz, DTX was brutal!
Jessie: Yeah! He's in the study. We were going to question him. Wanna help?
Me: Lets do it!

"All four of us walk over to the next room. DTX is tied with chains to a chair, his face showing the strange black expression from before."

DTX: So, it's the haters. What are you doing here?
Superman: We want to know what happened after you went missing?
DTX: I never went missing!
Me: You did. You spent one month not going to the board
DTX: That's because I realized I was wrong. DBE rocks!
AG: Well, this is weird.
Jessie: Indeed.
Superman: DTX, you do NOT like DBE. You can hardly stand all LAM, let alone one about Dragon Ball.
Me: yeah!
DTX: I LOVE DBE!! Get bent haters!
...: I think I know how to get him to come around.
Jessie. NIKKU!
Iceman: And me,
Superman: Good to see you Iceman. And you're Nikku. Pleasure to meet you. I see you got my message,
Nikku: Thanks. Yeah. We came here as soon as we saw the PM in Iceman's house. As I was saying: Show him some pics of Dragon Ball. He will see the real thing and snap out of it.
Jessie: Simple. yet effective...lets try that

"After a half hour of Google images"

DTX: See, I don't get you guys. Chatwin totaly looks like Goku. If you put a clip from DBE next to it's anime counterpart, it's like a mirror
Me: That would be hard...
DTX: How come?
DTX: Hater...
Iceman: What if we tried showing him the DB-LAM protest site?
Me: Lets try that.

"After another half hour"

DTX: I can't believe I associated myself with you haters.
Me: I got it! This as to work!
Jessie: What?
Me: 4Chan! We mind rape him awake!
Jessie: Twisted Evil Lets do that
Nikku: I hatez 4Chan. It corrupts souls!
Iceman: Lets see it then.

"After a few minutes on the /b/ section."

Me: LULZ!!11!!
Jessie: LOLOLOLOL!!1!
Iceman: Oh God...
Nikku: "grabs his legs and sits in fetal position on the floor" DO NOT WANT!!
Sups: Disgusting!
AG: I will never be the same again...
DTX: Mind raped...wait a second...rape...childhood...DBE raped childhood like these pics my brain...I HATE DBE!!
Everyone: DTX!! YOU'RE BACK!!
Nikku: Can you still go SSJ?
DTX: I think! If I try it, it starts to fill my brain with messages to like DBE
Iceman: Don't try it then.
DTX: One more thing...can you untie me please?
Sups: OH! okay. There.
DTX: Thanks...where...are the others I hurt? Embarassed
...: Right here boss!!

"From the other room, cames out Tlaloc, supporting both Sephi and Ningen. Ningen looked bad, and Sephi couldn't stand on his right leg."

Tlaloc: Good to 'ee you bo's!
Ningen: Broken jaw. He can't speak straight
Sephi: Nice kick! You didn't take it easy. Nice to see it's you again.
Ningen: Yeah!
Me: What happened anyway? We all want to know.
Nikku: Yeah, do tell!
DTX: Well...

End Chapter 7. Next Chapter, One Month Ago.

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Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 05, 2009 6:07 pm

Chapter 8 - One Month Ago

It all started one month ago...



DTX is in is room, checking out the petition.

DTX: We have OVER 9000 signature! Oh boy I can't wait to finally make this thread. The hole reason I wrote the petition updates like this was for this one...lets see...(note: if you had other reason DTX, just go along).

DTX opens the Important announcements only to see the thread already made. Lol1991 beat him to it.

DTX: Damn...Oh well, I'll just do the over 22 thousand, from the Cui vs Vegeta fight. With how bad the movie is, I'm sure the petition will get there eventually

"Just the, DTX hears a noise outside."

DTX: What was that?! I'll just go...

"Suddenly, a strange man enters the room through the window"

...: You're not ready for this"

"The man moves too fast for DTX, and get's behind him, hitting him in the neck with a shop. DTX goes down"

DTX wakes up in a very dark room, with only a single lamp pointed at him. He is strapped to a table.

DTX: what...happened
...: You have been captured, you punk!
...: You weren't ready for this.
...: GUNZ! Wait, damn I thought it wasn't my turn to...anyway, yeah, you suck!
...: UH R U!?
...: Rad awesome we have him!
...: I'm old.
...: Finally its my turn to...
...: Welcome, to hell...
Wong: You broke the introduction you moron!
Chatwin: All that work...
Emmy: Idiot. Anyway, Gok-
Chung: u r gona stfu u bastard h0m0s3xual!
DTX: Wait...wat?
Park: Totally not tubular man!
Wong: ENOUGH OF THIS!! You want to know why we brought you here. As you know, our movie is being very criticized, and you're little group as managed to lift a few stones. Fox as given us permission to execute our plan B, and if we fail...well let's just say we can't. The stakes are high.
DTX: And you're still going to fail you morons.
Wong: To start off, we have all been give super formulas for strength and reflexes. However, we do not know the limit of the drug, and it has a side effect. Its minor to us of course.
DTX: What is that?
Wong: Let me ask you. have you WATCHED DBE?
DTX: Yes I have. It still sucks balls, and I lost some blood to the brain. Why?
Wong: The drug makes anyone who as watched DBE like well as the super strength. However, that is only the initial side effect. We need to now if higher doses do worse. That's were you come in.
DTX: Crying or Very sad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad Evil or Very Mad
Wong: You don't have a choice. You will be a mindless slave of our cause, and our lab rat to test the limits of this drug. Me and my crew will take our leave now. Doctors, begin.

"A scream fills the barely illuminated room, as DTX is given an injection"

DTX: Dragon...Ball...must

Cut to me

Me: lol! Sorry DTX, I beat you to it. Next time I'll let you get it XD.

"I write that as an answer to DTX in the "over 9000" thread, but just then, a ring at my door."

Me: It's here!

"I rush to the door, pay the delivery man, and take a parcel to my room!"

Finnaly! The .50 cal I bought on Ebay (don't ask). I shall name it, "Piece Maker". I just need to put it together.

"I assemble it, aim it out the window, and notice a guy with a DBE shirt on."

Me: DIE!

End Chapter 8. Next Chapter, To Each His Own.

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Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 05, 2009 6:17 pm

Chapter 9 - To Each His Own

DTX: And that’s the story
Ningen: Well, just thank the heavens we got you out of there.
Sephi: Yeah. One can only imagine the extent of damage the drug could have one you, if they kept up with the injections.
Jessie: Well, what matters is that we got you out of there, and killed both Emmy and Chow Yun-Fat.
Nikku: Well, I hardly think its over, but its time right?

"Everyone got up"

Me: Yeah, it was a nice ride, but its time to get back to our lives. I mean, I missed 3 days of school, and my parents are probably worried sick. Plus I have exams this year.
Superman: That’s a bitch.
DTX: Well, thanks everyone, for all your help. The Serbia locals will escort you the nearest airport, and help you get some tickets back home.
Iceman: It was nice meeting you guys
Anime Goku: I don't need it. I usually travel alone, and by land. I made this one exception to get here fast.
Jessie: Sad . I wanted to play some more.
Tlaloc: Maybe another day Jessie.

And so, we made our way to the airport. There were many hugs and handshakes, tears and goodbyes, as each of us got on an airplane back home...I funded the whole thing.

Tlaloc and I got on a plane to Mexico, with a scale in Lisbon. I didn't have my sniper with me, seeing as it was destroyed in the fight Sad.

Jessie got on a plane to Pennsylvania, back home. It was hard to pass her knifes through customs.

Nikku went back to the UK, with a huge amount of rare Yugioh cards that could only be found in Serbia

Anime Goku kept to his word and caught a ride from a train, Hoping to get to Europe's west coast to catch a boat home.

Iceman, Ningen, Superman and DTX all got back to their lives. DTX took up 2 different Martial arts, and Yoga, to help control the new powers he had, and to keep himself from going into a rampage again. Ningen was very quiet during the goodbyes though

As the plane scaled in Lisbon, I said goodbye to Tlaloc. I caught a bus home

Me: Well, as soon as I get home, I have to order a new .50 cal. I may get that one with the awesome dual wield extras that come with no charge. Let’s hope I get lucky a second time and my parents don't notice again.

As I got home, I took about 3 hours convincing my parents that I was at a friend’s house just getting drunk on rum (which didn't exactly help, but was better than the truth).

"I finally convinced them, and it slipped. I went online, told Son Goku everything that happened, and saw Nikku was already home as well. Poor guy had an even worst time than me telling his parents."

Night soon rolled in

"As I went to the street with my dog that night, it suddenly hit me...with a stick" (not literally, this just provided some lulz)

"I woke up, tied to a chair, in my room no less. In front of me, was none other than Rossum"

Rossum: What, you thought I could die that easy. Please, you insult me dear.
Me: Go to hell biatch! Where are my parents?
Rossum: Sleeping. For all they know, you came home and went straight to bed.
Me: What did you do to me?
Rossum: Nothing much. Now then, I have a favor. See you and your little friends are...troublesome at best. We can never get an opening to kill them. However, you being, by far, the best sniper in the world, it might help if you handled it.
Me: And what makes you think I would help you?
Rossum: As I see it, you have two option. Either do what I say willingly, or I inject you with the drug, you become DBE's slave, and are force to it. Me personally, would just do it, seeing as being forced into the control of something I don't like is much worse.
Me: Even if that is a valid point, I'm not betraying them. And good luck with the other plan. To kill like I kill, no level of mind control can do it. I would need complete awareness to do it clean and perfect. So who is pwned again Rascacolas?
Rossum: Oh Please? You don't even hate us actors, why bash us?
Me: Because you tried to KILL ME!
Rossum: Look fine, how’s this? You help us, and I tell Fox to let you in on the directing crew of the sequel. You can help us make the sequel better. Isn't that what you really want? A good LAM of Dragon Ball?

"I look at Rossum for a while, and then something weird pops into my brain. "

Me: She's right?! I can change the whole thing! But I would have to kill my friends. Still, it would be what all DB fans want, a good LAM.

Rossum: Well?
Me: Do I have to tell you now?
Rossum: No. I will give you until the arrival that sniper you asked for
Me: How did you...
Rossum: If you need anything, I left a contact on your desk.

"Rossum unties me, and leaves"

Me: Well, thats gives me about a week...guess I have until then. Better get started, if this is even going to work.


Ningen: Thats it! I knew it! That's what the drug really does!

"Ningen was in some sort of laboratory, with a sample of the drug."

Ningen: I have to get this info to DTX...

"Suddenly, all the light go out."

Ningen: SH-!

End Chapter 9. Next Chapter, Rain

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The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here Empty Re: The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here

Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 05, 2009 6:30 pm

1900 hours May, 18, 2009, somewhere in Pennsylvania

"A man with a strange mask walks into a room, and finds a young girl shoot in the chest point blank"

...: Well, he did it differently this time. He actually faced her...

"He bends down and finds a pin on the ground. A oriental dragon biting a film negative."

...: That’s the fourth this month. All from the US. If I don't figure this out...

"A thunder is heard outside, it starts to rain."

...: Rain huh? Seems appropriate

"Another thunder strikes."

Chapter 10 - Rain

1 weeks before, Serbia

DTX: Calm down! I can understand why you're so angry. But you need to stay calm.
Nikku: Buts it’s almost a month now, and still no news from Ningen OR Lol1991.
Sephi: Yeah. Neutral Not to mention, now Tlaloc is missing too.
Superman: Add to that, the recent events...
DTX: Don't even mention it. Look, Lol1991 should be fine. Hes just probably on vacation or something. You can't kill that guy. Tlaloc, he’s fine too don't worry.
Nikku: But still, with the whole mess that’s been going on...I don't know I'm scared.
Superman: Don't be...we should be fine, just keep calm.
Iceman: Well, thanks to this, I'm now scared shitless. Thanks to lol though. What a awesome late B-day present he sent me. A archaic bow...awesome present.
Sephi: How you're a natural at that I'll never know Razz
Nikku: PEOPLE?!?! another freaggin part of the world

Jessie: Still no news huh?

"Jessie is talking on the forum chat with Secor"

Jessie: Well, it should be fine we need not worry. Lol1991 could kick any pansies ass. He's just drunk on Bacardi in a beach somewhere.
Secor: Let’s hope so. If we add the killings here, it may not be that obvious.
Jessie: Yeah... Sad it makes me a bit uneasy. But we will catch whoever did it. We killed 2 super powered freaks and stooped another without killing him. It should be fine.
Secor: Be careful on your end anyway, Secor singing out.
Jessie:...Yeah...and what about Tlaloc...this is all happening strangely. Let’s hope both him, Lol and Ningen are not... NO! They are fine...they are fine...

1 Day before, May 18, 2100 hours

Jessie: WHAT?! Not again... Crying or Very sad this is...

Front page cover of a news paper:
Young man found murdered in his room by sniper fire. Only evidence is badge linked to two other killings

Jessie: And to think, I suggested those badges after we managed to rescue DTX...and now this...Secor...with him that adds up to 3 forum members murdered here in North America, one missing, and 2 from Europe missing...this...

"Jessie dries her tears...suddenly, her eyes change from sad to murderous"

Jessie: I dare that bastard, whoever he is, to come here! The knives are waiting...

Later that night...

Me: Fuck...I can't do it...
Emmy: If you can't get her from here, go up close. You have your do it!

Suddenly, a bright light illuminates a building, and we see both me and Emmy. I'm aiming at Jessie's window, and Emmy is just standing there."

Me: Look out!

"The sniper guy ducks, and the other quickly follows"

Emmy: Go finish it...
Me: Fine.

"I makes my way out of the roof, and head towards Jessie house.

Cut to Jessie's room, completely dark.

Jessie: I missed...but their coming Twisted Evil PAYBACK TIME!!

"Jessie gets up, and pulls out two Osaka knifes. Seems she as an endless is up with that...anyway."

"The door slowly opens"

(to add effect, go here. Thanks to Nikku for coming up with this one. The music is short, but timed right I think it can work.)

...: Nice accuracy...I knew I was too close
Jessie: way... pale
...: Sorry about this Jess
Jessie: You can't be...Lol?
Lol1991: Yeah...I...
lol1991: Again...I'm sorry.
Jessie: SORRY?! SORRY?! I THINK ITS A LITTLE TO LATE FOR THAT?! WHY?! WE're pale, Son Goku, Luffy...why Crying or Very sad YOU HAD NO RIGHT...YOU WE-


"One single shoot is heard from outside the window."

(By now, the music should have ended. If not, listen to end. It’s an awesome song)

"I walk out the door, with my desert eagle in hand. I pass by the Emmy without a word."

Rossum : Is that a tear? Having regrets?

"I point the gun at Rossum, with my head lowered."

lol1991: Mock me again Rossum, and it’s the last thing you do...
Rossum: Hey calm down!

"I lower the gun"

lol1991: Either way, I don't know what you're talking’s just the rain...see?

"A thunder his heard and rain starts pouring down."

End Chapter 10. Next chapter, Casualties.

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Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 05, 2009 6:44 pm

Chapter 11 - Casualties Same as before. Mood music.)

A crowd is observable in the distance through gravestones. It's a funeral.

"The man with the mask, wearing a black overcoat, watches from a distance."

Masked Man: Jessie, I'm sorry.

"He tightens the grip on something in his pocket. He pulls it out. It's the protest forum's badge"

Masked Man: I'll get him Jess, don't you worry.

"Farther away, I'm also present, dressed in a black"

Me: Funny, I sort of think Jessie would hate black...

"The masked man walks towards me. I start to pull out a gun"

Masked Man: Put that away. I'm not here to start a fight...not here, not now. But I tell you this...she will be avenged.
Me: I'd like to see you try Tlaloc buddy.
Tlaloc You and I, are no longer friends...that much was made clear by the bullet I found inside Jessie's chest.
Me: You can't erase friendship. It's too strong. And don't even try.
Tlaloc: What are you trying to do?
Me: Right now, I'm here trying to keep them
Tlaloc: Horrible job you're doing
Me: "chuckle" I know...
Tlaloc: You thought I would understand. Understand what? You're betrayal? You're treachery? You killed 4 of our comrades. Don't expect sympathy from any of us.

"Long heavy Silence."

Me: I'll give you a 5 hour head start. For old times sake.
Tlaloc: I don't need it.

"He begins to walk away. As he does, I suddenly remember something."

Me: Rorschach huh? Nice choice.

"He simply waves and keeps going.
latter that day

Chung: U r do good jobz lol.
Me: No seriously shut up. You talk in some weird alien language and I still don't understand you.
Rossum: Yes, yes whatever. Lol, I have your next target.
Me: Who?
Rossum: Tlaloc. He's gone missing, but it wasn't us. Track him down, and finish him.
Me: How many more before you consider the work done?
Chatwin: As many as master Wong see fit you bastard. What, you're not...

"Suddenly, a shoot passes right by Chatwin's face, missing him by inches"

Me: Next time you try to quote that failure of a movie...I aim.

Chatwin falls too the ground, whipping like a little girl.

Chatwin: Not...ready...
Rossum: look Lol, just get going
Me: Whatever...Just give it a couple hours. I want to sleep a bit.
Rossum: I already let you go to the funeral. How about no! Get to work
Me: Want to try me?
Rossum:...Fine, whatever. Do what you want. I want Tlaloc dead by the end of the week

meanwhile, in Serbia


Nikku is seen exiting Sephi's house, visibly seethed and blood lust"

DTX: What will you accomplish by going now, before we find more info?
Iceman: Yeah man, keep it together. Look, I already gave Anime Goku the heads up, and that new girl Venus and Sonaditya are joining him for backup.
Nikku: You don't get it...he was our...
Sephi: We know. But just calm down.
DTX: People tell us that getting inspiration from animes is stupid. But if there is one thing I find constant in animes, is that the guy who's out for revenge always ends up screwed. Calm down. Whatever his motives are, we will found out, and act accordingly.
Sephi: I got some more leads on Ningen location. Superman went and check. Once he gets back, we go.

"Sephi is visibly angry as well. And, DTX seems not better. After a while, Superman turns the corner of the house, running to the group"

Superman: I FOUND HIM! I found Ningen! What? Why isn't everyone jumping up and down.
Nikku: She's dead...Jessie is dead.
Superman:'re joking. we know who yet?
DTX: Lol1991. And by the info we got, he wasn't under the effect of the drug.

"A silence the air Superman's face suddenly becomes filled with anger as well"

End chapter 11. Next chapter - The Drug
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Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 05, 2009 7:03 pm

Chapter 12 - The Drug

In Serbia, somewhere.

Superman: Ok, so according to my calculations, this is it.

"The group composed of Vegeta_DTX, Superman, Iceman, Sephi, Nikku that's it, all arrive at another warehouse type building."

Sephi: I'll give them this, they are constant when choosing hideouts.
Iceman:, what now?
Nikku: Well.

"Nikku takes out a laptop and starts looking at some blueprints he download of the internet"

Nikku: According to the blueprints, there should be a window around here that we can reach...and then all we have to...where's Sephi?

"Suddely, screams echoed from the warehouse, as Sephi rained hell upon the guards."

DTX: Well, that was new...seems he's getting bored with the whole situation. I haven't seen him like this in a long time.
Nikku: O_o
Iceman: You look confused Nikku. See, Sephi is normally a very calm person, but deep down, he's the most sadistic mind in the world.
Superman: With this whole situation involving Lol, I would be sorry to be a DBE agents at this point.
Nikku: Okaaay. Anyway, let's just go in.

"They step inside, and are greeted with a bloody massacre of epic proportions, worse than some of Jessie's doings."

Sephi: What took you so long?

"As he says this, he uses a nearby enemy's sleeve to whip the blood from his Sephiroth katana. Suddenly, Iceman pulls out his bow and arrow, and shoot a sniper in a far corner of the building"

Iceman: Head shoot! (it was). You need to be more careful.
Sephi: I saw him...I just didn't want to get my katana all bloody again.
Iceman: Wait, that's a joke right?
DTX: Anyway, there a room in there, let's go in.

"In the room, they find what appears to be a descending stair case"

Nikku: It's a HAS to be!
Superman: Most likely. Either way let's go.
DTX: Yeah, time to get our friend back!

"They all descend the stair case, and in the bottom are greeted by none other than Jamie Chung and Tamura, and an army of DBE agents"


DTX: I swear it's alien HAS TO BE!
Iceman: Whatever...hey look! It's the fan service bitch.
Tamura: FUCK YOU!

"Suddenly, and arrow flies past her, cutting a portion of her hair."

Superman: The look suits you >XD. Nice shoot Iceman.
Nikku: Enough of this! Where is Ningen and Tlaloc, answer NOW!
Jamie Chung: Ningen r be in next rom. we not nou were Tlaloc is.

"Suddenly, DTX throws a Ki blast at the army, killing a couple of them"

DTX: Shocked What the-?

"Suddenly, the roof is busted open, and a mysterious arrival, carrying a sword similar to Ichigo's Zanpakuto (in shikai) Appears."

...: HELLO! My name is Hawttdawgg...and "points his sword at Chung" She said you can find Nigen in the ne-
Sephi: Show off.
Hawttdawgg: FFFFFFFFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUU-! You ruined my entrance...any way, She said you can find Ningen in the next room "points to a door just behind Chung.
Superman: You can understand her?
Hawttdawgg: She speaks the dialect of the /b/tard. I am also a /b/tard...except I can speak normal English.
Tamura: All this is useless. Even if you defeat us, we have already administered the drug to Ningen, and Tlaloc...well, let's just say you're little ex-friend as him on his list Twisted Evil
Chung: U r being no match 4 us, u litle bstrds
Hawttdawgg: She said...
Sephi: ENOUGH! Iceman, you handle that pathetic excuse for an army...DTX, use those powers to fight the fan service bitch. I'll handle Chung.
DTX: But these powers...the more I use them, the more DBE seems to gain control.
Superman: Don't worry. You're the leader of our rebellion. You can keep control, I'm sure! Nikku, let's get Ningen.
Hawttdawgg: What about...oh screw it, I'll just help Iceman.

"And so, the fight breaks out (little change in the music)"

"Iceman starts shooting the DBE agents with incredible accuracy, taking down several of them, while at the same time dodging their blows"

Icemann: GO MEEE!

"Hawttdawgg starts slicing through several of agents, spilling blood all over the ground. Then, he puts the sword on the ground, and uses it as a pole to spin around and kick several other in the face"

Hawttdawgg: Lolasaurus!

"Meanwhile, Nikku and Superman get attacked by several agents"

Nikku: THAT'S IT!

"Nikku moves his hands to his back, and pulls out a pair of Osaka knives. He slashes two agents across the throat in one swing, and kill the third by stabbing him in the lungs "

Superman: WTF!
Nikku: Well, being friends with Jessie as its advantages. She taught me how to fight with the knives. And now, it's payback time!

"He goes off to help the others fight the agents"

Superman:...Well...guess I'll get Ningen

"We cut to Sephi's fight."

Sephi: I think it's time I killed you Twisted Evil

"Sephi gets out his katana and rushes at Chung, who jumps to avoid it

Chung: What a Face

"But Sephi suddenly jumps up, and slice Chung's arm clean off"

Sephi: You bore me. I've had enough. It's time to get serious

"While still in the air, Sephi stabs Chung to the ground. When he lands he slowly rises her body in the air with his katana."

Chung: Birtch!!

"Chung suddenly moves back and gets free, and attacks with blinding speed, hitting Sephi with an elbow in the stomach. She also then regrows her arm while Sephi is on the ground

Chung: Tiem to dai Sephi...tiem to dai.
Sephi: Rolling Eyes

"Sephi punches Chung in the chest while still in the ground, and send her flying, and then jumos up himself extremely fast, cutting clean through her, leaving a huge gash on her side. However, Chung still regenerates"

Sephi: Annoying worm.

"Meawhile, DTX is struggling, not with Tamura, but with himself"

Tamura: Seems that power boost is having the consequences
DTX: Dam...DBE.rock...FUCK no...gotta get it...together...KA...ME...AH...ME
Tamura: NOOOO!

"DTX shoots a Kamehameha straight at Tamura"

"While this is happening, Superman, has reached Ningen, and is untying him"

Superman: No that's what the drug does!
Ningen: Yes. It doesn't give your mind to DBE. It simply turns you into what you most hate, along with giving you super strength and speed. Minor doses gives you only strength and speed, however, the more you take, the more your abilities start to develop. Eventually, you develop the powers you most want. DTX hates DBE supporters for being sell outs, and loves Dragon Ball and wishes to have ki powers. This made him a DBE supporter with DBZ powers. We can't let DTX uses is powers. He can use the speed and strength increase without setback, but if he starts using ki...he'll fall into the state he was when we found him...

"The Kamehameha is suddenly heard coming from the other room"

Ningen: NOOO! We can't let him keep drawing on the power of the drug like this!

DTX: D.B.E rock...must...get control...fuck
Tamura: "regenerating from the kamehameha" Both mine and Chung's main power is regeneration, you can't harm us! Twisted Evil

Sephi: Fuck...she's regenerating from everything...that's it, I'm going to finish this.

DTX: Gotta get a grip...time to use...something out of Tien's book

End chapter 12. Next chapter, Bloody mess.
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Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 05, 2009 7:15 pm

Chapter 13 - Bloody Mess.

Both Sephi and DTX are still fighting Chung and Tamura. They both seems to be struggling against their rapid regeneration

Sephi: Alright Chung, I think you'll enjoy this one

"He lunges forward at great speed and stabs Chung. Before she can regenerate, he pulls the sword out and slashes her across the chest. Then, does a sword sheeting motion, only to perform a final slash that not only cuts her, but sends her flying. Meanwhile, in DTX's fight, he seems to be focusing his energy"

DTX: Alright...focus...ready...KIKOHO!(Tri Beam)

"DTX fires Tien's signature maneuver at Tamura, and when she again regenerates, he starts repeating it over and over until finally, he collapses

DTX: Done...just...done...

"DTX then falls to the ground exhausted. However, Tamura still manages to regenerate. At that moment, Ningen and Superman come rushing from the door"

Tamura: It's over
Ningen: DTX! No...what now?
Superman: Hawttdawgg and Iceman as well as Nikku are still busy with the henchmen...guess we have to step in. What abilities do you have anyway?
Ningen: You know FMA?
Superman: Transmutation...wait...that's it...we don't have to kill them...just stall for time to get out of here. Make the room collapse or something...wait...what's your setback?
Ningen: Doesn't matter for now
Sephi: WAIT! I need to settle this...I'm killing her. Just keep the other occupied.

"Sephi rushes to Chung, who is in the middle of healing, and starts slashing non stop. The walls behind her is splashed with blood. Sephi does not slow down, and finishes by beheading Chung."

Sephi: can do whatever you want.
Ningen: Overkill. Okay, let's see now...

"Ningen puts his palms together, and transmutes the main pillars of the building. It then begins to collapse."

Tamura: DAMN!

"She begins to run away, passing by her fighting soldiers and quickly running up the stairs"

Superman: Let's get out of here too. I'll grab DTX
Ningen: Iceman, Hawttdawgg, Nikku let's go!

"All three of them quickly dispatch nearby foes and run to the stairs that lead out side. Superman as to jump over a couple of agents while carrying DTX. Sephi simply slashes them out of them way, and he sighs bored. Ningen starts running too, but suddenly stops and grabs his head"

Superman: NINGEN!

"Ningen get a hold of himself, and again starts running to the exit. All of them get out in time, and watch as the building collapses onto Chung."

Sephi: So Ningen...FMA?
Ningen: Don't ask.
Superman: We need to get DTX to somewhere safe.
Iceman "Starts looking around": Where's...Hawttdawgg?
Nikku: Now that you mention it...

"Hawttdawgg had vanished as quickly as he appeared."

Sephi: Showoff.



"It's a city, at night, and there's seemly no one around. Footsteps are heard in the alleys. Suddenly, a shoot is heard, and a second, both lodging themselves on the wall

Tlaloc: Where is...dam he's fast...there we go!

"I'm looking through snipers scope, looking for my victim. I'm standing on the roof of a building"

Me: He's spotted me. No point in keeping my distance now.

"I put the sniper in my shoulder, and start to head to the fire stairs. Meanwhile, Tlaloc is running down the alley of the same stairs

Tlaloc: He should be around here.
Me: You really think that...I'm sorry man but orders are orders...

"I'm standing just above Tlaloc in the fire exit stairs. I then jump to the ground and face him"

Tlaloc: I was wondering when they would order my death..."He pulls out a pistol" Let's see you take me out then.
Me: Who do you think is the better marksmen "I pull out my two guns," Hm...Tlaloc.
Tlaloc: Well, you. That still doesn't mean a thing
Me: You mind taking off the mask. It's annoying me
Masked guy: I don't want to annoy you at all "He takes off the Rorschach mask"
Me: Let's see it then. Try and beat me at this.

"The shot pans to the sky, and multiple gun fire are heard."

End Chapter 13. Next chapter, Hollywood Boulevard.
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Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 05, 2009 7:26 pm

Chapter 14 - Hollywood Boulevard

The first shot shows us the demolished building from the previews chapter. It's nothing but dust and rocks, but suddenly a hand emerges from the rubble

Chung: I r gona kil taht gui.

We see an airplane in the air. Inside, there appears to be a hostess struggling with a passenger, who is revealed to be Nikku

Sephi: SHUT UP NIKKU! Just ignore it....and if you start with that "Are we there yet?" Crap again I swear...
Nikku: Fine...don't blame me when people start to convulse from it
Hostess: Thank you good sir for calming your friend
Iceman: Don't thank him. We still are launching a formal complaint for showing DBE in an airplane. What if the captain sees it...we all die.

"Nikku, Iceman, DTX, Ningen, Superman and Sephi all laugh. They are in the same plane heading for Los Angeles."

Sephi: Here we are laughing but...this is it...the final battle is drawing near...I can't believe we are actually going to war with Fox.
DTX: We have little choice...they keep attacking us, and are getting increasingly we needed to head to America see Lol.

"Suddenly, everyone quiets down."

Superman: Well, anyway, Ningen. Can you now please tell us what happened to you?
Ningen: Well, when I discovered what the drug did, Chung and Tamura attacked me. I was in a cell for sometime, then one day, then forced me to watch DBE. I must have watched it a good 20 times...each time it was worse...then after that, they injected me with the drug...this only confirmed my suspicions of how the drug worked. It inverts you personality, and gives you the powers you most want. Lower doses however, only give you strength and speed increases. You need higher doses for the other powers to develop.
DTX: I can see how it makes me a DBE fan when it manifest...but you?
Ningen: That's what the movie torture is for, to make me hate it so much, it would become my main emotion. Then the drug inverts that and presto...instant servant. They overestimate the movies ability to faze me faze any of us. They think we all loose it, but not counting DTX, we all can keep a rather calm mind about's DTX's weakness, but we can also argue it's our own.
Iceman: So wait...what did it do to you? What's the set back?
Ningen: I prefer not to shouldn't hinder me in a fight, so it's all cool
Sephi: But then the cast of DBE...
Ningen: Yeah...hard to imagine them the opposite of what they are, but it's true. They probably still like their money...but I get a felling they are just more victims of Wong and Fox
Nikku: Fine then. Oh look, we're landing...and DBE is at the part where Goku says cool...ready guys? One for Jessie!
Everyone: Right!

"Everyone says NOT in a very high voice, just before Chatwin says cool."

We cut to the city and the alley where me and Tlaloc where. It's now sun rising

Me: He got away...he tricked me...I was about to shoot him, and he managed to set off a smoke bomb."
Rossum: I swear you are so dumb sometimes...never mind, come on, we need to report i-
Wong: No need Emmy...Mr. Lol...did he indeed run away?
Me: YES!
Wong: Your lying...I know your now, it's time I made you obey. Rossum, give him the drug.
Rossum: But sir...there's no need, he's been doing everything we have told him to do...why?
Wong: Do it "his phone rings" I have to take this call.

"Rossum looks at me and pulls out a needle"

Rossum: I'm sorry for this.
Me: Like you...wait...why can't I...lift my arms...I feel

"I fall to the ground unconscious...and Rossum moves closer with the drug"

Wong "on the phone": way...they did what?

In Fox HQ, at the entrance, we see several barriers set up and Fox agents with guns behind them, shooting what appear to be a reception counter

Agent: We have to pull them back, keep firing!!

"A knife dashes past the barriers set up by the Fox operatives and kills the one that had just spoke"

Anime Goku(Chulance): Now then... Twisted Evil
Venus: Crazy...why is he here anyway? And he used one of my knives.
Sonaditya: Dunno...but he helps...ready?

"Both of them step out of the counter. Venus starts throwing knives with deadly accuracy at the agents. Sonaditya on the other hand goes in close and starts to hit what appear to be random spots...yet after a second they all fall to the ground."

Sonaditya: pressure points are a bitch...aren't they?
Chulance: Watch out!

"Chulance runs to Sonaditya and pulls out his Katana, stabbing an Agent that was rising from Aditya's blow."

Sonaditya: Thanks...I could have sworn.
Chulance: Be more careful. We are at the heart of the enemy's base, we must be vigilante and ready to strike at the minimal disturbance...LETS GO!
Justin: Show off.

"Justin suddenly comes out of an adjacent room with none other than Hawttdawgg"

Chulance: Well?
Justin: It seems the building has 34 floors, and it seems they all know we are here...additional, the things we want are in the basement floor -10...but to get there, we need a set of Keys kept by Fox officials...luckily....they are all here...bad news, they have all taken the formula. Lucky again...there are precisely 5 of them...ready for some fun Chu?
Chulance: READY! Alright, we divide ourselves...Justin info!
...: That's what I'm here for.
Chulance: You don't mind NeoDemon?
4NeoDemon: No problem...I'm not that good at fighting anyway...but these agents are easy. I'll stay in the control room down here and keep feeding you info. There are five lifts in total. The first should head to the cartoon section, the other to the TV show section, the other to the financial section, the other to the LAM sec-
Chulance: That one is mine!
4NeoDemon: riiiight...and the last to the top floor and main section.
Chulance: Alright...LET'S GO PEOPLE!

"All five of them get on a lift...and each go up to a different floor, NeoDemon notices something"

4NeoDemon: Oh dear! Quite a mess...hey looks it's the one Chu killed...oh that's why. I hate to be the guys Sonaditya is fighting

"4NeoDemon heads into the control room. A close up of the said agent is seen and see that one of the pressure points had what appeared to be a broken cross lodged just at the surface"

Cut to the Airport

Nikku: WELCOME TO LA!...And more Fox HQ, to DBE, to Son Goku's, Secor's, Luffy's and Jessie's REVENGE!

Cut back to me, it's sunset.

Rossum: do you feel?
Me:Weird...didn't know it would work so well. So the attack as begun?
Rossum: Wong is seething mad...we have to go...come on...
Me: Yeah...whatever...let's go.

"Tlaloc with his mask in his watching from nearby, behind a wall."

Tlaloc: To LA then.

End Chapter 14. Next Chapter, The Meaning of the Word Bankrupt.
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The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here Empty Re: The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here

Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 05, 2009 7:30 pm

Chapter 15 - The Meaning of the word Bankrupt.

We are shown a view of Fox HQ

"Suddenly, someone get throw from a window high up. We cut to 4NeoDemon"

4NeoDemon: Must they exaggerate like this? Well, let's see now, almost done...there Chulance, can you hear me?
Chulance "over a radio": Yes, loud and clear.
4NeoDemon: Ok. So this is how it is. You should head to the main section from there. Leave the LAM and movie section to Sonaditya. Justin has the financial section, Venus the TV show section and Hawttdawgg the cartoon section. Move.
Chulance: Fine. but I don't have to like it.
4NeoDemon: Just do it...over. "takes off his headset" These guys will be the death of me.

We cut to some floors above

"Justin is calmly walking down a hallway, when several enemies appear all around him at once"

Justin: Well, this seems bad doesn't it.

"Most of the agents fire their guns at Justin. He ducks into a room to his left"

Justin: Now what...I can hardly fight them all like this. Wait, Idea.
Agents: Move in, move in!

"Several of them head into the room, but find nothing. Just then, Justin drops from the ceiling outside the room, and lands right at the door"

Justin: These shafts are useful. Now then, burn!

"Justin holds out his right wrist, and shows what looks like a device. When he snaps his finger, flames erupt from the top, burning all the people inside the room"

Justin: A bunch down. Now then.

"Justin aims his left wrist at the remaining agents, and shows a similar device. It also shoots out flames that burn the agents down, one survives, still lit on fire"

Justin: If you show me where the section chief is, I might consider it.

"Justin picks up a nearby water cooler and drops it on the agent. He then sets out"

Meanwhile, in a helicopter

Me: So, what is going to happen. I mean, all the members of the cast of DBE are away from the HQ. Can we make it?
Chatwin: Sure we can, they aren't rea-

"A bullet flies past Chatwin's face and out the helicopter"

Pilot: Mind not doing that.
Me: Fine. As long as he stops quoting his stupid gay movie.

Back at Fox HQ, we find Justin in front of two large doors, with the words "Section Chief" printed on them

Justin: This is it huh. Well then. let's go in.

"Justin opens the double doors and steps in to what appears to be an office. The chair at the desk is not facing him, but someone is sitting there"

...: So, you must be a member of that little group of bastards. Are you here for this

"The man turns around. He's fat, but still fit (think King Pin) and his dressed in a business suit. He's holding up what looks like a tail shaped object"

Justin: The piece of the access card.
...: My name is Howard, and I'm the boss of Fox's finacial section. I have a question. Why? Why do you keep fighting us? All we want is to make money and nothing else. Is that not a rule of this world? We just want to be left alone.
Justin: So do we, yet you keep attacking us at every chance you get. You've even taken it to murder. We're here for revenge.
Howard: All we did was for self preservation. Fox. even though it doesn't seem like it, gambled a lot of money on this movie. If the movie fails, our reputation will sink. We may go bankrupt. Do you even know the word?
Justin: The only think you're bankrupt in his your morals. You have no soul, and in the name of DBZ, in the name of Jessie and the other, and in the name of human decency, I'm going to kick your ass, and take that pass. We are ending things today. NOW BURN!

"Justin puts out both his wrist and combines the flames from both his devices on Howard. When the smoke clears, there's nothing left but the charred desk."

Justin: Did I...

"Just then, Howard appears behind Justin and neck shops him to the ground"

Howard: Do you really think that the top brass didn't take the formula. We have all mastered these abilties.
Justin: Ouch! I guess in your case, it's easy, seeing has you had no personality to begin wit-

"As Justin is finishing, he gets kicked into the wall by Howard"

Justin: how...he's still

"The Howard that was talking disappears, leaving only the other one"

Howard: Illusion. I affects all your senses. You can't escape it. While we had our little talk, I put you in my influence. There is no escape.
Justin: How do...I...

"Justin is then punched from the left, and falls back to the ground. He quickly regains his stance, but when he tries to send fire at Howard, he hit's nothing"

Justin: Damn! How can I...
Howard "Appears behind him": you can't
Justin: FU-

Cut to another floor

"We see a hallway filled with slashed enemy corpses, and several holes in the walls, apperantly made by agents that were sent straight into said walls. One last agent remains, and Hawttdawgg is questioning him"

Hawttdawgg: WELL?
Agent: It's down the hall, straight forward, and to the left."
Hawttdawgg: K thanks!

"Hawttdawgg starts to leave, but the agent tries to fire his gun at him. Hawttdawgg simply turns around very quickly and slices his head straight off with his Zangetsu like sword."

Hawttdawgg: This is combo breaker. Now then, to fight the fail guy that runs the cartoon section.

End chapter 15. Next chapter, Eat My Shorts!

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The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here Empty Re: The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here

Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 05, 2009 7:31 pm

Chapter 16 - Eat my Shorts!

We open up with Hawttdawgg in front of a large door, similar to the one in the financial section

Hawttdawgg: This is it. Let's do a barrel roll.

"Hawttdawgg opens the door, and finds a desk. Seated across from it his a man. He's wearing a business suit, and seems thin, yet very tall (think Nnoitra but not so much)"

Hawttdawgg: Name, pass or GTFO.
Samuel: My name is Samuel. I'm the director for all of Fox's cartoon series. I rule Seth and Family Guy. I can cancel Simpsons if I want. And is this what you want "He holds up what appears to be a couple of front legs"
Hawttdawgg: Alright. Now then, time to dai, time to dai!

"Hawttdawgg rushes Samuel immediately, only for him to disappear, decomposing in what appears to be lines of a sketch. Hawttdawgg pauses, and Samuel reappears right behind him, punching him so hard he sends him flying into his desk, breaking it."

Samuel: Teleportation. Nice ain't it?
Hawttdawgg: oh great. The noob can actually fight. Fine then "he holds up his swords again" Let's do this you newfag

"Hawttdawgg rushes again, and again Samuel disappears. This time however, Hawttdawgg starts spinning around, and when Samuel reappears, he get's cut in the arm."

Samuel: Smart. Then how about this!

"Samuel immediately makes a hole sketched in the air. From the hole, a cartoon like knife flies out. Hawttgawgg has no time to dodge, but manages to block with his sword. However, Samuel then makes multiple holes around Hawttdawgg, and from all of them appear new knifes. Surrounded, Hawtdawgg manages to block knives aimed at vital points, but is still badly hurt."

Samuel: This is why your dead. And just so you know what your truly up against, I am the weakest of the 5 directors.
Hawttdawgg: What...then, what about.
Samuel: You will never leave here alive.

Back with Justin

"Justin is on the ground, blood spewing from his mouth. He seems to have internal bleeding. He starts to get up."

Howard: Your persistent. I've just about hit you in every possible point. You must have several broken bones by now
Justin: Yet, I'm still standing.

"Just then, Howard appears in front of him and guts him with a punch. Then, he hold him up by his right arm, and throws him into the wall"

Howard: Give up.
Justin: Never..."he starts to get up" I need to do something, but what. I guess I have no choice, but that.

"Justin puts his remaining arm in the air, and starts to launch fire straight up. The fire starts to intensify, and the room is engulfed in flames."


"Justin breaks open the flame device on his broken arm by smashing it into the wall. The liquid that falls out enters in contact with the flame. The view changes to the outside of the office, and we see a huge explosion breaks the door. The entire room is ablaze, and Justin is still in his spot. He's still alive, but barely conscious"

Justin: Hehe. Always counter fire with fire...the only reason I got out of here, was because I still had my other flame thrower.

"He looks to the other side of the office. Next to the wall is Howard, now on fire, and seemengly dead"

Justin: The fire should die down. I just need to stay alive and wait.

"Fire extinguishers start to rain down, and the fire die down. Just then"

Howard: Nice fire show. But now, you really must die

"Howard appears next to Justin, and forearms him to the wall."

Justin: How th-?
Howard: Simple really. I just exited the room for a while. I told you, I control your every sense. I can make you see, feel or hear anything. There is no escape. From the moment you let me put you under my control, you had already lost
Justin: Shit...shit...I hope he got all that

"on the ground, we see a communicator, turned to on"

Cut to down stairs


Cut to Hawttdawgg

"Samuel seems to be on the ground, and Hawttdawgg using his sword to support himself"

Samuel: Your very skilled. I suppose I can show you more of my ability.

"A Person size hole starts to form, and out of it, a short stature person starts to appear"

Hawttdawgg: Holy...I shat brix
Bart Simpson: Hey dude!

End Chapter 16. Next chapter, Illusions of Grander.
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The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here Empty Re: The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here

Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 05, 2009 7:33 pm

Chapter 17 – Illusions of Grander

We start the chapter with Hawttdawgg

Hawttdawgg – OMG NO WAY!!!
Bart: Yo dude calm down. I’m just a kid
Samuel: How do you like my ultimate ability? I can created and materialize any character from Fox cartoons. You can’t stop me
Hawttdawgg: Damn. I have to kill Bart before I can move on to the leader
Samuel: You’re dead. Just give up. Bart, attack

“Bart rushes at Hawttdawgg, pulling out a skate board from nothing and using it to move at high speeds. He suddenly does a jump and slams the skate board into Hawttdawgg’s face. It happened too fast for Hawttdawgg to react”
Samuel: MUAHAHAH! Give up, you can’t win.
Hawttdawgg: “Getting up from the floor and wiping blood from his mouth” Damn. How in the hell do I beat his guy.

We cut to Justin

“We see Justin on the ground, knocked out, and bleeding from the mouth”
Howard: Well, he’s dead. He put up quite the fight, howe-
“All of a sudden, NeoDemon comes out of nowhere and kicks Howard into the wall. He’s carrying a scythe”
Howard: What, damn! Who the hell are you!?
4NeoDemon: Your executioner

“NeoDemon holds up his scythe. It has the Lucy’s eyes in the center of the blade (Lucy from Enfen Lied). He swings at Howard, and manages to cut him in the chest, as the latter retreats and meets the wall. NeoDemon then holds up his other hand, and stops the scythe’s motion, turning it around, and pushing forward, trying to behead Howard. However, Justin, suddenly get’s up and attacks NeoDemon, the latter just barely avoiding him”

Howard: He thinks you’re me. And while you’re being very smart not meting my eyes, you still can’t defeat me. It would mean killing your friend.
4NeoDemon: Damn you! Justin, wake up!
Justin: Howard, now you’re going to die!

“Thinking NeoDemon is Howard, Justin uses his remaining arm and flame thrower to attack him. NeoDemon avoids the blow, and running with his head down, approaches Justin and uppercuts him, sending him to the floor. Without stopping, he runs to Howard, and swings his scythe.”

Howard: You wish!

“Just then, NeoDemon looks into Howards eyes”

Howard: NOW YOUR MINE!!!

“We hear a slash, and Howard looks down. Neodemon’s blade is running through his stomach. He’s bleeding heavily, and his suit is becoming crimson in color”

Howard: How…HOW!!
4NeoDemon: Don’t underestimate me. You may be strong, but you’re also worthless without your precious illusion. You didn’t even have time to do anything. You couldn’t fool me. I knew where you were, and how you would move. You’re way too predictable. I knew you wouldn't move unless forced to, and I left you no choice on how do dodge. This was over before it started.
Howard: You bastard…I’m the strongest…YOU’RE STILL IN MY ILLUSION!!!

“Howard disappears; however, NeoDemon just pushes his scythe further in, until the tip is stuck to the ground. After a while, Howard reappears. Impaled in the scythe’s blade.”

4NeoDemon: You assumed you could just run. No matter how much you can control what I SEE, what I KNOW you can’t do anything about. You don’t control people, you’re a little coward that controls what people see. Our thoughts are not included
Howard: You…bastard…they will…fuck…you…up…

“The floor starts filling with blood, and Howard becomes a limp corpse. The Tail shaped object falls to the ground, and NeoDemon picks it up”

4NeoDemon: This must be the access pass. Guess this guy is dead

“Justin starts to move, and get up”

Justin: NeoDemon…what happened?
4NeoDemon: Later. Let’s just get out of here.

We cut back to Hawttdawgg

“Bart is now n the floor”

Bart: Eat…my…shorts…

“Bart dissolves in ink. We see that Hawttdawgg is still supported on his sword, breathing heavily, and bleeding profusely from the arm.”

Samuel: Good job. However, it’s far from over. Twisted Evil

“Samuel forms another hole, this time, from it, emerges Stewie Griffin from Family Guy”

Hawttdawgg: Oh God damn it! You know what, screw you, you FAGGOT!!!

“Hawttgawgg rushes at Stewie, the latter pulling out one of his weapons and firing it at him. He barely manages to dodge, runs past him, and attacks Samuel. Samuel merely uses is teleportation to avoid the slash.”

Hawttdawgg: Alright!
Samuel “reappearing”: Wait…wat?

“Hawttgawgg runs a couple more feet forward and pushes the fire alarm. The sprinklers activate, and after a while, Stewie starts to dissolve in ink as well”

Stewie: WHAT The deuuuuuce……..
Samuel: NO!

“Hawttdawgg turns around and again rushes Samuel, and when Samuel tries to teleport, the ink he uses to do it simply washes away and nothing happens. Hawttdawgg slashes once, and barely manages to scrap Samuel’s chest, as he falls back. Finding a place where the water doesn’t reach, Samuel teleports, and reappears behind Hattdawgg, reforming just before his ink portal disappears. Forming a cartoon like blade, he pierces Hawttdawgg through the chest. The blade starts to dissolve and melt away”

Samuel: Nice try, but you loose! Twisted Evil
Hawttdawgg: o…o rly?

“Hawttdawgg grabs hold of Samuel’s arm, and slashes him across the stomach, spilling his guts on the floor.”

Hawttdawgg: To bad I don’t have my camera…OC FTW…heheAHAHAH!
Samuel: Damn…you…FFFFUUUUUUU!!!

“Both men fall back to the wet floor, with the water still pouring down.”

Hawttdawgg: I have to get the pass…I have to…get it to the others…ffffuuuuu….dying sucks…

“Hawttdawgg crawls to Samuel, and takes the small miniature front legs from Samuel's limp hand”

Hawttdawgg: I sure hope…they come back to check…

“With that, Hawttdawgg falls back, and blacks out”

We next cut to Venus
“Venus is walking down a corridor, filled with bodies and with several guards attacking from down the hall.

Venus: My, my this is a annoying.

“Venus pulls out a couple of blades and throws them at the guards, hitting them square in the forehead, killing them instantaneously”

Venus: Dead and done.

“As she walks past them, she grabs the knives. After walking a bit more, she comes to the familiar large doors.”

Venus: This must be it. Time for a show!

End chapter 17 – Next chapter, Rose and Thorn
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The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here Empty Re: The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here

Post by lol1991 Wed Jun 10, 2009 7:53 pm

Chapter 18 – Rose and Thorn.

We open up with me still in the helicopter with the cast of DBE

Chatwin: So then I said “cool” and then-

“The next scene, Chatwin is hanging from a rope in the air, and I’m holding the rope”

Lol: What was that? You want to go lower? Okay!

“I lower the rope a bit, and Chatwin’s face starts hitting tree tops”

Me: WHAT!?
Chatwin: I MEAN GAWKU!!
Lol: That’s what I thought.

“I start pulling the rope up”

Emmy: Must you do that?
Lol: Well…yes.
Emmy: “face palm” Whatever. I don’t care if he suffers anyway

Cut to Venus XD

“Venus enters the doors, and finds herself in a large office. A desk on the side of the office, with no one seated on the chair”

Venus: So, does this mean I’m off the hook. Yuppie! I’ll just find the pass and get out of here. But wait, if no one is here…then where is the person that is supposedly guarding the pass? Well, let’s see.

“Venus walks over to the desk, sits herself on the chair, and starts looking through the drawers for the pass”

Venus: Nothing. Whoever it is, he must have it with them. So…now what do I do? Damn.

“A fait noise is heard all of a sudden, and the atmosphere thickens”

Venus: What…I’m feeling…weird…wha…

“Venus slips into the chair, unconscious”

Cut to Sonaditya

“Sonaditya as finished off the guards in his floor, and is busy having fun torturing a still conscious guard with aggressive movie quotes”

Man: NO!! I MEAN, YES!

“With that, Sonaditya knocks the guard down by hitting him in the neck”

Sonaditya: Always good to blow off some steam. This way, you focus better while fighting. Let’s get a going.

“Sonaditya walks down the hallway, and finds the familiar doors. He opens them, and finds himself in an EXTREMELY FUCKED UP PLACE!”

Sonaditya: WHAT THE-!!!

“The walls are made of posters from most of Fox’s major LAM fails, and the desk is made of the same material used to on the Dragon Balls of DBE. Suddenly, out of nowhere, Sonaditya get kicked in the face by a man wearing a suit”

Man: This is unexpected. I have a meeting with the cartoon and TV sections soon to talk about the new Dragon Ball Evolution animated series to be aired and you show up. This is bad bad bad. Seeing as I am late. Let’s end this quickly.
Sonaditya: Are you on something!

“The man attacks Sonaditya, but Aditya easily avoids each blow, and goes for the vital points. Before he connects on any of them, the man suddenly spits out claws of bone from his knuckles and slices Sonaditya across the chest”

Sonaditya: What! Those are…
Man: Bone claws yes. My power is the powers to use any powers used by super powered individuals in our LAMs
Sonaditya: So you take advantage of the things you plagiarized then.
Man: Look son this fan fic has a time limit and I’m not waiting for it!

“The man suddenly ignites on fire, copying the powers of the Human Torch. He launches a volley of burst at Sonaditya, the later skillfully dodging each of them. The man then stretches his arms and hits Aditya with a flaming bone claw. Aditya barely manages to counter in time, using his feet to send the attack to the left”

Sonaditya: How do I fight this?
Man: You don’t. Simple really. Anything we have adapted I can use. You have no chance in hell. Also, my name is Elias if you must know. In charge of Fox LAM department since 2007.
Sonaditya: 2007. So you can only use power from LAM adapted after that.
Elias: Yes why yes. X-Men origins, DBE and FF 2.
Sonaditya: Okay…this evens the odds a bit.

“Sonaditya runs to Elias, and starts hitting his pressure points quickly without Elias being able to avoid or counter. After a while, Elias falls to the ground. Sonaditya has his hands completely burned”

Elias: It seems you’re hurting. Have you forgotten Wolverine can heal?

“Elias get’s up”

Sonaditya: No way

cut to AG

“Chulance is standing in front of the usual doors, only these are wider, and have ”conference room” written on them”

Chulance: Well, let’s see.

“He opens the doors, and walks in. He finds an oval table, with five seats. The farthest chair is turned away from the door”

Chulance: Show yourself!

“The chair turns, and we find James Wong sitting on it, holding up a Fox’s head”

Wong: Well, well, well. Nice to meet you
Chulance: YOU!

“Chulance draws his katana and rushes at James. Just before he connects, the katana stops in mid air”

Wong: Well, you won’t need this.

“He sends the katana straight out the window by flicking his hand. He then flicks the other, and Chulance is sent flying into the wall”

Chulance: DAMN!
Wong: Such resistances. And why? You’re like a torn in my side…you and the rest of that pathetic little internet forum
Chulance: We may be pathetic, but we have you sweating!

“He pulls out a hidden blade and rushes Wong again. Wong, visibly pissed, throws him to the floor with another flick, and then sends him into the ceiling”

Chulance: Damn!
Wong: And now!

“Quickly with both hands, he snaps the blade from Chulance’s hand and places it facing upward on the floor. He then sends Chulance down, effectively driving the blade into his stomach. He then flicks the hand again, and the blade flies straight through Chulance. He coughs up blood, and a pool of blood starts to form from his wound””

Chulance: Damned…bastard
Wong: My, my…It seems we will have to replace the carpets. Such a shame. I liked the color.

cut back to Venus

“Venus starts to wake up. She’s still on the chair”

Venus: Wha…WHAT!

“A woman, in her 30s, wearing glasses and blouse, and well as a tight skirt, is seating on the desk facing Venus”

Elizabeth: Well, nice to meet you. My name is Elizabeth. And you must be the one they call Venus right?
Venus: What of it?
Elizabeth: Now, now, let’s not get agitated.
Venus: What…okay miss what the!? She managed to calm me down…how the hell?
Elizabeth: If you’re wondering how I did it, well, I’m an empath. I can manipulate people’s emotions.
Venus: You’re shitting me?!
Elizabeth: Why no. Watch.
Venus: Watch what…you know you’re very pretty, almost like a rose…wait…what the hell did I just say!?
Elizabeth: Why thank you! I get that a lot. As you can see, I doubt you can do anything against me. So just quietly walk away…or better yet, stay as my employee. I need a new assistant.
Venus: You have got to be…okay…why not…WAIT NO FUCKING WAY!
Elizabeth: My! It seems you have a level of control. Still, all I have to do is simply apply a little more force and…
Venus: …okay…what do you need madam?

“Venus’s eyes go blank, and her face expressionless.”

Elizabeth: Well, to start, we need to get you some proper clothing. And then, maybe some coffee.

"Venus nods, completely devoid of expression"

As this is happening, Sonaditya is grabbing his hands in pain of the burns, as Elias draws closer with his hands unfolded.
And Chulance is on the floor, bleeding and barely conscious
Then all of a sudden!
Elizabeth gets kicked right in the face
Elias gets crushed by a pair of hands
The window of the conference gets busted open.

Elizabeth: What the!

Elias: Who are-?

Wong: YOU!

“Each voice speaks out in unison.”

“In Elizabeth’s office”

…: We are…

“In Elias’s Office”

…: the DB-LAM…

“Outside the window of the conference room”


A final shot of Sephi, Ningen, and Vegeta_DTX, in Elizabeth’s, Elias’s and Wong’s presence, respectively, is shown.


End Chapter 18. Next Chapter, United we Stand
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The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here Empty Re: The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here

Post by lol1991 Thu Jun 11, 2009 6:52 pm

Chapter 19 – United we Stand

We open up with a shot of Hawttdawgg on the floor, still unconscious and hanging on to the pass he managed to steal from Samuel. The door opens is opened and Nikku and Superman walk into the room, with some first aid

Nikku: Dear God he got his ass whooped.
Superman: He’s hurt bad. I can’t do much for him here. We need to get him to a hospital.
Nikku. Yeah “he was attack by a guy with super powers…really!” They won’t believe us. We’re already in deep trouble for…I don’t know? MURDER!
Superman: You’re right. then what the hell do we do!?

Next we are show 4NeoDemon, helping Justin along the corridor to the elevator

4NeoDemon: Just a bit more

“Just then, some guards walk out of a nearby room and are pull out there guns”

Guard: They killed Howard! Get them!
4NeoDemon: SHIT! No time to

“The elevator doors open up, and three arrows, one after another, fly past NeoDemon and hit each guard”

4NeoDemon: What the-?
Iceman: Hey! Need a ride?

we next cut to Sephi

Sephi: So, you’re the one they that runs this department.
Elizabeth: Why yes! Another visitor! But, that hurt you know?
Sephi: On purpose. Now then, where’s the pass?
Elizabeth: In between my breasts.
Sephi: Wait…what!?
Elizabeth: You heard me. Want it, come get it
Sephi: Very funny. Now then, hand it over.
Elizabeth: I told you. Just come and get it. Or are you going to let your shyness stop you? But, to make it a little more interesting, Venus, make sure he doesn’t get near me. Any means necessary
Venus: Yes madam.

“Venus puts herself between Sephi and Elizabeth, with her face still devoid of expression.”

Sephi: So…empathy huh? Fine then, I don’t know why you haven’t used it on me, but, guess I have to fight her.

“Sephi draws his katana, and rushes Venus. Instantly, Venus starts throwing her knives at him, only for Sephi to easily dodge each one, and bypass Venus easily. He then uses his katana to slice open Elizabeth’s blouse, reveling that her access pass, the front legs of a Fox, was indeed there. Sephi uses his katana to skillfully lift it from the floor and into his hands”

Elizabeth: So you don’t have any problems after all. Very nice! However, you still can’t just walk away. Now, give that back!
Sephi: No.
Elizabeth: Wha-. I’m not joking! Give that back!
Sephi: You’re attempts are useless. You can’t control me. You wish. Now then, you have exactly five seconds to put Venus back to normal, or I kill you
Elizabeth: This…can’t be. YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT I SAY!
Sephi: 5…
Elizabeth: DO YOU HEAR ME!?
Sephi: 4…
Sephi: 3…
Sephi: 2…
Elizabeth: FUCK!
Sephi: 1…
Sephi: 0!

“Sephi quickly and swiftly stabs Elizabeth through the stomach, and then moves his sword in the same motion as a seppuku. Elizabeth falls to the floor, her blood quickly staining it, while Sephi sheets his sword again”

Sephi: And so, it’s over
Elizabeth: You…you’re suppose to…love…me…nobody…as ever opposed me.
Sephi: For what it’s worth, you are a beautiful woman. Too bad you’re also a bitch.
Elizabeth: He he! Nice way to…humiliate someone just before they die…bas…tard…

“Elizabeth falls silent, and dead”

Sephi: Overconfident fool
Venus: What…happened?
Sephi: Glad to see you back.

Cut to Nigen

“Elias is regenerating the broken bones from Ningen’s attack”

Elias: What is the meaning of this!
Ningen: That was VEEERRY close. You okay there Sonaditya?
Sonaditya: Hurt, but I’ll live
Ningen: Good to hear. Now then, please.step.BACK!

“Ningen puts his palms together, and then puts them to the floor. Several rows of stalagmites are formed in a line straight towards Elias. He destroys the first couple of them with his claws, but eventually gets impaled by two”

Ningen: And…win!
Elias: You wish

“Elias get’s loose, and then heals his wounds easily”

Elias: Now then, how about…

“Elias starts kicking the top of the stalagmites towards Ningen. While it seems Ningen will easily dodge, they explode just when they reach him, and forming a cloud of smoke. Elias turns his attentions back to Sonaditya”

Elias: It is over. Now then time to kill the other-

“Suddenly, a spear emerges from the smoke and pierces Elias in the head”

Ningen: Now, now. Weren’t you taught never to turn your back on guests”

“Nigen had formed a shield to protect him from the blast, and then had used material from that shield to fire the spear that went through Elias’s head”

Ningen: AND NOW!

“Ningen again puts his hands to the ground, and creates a scimitar. He quickly dashes forwards, and slices Elias’s head clean off. He then picks up said head, and throws it out the window”

Ningen: For good measure.
Sonaditya: Whoa, that was-

“Ningen suddenly falls to the ground, grabbing his head in pain”

Ningen: FUCK! FUCK!
Soaditya: Ningen! What’s wrong!?
Ningen: Side effect…of using the drug. okay, just…stay calm

“After a while of heavy breathing, Ningen gets back up, still grabbing his head, but with only one hand”

Ningen: See if you can find the access pass...please
Sonadity: Huh, okay!

“Sonaditya goes to the desk, and goes through the drawers. Eventually, he finds what looks like a body of a Fox”

Ningen: That must be it. Okay, let’s go meet the others. Our plan is to head straight to the basement floor as soon as we have the pass.
Sonaditya: Wait. Shouldn’t we make sure the other are safe
Ningen: They know what to do. Get the access pass at all costs. It’s our job. Let’s go.

Cut to DTX

“DTX is floating right outside the window of the conference room, looking at Wong with visible furry. He’s holding Chulance’s katana, which he throws at Wong. The latter simply brushes it aside, sending it into the floor”

DTX: Okay, you little bastard, time to die.
Wong: I see you’re beginning to control those skills better. How’s it feel to have DBE’s power flowing through those veins?
DTX: Not that nice I tell you. But, if it helps kill you, I’ll take it.
Wong: Bring it then!

“DTX sticks out his palms, and sends a ki blast straight at Wong. The later uses his telekinetic like powers to stop it and send it back at the DTX. DTX forms a new ki blast, and fires it at the other one. They collide and explode. From the explosion, DTX charges at Wong. Wong uses his telekinesis to brush him aside, but DTX quickly rebounds and punches Wong into the wall. Wong wipes the blood from his mouth, grinning.”

Wong: You’ve gotten good. And you barely feel the love for DBE?
DTX: Oh I feel it. It’s taking over me as I speak. But my need to fucking beat the ever loving SHIT out of you and all you stand for keeps it at bay!

“DTX again rushes Wong. This time, Wong uses his own strength to try and match DTX. Both of them clash. However, DTX’s ki enhanced strength is stronger than Wong’s drug enhanced strength, sending him back to the wall. Just as DTX is about to deliver another punch however, Wong uses his telekinesis to send Chulance’s katana into DTX’s back. The later just barely avoids major damage, the sword passing between over his shoulder, slashing it. The sword lodges itself on the wall, and Wong grabs it and attempts to stab DTX again. DTX has no time to dodge, and just as it seems he’s done, Chulance, somehow standing up with his wounds, puts his hand in front of the sword. His hand gets stabbed, and it runs all the way along his arm, almost stabbing his shoulder as well” this on)

DTX: What the-!?
Chulance: Nice to see you…DTX…

“Chulance kicks Wong into the wall before he can react, and Wong drops the access pass. Chulance grabs it with his other hand, and passes it to DTX. He then uses the hand to push his sword from his other hand.”

Chulance: I do believe…you need to be somewhere?
DTX: Ye…Yeah. Let’s g-

“All of a sudden, Wong sends both of them flying with telekinesis”

Chulance: I I hardly think he’s gonna let us
DTX: I am not leaving you here.
Chulance: Dude. Just do it.
DTX: But…
Chulance: NOW!
Chulance: NOW!
DTX:..okay...thank you, my friend

“DTX quickly runs and dives out the window”

Wong: Oh no you-!
Chulance: DON’T!

“Chulance quickly slices Wong’s hand clean off, giving him no time to dodge or block.”

Chulance: Looks…like…you’re a stump now…like your movie ideas AH AH!

“Wong uses his remaining hands to lift several pieces of broken window, stabbing Chulance in the back with them”

Chulance: Well…that hurt...

“Again at blinding speed, one would think impossible of someone with such injuries, Chulance moves towards Wong, and slices his other hand off. He then quickly stabs Wong, and puts his face straight next to his”

Chulance: I ain’t done…I go out…with a bang

“Chulance let’s go of his sword, and reveals a pair of grenades on his belt”

Chulance: Wish I could tell you the story…of how I got these…but oh well…
Wong: No...
Chulance: We are the…real world equivalent of the Dai-Gurren brigade…if there ain’t a path, we make one ourselves…you become a wall in our way…we break it down…I’m taking you to hell…and dropping you off.

“Chulance takes the grenades to his mouth and uses his teeth to remove the safety pins.”


“We see shot of the outside of the building, with DTX flying to the ground, as the grenades go off, destroying the conference room”

DTX: Chulance..or doesn't matter. Thank you…

"Back inside, Wong and Chulance are in opposite ends of the room. Both severaly injured. Wong is missing his legs, and left arm, and Chulance has what appear to be 3rd degree burns all over his body"

Chulance: jumped...out of the blast...can't believe...I'm still in one piece...

"Chulance lays his head back, and slowly closes his eyes"

Chulance: Good friends...

"He breaths his last breath"

End Chapter 19. Next Chapter, A Case of .50s and Knives
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The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here Empty Re: The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here

Post by lol1991 Fri Jun 12, 2009 2:25 pm

Chapter 20 – A matter of .50s and Knives

We open up with a shot of the destroyed conference room. AG is still down, but Wong’s body as disappeared

“We next find DTX, entering the lobby. Everyone else is already there. Hawttdawgg is receiving treatment from Superman, and Justin is awake checking his own broken arm, while patching it up with some bandages. ”

4NeoDemon: Where’s AG?

“DTX lowers his head and clenches his fists.”

Justin: No…Chu…
Venus: No Sad…Chu…Crying or Very sad
DTX: He…stayed behind to make sure Wong didn’t stop me.
Justin: That explosion we heard…
DTX: I really would like to know what psycho carries around grenades.
Justin: A psycho like Chu.
Ningen: We can grieve later. Here’s the access pass from the movie section
Sephi: Here’s from the TV section
Nikku: Cartoon section
4NeoDemon: Financial section

“Sephi hands DTX the front legs of the Fox, and Ningen the body. Nikku the hind legs, and NeoDemon gives him the tail. DTX assembles the pieces on the floor and forms a sort of flat image of a Fox”

Sephi: Oh so original
Sonaditya: So we all here! Let’s go!
Venus: Where though?
Justin: Yeah. I never understood, why we need to access the basement.
Nikku: Well, Ningen found out that Fox conducts their experiments there. If we destroy it all, they can’t make anymore DBE drug. We win.
Sephi: We would still have to stop the already empowered actors, but at least we make sure they don’t make anymore super soldiers or something along those lines
4NeoDemon: Look, Hawttdawgg is seriously hurt, and Justin is in no better condition. Best I stay
Superman: I’ll stay. Leave this one on me.
4NeoDemon: But…
Superman: Look, I’m the one that can actually treat them. Besides, you’re the one that can fight.
4NeoDemon: Okay. You sure
Superman: Just go.
Venus: I'll stay here
Superman: I don't-
Venus: Look, if you get attacked, you can't protect them and yourself at the same time. I'll stay too.
DTX: Okay PEOPLE! The elevator for the basement level we want, -10, is located inside the main lobby somewhere. Start looking.

“Everyone scatters around and starts looking. Eventually, Nikku heads to the reception counter, and looks at the Fox logo on the wall behind it”

Nikku: God damned stupid little...Hey…wait…

“Nikku takes a close look, and finds 5 indentations that resembles a Fox when put together”

Nikku: DTX! Over here.
DTX: Good job Nikku!

“DTX puts the pieces in their place. The wall behind the Fox’s head moves, and an elevator his sown”

DTX: Well, well, well. Al aboard the fail express. Last stop, fail lab!
Sephi: Time to kick some ass.

“All the members of the protest forum, minus the injured, Venus and Superman, go into the elevator, and it moves down quickly. When it opens, they find themselves in a sort of lab, filled with pods that appear to contain people, used as lab rats for the experiments. At the end of the row of pods, a door is seen. Our heroes step out of the elevator, and look disgusted at the view.”

Ningen: Bunch of bastards.
DTX: Now they really need to die.
Niku: Look around for a computer, or files containing the formulas preparation.

“Suddenly, the door at the end of the corridor opens, and I come out”

Me: Well, well, well, how you guys doing!
DTX: It’s!
Nikku: LOL! (I realize this sounds silly, but remember it’s my name)

“Everyone looked shocked at first, but then, with no warning, Sonaditya, Sephi and Nikku, the later pulling out a pair of Osaka knives, rush at me. Sephi lungs with the sword, Sonaditya goes for the kick, and Nikku throws the knives.”

(pause for ambience music – )

“I pull out my desert eagle, first dodging Sonaditya by taking advantage of his own momentum. Then I shoot a pair of bullets, one at each knife, deflecting them. Then I do a matrix like move, and spin my gun, deflecting Sephi’s lunge. I then pull out my Walker, and shoot him point blank in the stomach. Then I shoot Nikku once in the leg”

Me: Well, that was quick!
Sonaditya: Bastard!

“Sonaditya rushes again. I side step, and then hit him in the back of the head with my guns. He falls to the floor, unconscious”

Me: Who’s next?

“DTX, Iceman and NeoDemon attack next. NeoDemon first swings with his scythe, I jump, and shoot my Walker down. The force of impact breaks the blade. I then kick him back. Next, DTX attacks. I shoot him with the desert eagle, twice in each shoulder. Both of them fall to the ground. Then Iceman tries his bow and arrows, but I shoot him in one of his hands before he can fire, leaving him down”

Me: Dear me. And here I’ve been training expecting opposition!
Ningen: You’ll get it! YOU FUCKING TRAITOR!

“Ningen transmutes a sword, and attack. I shoot the sword from his hands, and then shoot him in the leg.

Ningen: I AM NOT DONE!

“He gets back up, standing on one leg, and transmutes the floor into a hand, trying to crush me. I fall back, putting away both my guns, and pull the sniper from my shoulder, quickly shooting Ningen in one of the arms.”

Ningen: DAMN!
Me: Lucky for you, I’m not packing my .50 bullets. Now then, I assume you’re finished. You will kindly walk away now. I avoided any major spots for all of you, except Sephi. That was, you have a reason to leave fast to save him

“Sephi starts to get up, sword in hand”

Sephi: My…ass…

“DTX and 4NeoDemon, the later now wielding just the pole of his scythe, get up as well”

DTX: We ain’t done with you.
4NeoDemon: We still have payback.

“Ningen next gets up with Iceman”

Iceman: You killed our friends
Ningen: Time for payback.
“Nikku is the last one up, pulling out two more knives”

Nikku: You have a date with vengeance mother fucker! Let’s see you reload before you die
Me: I’ll take you up on that!

“All of them rush again, while I start to reload. Ningen punches with his remaining arm, I dodge to the side. DTX is next, kicking me back, and Ningen takes the chance and punches me in the stomach. Next, NeoDemon uses the remaining piece of his scythe to hit me in the the side. I fall back, Iceman uses his other arm to elbow me. While I block, Nikku, on one leg, lunges forward. This time I dodge back, and then fall back again as Sephi rushes from behind and tries to slash me. I end up walking a long way back, and then finish reloading”

Me: Bang Bang!

“I shoot Nikku once in each shoulder, DTX twice in the leg, Ningen once in the leg, NeoDemon in the shoulders and Sephi in a leg and Iceman in his knee. I reload after.”

Me: And, it’s over. Now please, I seriously don’t want to kill you, so leave.
Sephi: Luffy, Secor, Son Goku and then Jessie!
Me: No. They promised me a chance to change the sequel. Make it something people can actually enjoy.
Nikku: That's BULLSHIT!
Me: Nikku, SHUT UP! You self righteous bastard! You think the world goes as we want!? People die! Might as well they die for a good reason!
…: Now, now. Boys, no fighting!

“Emmy had emerged from the same door I had”

Me: Emmy! This is none of your concern. I told you I got this
Emmy: Well, I knew you couldn’t be trusted, so the boss told me to come here, and make sure you finished the job
Me: What are you…FUCK! They did it again!
Emmy: No idea what you mean. Now then, I’m sure you wouldn’t mind to work together with an old friend to finish this, now would you?
Me: What are you…Wait! No!! DON’T! You said you’d leave her out of this!?
Emmy: What I said is irrelevant now. Come out please. Time to end this!
Me: NO!

“Out of the same door, appears no other than Jessica Raine”

(ambient music again –

Nikku: JESSIE! YOU'RE ALIVE! Crying or Very sad I...can't believe it...
Sephi: Well, I guess that’s one kill you failed at Lol!
Me: No…Emmy…why Jessie...why fucking bitch!
DTX: What is he blabbering
Emmy: Now then, Jessie…attack them, and kill them. Oh yes, and go ahead and kill Lol as well.
Me: Skts!
Nikku: Laughing As if! You have a screw lose if you think Jessie will-!

“Before anyone can say another word, Jessie moves towards Nikku"


"Pulling her Osaka knives from her belt, she stabbs Nikku in the ribs from both sides”

Nikku: Jes…sie…

“Nikku collapse to the ground, limp and unconscious, dropping both Osaka knives he himself was holding.”

Me: NO!!
Iceman: NIKKU!
Ningen: Jessie…

“Jessie turns around, and faces us”

Emmy: And now, kill the others.

End chapter 20. Next Chapter, Osaka
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The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here Empty Re: The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here

Post by lol1991 Sun Jun 14, 2009 7:01 pm

Chapter 21 – Osaka

The chapter opens up in the reception lobby

“Justin is seen getting thrown in to the wall. Venus is on the floor, looking on and Superman is near Hawttdawgg, who is still injured. We then see the cause for this is the arrival of Justin Chatwin”

Chatwin: You bastards managed to kill 4 section chiefs. Now you’re dead.
Justin: Let’s see you try Chatgimp!

“Justin holds out his hand and uses his flamethrower, now working again. Chatwin, however, manages to dodge, and then get in close. He knees Justin in the stomach, causing him to roll over in pain”

Chatwin: This is the end!

“He turns around, and heads towards Venus”

Chatwin: You’re next sweets.
Venus: Fuck off!
Chatwin: You weren’t ready for th-

“Just before he finishes the sentence, he gets shot in the head, half is brains being splattered on the ground”

Venus: What!
Justin: W…who!
Superman: TLALOC!

“Tlaloc, reloading a double barrel shotgun, walks to Venus and, putting his shotgun over his shoulder, holds out his hand to help her up”

Tlaloc: You okay.
Venus: I’ll live. So you’re Tlaloc.
Tlaloc: Yes, indeed. You okay Supes?
Superman: Never better!

“Justin gets up on his own, and walks over to Tlaloc”

Justin: Thanks for the help. The bastard jumped us!
Tlaloc: Where are the others?

“Justin Begins to tell Tlaloc the whole story about breaking into Fox HQ, stealing the passes, and the others going down to destroy the labs”

Tlaloc: I see. We’ll, we should go to meet them then. If we hurry-
…: you leaving here that easy!

“Everyone turns to see Chatwin, his head regenerating, getting up”

Superman: Not this one too. I thought that only Chung and Tamura could heal like this!
Chatwin: Nope! Everyone from the cast and crew can heal like this. Tamura and Chung were just the first ones to try out the power. Now then, that wasn’t cool! I’m going to kill you for that!
Tlaloc: Bring it!

“Tlaloc pumps the shotgun, and gets ready”

Cut to downstairs.

“Everyone is still shocked at Jessie’s actions. I’m the only one not”

Me: You bitch…you promised you wouldn’t use her!
Emmy: I lied.
Me: You little-!

“I pull out my Walker and fire once at Emmy. Reacting quickly, Jessie uses her Osaka knife to deflect the bullet”

Me: She’s gotten quicker. You’re doing I assume?
Emmy: Why yes, yes indeed.
Ningen: What is she talking about?
Me: I never killed Jessie…or rather, they never let her die. They took her body and used it in experiments.
Me: I hardly had a choice now did I?
Sephi: Well, you have now managed to sink even lower Lol.

“Emmy starts giggling, and after a while she start laughing like a maniac”

Emmy: You really have been working alone haven’t you?!

“I flinch when she says that, but quickly get it together”

Me: Well, not counting you? But, seeing as they just gave you a new dose of the drug, I doubt you remember that.

“Now it’s Emmy’s turn to flinch. She stares dumbfounded at me for a while, before regain her composer”

Emmy: I don’t know what you’re talking about. All I know is that you killed members from one side, and betrayed the other. Now what are you going to do?

“I remain silent”

Emmy: No answer huh? Well, I have to go…Jessie, kill them.

“Emmy walks back into the door, and closes it behind her.”

Me: Bitch!
4NeoDemon: Hey, what did she mean by “working alone?”
Me: I never really was part of them…
Iceman: Wait…are you telling me that you never really betrayed us?
Me: If you don’t consider killing members of the forum betraying…then yeah, I never did. I’ve been trying to shut down the fuckers from the inside.
Sephi: Why…should we believe you?
Me: I don’t need you to believe me. What I need you to do though, is get past Jessie while I distract her.
Sephi: Bull-!

“Suddenly, Sephi falls to the ground, the blood loss from the gunshot wounds finally catching up”

Iceman: SEPHI!
DTX: Sephi is down. Ningen and Iceman are both injured in the legs. Sonaditya is unconscious, and Nikku is almost dead. Me, I'm wounded in the leg, but seeing as I've been given the drug, it hardly hurts as much as it should and NeoDemon can help as well…what’s your plan anyway?
Me: So quick to forget my transgression?
DTX: You’ll have time to pay for those later. Right now, we need to get out of here and get the rest of us some medical attention.
Me: Right. Behind those doors Emmy went through is the main lab. This is just the computer and analysis area. All the samples and test subjects are on the other side, as well as most of the formula. DTX, you and Sephi fought Chung and Tamura right?
DTX: Yeah. What about it?
Me: They healed much faster. Bet they told you only they could do it right?
DTX: Yeah! How do you know?
Me: Recently, this lab as developed a new drug. Basically, they isolated the part of the original that granted the small healing factor, and made a concentrated version of this. There is no side affect they know of. Tamura and Chung served and the guinea pigs. I need you guys to take it.
DTX: I would rather avoid having more of Fox’s shit running through my veins.
Me: Your other option is death.

“DTX looks are me for a while, and then turns to the door”

DTX: Lead the way.
Me: You and NeoDemon get your asses through that door, and look for 6 vials of the formula. I’ll keep Osaka busy.

“I quickly shoot one of the knives dropped by Nikku in a way that makes it spin into my hands”

Me: Get ready…GO!

“As soon as I say this, the three of us move towards Jessie, DTX limping slightly. I start firing at her, and as soon as I get close enough, I go for a direct lunge with the knife. She dodges to the left. I put my Walker away, and kick another nearby knife, meeting both of Jessie’s knives in a stand still.”

Me: GO!

“DTX and NeoDemon take this chance to open the door and walk into the next room. What they find turns their stomachs upside down. Literally thousands upon thousands of pods similar to the ones in the other room”

DTX: Dear god.
4NeoDemon: This is sick!

“They walk past the pods, and after a while, they find bigger pods, 4 exactly, one open. Inside the other three, they find...”

DTX: SON GOKU! SECOR! LUFFY! They’re all here! I can’t believe it…it wasn’t just Jessie.
4NeoDemon: Bastards…now they really need to all die in a fire. Hey wait!

“NeoDemon notices tubes running from the 4 pods. He follows them and finds a sort of arc with a computer. When he start messing with it, he finds the option of taking the samples for further alterations”

4NeoDemon: DTX, come here. This must be what they use to inject the drugs into Jessie and the others. Look, we can take the samples they have in now. One of them is the one for accelerated healing.
DTX: Do it.

“NeoDemon gives the computer the order

“DTX, meanwhile, DTX has found some research papers. He starts reading them.”

DTX: It seems, that anyone that doesn’t have previous contact with the drug wont retain the healing factor. So they used Jessie as a test subject to try this out…it worked. She’s been injected with a minor dose of the original, but with massive doses of the healing one…she can only be killed by taking her head off…dear god...these guys are crazy and need to go down!
4NeoDemon: You’ll get the chance. Here.

“NeoDemon passes DTX a vial with the drug, and takes one himself. His wounds quickly start to heal”

4NeoDemon: Whoa…amazing!

“DTX does the same. His wounds heal too”

DTX: Perfect. Let’s get these vials to the others.

“He looks at Secor, Luffy and Son Goku”

DTX: Don’t worry guys, we’ll be right back!

“He and NeoDemon speed off”

Meanwhile, while this was happening (thank you Justin for showing me this song. I dunno why it fits this scene like a glove)

“Me and Jessie are still locked in the struggle. Eventually we pull away and I drop both the knives, pull out my guns and shot several bullets aimed for Jessie's head. She cuts all the bullets in half”

Me: What! No way...

“She bounces back, and then moves forward quickly while attempting to stab me in the chest. I let her, the knife connects, and and blood starts dripping to the floor. After a while, I look at her, with a blood coming out of my mouth”

Me: I earned that…but I can't let you win.

“I take the opening to shot her straight in the head. She falls back and lays on the floor, and I fall to my knees”

Iceman: Whoa…double kill.
Ningen: Jessie…Lol…

“I stay on my knees for a while, but get back up, fully healed. She does the same.”

Ningen: What?
Iceman:They both...
Me: So you took the drugs too huh? I should have seen it coming. What’s your side effect?

“Jessie, without a word, charges again. I dodge the first blows, and then shoot both her arms. Before she regenerates, I put one of my guns away, and grab a knife on the floor. I stab her, and go clean through, one side to the other”

Me: Come on? I’ll tell you mine.

“She pulls away, heals again, and then lunges with both knives at the same time. I pull back while shooting. I run out of bullets, and just when it seems she has me, I drop my guns and pull the sniper from my shoulder, and shoot her in both arms without the scope”

Me: Mine, well, I guess I would have defined my exact opposite as someone capable of betraying his friends…I didn’t need the drug in the end though…I took it only recently…so…I don’t know…what this drug truly does to me…

“Jessie stops for a while, and looks at me”

Me: So, what’s your opposite? I would say, someone who’s serious, and incapable of a laugh…but I could be wrong…am I? Huh? Osaka.

“Jessie suddenly gets angry and attack again. I aim for the head, and stay with the sight on it, with my finger in the trigger. I end up hesitating just one second too much. She stabs me in the stomach with one knife, and cuts my throat with the other”

Me: Da...Damn…I couldn't...

“Jessie quickly maneuvers behind me, leaving the stabbed sword in the gut, and using the other to stab me in the spine. I fall down, lifeless. Just then, NeoDemon and DTX get back with the drugs”


"A close up of my eyes are shown, with Jessie reflect on them. A little flash his shown of the time I shot her, of attacking the other members. I force myself to talk with the barely regenerated throat"

Me: I'm...sorry...Osaka...
Jessie: Apology...not...accepted...

She stabs the Knife further in, and I start to close my eyes, the wound to the spine to much for even the healing to handle

End Chapter 21. Next Chapter, Boom.
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The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here Empty Re: The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here

Post by lol1991 Sun Jun 14, 2009 9:01 pm

Chapter 22 – Boom

We open up with DTX and NeoDemon opening the door in time to see Jessie stab me in the spine

Me: I’m sorry…Jessie
Jessie: Apology…not…accepted…

“Jessie pushes the knife deeper into my spine, and the healing factor fails to keep up


“DTX charges Jessie. She quickly pulls back, while grabbing two more knives on the floor”

DTX: If it’s true she can heal every blow…I have no choice KA…ME
Ningen: NO!
Iceman: DON’T!

“DTX fires straight at Jessie. She doesn’t have time to dodge, and gets consumed in the blast. She falls to the ground. “

Ningen: No…

“NeoDemon gives Ningen and Iceman each a vial. They inject it and get healed. He then gives one to Sephi, and runs over and gives one to Nikku. Sephi, who was partially awake, goes over to DTX”

Sephi: You okay
DTX: I’ve long since learned to suppress these little voices telling me to give my money to DBE. “grin”

“Suddenly, Jessie gets up, ready to keep fighting. But from out of nowhere, she gets a knife jammed into her spine just like me. She fall, and we see Ningen behind her, having been him that threw the knife”

Ningen: You okay?
DTX: Best as I can be. Well…how are you guys?
Ningen: You just saw it. I’m peachy.

“Sephi as walked away, to grab his sword”

Sephi: Great

“Iceman walks over, already wielding his bow”

Iceman: I’ll live.

“NeoDemon is near Nikku. Nikku’s wounds are healed, but he’s not waking up”

4NeoDemon: Nikku! Nikku! Damn…were we too late?

“The DTX walks over. Ningen, meanwhile, as gone to check on Sonaditya, and Sephi on me”

Sephi: He defended us…and now I guess he really is dead…
Ningen: Not yet.

“Ningen walks over, with Sonaditya over his shoulder”

Ningen: Remove that knife from his spine

“Sephi does so. I instantly take a deep breath, and start coughing, gasping for air. After a while I calm down, and remove the other knife from my gut”

Me: That hurt….where…

“I notice Jessie on the ground”

Me: …I really am sorry

“Sephi and Ningen are both looking at Jessie, as I get up, knife still in hand”

Sephi: We know.
Ningen: If we do the same to her, she’ll live
Me: If you take too long, she won’t.

“Nikku, meanwhile, is waking up. He looks around confused, and sees me holding the knife, Jessie some feet away, with one in her back. He gets up, and walks over to me, punching me right in the face, causing me to drop the knife. I make no effort to stop him”

Me: I suppose the part where I was saving you means nothi-

“He punches me again”


“He punches me once, and again. After a while, Ningen and Sephi stop him”

Sephi: ENOUGH!
Ningen: He was saving us Nikku, stop that.
Ningen: Just like DTX way back when, she was controlled. She had little choice…and unlike DTX, we couldn’t just knock her out. She can heal from just about anything, but a knife to her spine she can't. I put that knife there.
Nikku: YOU WHAT?!
Sephi: What else was he suppose to do? If he didn’t she would have killed us all!
Nikku: Damn…DAMN IT!

“DTX, Iceman and NeoDemon walk over, the later picking up what’s left of his scythe”

DTX: Okay, battle plan. I’ll stay here and blow up this place to ash, but before that…
Me: We need to save the others I “killed”
Sephi: They’re here too?
4NeoDemon: Yeah.
Iceman: The more things come to light. The more I hate those bastards. But you are not staying here alone.
Nikku: I’ll stay too.
Me: And me. The rest of you go
Sephi: You sure?
Ningen: I don’t know if that’s a good idea.
Me: Look, if Emmy is here, then you can bet the other bastards are here as well. Now go!

"Ningen and Sephi look at each other, and nod.”

4NeoDemon: We are not leaving you here!
Iceman: NeoDemon. Just do what they say. What can you do at this point anyway? Let’s just go.
4NeoDemon: But..."sigh"...Fine…good luck guys.

“The four of them, with Ningen carrying Sonaditya, walk up to the elevator, and get on board. It starts moving, taking them up”

Me: Well, that’s it
Nikku: What's the plan anyway?
Me: We blow this place up…I haven’t been sleeping on the job here. I know just where to place explosives in a way to blow this place to dust
Nikku: You hardly know the first thing about explosives!
Me: Yeah…but Secor does. We wake him up
Nikku: So he can try and murder us like Jessie?
Me: We’ll see. Nikku, bring Jessie. For now, don’t take the knife from her spine though.
Nikku: tsk…whatever you say “boss”

“Nikku walks over to Jessie, and looks at her for a while”

DTX: Nikku, let’s go!

“Nikku picks her up, and puts her over his shoulder”

Nikku: Come on Jessie...

“We walk into the main lab again, and find the same disgusting sight. I’m already used to it, but DTX and Nikku still feel sick, especially Nikku”

Nikku: Those…bastards…so many…why?
Me: Isn’t it obvious? What would you do if you were a maniacal company that for some weird reason found a formula for super human capabilities?
Nikku: Are you telling me…?
Me: Yeah. They’re making their own personal army. I tell you when I first saw this, I thought I was in a movies or a work of fiction or something.
DTX: Yeah. It seems so weird. Come on, they’re this way.

“We reach the chambers containing Luffy, Secor and Son Goku”

Me: Let me see here

“I walk over to the computer, and start messing with it. After a while, the pods start to open up, and Luffy, Secor and Son Goku start to regain consciousness”

DTX: GUY! Are you alright?
Luffy: I’ve…been better…
Secor: likewise…
Son Goku: Last thing I remember…was…

“He looks at me and jumps back. Luffy does the same. Secor, however, goes up to me, and punches me right in the face”

Secor: Now that that’s out of the way, did you bring them?
Me: Yeah...good punch by the way.

“I run off, and pull from behind a pod a backpack, containing C4 explosives”

Secor: Perfect! Nice job
Son Goku: I don’t follow.
DTX: Actually, me neither, but I can tell you the whole deal to where I get it.

“DTX starts relaing to Luffy and Son Goku all that’s happened since their “deaths””

Luffy: So wait…is there a chance I have abilities too?
Me: Not a chance. I’m certain. Try it out

“Luffy stretches his arms, to his amazement”

Luffy: WHOA!
Son Goku: So, we can do whatever we most want, but at the cost of becoming what we most hate. The more we use these skills the more our opposite takes over, is that it?
DTX: In a nut shell.
Secor: Now for the other side of this little story. When Lol went to kill me, I got a message from an anonymous source, stating to be ready when the time came, and also saying sorry. I was going what the fuck all day long, until I saw the reason…one second before it hit me in the head. I started fading in and out while in this pod, and those little moments where enough for me to realize what happened.
Me: I sometimes came in here, and injected just enough stimulants for Secor alone to wake up. I hoped he would put two plus two together during those times.
Secor: I was able to pick up conversations and realize where the fuck I was, and who shot me. I also figured out, that the only possible reason I got that message…was to be ready to blow this place up. And now, I’m gonna get started!
Me: Well…that’s that…now we just have to wait for him to set the bombs, and we win.
Nikku: Yeah…with heavy costs…
Me: I know…look, Nikku, you may not believe me, But I am sorry. All I wan-

“Suddenly, someone hits Nikku from behind, sending into DTX.”


“Masters is seen holding Jessie, only to remove the knife in her spine, and dropping her to the ground”

Masters: I’ll be killing you now!

Cut to the outside of Fox HQ, to where the fight taking place in the lobby as spilled

“We see that Tlaloc has run out of bullets and his facing a very angry Chatwin”

Chatwin: And now…YOU DI-!

“The top of his head gets cut clean off from the mouth up, and we see the culprit is Sephi”

Sephi: My, my…it seem this little bastard needs a lesson in manners.

“Ningen, supporting Sonaditya that as in the mean time woken up, Iceman and 4NeoDemon, walk out behind him”

Ningen: It’s on you. Give him hell!
Iceman: Yeah…I feel way to tired
Tlaloc: GUYS!
Venus: Thank heavens you’re alive. Chatgimp told us Emmy and Lol had gone to kill you.
4NeoDemon: Funny how things work…he’s not a back stabbing son a bitch after all. He’s just a bastard willing to sacrifice his friends for a higher cause.
Tlaloc: What?

“4NeoDemon starts telling the story of what happened down there. After he’s done, everyone is in shock”

Tlaloc: Looks like Lol did have a reason…I can’t believe I was wrong...
Justin: We all were…
Superman: And he must have suffered from having to kill his friends
Venus: And ever more watching them being used as lab rats”

“While they are talking, Ningen and Sonaditya are watching the fight”

Sonaditya: This should be good!

“Chatwin is regenerating from the first slash”

Chatwin: I can regenerate from ANYTHING! YOU CAN’T BEAT ME! MUAHAAHAHAH
Sephi: We’ll see about that…

“Sephi dashes forward, slicing off both of Chatwins arms”


“Sephi then quickly gets behind him, and stabs him through the right lung, doing a sweeping motion with his sword and cutting Chatwin along his chest, spilling blood on the floor with the motion”

Chatwin: NO!

“Chatwin now looks scared. Sephi uses his sword cut Chatwin’s head clean off”

Chatwin: FU-!

“His head falls to the ground.”

Sephi: Done.
Sonaditya: Whoa! He cleaned his clock in seconds!
Ningen: When you know how to do it, it becomes easy.
Sephi: You should never underestimate your opponents.
Superman: Guess now all we have to do is wait for the others to finish...

“As he says these words, Fox HQ starts to rumble”

End Chapter 22. Next Chapter, Eat This!
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The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here Empty Re: The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here

Post by lol1991 Sun Jun 14, 2009 10:44 pm

Chapter 23 – Eat This!

The Chapter starts with Jessie getting up, her eyes filled with the same blank rage as before

Me: Crap…Masters you!

“I pull out my gun, and shot Masters square in the jaw. He quickly heals though”

Masters: My, my…that was a very bad thing to do…I should kill you for that…oh wait, I am killing you for that
DTX: Darn it…Lol, can you fight Jessie again
Me: No problem…
DTX: Then I’ll take Masters. I fight my best when I don’t need to worry about killing.
Me: Got it.
Luffy: I can help to…I’ll help you with Jessie.
Me: No. Go with Nikku and Secor, and help with the explosives. There might be other DBE cast members here. They’ll need some cover.
Son Goku: I can help you with Masters DTX.
Nikku: Guys…me and Secor will start planting the explosives
Secor: Leave it to us.
Luffy: I'll do whatever you say. careful man
Me: Hey, you don't need to be so nice to someone that pulled a trigger on you
Luffy: I'll get you back later

“Nikku and DTX run off. When Masters tries to stop them, DTX quickly gets in front of him, and punches him back, knocking over a couple of pods. These don’t break, and Masters gets back up”

Masters: You little bastard
DTX: Bring it…hey, Son Goku, what can you do anyway?
Son Goku: I don’t know. But for now, I have enhanced strength and speed. We’ll out figure the rest as we go along.

“DTX and Son Goku attack Masters in combination. DTX first launches a small ki blast. Masters easily shrugs it off, only to get hit in the face by a high kick from Son Goku. He moves across the air for a while, and gets his fighting stance back, only to be suddenly elbowed in the back by DTX. Meanwhile, my fight with Jessie is going much the same way as before”

Me: So apology not accepted huh?

“I rush Jessie and fire both my guns at point blank. She somehow ducks and delivers an uppercut. She then pulls another pair of Osaka knives from her belt, and tries to hit me in the chest again. I dodge to the side, and fire a bullet into her attack arm, followed by one into the knee cap. She falls down, and I take the opportunity to fall back and reload”

Me: Well, well Osaka, you need to move quicker
Jessie: Don’t…
Me: What?

“Jessie dashes again, her wounds healed, bringing both her blades from each side. I lift both my arms, and she slashes both. I quickly pull her knives away and take another shot at the head. She again manages to dodge, only this time, I quickly trip her, firing again and hitting her square in the head”

Me: Why shouldn’t I call you Osaka? It’s your nickname…isn’t it?
Me: At least your talking.

“Jessie moves at blinding speed towards me and kicks me in the gut. The force of the kick sends me flying through several tubs. I end up much further ahead, near Nikku, Luffy and Secor”

Nikku: LOL!

“Just as Jessie runs over to finish it, Nikku puts himself in between the two”

( music)

Nikku: Okay, Jessica Raine, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
Jessie: I’m going to kill you too!
Nikku: DO IT! You’ll became him if you do! Him and Fox as well!

“Jessie hesitates."

Jessie: Just…get out of the way!
Nikku: I’ve had enough of members of the forum, friends of mine, killing each other over this STUPID film! Have you seen what they did! They’re the guilty ones, not any of us! They could have used any of us! Lol simply served their purpose. At least he tried to do something about it!
Me: I’m SORRY! OKAY!? I KNOW I SHOULDN'T HAVE DONE IT! But…I tried to take them out…I never thought…it would take so long…I never wanted to kill anyone…I swear…I swear…look, either way…I…I think you shouldn’t just kill me…I mean, I know you have the right…but…you…you’ll change…take it from someone who knows…
Jessie: Like I give a crap!
Me: You will give a crap…trust me…

"Jessie starts shaking"

Jessie: Why? Crying or Very sad Why did you let them…do all those things to me. Day after day…those people just never stopped…I thought I was going to go insane…I…I would have preferred death…Crying or Very sad
Me: I…I’m sorry…I know I should be able to say something else, but I really can’t…with all the weird shit I can do for a normal person…I can’t do anything else…I just…can’t
Jessie: Normal person? As if!
Me: Well, you say “I thought I was going to go insane”. Worst than you already are?!
Jessie: Nice way to poke at someone that’s opening her soul!
Me: You did it first!
Jessie: Yeah well, you tried to kill me!
Me: And you tried to kill Nikku!
Nikku: Hey don’t drag me into this!

“We all look at each other for a while, and start to grin. Then giggle, and then laugh”

Jessie: I can’t believe it…I’m…laughing
Me: Yeah…I really can’t believe it…
Nikku: Well, remember, the three of us started this entire mess…we need to fix it
Jessie: That’s debatable. I mean, Fox was doing their shit way before we started messing around in their affairs.
Me: But we wouldn’t be in this Mess
Jessie: Touche!
Nikku: This mess, that mess. We get into EVERY mess.
Me: A crazy gun maniac, a crazy Osaka knife weilding crazy person, and guy with a thing for video games that gets hyper attacks...
Jessie: Quite the trio if you ask me...

"We out our hands together, and then pull away"

(If the music hasn't stopped by now, I don't think it will match the next parts. But it's a nice song, so feel free to keeo listening)

“Back to DTX and Son Goku, Masters is getting the hell beat out of him, but has avoided damage to his head”

Masters: DAMN YOU!
DTX: At this point…you can only defend!

“Masters runs past DTX and Son Goku too fast to be stopped, and heads over to a control board. He types something, and the room suddenly turns red, due t emergency lights. The pods start to drain of liquid. Even those who were tipped over drain the liquid onto the floor”


“Masters types on the control board again. We see Song Goku looking carefully at the Masters fingers. A stair case opens up beside the control panel”


“Masters gets in, and it closes behind him”

DTX: CRAP! We need to find the others. Come on!

“Back with us, the same thins is happening"

Me: What the! OH NO!
Luffy: WHAT?
Me: They activated the army! All these guys are going to start attacking us!
Secor: But…theirs thousands of them
Jessie: Exactly…

“DTX and Son Goku quickly catch up t us”

DTX: You’ve noticed right? CRAP now what?
Me: We don’t have much time. NO OBJECTIONS WILL FOLLOW Son Goku, you and Luffy will take an additional detonator for the bombs. If we don’t make it out of here in 15 minutes, you detonate them. We should at the very least, kill most of these guys!

Luffy: But…
Son Goku: LUFFY! He said what we have to do…Okay, right. Give it here!
Luffy: Fine! You better make it out of here!

“Secor passes Son Goku the detonator, and he speeds off with Luffy to the exit”

Me: Alright, how many explosive are missing?
Secor: Just two. This one and another in the center! I was leaving it for last since you were fighting there.
DTX: Okay, finish that one. Hurry!

“Secor gets to work. He quickly finishes, but the army of mutated humans has already left the pods, and is surrounding us.”

Secor: DONE!
Me: Then get ready. DTX!

“DTX Fires a Kamehameha in the direction of the center area, clearing a path”

Me: Jessie, you and me take point. DTX cover our asses!

“We get into formation, me and Jessie cleaning out the homunculi in front, while DTX clears the back.”

(SIDE NOTE: I like the name, and that’s kinda how I picture them, like the mindless ones from the recent FMA chapters)

“After a while, we reach the center, the main pods again, and Secor starts to plant the explosives”


“Jessie is killing a group attacking from the left, slicing them down quickly while dodge there blows. DTX is firing ki blast both up and down, but is getting tired, and strained. I’m snipping them off to the right. After a while, Secor finishes the job”

Secor: MOVE!
Nikku: NOW!!!

“We head for the door, and Nikku quickly starts to crack the code on it”

Nikku: Dear GOD! Which one of those two opened the door! It’s HARD!

“I look at the army of clones surrounding us, and then at the others, at my friends. I pull my sniper from my shoulder, and hand it to Nikku”

Me: Catch!
Nikku: What?

“He catches the riffle, and I pull out my guns”

Me: Get out of here. All of you! I’ll try to hold them off.
Jessie: Are you out of your mind!
Secor: I’ve set the explosives. We just have to leave and they’re toast man!
Me: They’ll be on our tails, and won’t get caught in the blast…someone as to stay behind, and make sure they don’t get out. Just…just go.
Jessie: No way…we’ve finally got together again…and now this! No way!

“Nikku is the only one that isn’t arguing. He’s looking at the sniper, and then he looks at the others. He quickly gets back to the code, and finishes cracking it. The door opens up, and reveals a staircase”

Me: “grin” Thank you. Keep the sniper safe…
Nikku: Okay Lol…don’t worry.
DTX: Damn…no choice then…
Jessie: But...but…Crying or Very sad

( This one you MUST put on)

Me: Jessie…keep these block heads safe…it’s a favor I’m asking.
Jessie: But…Crying or Very sad... but I don’t want you to die
Me: Rich, coming from someone who was trying to kill me! Irony that beats all! "grin" Look, please do this last favor for me…okay?

“Jessie looks at me for a while, and wipes her tears, and hugs me”

Jessie: Fine…fine…you’re doing it because you want to…guess we can’t stop you. Good bye…

“Secor gives me the detonator”

Secor: Good luck man
Nikku: It’s up to you, you crazy trigger happy SoB
DTX: See you.

“They all head for the stairs, and the homunculi try to follow them. I shot most of the ones that do so”

Me: You aren’t going anywhere! Close those doors!
DTX: Good luck
Me: I won’t say anything like later friends…Just go!

“Nikku close the door by typing the code again, trapping me and the army there”

Me: Guess…this is it…I’ll hold out as long as I can…but then…I have to detonate! Hope they get out in time!

“I pull out my guns and walk into the horde, and start firing, getting a head shoot for each bullet. I continue like this, reloading and dodging, until one of them manages to wound me in the ribs. I fall back, and several more jump me, giving me several wounds.”


“I pull back, and keep firing. I take several more down, before one of them trips me. Several more jump on me. Just then, I set grenade goes off, and the group disperses. I walk out, barely able to stand”

Me: I had to…detonate…a nade…dear good this hurts…BUT! I AIN’T DONE!!

“I keep fighting them off, killing several more with headshots, and avoiding more hits.”

Me: I’m having fun…shooting these bastards down ONE BY ONE!

“I shot more, and get in close, blow the brains out of several with point blanks. I then put myself on top of a body, and use it as a board as I spin and shoot in every direction. I hit the wall as I run out of bullet”

Me: Damn!

“I fall back and lean against the wall. There are still thousands left, and I’m now out of bullets”

Me: It’s…over… it was nice while it lasted…DTX, Nikku, Jessie, Tlaloc,…and all the others…hope they bring these fuckers down…cause…I stop here. I’m kinda scared…but…

“I pull out the detonator Secor gave me”

Me: This…is my farewell gift to all of them…EAT THIS YOU COCK SUCKING BASTARDS!!

“I pull the button, laughing at death”

Cut to outside

“Jessie, Nikku, Secor and DTX have just made it outside, when they hear the explosion from inside. Soon, the flames from the explosion start darting out of the stairs they came out of”

Jessie: Lol…
Nikku: He…he gave them hell…
DTX: Come on…we still have things to do…and people to murder…for Lol…come on…

“The group turns their backs on the fire, and head towards the Fox Building, with the intent of finishing this. The building is still rumbling in the distance.”

End Chapter 23. Next Chapter, We are Your Worst Nightmare.

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The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here Empty Re: The Last Battalion of the Dragon Balls-pl0x don't post here

Post by lol1991 Mon Jun 15, 2009 4:09 pm

Chapter 24 – We are Your Worst Nightmare

The chapter starts off with the basement lab. Several fires everywhere and all the homunculi are dead. In the middle of the bodies, mine is seen, grabbing on to the detonator

“Back upstairs, Jessie, Nikku, DTX and Secor meet up with Son Goku and Luffy a bit ahead”

Son Goku: You guys made it! Wait…where’s Lol?

“Everyone looks away”

Luffy: No…
DTX: We can talk about this later.
Jessie: Yeah…time to finish this, once and for all.

“The group head out. Just then, the earth starts to shake, and the Fox building starts to move”

Nikku: What the!?
DTX: Quick, we need to find the others

cut to the other group

“The Fox building starts to detach from the ground, and gains a pair of legs. Two parts of it separate, and form a pair of arms”


“Just then, Chatwin kicks him back”


“Chatwin runs back and quickly gets into the building, before it close up, and starts to move”

Ningen: This might be a good time to LEAVE!

“The group starts running for their life, Superman carrying Hawttdawgg as they move out of the way of the building that begins a rampage in Los Angeles”

Tlaloc: They’ve gone mental!
Justin: What the fuck are they thinking!?
Sonaditya: The destruction of mankind most likely
4NeoDemon: Well, this is just fucking GREAT!

“Just then, the rest of the group arrive and meet up with the others”

Ningen: DTX! JESSIE! SON GOKU, LUFFY AND SECOR! You guys alright?
Secor: Best as I’ll ever be.
Luffy: I’ll live
Son Goku: Likewise.
Jessie: Hate to cut the reunion short, but there a giant building destroying LA…now what?!
DTX: We need to get in there and destroy whatever is making it move.
Sephi: How are we expected to do that…

“Suddenly, the homunculi start to come out of the hole the FOX HQ was in.”

Nikku: NO WAY!
Jessie: Shit…this is just great. Some survived…about 50 of them
Luffy: I like those odds.
Jessie: likewise.
…: Same here fags…

“Hawttdawgg, now awake again, heads towards the others”

Hawttdawgg: Anyone kept my sword
Superman: Here

“He passes him the zangetsu like sword”

Hattdawgg: Here’s the plan. I stay here and handle these son’s of a bitch
Luffy: And I help!
Sonaditya: And me
Hawttdawgg: Not what I had in mind, but if you insist. The rest of you get that giant robot or whatever a piece of our minds!
DTX: Right! Protest forum, move out!

“Everyone moves out, minus Hawttdawgg, Sonaditya and Luffy that head towards the zombies.”

Hawttdawgg: AHAAAAAAHH!

“Hawttdawgg quickly slices the head of a couple turning around and cutting three more by the waist. Luffy, meanwhile, uses his new found powers to blast a row of them with a single punch”

Luffy: Gomu gomu …BAZOOKA!

“He uses the characters signature attack and takes out another group of them”

Luffy: This should be fairly easy. Hope the others have this much luck.

“Sonaditya is taking several of them down, discovering that they are still weak to pressure point attacks”

Sonaditya: This almost makes it too easy!

“The others are running down a street, following the building on his rampage. We start to see several tanks get their ass whopped by it”

Jessie: Damn them!

“Superman looks to the side”

Superman: Hey guys

“Suddenly, Son Goku, Superman and Secor stop”

Superman: Can you pilot it?
Son Goku: Oh yeah!

“The others, not noticing the ones that stopped, have now managed to get themselves in front of the building”

( You have to put this one playing. I've made this scene JUST to use the song)


“Ningen transmutes the ground, and destroys it, trapping the building in a gigantic hole”


“Ningen transmutes again, and a huge pillar starts to form, sending the heroes straight up to the top. However, the building sends out several drones like units”

Venus: Do they ever run out of ideas?!

“Venus starts throwing knives at them, hitting major points and bringing them down. She soon runs out of knives though”

Venus Crap!

“Justin starts setting several of them on fire. Just then, the pillar starts to slow down, Ningen is becoming exhausted. Several drones attack from the side”


“He uses the sniper he received from me, and starts taking down the group. The pillar slows down even more”

Ningen: DAMN! MOVE!!

“Just then, a helicopter, piloted by Son Goku with Secor as co pilot, begins to glide next to them. Inside, Superman calls to them”

Superman: Need a ride!
DTX: You know it!

“Suddenly, the “head” of the building sends out a huge beam aimed at the pillar”

Ningen: CRAP!

“Ningen uses transmutation to send everyone but him into the chopper. The pillar gets hit at the top, and he falls”

Sonaditya: NINGEN!!

“Ningen quickly transmutes the pillar in mid fall, and makes a support to grab hold of”

Ningen: I’M FINE! GO!
Son Goku: HANG ON!

“The chopper begins to fly forward, dodging several drones. Inside, Sephi and Jessie nod at each, and climb onto the wings of the helicopter careful not to get hit by the rotors”

Sephi: Let’s do this!
Jessie: RIGHT!

“Jessie and Sephi starts cutting down any drone that gets in a kill range, but can’t take care of the far ones. Nikku places himself outside, with Tlaloc holding him, and starts snipping away”

Son Goku: Secor! You know how to fire the machine guns of this thing!?
Secor: Give it a minute! NOW I DO!

“The chopper starts to fire at the drones taking several more down. Just then, the “head” fires again, and takes out the left wing, only for Jessie to dive back in”

Son Goku: HANG ON!
DTX and Nikku: RIGHT INTO THEIR FACES!!!!!!!!!!!

“The chopper flies right into the beam cannon making a hole to the inside of the building”

Son Goku: Done…

“The chopper start to show signs of blowing up”


“They jump into the inside, and the just then, the chopper blows up, taking out the cannon and part of the head”

DTX: Come on guys. There’s a stair case here

“They head down the stair case, and find a huge room, formed by the building transformation. It has several engines, most likely used to make it move. Inside, they find Justin Chatwin, Emmy Rossum, James Masters, Enriko Tamura, Jamie Chung, Joon Park and Randall Duk Kim”

Chatwin: You people DON’T give up.
Joon Park: Like, it isn’t cool to

“Just then, an arrow punctures his mouth, going through. We see a shot of Iceman with his bow still aiming at Park”

Emmy: What!

“3 more arrows fly towards him. One punctures his skull, another hits him in the throat, going trough again and hitting his spine. The final one hits him in the heart.”

Masters: Wha…
Chatwin: Who are you people!?
Jessie: We…we are just a humble internet community
Sephi: We were minding out own business, when all of a sudden, we’re targeted by this weird corporation.
Nikku: At first we easily fight back.
Superman: But the attacks get more and more violent.
Secor: People start dying.
Son Goku: And others betray our cause…

“We see the moment I shot Jessie”

Tlaloc: Others even fall into despair of not being able to stop it

“My meting with Tlaloc at Jessie’s funeral”

Justin: Some of us fight back…

“The initial attack on Fox HQ”

Venus: And watch their comrades die.

“AG’s death”

4NeoDemon: All to stop you bastards!
Jessie: In short...

End Chapter 24. Next Chapter, The Final Fight
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