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Post by VEGETA_DTX Mon Mar 24, 2008 7:20 am

We see that many people are confused and don't understand some things about this forum, so we'll be glad to explain:

1.Do we dislike, oppose and protest Dragon Ball Evolution movie, Street Fighter: Legend of Chun Li and rest of the unfaithful live action adaptations which ruin the spirit of franchises they're based on? And do we want to prevent their sequels or anything else related to them?

2.Will we watch their eventual sequels or any other upcoming unfaithful adaptation?
Paying for it - NEVER. Our point is to boycott it and never buy anything related to it and to also encourage other fans around the world to never buy it nor support it in any way.
But will we watch it on youtube or such? - yes, some of us will.
Its a natural curiousness and a feel worrying...some of us will just have to see what they did to our favorite franchises, but paying for it in theaters or buying DVD's or helping them in any way - NO! NEVER! of course. Like we already said, our point is to boycott and protest them.

3.Are we selfish, because we want to stop these movies, but there are people who want to see them?
Of course not. You should know that those who protest are in much worse position than those who sit in their chairs and do nothing else than insulting protesters on the internet.
Things are actually very simple, its called the natural law of balance - the ones who deserve to get what they want are those who care more.

4.How do we know that we care more about stopping those movies than supporters care about supporting them?
Well, like anything in life, acts are what really describe people. If we made a community, organized a protest, pushed the campaign, make protest reviews/videos/pictures, gather, boycott and encourage other people to boycott those exploitative movies as well, then that obviously shows that we CARE A LOT.
However if somebody sits in his chair does nothing else but insulting protesters on various message boards, then that definitely shows that he DOES care a bit, but MUCH LESS than us. If he'd care enough about it he'd do something about it, like go volunteer for that studio, as simple as that.
So every sentence like "you are selfish!" said by those people, automatically makes them hypocrites.

So, please!...if some of you out there don't care that much about "just a damn movie" and "just a damn cartoon" than don't bother flaming those who actually CARE.

Thank you very much for reading!

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