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Ultimate Battle Z (completed story)

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Ultimate Battle Z (completed story) Empty Ultimate Battle Z (completed story)

Post by justinlynch3 Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:51 am

Here is some of my older work, hope you enjoy.

(fyi: Read past the first few chapters, it is not a Buu saga rip off.)

Chapter 1: Super Vegito.

It's been several years since the defeat of Cell, Earth has been at peace, but unknown to everybody above, a dark evil is about to be unleashed. This evil is Majin Buu. The battle was long and hard with new transformations as Super Sayian 3 appearing and fusions such as Gotenks shows up. Now, Majin Buu has destroyed all the Earth population, absorbed Gotenks, Piccolo, and Gohan into his being, and there is only to people left who could stop him, Goku and Vegeta. Having no other choice, the 2 sayians has used a special type of fusion that has no time limit, but will it be enough to stop Buu , find out now on Ultimate Battle Z

Buu looks down from the sky at the new fighter standing before him.

Vegito: *cracks next* I was worried about us shearing a body, but it turned out pretty good. Now what do you call a Vegeta and a Goku, Vegito sound good.

Buu: I guess I can put up with this, those other 2 was starting to bore me.

Vegito taunts Buu to attack. Both fighters stand their ground.

Vegito: You who *while still waving for Buu to attack*

Buu: Err, STOP THAT.

Buu rushes in and lands a furry of punches and kicks on Vegito, Buu then grabs Vegito and throws him up in the air, Buu then appears behind Vegito and launches him into the ground.

Vegito: *getting up* Ah that felt good, hey would you mind throwing me another one of those attacks. Sorry but the body is kinda new, I'm sure you understand, you've been stealing body's all day.

Vegito dashes up and lands a return furry of punches and kicks on Buu, after kicking Buu away, Vegito puts both hands forward and charges up a blue energy ball, he releases the blast blowing Buu in half. Vegito dashes forward and Buu expands his arm's in a attempt to grab Vegito, Vegito dodges but Buu extends his antenna and catches Vegito leg, Buu swings Vegito around and throws him into the ground, Buu then follows with a blast volley. As the smoke clears Vegito is standing upright, unharmed.

Vegito: *cracks next* Well that one got the blood flowing.

Buu: The only thing this fusion has done is make you twice as foolish as before.

Vegito: Funny, think of that yourself.

Vegito teleports in front of Buu and lands a furry of hit's as Buu struggle to defend himself.

Meanwhile, far away.

Kabitoshin: No matter how much power Buu put's out, they fight evenly.

Elder Kai: Evenly you say, come boy, what crystal ball have you been looking through.

Kabitoshin looks at the crystal ball.

Kabitoshin: I see, Buu is at a disadvantage, our victory is secure.

Elder Kai: Nope, i'm afraid not.

Kabitoshin falls over.

Elder Kai: There is the luck of the moment though.

Back on Earth the fighting has braked.

Buu: So you can do more then talk trash after all.

Vegito: Trash talk, you must have picked up that from my son's you stole.

Buu: I don't know what your suggesting, I do what I have to, i'm the terror of the universe.

Vegito: That's old news.

Buu charges up a huge ball of energy.

Buu: This ball if filled with energy from every planet I destroyed, if it hit's the Earth, this full planet is gone. It's in your hands now, don't drop the ball.

Vegito: I won't even move from this spot.

Buu throws the ball at Vegito, who braces for impact. Vegito starts holding the ball back.

Buu: It's all over now.

Suddenly Vegito increases his power as a white arua surrounds him, he slowly starts walking forward pushing back the attack, within a few seconds Vegito is running while pushing the attack back, Vegito gives the ball a kick sending it floating past Buu and out to space.

Vegito: I may of lied there, I did move.

Buu: If you can deflect that attack you could of done alot more damage to me earlier, but you still don't compare, nobody compares to me.

Vegito: Your wrong Buu, I'm destant to destroy you.

Vegito starts charging energy as his muscles become larger, suddenly his hair becomes golden as a yellow aura burst out around Vegito. The aura is full of sparks as Vegito stands his ground.

Vegito: Call me Super Vegito.

Will this new Super Vegito destroy Buu, or will Buu find a way to win, find out next time on Ultimate Battle Z

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Ultimate Battle Z (completed story) Empty Re: Ultimate Battle Z (completed story)

Post by justinlynch3 Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:53 am

Last time on Ultimate Battle Z Vegito started his fight with Buu, it soon became clear that both fighter’s where holding back, now Vegito has stepped things up a notch, will he win, or does Buu have any tricks left, find out now on Ultimate Battle Z.

Chapter 2: Buu’s Rage.

Vegito stands firm has his hair has become a lighter yellow and his Sparky arua fades.

Vegito: You can call me Super Vegito. *smiles*

Buu: Your name is shit for all I care.

In the blink of an eye Vegito had kicked Buu in the gut stunning him. Vegito the charges up a Big Bang Attack and released it right in Buu face, blowing his head off. Buu regenerates just to be met by a rain of punches and kicks before being hit into the ground face first. Buu get’s up and looks back at Vegito.

Vegito: Ah, does baby have a boo boo. *while giving Buu the middle finger*.

Buu: Why you, you pig.

Vegito: You’re the one with the pink skin.

Buu: Oh that does it.

Buu takes to the sky and start’s powering up, he send off a shock wave so strong it knocks Vegito down to the ground.


Buu continues charging energy as dark storm clouds fill the sky.

Vegito: That’s it, try everything you can.

Buu continues to charge energy as light starts breaking holes through the clouds.

Vegito: What, I can feel the planet’s energy circling around us, I better stop this.

Vegito fly’s up to Buu and put’s his fist forward in an attempt to punch Buu, but Vegito is met with an energy barrier. Vegito power’s up, hair becomes golden and his Sparky aura return’s, Vegito is almost through when a shock wave knocks him back, Vegito is launched head fist into the Earth, all we can see is his legs sticking up from the ground. Buu continues to charge energy as the clouds start spinning around in a circle and suddenly a hole is created, it’s dark and black.

Vegito: *pull’s himself out of the ground* What............ is that.

Buu is still charging energy when a bright Blue beam destroyed the top half of Buu body.

???: Finally, some peace and quite.

???2: Yes, he is a load mouth.

???3: Pink, I wouldn’t steal that body if it was the last one left.

???2: Shut up Ginyu, nobody cares what you think. Besides, your already purple, that’s a girl color to stupid ass.

Vegito: Oh no, Buu has opened the gates to hell, no wait, I can feel something else coming, but it’s from another dimension. This isn’t good, Buu must have made a complete portal between every dimension there is.

Buu: *regenerates* So, more fool’s have come to die.

???2: What do you say Cell, let’s show this pink fool who’s b *get’s sliced in half*.

Cell: So, it’s you Trunks, I never expected to see you again, this time you’ll die.

Cell rushes at Trunks when a unexpected person show’s up, a girl wearing white shoes, black jeans and white top with open red jacket over it.

Cell: Hmhmhmhm, move along foolish girl.

Girl: *smiles* And what if I don’t?

Cell: Then die.

Cell rushes at the girl, the girl smiles and starts glowing yellow as she moves her right arm behind her back and shoves it forward, launching a red beam half the size of her body at the Cell.

Cell is catch off guard and blasted in half.

Girl: Well, that was easy.

Vegito dashes up beside the strange girl.

Vegito: It isn’t over, he can regenerate. *Vegito put’s his arm’s out in a Final Flash style* Final *he then brings them together and put’s his arm’s in a Kamehameha style* Kamehameha.

A huge light yellow beam destroys what was left of Cell.

So Buu has ripped a hole in not only dimensions but apparently time itself, what does this mean for the universe, and what evil lies in wait, and who is this strange girl that suddenly appeared, is she good or evil. Get the answer’s to these question’s and more next time on Ultimate Battle Z.

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Ultimate Battle Z (completed story) Empty Re: Ultimate Battle Z (completed story)

Post by justinlynch3 Wed Jun 10, 2009 9:58 am

Last time on Ultimate Battle Z Buu ripped a hole in both dimensions and time, we seen Cell, Frieza and Ginyu appear, Frieza was killed by Trunks (who also appeared), and Cell was beaten by a strange girl and Vegito. Now Ginyu is left by himself, or is he. Get ready for the next action packed chapter of Ultimate Battle Z.

Chapter 3

Vegito *looking at the strange girl* Who are you?

Girl: What’s it to you?

Vegito: Mind explaining where you came from?

Girl: Mind getting off my *put’s right arm forward* BACK *fires a energy wave*.

At the exact moment the attack fades away Buu has come up behind Vegito and part of his body to absorb him.

Buu: Hahahaha, your part of my now you mortal freak.

Just as Buu stopped talking he started to swell up, he was getting misshapen and suddenly explodes. Vegito is seen standing charging up his energy as he again has a Sparky aura and golden hair.

Vegito: Did you really think you could absorb me Buu, why don’t you get it, you can’t possibly win.

Buu: *reform’s* But how, you was inside me, you was a part of me.

Vegito: Your right, I was inside you, but I was not a part of you, as a matter of fact, neither are those 3. *points to ground*

Before Buu could even look his body start’s to change shape as he reverts to what looks like his normal self with Piccolo cape.

Buu: How, it’s impossible, it would of taken you hours to find them if you where in me, and why was you not added to my being.

Vegito: Simple really, when you absorbed me I created a energy barrier around me, I then used Instant Transmission to find the boy’s and Gohan, I then blew you up and Instant Transmissioned them to the ground. And now Buu, it’s time to say goodbye.

Vegito start’s charging energy when he hear’s an explosion, he turns around to see the girl and Trunks fighting.

Thunks: *while blocking* What the hell is wrong with you, you crazy bitch.

Girl: *while attacking* What did you call me.

The girl manages to land a heavy kick to Trunks face, she then chases after him, she the kicks Trunks 9 times in various locations, she then kicks him in the air and elbow’s Trunks in the back, stunning him. She then hit’s Trunks to the ground, placing her foot on top of Trunks head as she lands.

Trunks: *while being crushed* Who........ are you.

Girl: If you must know, my name is Kuriri.

Trunks: Well Kuriri, this fight is far from over.

Trunks begins powering up as an explosion of energy knocks Kuriri back, Trunks stands up, his hair yellow and a golden aura surrounding him.

Trunks: Ready for round 2.

Meanwhile, Buu escaped when Vegito looked to see what was going on.

Vegito: He’s hiding his energy, fuck, what a stupid mistake it was to look away. At least the boy’s are out of him.

Voice: Pardon me sir.

Vegito turns around.

Ginyu: Change now.

A yellow light comes from Ginyu’s mouth, Vegito tilt’s his head to the side as the light fly’s past him, the light go’s through space and shortly reaches another planet hitting a worm. The light stop’s and Ginyu’s body fall’s to the ground, moving around in a worm like fashion.

Vegito: Did he really think that would work on me.

Vegito: *looking at the portal* Something is coming, and it’s evil.

Back at the battle field Kuriri and Trunks are fighting all out, matching each other blow for blow. Both Kuriri and Trunks jump’s back then dashes toward each other, they both throw their fist’s forward punching each other in the face. Trunks recovers and throw’s a kick, Kuriri recovers and duck’s under the kick and fires a small energy ball, Trunks deflects the ball and take’s out his sword, then slices at Kuriri, Kuriri doges the sword and tries to land an upper cut, Trunks leans back and uses both feet to kick Kuriri in the stomach, Trunks then fire’s an energy wave.
Kuriri recovers and deflects the attack then rushes back in at Trunks.

Kuriri and Trunks are fighting one hell of a battle, and what happened to Buu, where did he run off to. Also, what is this evil that Vegito sensed, can he defeat it alone, or will he have to find a way to get Gohan and the boy’s some senzu beans so they can regain their strength. Don’t miss the next explosive chapter of Ultimate Battle Z.

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Ultimate Battle Z (completed story) Empty Re: Ultimate Battle Z (completed story)

Post by justinlynch3 Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:02 am

Last time on Ultimate Battle Z, Buu lost Trunks (kid), Goten, and Gohan when he tried to absorb Vegito, but managed to escape with his life. Ginyu tried to steal Vegito body but ended up stealing a worm’s body instead, and what was Vegito sensing coming. Meanwhile Trunks and Kuriri was fighting a hell of a battle, who will win, who will lose, find out now on Ultimate Battle Z.

Chapter 4: A new Evil.

Vegito: *looking for Buu* Shit, where did he go.

Suddenly Vegito picks up a small energy signal. Vegito Instant Transmission’s to the source of the energy.

Vegito: Dende, your alive.

After quickly explaining what has been happening Vegito takes Dende to heal Gohan and the boy’s. As this is happening Trunks and Kuriri are still fighting, Kuriri is getting pissed, Trunks rushes in *holding his sword over his head with both hand* and does a downward slice when reaching Kuriri, Kuriri catches the sword with the palm of both hands and a struggle occurs, Trunks power’s up, his super sayian aura increases as Kuriri also power’s up, her pink aura matches the size of Trunks aura. Both keep increasing their energy until the sword gives way under the stress and cracks in half.

Kuriri: I hope you wasn’t counting on that blade to finish me off.

Trunks: I’m just getting started. *smiles*

Kuriri: So am I, so am I. *smiles*

Kuriri unleashes her energy and begins to power up, her shocking pink aura get’s larger as she continues to release her energy. After a few second’s Kuriri has finished and Trunks begins, Trunks power’s up, his hair get’s spiky and his muscle’s increase in size, his aura grows larger as his energy rises.

Kuriri: You’ve been holding back.

Trunks: And you haven’t. *smiles*

Kuriri smiles back as both engage in close hand combat once again.

Back on the ground Gohan, Goten, and Trunks (kid) has regained their energy thanks to Dende.

Gohan: You better go and hide Dende.

Dende: Right. *run’s off behind a cliff*

Vegito: *look’s at portal* It’s coming.

Gohan: What *look’s at Vegito*

Vegito: I don’t know.

They all focus on the portal when something appear’s, it has grey skin with black cracks, white eye’s, and grey tendrils scattered across the body.

Gohan: What is that?

Vegito: Something bad.

???: I am Legion. *evil smile*

Vegito: Boy’s, get ready to fight.

Goten and Trunks: *nod’s* FU-SION-HA

The boy’s combine as Gotenks appears, already in super sayian 3 form.

Gotenks: Oh yeah, feel’s great to be back haha.

Legion looks around and noticed who Gotenks, Gohan, and Vegito where.

Legion: So you’re the one’s who prevented Shernon from reviving the evil. Now you’ll pay for it.

Gotenks: Right, right, whatever.

Gotenks rushes at Legion, Legion divides into ten thousand individual pieces, each molding the form of a fist; after lining up into a massive wall, Legion shoots forward and overruns whatever terrain or opponents are blocking his path.

Gohan and Vegito manages to get out of the way, but Gotenks takes a number of hit’s from the attack and crashes head first into the ground.

Gohan: *while dashing sideways* Kamehameha.

The beam of blue energy head’s straight at Legion, Legion catches the beam and throw’s it back at Gohan.

Gohan: *looking at his own attack coming at him* Oh no.

Before the attack reached however Vegito deflected it.

Meanwhile Gotenks’s climb’s back up on his feet.

Gotenks: This guy’s asking for it.

Well thanks to Dende Trunks (kid), and Goten are back on their feet and fused into Gotenks, Gohan has also gotten his energy back, but a new evil has arrived, will this new evil be to much for our hero’s or is their extra help on the way. It also appears that both Kuriri and Trunks where hiding their true power, which one will come out on top, you’ll have to read the next action packed chapter of Ultimate Battle Z to find out.

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Ultimate Battle Z (completed story) Empty Re: Ultimate Battle Z (completed story)

Post by justinlynch3 Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:04 am

Last time on Ultimate Battle Z Kuriri and Trunks have showed their true power’s and are still fighting a tense battle. On a lucky break, Vegito found out Dende was alive and had him heal the boy’s, but there was no time to celebrate as a new evil by the name of Legion arrived. Trunks (kid) and Goten quickly fused as our hero’s got ready for battle, will there power be enough, stay tuned to find out.

Chapter 5: Terror of Legion.

Gohan: He, reflected my blast.

Vegito: Yes, and this is only the tip of his power.

Gohan: But, what is he.

Vegito: I’m not sure.

Meanwhile the fighting has braked again between Trunks and Kuriri.

Kuriri: I give you one last change to tell me or I will kill you.

Trunks: I said it before you attacked me and I’ll say it again, you’ll never find them, and I’ll never tell.

Kuriri: Then I guess there is no point in dragging this out any longer.

Trunks: Just one question, why did you come here?

Kuriri: I’ve heard of the magical dragon ball’s before, I even heard of them being on to planet’s, the problem is, those to planet’s were already destroyed by Frieza, and alone with them the dragon ball’s as well. Then I seen a portal open in the sky, I wasn’t sure what it was at first but then creature’s and even sayian’s started coming from the portal, I know then that this led to another time, or even another dimension, so I came through the portal and ended up on Earth, which to my knowledge is one of the planet’s which had these magical ball’s.

Trunks: But what do you want with them.

Kuriri: That is none of your concern, so if you refuse to tell me where they are, then you’ll die.

Kuriri rushes in at Trunks again as their battle continued.

Back on the second battle field Vegito, Gohan, and Gotenks are charging at Legion.

Legion: You think 3 on 1 will help.

Legion fire red ““Gekiretsu Madan”” of fireballs fired from the mouth hitting all 3 of our Hero’s, Gohan rushes up through the dust and punches Legion in the chest, Legion is unaffected and grab’s Gohan’s arm, he pull’s Gohan toward him and uses his free hand to deliver a heavy punch to Gohan stomach. He then throw’s Gohan to the ground. Vegito and Gotenks rush up side by side and go’s to punch Legion at the same time, but just before their punches hit Legion disappears.

Gotenks: Where’d he go.

Vegito: He’s using instant transmission.

Legion appears in front of Gotenks and fire’s his fist at him, then attack hit’s then Legion’s hand grapples Gotenks face while the rest of his body shatters into tiny fragments; said fragments then converse around Gotenks, rebuilding Legion over top of him. Legion laughs and self-destructs; he reforms in the air afterward, chuckling evilly.

Vegito: GOTENKS.

Gotenks body fall’s to the ground, defusing on impact, both Trunks (kid) and Goten lay on the ground, knocked out.

Gohan has since recovered and flew back up with Vegito.

Vegito: That’s it, FINAL *put’s arm’s in Final Flash style creating 2 ball’s of energy*
KAMEHAME *bring’s the ball’s together and put’s arm’s in the kamehameha style* HAAAAA.

The huge beam head straight at Legion and seems to completely engulf him, Gohan, and even Kuriri and Trunks all steer in awe at the huge beam of energy created by Vegito.. The beam of energy fade’s as Legion is nowhere to be seen.

Gohan: Did you get him.

Vegito: *turn’s and looks behind him* No, I didn’t.


Kuriri: What *pause* power.

Taking this time to his advantage, Trunks preforms a complex series of hand movement’s.

Trunks: Hey Kuriri.

Kuriri only has time to turn her head before Trunks fires off his Burning Attack, which makes contact and sends Kuriri flying, Kuriri air brakes then holds her hands in front of her, creating a pink orb twice the size of herself, then say’s "Die, already!" as she fires the attack. Trunks braces himself for impact.

Well it seems Kuriri has arrived in search of the dragon ball’s, Trunks refused to tell her where to find them which started their battle. Meanwhile Legion has already defeated Gotenks and seems to be having no trouble with Vegito or Gohan, can Legion be defeated, will good prevail or will evil be defeated by another evil. You don’t want to miss the next chapter of Ultimate Battle Z.

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Age : 36
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Ultimate Battle Z (completed story) Empty Re: Ultimate Battle Z (completed story)

Post by justinlynch3 Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:06 am

Last time on Ultimate Battle Z Legion took out Gotenks and never appeared to have any problem’s with Vegito and Gohan. Meanwhile Trunks has blasted Kuriri with his Burning Attack, Kuriri recovered any has fired her ultimate blast at Trunks. Things are not looking good for our hero’s, so see what happens next on Ultimate Battle Z.

Chapter 6: Help arrives.

Trunks braces himself for impact as he see’s the huge orb of energy coming at him. The attack hit’s and Trunks struggles to keep his guard up.

Kuriri: *thinking*Who the hell is this guy. *shouts* DIE ALREADY.

Kuriri pushes even more power into the blast and the energy orb breaks Trunks guard, Trunks let’s out a yell and then his body falls to the ground as the orb fly’s off into space. Kuriri is panting heavily now and see’s a red Gekiretsu Madan heading her way, Kuriri dodges the attack when Legion appears in front of her, he punches Kuriri hard in the rib’s breaking them into tiny pieces, Kuriri is now the one screaming in pain.

Vegito: Gohan, you let me handle this. This guy is well above your level, you’ll only get in the way.

Gohan: Are you crazy, you can’t fight him alone.

Vegito dashes up at Legion.

Vegito: Let her go, your fight is with me.

Legion tosses Kuriri down to the ground. Legion then shoot’s tendril a out of his chest, wrapping around Vegito’s neck then star’s punching him in the face with both fists. Legion then knocks Vegito away.

Gohan: This isn’t looking good.

Voice: It is for me.

Gohan turn’s around to see a huge pink wall coming at him, it cover’s Gohan.

Buu: I will get you back.

Gohan: NO YOU WON’T.

Gohan increases his energy, his arua knock’s all the pick stuff off him.

Gohan: The least I can do is finish you off. KAMEHAME...........HAAAA.

Gohan fires a huge energy beam at Buu, the beam completely engulfs Buu, destroying him.

Gohan look’s up to see Vegito getting knocked around.

Gohan: I can’t just stay here doing nothing.

Gohan fly’s up to try and help Vegito. Legion grab’s Vegito by the face, swing’s him overhead and throws him at Gohan like a sayian missile. Vegito hit’s Gohan and both are sent crashing to the ground where Kuriri is.

All hope seemed lost when a voice is heard from above.


A giant red ball of energy hit’s Legion as a huge cloud of smoke and dust is created.

Voice: héh, Shocking...ain't it?. *no movement is seen*. Maybe I used to much power, you think.

Another voice speaks up from behind.

Legion: No, I don’t.

Legion punches his new opponent in the face, then knee’s him in the gut, then hit’s him in the back sending him crashing down by the others. Legion fires another of his “Gekiretsu Madan” at this new opponent. Vegito recovers and also see’s the blast coming, Vegito grab’s Gohan and the ??? guy grab’s Kuriri and they both use instant Transmission to escape the blast. Vegito speaks up.

Vegito: *while laying down Gohan* Who are you?

???: *while laying down Kuriri* The names Sly.

Vegito: Well next time remember to not save the bad guy’s. She did that to my friend over there. *points to Trunks*

Sly: So who did this to her.

Vegito points at Legion.

Sly: Yes, I see.

Vegito: So why are you here.

Sly: I’ll explain later, we got more important thing’s to worry about.

Well it seems Kuriri has won against Trunks, but was hurt by Legion. Just as all hope seemed lost for our hero’s a unexpected ally by the name of Sly has come to our hero’s aid, will he be able to help or will Legion toss him aside like a rag doll. And what of Buu, did Gohan’s attack really finish him. You don’t wanna miss the next chapter of Ultimate Battle Z.

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Post by justinlynch3 Wed Jun 10, 2009 10:11 am

Last time on Ultimate Battle Z Kuriri won her battle against Trunks but soon found herself in the face of death as Legion attacked her. Thanks to Vegito however she was speared. Buu came back and tried to reabsorb Gohan, this failed and Gohan seemingly destroyed Buu. In the battle however Gohan was KO'd and hope seemed lost until a unexpected ally named Sly appeared. Now it’s Sly and Vegito vs Legion, will they win, will they lose, find out now on Ultimate Battle Z.

Chapter 7: Legion defeated.

Sly and Vegito get in their fighting stance as Legion await’s their next move.

Sly vanishes and reappears behind Legion, Vegito also appears in front of Legion. Both fighter’s go for a kick on Legion when he disappears, causing Sly and Vegito to kick each other in the face. Legion appears behind Vegito and go’s for a punch when Sly catches Legion’s fist before it hit.

Vegito: *turn’s around* (thinking) He’s fast.

Legion uses his free hand to grab Sly head and knock it against Vegito’s.

Sly: That hurt, what the fuck is your head made of, metal. *rub’s head*

Sly and Vegito both look up to see an energy blast from Legion coming at them, they both use instant transmission to escape.

Vegito: We can’t win like this.

Sly: We’ll see.

Sly vanishes again and appears by Legion, Sly rushes towards Legion knocking him up and back down by a quick teleportation. After that he splits up into 4 and surrounds Legion. The 4 sly's each say a word making a sentence: "I'm - Your - Worst - Nightmare. The 4 Sly's then each do an individual attack on the opponent in their midst: Nitro Blaster, Mustang Blaster, a small Arclight Wave and a light version of the Final Afterburner.

Sly: No opponent has ever survived this attack.

There is smoke and dust created again from this attack, suddenly a red fireball burst through the dust cloud hitting Sly. Sly takes a lot of damage but stay’s in the air.

Sly: *shocked* But...... nobody could survive that.

Legion then appears above Sly and with both hands together making 1 big fist, knocks Sly down to the ground.

Sly: What the hell is he.

Legion: I am Legion, the Forsaken Many. I was created from the evil that wasn’t revived with the dragon balls.

Vegito: *thinking* The dragon balls, that’s it. *speaks to Sly* Keep him busy, I have a plan.

Sly rushes in at Legion again, using his speed to avoid Legion’s hit’s. Vegito dashes over to Dende to find out where the dragon balls are.

Dende: There at the lookout, It was decided to put them their for safe keeping.

Vegito Instant Transmission’s to the lookout to find it in bit’s, luckily 1 full room was still together and it contained the dragon balls. Vegito brings the ball’s to the ground and call’s Shernon, the sky darkens and the ball’s glow as Shernon appears.

Shernon: You have 2 wishes, name them now.

Vegito: I wish that all the soul’s that created Legion to be separated and returned to their final resting place.

Shernon eye’s glow’s red.

Shernon: That wish can not be granted, it is not within my power to do so.

Vegito: Great, now what. Anyway, I have no more wishes Shernon, you can go.

Shernon disappears and the ball’s scatter around the Earth.

Meanwhile Legion has gotten a hold of Sly and is putting him in a great deal of pain as he is nearly breaking Sly arm. Suddenly a fist hit’s Legion causing him to lose his grip on Sly.

Gotenks: You think you was rid of me that easily. *gives the middle finger*

Gohan and Trunks is also back up as well, and Dende is seen running behind a rock. Legion fires a blast at Dende but it get’s reflected by Vegito who comes out of nowhere.

Vegito: The only change we have is to combine our energy, everyone, don’t hold back. *looks at Dende* Heal her, the girl. We need every little bit of energy we can get.

Dende heals Kuriri and she stands up.

Kuriri: Just what makes you think I’ll help you.

Vegito: You have no choice, either help or let Legion kill you. If we don’t defeat him, nobody will leave here in 1 peace.

All the fighter’s get’s side by side, Trunks preforms his complex hand movement’s, Gotenks does the Final Flash movement’s, Vegito also does Final Flash movement’s but brings them into a kamehameha fashion, Gohan does Kamehameha movement’s, Kuriri form’s her huge energy orb, and Sly put’s both arms are stretched out in front of the body with fingers all together except for the thumbs sticking out. Two red energy orbs are formed in front of each hand. When charged both hands are shoved into each other (so that the right thumb is in the palm of the left hand and the left thumb is over the right hand).

Trunks, Gotenks, Vegito, Gohan, Kuriri, and Sly: Burning Attack, Victory cannon, Final
Kamehameha, Kamehameha, Die, Super Mustang Blaster.

The 6 attack’s combine into 1 huge attack catching Legion by surprise and making contact, the combined attack fly’s off into space as bit’s of Legion fall to the ground.

Vegito: It’s over.

So it appeared that a combined attack has killed Legion, or has it. Is Legion dead, or is there more secret’s we do not yet know about. Find out next time on Ultimate Battle Z.

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Post by justinlynch3 Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:09 pm

Last time on Ultimate Battle Z Vegito tried to get Shernon to rid them of Legion, this however didn’t work and Vegito raced back to the battle field. Once there Vegito gave Dende the order to heal everybody including the other villain Kuriri. They then all teamed up and created 1 massive attack that blow Legion to pieces, is he dead, find out now on Ultimate Battle Z.

Chapter 8: Vegito’s end, Gohan’s rage, Earth’s end.

Vegito: It’s over.

Gohan: About time.

Kuriri grab’s Vegito by the shirt.

Kuriri: Ok, tell me where those ball’s are.

Vegito (thinking): Should I let her go, she could be a danger to other people or planet’s.

Sly look’s closely at Kuriri. Kuriri see’s him.

Kuriri: And what do you want.

Sly *power’s down to base form.*: I’m sure I seen you before.

Then Gohan interrupt’s.

Gohan: Say, um Vegito, how do we close this portal?

As soon as Gohan finished his sentence he get’s a hard kick sending him flying. We now go into slow motion as everybody is turning their head to see what happened, suddenly Legion appears behind Vegito. Legion is damaged and has pieces missing all over his body. Legion rapes his arm around Vegito’s neck, Vegito struggles for air when Legion star’s dashing up in the sky while still having Vegito in a choke hold. He now releases his hold and grab’s Vegito’s head then start’s swinging him around. Legion swings faster and faster when suddenly a snap/crack is heard, Legion releases Vegito sending him flying towards the ground. Vegito lands and slides a long distance on the ground before stopping. Dende run’s over to Vegito, by the time he get’s there the others has already beaten him there.

Gohan: Well, heal him.

Dende *tilt’s his head down.*: I........ can’t, he’s dead.

Meanwhile back on the Supreme Kai planet.

Kabitoshin: Dead, but how.

Elder Kai: Dear me, this isn’t looking good at all. This monster’s power far exceeds Buu. I’d hate to say it, but their done for.

Kabitoshin: Their must be something we can do.

Elder Kai does not reply and just look’s worried.

At this time in Other World.

Krillin: What is it, tell us, we can handle it.

King Kai: He’s dead.

Krillin: Buu beat him.

King Kai: No, someone stronger.

Back on Earth the gang all look worried.


Gohan charges full speed at Legion and attack with a furry of punches and kick’s.

Sly transform’s again as his body becomes covered with fur, Sly rushes up and join’s in with Gohan. Trunks also join’s in even though he knows he’ll probably provide little to no help. Finally Gotenks rushes up and join’s the fighting. Legion releases some energy knocking everybody back.

Gohan: TAKE *put’s his arm’s in a kamehameha style but keep’s his hands apart creating a large energy ball in between* THIS *Gohan puts his forward unleashing a massive energy beam of bright blue energy.

Sly: Is he gone insane, that’s way to much.

Trunks: This is bad.

The ground shake’s like crazy and begins to crack up. The massive beam engulfs Legion as we see him get torn to pieces and vaporized. However the massive beam is on course with Earth, the ground begins to crumble as lava burst’s up from huge holes in the ground.

Trunks (shout’s): Gohan, turn that mother fucking beam away from the planet.

Gohan: I............ CAN’T........... CONTROL IT.

Suddenly Sly noticed Kuriri flying at a fast rate of speed before disappearing into the still open portal.

Sly: That’s it, Trunks grab my shoulder.

Trunks does as he is told and they both disappear. About a second after their gone we see the Earth falling apart. We now get a look from space as the planet turn’s all red the explodes.

Well it look’s as if Gohan has done it, over done it. We know Kuriri has survived, but where has she gone. Did Sly and Trunks escape the explosion, did Gotenks escape. What will happen now that the Earth is gone, find out next time on Ultimate Battle Z.

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Post by justinlynch3 Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:12 pm

On the previous chapter of Ultimate Battle Z Legion showed he was not dead and killed Vegito. In a rage Gohan fired a massive energy beam, so massive in fact that he lost control of it and destroyed the Earth. Kuriri has escaped through the portal and Sly grabbed Trunks and used Instant Transmission just before the explosion. What will happen to Sly and Trunks, or even Kuriri. Find out now on Ultimate Battle Z.

Chapter 9: Kuriri in danger.

We see a dark and what seems to be deserted planet, suddenly out of the even darker portal in the sky we see Kuriri come out and land on this strange planet.

Kuriri: Now where the fuck am I?

Kuriri hears a rock fall down a cliff behind her and quickly turn’s around to see if anybody is there, but it’s so dark she can’t see anything but blackness. Not long after Sly and Trunks also come from the portal, but fall straight to the ground knocked out, they was catch in a shock wave from the massive explosion of Earth. Suddenly the portal closes and vanishes leaving the 3 stuck on this dark light less planet.

Kuriri: No good standing around here doing nothing, maybe I can find a town and steal myself a spaceship.

Kuriri fly’s off in a random direction hoping to find a town or city, or at least a life form of some sort. Kuriri fly’s slowly unable to see anything, after flying some distance she land’s on the ground again and start’s thinking of what she should do.

Kuriri: This fucking planet is deserted, I’ve been flying at least 30 minutes now and nothing, no one sign of *hears more sounds of rock’s rolling/falling*. *turn’s toward the noise* Who’s there.

Kuriri hears footstep’s that seem to be coming closer and closer, then suddenly everything is quiet again. Kuriri look’s around but see’s nothing, suddenly she receives a hard blow to the stomach stunning her, Kuriri recovers and get’s in a defensive stance, suddenly another hit seemingly from nowhere right to Kuriri’s face.

Kuriri: *while starting to walk back slowly and looking around* Show yourself if you know what’s good for ya.

Kuriri then reaches the edge of a cliff stopping her from backing up any further. Kuriri hears a sound and fires a ki blast in that direction, she then hears sounds in another location and fires another blast. All seems calm again, Kuriri stands her ground waiting for any sign of an attack, nothing. Then out of nowhere, Kuriri is hit hard in the back of the head and knocked out, she fall’s to the ground.

Meanwhile not far from where Kuriri first set foot on this planet Sly begins to come to. Sly pushes himself up and look’s around.

Sly: Man, did anybody get the number of that bus.

Sly takes a few step’s forward and trip’s up landing flat on his face.

Sly: Ok, enough of this.

Sly charges energy as his hair flow’s up and becomes yellow/gold and has a golden aura which light’s up the surrounding area near him. He notices Trunks on the ground.

Sly: Trunks, *shacks Trunks a little*, Trunks, wake up.

Trunks comes to and stands up.

Trunks: Where are we?

Sly: I don’t know, but become super sayian, at least we can see then.

Trunks: Good idea.

Trunks soon becomes a super sayian and the 2 fly off in search of, well anything.

We now go back to Kuriri who is tied up, she has some type of a weird wire, green in color tied around both her arm’s and both her leg’s, she is also suspended in mid air, nothing around her but total darkness. Kuriri slowly wakes up, when she realizes where she is she try’s to break free but soon let’s out a load scream of pain as the stuff that has her tied up suddenly sends massive bolt’s of electricity into her body.

Voice: It is useless to try and break free.

Kuriri: Who *cough* is there, what *pause* do you want with me.

Voice: Your energy, as we speak your energy is being drained from your body and transferred over to me. You see I’m trapped on this planet, this full place is surrounded by a shield which is why there is no light here. When I have all your energy, as well as the energy of 2 other strong being’s that suddenly appeared, I’ll be able to break free of this prison and rule over the universe as I see fit. It’ll be great, death and destruction everywhere, I can’t wait.

Kuriri: I *pause* will *passes out*.

Voice: What, kill me, don’t make me laugh.

At this time Sly and Trunks are flying alone through the darkness when Sly senses something and stop’s.

Sly: Hey Trunks, hold up.

Trunks: What is it.

Sly: In that direction *point’s*, feel it.

Trunks: Yes, 1 big energy fading quickly and an even bigger energy rising just as fast.

Sly: We better check thing’s out.

The 2 fly toward the energy signal’s.

Well Sly, Trunks, and Kuriri has landed on a strange planet which is completely dark, there was no sing of Gotenks, was he catch in Earth’s explosive or is he in a different dimension. And what will become of Kuriri, who is this new evil, will he capture Trunks and Sly as well, will he rule over the universe like he plan’s to. Find out these mind boiling answer’s on the next Ultimate Battle Z.

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Post by justinlynch3 Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:14 pm

Last time on Ultimate Battle Z we found our hero’s crashing on a dark planet knocked out from a shock wave from Earth’s explosion, Kuriri has also appeared on this planet and was attacked by an unknown creature, she woke up after a while to find out her energy was being drained from her body, now Sly and Trunks are on their way, will they help her or leave her, and will they get off this planet, find out now on Ultimate Battle Z.

Chapter 10: No way out.

We see Trunks and Sly flying toward the energy signal’s.

Trunks: Hey, isn’t that fading power *is cut off*.

Sly: Yes, it’s her.

The 2 continue to fly towards the energy and soon land, They look around and noticed a huge hole leading deep in the ground.

Sly: Whatever it is, it’s down there.

The 2 descend down the hole, their super sayian aura lighting the way. They continue until the reach the bottom, then proceed to walk through an cave until reaching a large open area. They then see Kuriri suspended in the air.

Trunks: Should we really be here, I mean why should we help her, what if she turn’s on us.

Sly: What if she does, I can handle her easily enough. Besides, she may of had a reason for doing what she did, in any case, this is no way to die.

Just as our hero’s is about to fly up to where Kuriri is, she is suddenly released and drop’s to the ground. Sly walk’s over to check up on her.

Trunks: *Looking around* Sly, that other energy signal is gone, whoever it was must of left.

Voice: You really think so.

Trunks and Sly turn’s around in the direction of the voice, but the unknown being is far enough back that the light from Trunks and Sly’s aura can’t reach. Out of nowhere an energy blast comes right between Sly and Trunks hitting the ground, Trunks jump’s right while Sly jump’s left. Sly wait’s for the dust to clear, then noticed that he couldn’t see Trunks any more.

Sly: Trunks, Trunks, where are you.

Voice: He isn’t dead, not yet anyway, I need both your power.

Sly look’s into the darkness.

Sly: Ok, who are, why do you want our energy.

Voice: I am Meta Bugen, I was trapped on this forsaken planet by the Kai’s, but with your power’s, I’ll break free of this hell.

Sly: Well, I know of the Kai’s, if they trapped you here, it was for a reason. You will not steal any more energy, I’ll see to that.

Sly hair start to spike more, his aura increases as bolt’s of red electricity surround Sly’s body.

Meta Bugen: Yes, you’ll provide a lot of power.

Sly: I don’t think so.

Sly wait’s for an attack, suddenly he receives a furry of hit’s from behind before being knocked to the ground.

Sly: *get’s up* Shit, I can’t feel his power, and with it so dark, I can’t see him attack.

Then Sly is grabbed by the leg and thrown upward in air before being kicked in the back, Bugen continue the kick as it pushes Sly downward, then Sly hit’s the ground as Bugen continues pushing down on Sly. Sly yell’s as his aura increases even more pushing Bugen back a little, Sly stands up and his hair grows long, his eye’s become darker, and the red electricity expands with his aura.

Sly: *thinking* This is as far as I go, I wouldn’t get much light from super sayian 4 as it’s aura isn’t as bright.

Meta Bugen: Well well, you are full of surprises are you, to bad it’s not enough.

Sly: We’ll see.

Sly stands his ground then suddenly lean’s back as we see a kick fly above him. Bugen rushes in and attack’s Sly, Sly see’s Bugen as soon as he enters the light and reacts fast enough to block all the attack’s, Sly throw’s a few hit’s of his own but Bugen vanishes back into the darkness.

Meta Bugen: your good, but not good enough.

Sly: I’m only getting started, why don’t you come into the light, what wrong, chicken.

Then Sly get’s punched in the face as Meta Bugen stands right in front of him.

Meta Bugen: No.

Sly and Trunks found Kuriri and was attacked while trying to help her, Trunks was quickly taken out as Sly is left to fight this evil alone. What’s worse, now that Meta Bugen has stopped transferring energy he no longer gives off an energy signal, add that to Sly very limited visibility, can he win. See how thing’s turn’s out next time on Ultimate Battle Z.

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Post by justinlynch3 Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:17 pm

Last time on Ultimate Battle Z Sly and Trunks found the source of the energy’s and where attacked. Trunks and Kuriri are out as Sly has gone super sayian 3. Will Sly win, find out now.

Chapter 11: The escape.

Sly: *while holding on to the part of his face where he was punched* That hurt jackass.

Meta Bugen tries for a roundhouse kick but Sly dodges and fires an energy blast at Meta Bugen’s face, Meta Bugen recovers quickly and rushes and grab’s Sly by the throat. Sly struggles to get free.

Meta Bugen: Face it, you can’t win.

Sly start’s forming 2 small energy blast, 1 in each hand. He begins firing many ki blast (1 at a time) until Meta Bugen releases his grip, Sly then knee’s Meta Bugen in the face, flip’s over him and elbow’s Meta Bugen in the back then vanishes and reappears in front of Meta Bugen again, Sly then smiles as he put’s both hands together charging a ball of energy before firing a massive
energy beam.

Meta Bugen: My my, what an attack.

Meta Bugen punches Sly hard in the gut stunning him, Meta Bugen then extends his arm’s, the stuff that had Kuriri tied up comes from his hands (2 from each hard) and wraps around both Sly wist and leg’s, Then Meta Bugen begins draining Sly’s energy. Sly struggles as he loses his super sayian 3 form and reverts to super sayian 2.

Meanwhile Kuriri has started to come to, she pushes herself up on her hands and knee’s then hear Sly cry out in pain. Sly again reverts back, now he’s at super sayian 1, but still refuses to give up and continue to struggle, suddenly a small energy blast cut’s through the green wire type stuff that is holding Sly, we look down to see Kuriri holding out 1 arm as she faint’s again from lack of energy. Sly power’s up as the stuff on his body breaks apart, both Sly’s arms are stretched out in front of the body with fingers all together except for the thumbs sticking out. Two red energy orbs are formed in front of each hand. When charged both hands are shoved into each other (so that the right thumb is in the palm of the left hand and the left thumb is over the right hand) and a powerful red beam is fired as Sly uses his Super Mustang Blaster. The massive beam blow’s Meta Bugen in half.

Sly land by Trunks and get’s him to wake up.

Sly: Hey man, let’s get off this rock.

Trunks: *slowly getting up* gladly. *turns super sayian*

Sly pick’s up Kuriri.

Trunks: So where bringing her.

Sly: We owe her, we’d be history if she hadn’t freed me from Bugen’s energy draining attack.

The 2 fly off, Sly carrying Kuriri.

Meanwhile back in the darkness we see Meta Bugen’s body rebuilding itself, after a few minute’s he’s as good as new. Meta Bugen follow’Sly and Trunks but watches them and does not attack.

Sly and Trunks continue to search the planet for any type of spaceship but finds none.

Sly: Shit, how are we, wait a minute, instant transmission.

Trunks: Instant transmission, I thought only Goku could do that.

Sly: I guess not.

Sly searches for an energy signal from any planet but can’t locate none.

Sly: It must be this barrier around the planet, I can’t sense nothing. Trunks, hold on to her will you.

Sly passes Kuriri over to Trunks.

Sly: Ok, I hope I’m not to drained to do this.

Sly begins powering up his body becomes covered with fur and his hair go’s from yellow to his normal color, his aura becomes Red-gold with Black-red sparks.

Sly: Ok you stupid barrier.

Sly puts both hands above his head like Goku does for gathering energy for the Spirit Bomb, except that Sly's palms are points towards each other. Then red electricity starts to run from his shoulder to his hands which continues to spring off between both hands making a chain of electricity between them. Then in the middle of this chain and between his hands of course, a red ball starts to form. It grows in size very quickly as electricity seems to feed the ball. Then Sly shouts: "TAKE THIS" upon throwing the giant red ball.

The giant red energy ball hit’s the barrier but has a hard time trying to break through, Sly forces more energy toward the ball as it slowly move’s forward. Inch by inch the ball makes it way through the barrier. We now go outside the barrier, we see it beginning to crack as red light show’s through, suddenly the ball completely burst through as huge chunks of metal fly out into

Sly begins to look around again.

Sly: I found something, hold on to my shoulder Trunks.

Trunks does as he’s told and all 3 vanish.

Meta Bugen: Thank you for creating an exit, we’ll meet again win I become stronger.

Meta Bugen fly’s off into outer space.

Well Sly, Trunks, and Kuriri have gotten off of the dark planet, where are they going, will they receive help or be attacked again. And what of Bugen, how strong will he become now that he’s free, find out on the next Ultimate Battle Z.

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Post by justinlynch3 Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:20 pm

On the last Ultimate Battle Z Sly was fighting for his life against Meta Bugen, as the battle went on Bugen manage to get a hold of Sly and begin to drain his energy, luckily Kuriri fired a blast to free Sly who then blow Bugen in half, but Bugen showed he couldn’t die so easily. After managing to break the planet’s barrier Sly and Trunks along with Kuriri headed off to a unknown planet using Instant Transmission. Where are they headed, find out now.

Chapter 12: The earthquake planet and Kuriri weakness.

The 3 land on a planet similar to earth, there is good clean water, short green grass, and a gentle breeze.

Sly: *Starting to tire* Hey Trunks, my energy is really getting low, we should find a place to rest.

Trunks: Well I sensed something over that way, it may be a city or something.

Sly dreams of a huge bed with nice soft pillow’s.

Sly: Let’s go.

Trunks hold’s on to Sly shoulder’s and they vanish again. They reappear in a city which has very tall building’s. They are greeted by by a man in his late 30's.

Trunks: Are you, human.

Man: Yes.

Trunks: But, how.

Man: A long time ago the Earth met with it’s end, at that time there where a number of us out in space, we flew as far as possible until our fuel ran out and just started to float through space. A few day’s later we landed here and started to rebuild the human race. Oh, and you guy’s don’t have to explain your history to us, we’ve know about you sayians for many year’s before Earth’s end, we thought you all died, but it appears we where wrong. Anyway, you people look tired, follow me and we’ll get you some rest.

They follow the man into 1 of the building’s, about 300 floor’s up they enter a room with 3 bed’s. They lay Kuriri on 1 and lay there self’s on the other 2. They sleep for about an hour when the building start’s to shake, Trunks is the first to wake, then as the shaking becomes harder Sly and Kuriri wake up. Sly open’s the door to see people running as fast as they can.

Sly: what’s going on.

Random person: The planet is shaking, or in other words, an earthquake.

People run down layer’s after layer’s of stair’s, suddenly the building begins to crack as the top half begins to fall.

Trunks: All them people, Sly they’ll be crushed, we have to stop this.

The building in question is 600 story’s high, Sly and Trunks rush below the falling 300 story’s and begin to struggle to hold it back.

Kuriri: Fuck this, these people are no concern to me.

Kuriri fly’s off through the town.

Trunks: That bitch, she could at least help us for saving her life.

Sly: Never mind her now, put everything you got into this.

Both Trunks and Sly become super sayians but continue to be pushed back, Sly quickly becomes super sayian 2 but it doesn’t seem to help.

Sly: Let’s blast this thing.

Sly and Trunks start to form energy in their hands they release it, the huge chunk of building get’s blown to bit’s. Meanwhile Kuriri is flying alone and spot’s a building with a huge bank sign on it. Kuriri searches her pocket’s.

Kuriri: Seems I need money.

Kuriri fly’s down and enters the doorway, she walks up and jump’s over the counter.

Guard: Hey, you can’t go back their.

Kuriri punches the guard sending him flying down the hall, several other guards meet the same fate while trying to stop her. Kuriri finds some money and grab’s it.

Voice: That isn’t yours, why are you taking that.

Kuriri: Because I *turn’s around getting ready to punch whoever is behind her* wa *stop’s dead in her track’s* to.

Standing before Kuriri was a little girl only a few year’s old at best.

Girl: I lost my mommy, I’m scared.

Suddenly a huge chuck of building fall’s from the roof, Kuriri drops the money and get’s under the falling rubble to keep it from crushing the small girl.

Kuriri: *while hold back ton’s of rubble* Get....... out of here........ kid.

The kid run’s for it as more rubble caves in on Kuriri, she struggles to hold it up but start’s to slowly get pushed down, then suddenly Sly and Trunks arrives, still super sayians. The 3 work together and pushes back all the rubble with ease. Just as it seems their in control another tall building fall’s on top of what their pushing back, all 3 begin to be pushed back.

Sly: Can you 2 hold this for a brief moment.

Kuriri and Trunks node as Sly stop’s pushing against the rubble. Sly begins to power up as he go’s all out into super sayian 4.

Sly lay’s his hands against the rubble once more.

Sly: You 2 can take a break and let me handle this. Sly start’s charging his energy as all the rubble begins to quickly be pushed back, once up high enough, Sly blast the rubble into pieces.

The quake stop’s as Sly and Trunks return to base form and sit down on a rock.

Man: Thank you, thank you all. If you hadn’t helped, who knows how many lives would have been lost today.

Trunks: Exactly how often do you get these quakes?

Man: Sadly, we get them very often.

Trunks: Then it’s foolishness to build such tall building’s.

Man: If it was up to me nothing would be above 2 story’s, but our leader order’s us to build them so tall. If we refuse, we are killed.

Sly: Then we’ll have to talk with this guy, where is he.

Man: Well, it’s a she, and she lives just on the other side of the city.

A lady walks up to Kuriri with her little girl.

Lady: Thanks for saving my child.

Kuriri: Err, whatever. *get’s up and fly’s off*

We now skip ahead a few day’s, Sly and Trunks has easily over comes the planet’s leader army and has gotten the kind man that helped them to become king, as for the women in charge before, she was placed in a jail. All 3 had some well deserved rest and in another act of kindness, the new king has even giving Kuriri her own spaceship. As Kuriri blast of into outer space Sly and Trunks leave by instant transmission.

Well it seems our hero’s once again found them self’s saving the day, we also found that Kuriri is unable to hurt a small child, does this mean there is kindness in her selfish heart. Now Kuriri has gone her separate way, but is this the last Sly and Trunks have seen of her. And how power has Meta Bugen become, do our hero’s still stand a chance. Find out what happens on the next Ultimate Battle Z.

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Post by justinlynch3 Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:24 pm

Last time on Ultimate Battle Z our hero’s landed on a planet where the human race lived after Earth was destroyed, the people where kind and helpful and Trunks, Sly, and Kuriri got some much needed rest. However, they found themselves once again saving the day as they kept insanely large building for falling and crushing people, ever Kuriri helped when a small child found itself in harm’s way. Now Kuriri has a spaceship and has gone her own way, Sly and Trunks vanished somewhere using Instant Transmission, where have they gone and what are they going to do. Find out now on Ultimate Battle Z.

Chapter 13: A new Earth.

Sly and Trunks land on another lush green planet.

Trunks: Where are we.

Sly: Well I heard that a planet called Namak was where the first dragon ball’s where made. So I decided to check it out, after all, those people don’t belong on that planet, it’s much to dangerous.

Trunks: Your planing to wish back Earth.

Sly: Yes, but I am wondering something, if we wish back the Earth in this dimension, will it reappear in the other.

Trunks: I’m not sure, going through dimension is different from time travel. In time travel your either going forward or backwards in time, but in dimensional travel your basically going to a whole new reality, I’d say a wish here wouldn’t do anything in a different dimension.

Sly: At least we can still help people here.

It isn’t long before the 2 find the Namaks, after explaining the situation, the Namak, as kind as ever, allow them to make their wish. The Earth is reborn and the family’s of the survivors as well as any good people from that time are wished back. Sly and Trunks then transfer’s the human’s on the earthquake planet to Earth using Instant Transmission. On Earth they they meet a few other very powerful fighter’s who where also wished back, these fighter’s names are Chulance and Kai. They all seem to get along with each other rather well as everybody explains everything to everybody.

Meanwhile deep in space we see Kuriri ship fly along, suddenly it’s shot with an energy blast as it’s engine begins to pour out dark black smoke. Suddenly something forces the ship to change direction as it enters a planet’s atmosphere and crashes on the surface.

Kuriri: What the hell just happened.

Kuriri open the door and walk’s outside. Kuriri is at first a little of balance in this planet’s increase gravity, but adjusted to it quickly.

Voice: So, we meet again.

Kuriri turn’s around to see Meta Bugen standing about a foot away from her.

Meta Bugen: Well this is unexpected, but gladly welcome. *look’s around* Say, where are your friends.

Kuriri: Those 2 are not my friends.

Meta Bugen: So your all alone, I guess you really are screwed now.

Kuriri (thinking): What am I going to do now *get’s in fighting stance*, he’ll kill me in a 1 on 1 match.

Meta Bugen: You wish to fight me, then so be it, but when I get a hold of you this time, I’m not letting go until I have every little bit of energy you’ve got.

Kuriri rushes at Bugen and throws a furry of punches and kick’s as fast as she possible can, Bugen easily dodges every hit, after a few seconds Bugen grab’s Kuriri leg, swings her around a few times and smashes her into the ground, he then lay’s his left foot on her back as he start’s to apply force to Kuriri spine, Kuriri put’s both her arm’s behind her back as she charges a fairly large ball of energy to knock Bugen back, as Kuriri get’s up she start’s to look behind her to see Bugen holding her own attack.

Meta Bugen: I believe this is yours.

Bugen throw’s the attack back at Kuriri, making contact before she can block. As Kuriri get’s up again she turn’s around to see Meta Bugen extend his left arm out straight, then extends 2 finger's while keeping the others in a fist, 2 beam's of light shoot out at a very quick speed towards the Kuriri eye's, blinding the her on contact. Kuriri tries rubbing her eye’s but nothing seems to give her vision back.

Kuriri: You, bastard.

Bugen comes close to Kuriri, she throw’s a punch in the direction of the sound but hit’s nothing but air as she misses by a good 4 to 5 inches, Bugen grabs her by the hair as he knee’s her in the gut, he then swings her completely over head and smashes her into the ground. Kuriri get’s up once more as she starts glowing yellow as she moves her right arm behind her back.

Meta Bugen: Foolish girl, how do you plan on hitting me with an attack if you can’t even see me.

Bugen vanishes and reappears behind Kuriri, he lands on the ground and Kuriri quickly turn’s in the direction of the sound and shoves her right arm forward, launching a red beam half the size of her body at Bugen. Bugen is a bit surprised as he try's to avoid the attack, Bugen isn’t quite quick enough as the attack hit’s Bugen’s left arm and destroys it.

Meta Bugen: My my, your not as helpless as I though you’d be, you even manage to destroy my left arm.

Kuriri smiles a little as she is pleased at the damage done to Bugen, but then she hears various noises as wires fling’s around and Bugen’s arm rebuilds itself.

Meta Bugen: It’s just to bad it isn’t nearly enough. (Bugen’s arm finishes rebuilding itself.)

Well it seems Kuriri has again met up with Meta Bugen, she is putting up a fight as best she can, but now blinded and barely able to keep up with Bugen before, who wasn’t even trying, how long can she really hold on. This time Sly and Trunks isn’t around to save her as they has wished back this dimension’s Earth and are making a few new friends. Has Kuriri come to the end of the road, is she done for or is there help on the way. Find out next time on Ultimate Battle Z.

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Post by justinlynch3 Fri Jun 12, 2009 8:28 pm

Last time on Ultimate Battle Z, Sly and Trunks wished back the Earth in this dimension and transported all the human’s there, they also wished back those killed and found them self’s making new friends. Meanwhile Kuriri ship was blasted out of space and forced to crash on a nearby planet, who done this, it was no other the Meta Bugen. Now Kuriri is fighting for her life, but a cheap attack by Bugen has left her blinded and to a disadvantage, Will she survive or will Bugen become that much stronger after draining her energy, find out now on Ultimate Battle Z.

Chapter 14: Unwanted Help.

Kuriri has fired a massive attack at Bugen destroying 1 of his arms, however Bugen arm starts to rebuild it’s self.

Meta Bugen: My my, your not nearly as helpless as I thought you’d be, you even destroyed one of my arm’s. *arm finishes rebuilding* It’s just to bad it isn’t nearly enough.

Kuriri know what happened by the sounds she heard while Bugen’s arm was rebuilding.

Meta Bugen: Why don’t you just give up.

Kuriri: Never, I’m never going through that again, err, I RATHER JUST FUCKING DIE.

Meta Bugen: Well, that can be arranged. *get’s in attack stance* I already have the energy I need, killing you will be a bit of fun.

Kuriri (thinking): Me and my big mouth.

Meta Bugen attack’s all out land various amount’s of punches and kick’s all over Kuriri body, he then kick Kuriri in the face sending her flying upward and appears above her then delivers an extremely heavy kick to the gut sending her crashing into the planet’s surface at extremely high speed. Kuriri struggles up but fall’s back down on 1 knee. Kuriri open’s her eye’s.

Kuriri (thinking): My eye’s are starting to recover, but everything is still a blur, it’s still to bad to make out what’s what.

Then Kuriri heard Bugen take off towards her, she fires a blast in that direction but Bugen has long since teleported behind her and the blast hit’s nothing but ground.

Meta Bugen: Death is upon you.

Meta Bugen rushes Kuriri kneeing her in the gut, he then gives Kuriri an uppercut sending her flying, Bugen disappears and reappears behind Kuriri and delivers a kick to the back of the neck sending her crashing to the ground. Bugen appears above Kuriri and fire's a thin beam of energy intended to go through Kuriri heart. Kuriri manages to move at the last second as the beam makes a fairly deep cut in her left arm. Meta Bugen grab’s Kuriri by the head and slams her headfirst into the ground about 6 times. Kuriri now lay’s motionless as Bugen gather’s energy for an attack. However before firing the finishing attack, Bugen is blasted from behind.

Bugen turn’s around to see 3 beings standing there, the first (the one that shot Bugen) was very similar to base Broly in height and muscle. He has black spiky hair coming down to the shoulder's, wears armor similar to what sayians had, eye color is also black (like all full blood sayians).

The second was a pretty girl with black hair that greatly resembles Kai's on top, but this style goes to mid back..Her eyes are black, only unlike Kai's friendly eyes, her eyes emanate darkness. She wears a black tank top, with red saiyan armor over it and black sweat pants. She wears red boots.

And the third looks similar to all namekians, except that he is very tall, about the height of Super 17. This height advantage means that he has a much longer reach, without stretching. He wears White 'namekian' pants (the baggy ones). At the top of the pants, there is a light blue belt that goes around the top. The belt continues after it is tied to flow for about 2.5 to 3 feet. He does not wear a shirt, but he does have a white scarf, like nail does. Again, like his belt, it continues for about a foot. His shoes are the basic namekian shoes with his pants tucked in. He has a scar under his left eye that extends his entire cheek.

Meta Bugen: Well, it looks like I’ll soon get a whole lot stronger.

1st ???: You really think so, why don’t you try me.

Meta Bugen: I will, don’t worry about that.

1st ??? step’s away from the other 2 and lands in front of Bugen.

Meta Bugen: What is your name, I need to know what to put on your grave when I kill you.

1st ???: My true sayian name is unknown, but I’ve been refereed to as Justin.

Meta Bugen: An odd name for a sayian, but it makes no difference to me.

Bugen teleports and reappears behind Justin and throws a kick, Justin quickly spin’s around and catches the kick with 1 hand while firing a blast from the other. Bugen is pushed back by the attack but regains his footing, Justin then fires a energy beam into the ground, nothing happens for a moment, then a huge beam of energy comes up from the ground under Bugen with next to no reaction time, the beam of energy completely engulfs Bugen as it slowly vaporizes every piece of him.

Justin: That was hardly a warm up, it was a complete waste of my time even stopping on this stupid planet. After all the distance I’ve come, the other sayian’s better put up a greater fight then this.

??? 2 noticed Kuriri on the ground.

2nd???: Sir, look over here.

Justin: What is it Kaya. *walks over to her*

Kaya: *points at Kuriri* Do you want me to finish her off. *start’s gathering energy in left hand*.

Justin: Don’t waste your energy, she’s beaten, her ship is broken, leave her there to die. We have much more important opponent’s to take care of.

Justin and Kaya fly off.

Kaya *while takeoff*: Come on Torn, move your ass.

Torn fly’s off with the others as all 3 takeoff into the distance. A few minutes after a ship takes of into outer space.

Well now, Kuriri has been saved, kinda, by a sayian known as Justin for some reason. Justin quickly took out Meta Bugen and seems to be after any remaining sayians, but why. And what of Kuriri, she’s been badly hurt and just left to die, will she survive and somehow get off the planet, find out on the next Ultimate Battle Z.

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Ultimate Battle Z (completed story) Empty Re: Ultimate Battle Z (completed story)

Post by justinlynch3 Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:44 am

Last time on Ultimate Battle Z Kuriri refused to give up to Meta Bugen, who then decided to kill her. However before Bugen could fire the final attack 3 fight’s came, the leader easily destroyed Bugen and decided to leave Kuriri injured and stranded on the planet her and Bugen’s battle took place. Will she survive or die all alone.

Chapter 15: Meeting up on Earth.

Voice: Approaching Earth in 20 minutes.

Justin blast the speaker on the control panel of the ship.

Justin: Shit, can’t this piece of junk move any faster.

Kaya: Sorry, it’s at full power as it is.

Torn: Sir, why Earth.

Justin: It’s the last known location of the few remaining sayian’s. When I destroy them, I will be the strongest being alive.

The ship continues full speed through space. Meanwhile back on the planet they’ve not long left, we see Kuriri laying face first in the ground, after a few seconds we begin to see some movement, Kuriri slowly struggles up on her feet, after taking a few step’s she fall’s down on 1 knee, she then manages to push herself back up and get to her ship. Kuriri open’s the door and walk’s inside, her eye sight has since recovered as she pushes some button’s on the control panel of her ship, a screen flashes a few times before coming on and showing a bunch of reading’s, it read’s.

Engine - 5%
Oxygen tank - 80%, *pause* 79%, *pause* 78%, etc.
Damaged - 95%
Fuel - 95%

That is followed with other various states. Kuriri spit’s out some blood while looking at the screen.

Kuriri: This isn’t good, but, it’s the only shot I got. I’ll have to try to get back to Earth, it’s the closest planet with a population as far as I know of.

Kuriri get’s the ship ready for takeoff, she presses the start button, the lights behind her flicker’s then comes on, the ship rumbles as the damaged engine slowly start’s up, black smoke poor from the engine but having no other choice Kuriri blast off. The ship shakes a lot but slowly lift’s off the ground and fly’s out into space.

Now we check in with Sly and Trunks, they are talking to 2 other very strong fight’s, the first likes to be called Kai, being mostly human, is indistinguishable from them. He has short brown hair that curls a bit and brown eyes. His skin color is suntanned because he likes the beach. Because of his few saiyan genes his characteristics change when he powers up. His hair becomes slightly longer, loses its curls and becomes spiky(think Gohan from the Cell Games). His eyes become coal black.

The second is Chulance, he has dark skin, shiny white teeth, small ears, black hair, ashy legs, green eyes. Flat feet too.6 feet tall and lean with buff muscles.

Sly: And that’s basically the whole story.

Kai: Well, we have to thank you for bringing back the planet along with us. It’s to bad that you guy’s can’t get back to where you live.

Sly: Yes, with the portal gone where in this dimension for good.

Chulance: Well you 2 can always stay here, it’s the least we can do to repay you.

Trunks: That sounds great. (thinks) I’ll miss you, mother.

The 4 begin to talk about other random stuff, suddenly their conversation is interrupted when a huge power is felt. They all stare into the sky when they see a ship coming toward them, the ship lands a 3 being’s walk’s out.

Kai noticed the girl on the left.

Kai: Kaya.

Kaya: Hello Kai, been a while hasn’t it. *evil smile*.

Justin: Well, what luck, we landed right by them.

Chulance: Hey, who’s the girl.

Kai: She’s my twin sister.

Chulance: Yeah....... sister........ *show heart’s in his eye’s*

While Chulance stares at Kaya, the other focus on mainly Justin.

Sly: You guy’s sense what I sense.

Kai: Yes.

Trunks: Evil.

Chulance: Love.

Kai hit’s him on the back of the head.

Kai: Get a grip Chulance.

Suddenly everybody hears a sound as they see another ship coming full speed at them, it’s beaten up and as the ship get’s closer we see the engine blow. Sly, Chulance, Trunks, and Kai all jump back out of the way. The ship appears to hit Justin, Kaya, and Torn as a large dust cloud of made. When the dust clear’s Justin is holding the ship up keeping it balanced on 1 hand, Justin throw’s the ship and it lands upside down, the door is kicked open and Kuriri stumbles out, still badly hurt, and her arm still bleeding.

Sly: What the fuck happened to her.

Kai: She a friend of yours?

Sly: Well no, but this isn’t our first time meeting.

Justin: Alright, it’s time you sayians die. Who will go first.

Kai: Why not let me deal with this. *walk’s forward*

Well now, it seemed Kuriri survived and made it back to Earth, however Justin, Kaya, and Torn has arrived before her and is ready to start a battle with Kai, Sly, Chulance, and Trunks. How will this battle turn out. Find out on the next Ultimate Battle Z.

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Post by justinlynch3 Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:50 am

Last time on Ultimate Battle Z Kuriri manage to come to and get to her damaged ship, despite rather bad status reading she fired up the ship and was just able to get to Earth before the engine went. However a battle was getting ready to start as she arrived, Kai has stepped up to challenge Justin, will he win or lose, find out on Ultimate Battle Z.

Chapter 16: Justin vs Kai.

Kai: Why not let me handle this. *step’s forward*

Justin: You really plan to fight alone, your stupider then you look.

Kai: We’ll see about that.

Kai charges in and throw’s a furry of punches, Justin effortlessly block’s them all and even smiles at Kai, Kai charges to deliver a heavy punch, but before the attack is able to hit Justin teleports and reappears behind Kai (who is only now noticing he missed) and elbow’s him in the back. Kai recovers and throw’s a number of ki blast at Justin creating a huge cloud of dust, as Kai is still firing a energy beam over power’s all his small ki blast and head straight at Kai, Ki stop’s firing and side step’s the attack. Kai waits for the dust to clear, when it does Justin is standing their completely unharmed.

Sly: Kai better kick it up a notch, this guy isn’t to be taken lightly.

Kai and Justin stand their ground, neither moving an inch as Justin smiles again. Suddenly Justin vanishes and reappears behind Kai, Justin throw’s a powerful punch which go’s through Kai, then Kai image start’s to fade away. Kai comes from behind and throw’s a kick, Justin quickly reacts and block’s it. Then Justin turn’s around and fires a energy blast, Kai lean’s back and the blast fly’s past him, Kai does a few back flips to clear some distance from Justin then regains his fighting stance.

Justin: Very good, but do you really think you can win.

Kai disappears and it seems like multiples Kai's fly all over the battlefield then 1 tries to head butt Justin in the back, Justin teleports again and reappears landing a hard elbow to Kai’s back, again. Kai is sent crashing to the ground, Justin attempt’s to crush Kai’s head but his foot go’s through another after image. Justin quickly locates Kai then rushes Kai and teleports behind him, he then uses a uppercut which sends Kai flying, he then teleports and knees Kai in the back, he teleports once more and fires a energy beam (fired from left hand) to blast Kai back to the ground, at which point he fires a energy wave volley to finish the attack. After the volley Justin look’s down to see Kai with his arm’s crossed and a blue energy barrier around him.

Kai: *while lowering barrier* Damn, I have to do it.

Kai begins to power up and his hair grows slightly longer, loses its curls and become spiky, his eye’s also become coal black.

Kai: Ready for round 2.

Justin: *smiles*

Justin rushes Kai when Kai suddenly released a wave of energy which comes out all around him, Justin quickly put’s up a blue energy shield around himself before Kai attack engulfs him. Kai finishes his attack to see Justin shielded, then Justin lowers his shield and teleports, Kai dodges a kick that seems to come from nowhere, Kai throw’s a punch but Justin vanishes and appears behind him ready to punch, the punch go’s through Kai after image and Kai appears behind Justin ready to punch, Kai punch misses as Justin vanishes and again appears behind Kai. This keep’s going as both keep’s avoiding each others hit’s, then a shock wave is seen as Kai crashes to the ground, Justin appears before Kai with energy in his left hand, before he could fire however Kai throw’s a energy blast in Justin face which makes him stumble back a little. Kai get’s back to his feet as both how their position once again.

Kai (thinking): Fuck, this guy is good.

Justin: You want to know something kid, I only warming up yet.

Kai: So, I also has a long way to go before reaching max power.

Justin fires a small ki spot which hit’s the ground before Kai creating a cloud of dust, then through the dust Justin rushes in and grab’s Kai by the next, he lift’s Kai up and tightens his grip, Kai struggles to breath when a energy blast hit’s Justin making him release his grip, Kai takes a few big breath’s of air as he see’s Sly whit his arm stretched out.

Justin: If you want to attack me 2 on 1, then by all means don’t let me stop you.

Kai: No way, this is my fight. Thanks Sly, but please stay out of this.

Sly backs down as Kai wished.

Sly (thinking): You better know what your doing.

Trunks: You think Kai will win.

Sly: Not at his current power, if he’s holding back he better release all the power he’s got.

Justin: Shall we continue.

Kai: Yes.

Both fighter’s rush each other and clash in melee, Justin quickly get’s the upper hand as he start’s pushing Kai back, Kai uses an after image and appears behind Justin only to receive a heavy kick to the stomach, Justin then trip’s Kai and elbow’s him in the back of the head as he’s falling. Justin charges a energy ball and throw’s it at Kai as he jump’s back, a large explosion is created as Justin wait’s for the dust to clear. The dust clear’s and Justin see Kai struggle to his feet.

Kai: Look’s like I’ll have take thing’s 1 step higher.

Well the battle with Kai and Justin has begun, Kai has gone super sayian but it isn’t enough, Kai said he’ll take things 1 step higher, does he have a form beyond super sayian, and if so, will it be enough. Kai has already had 1 close call, will the next be his last, find out on the next Ultimate Battle Z.

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Ultimate Battle Z (completed story) Empty Re: Ultimate Battle Z (completed story)

Post by justinlynch3 Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:53 am

Last time on Ultimate Battle Z the fight between Kai and Justin began, Kai fought hard but even after going super sayian he was outmatched, Kai is now going to kick it up to the next level, but what is the true extent of Justin power, find out now.

Chapter 17: Transformation.

We see both fighter’s holding their ground.

Kai: You ready to be beaten.

Justin: Let’s see what you’ve got boy.

Kai begins to power up, the ground shakes and rock’s lift up all around him, his hair became longer and spikier and stood up except for one small bang, and lightning crackled up inside of him. Kai finishes his transformation as the rocks fall back down to the ground.

Justin: Now it’s my turn.

Kai is a bit surprised to hear Justin was hiding another form.

Justin charges ki as his aura becomes huge, the ground shakes so much that everybody stumble’s a little. Justin’s eye's become red, his muscles bulk up, his body grows. A flash of light follows as he finishes the transformation.

Trunks: He is now twice as big, and has a lot more muscle then his base form.

Justin: My power level is now 10 times greater then my normal form.

Kai: Fuck, if his power has raised this much, even in base form he wasn’t fighting seriously.

Justin: Torn, Kaya, why don’t you 2 have some fun.

Kaya: Finally.

Kai: Hey wait a minute.

Justin: Don’t worry, I still plan to kill you, they’ll just fight your friends over their.

Torn vanishes and appears behind Sly then hit’s Sly hard in the back of the head, we see Sly fall to the ground knocked out in slow motion.

Chulance: That wasn’t fear, he was completely off guard.

Torn: Who said anything about being fear. *evil (but low) laugh*

Chulance: Ok you cheating bastard, your mine.

Torn: Look’s like you get those 2 Kaya.

Kaya: Fine by me. *looks at Trunks and Kuriri.*

Trunks looks at Kuriri then looks back.

Trunks (thinking): Kuriri is in no condition to fight, and Sly is out cause of that cheap shot, I guess it’s up to me.

Justin, Torn, and Kaya charge at Kai, Chulance, and Trunks as a huge battle breaks out all over the place. Kai thought Justin would be slow in his new form, but we see Kai having a hard time trying to block all his hit’s. At this time Kaya is overpowering Trunks with ease, Trunks manages to counter attack Kaya and go’s super sayian while she recovered. Chulance and Torn are also having a tench battle as they trade blow for blow.

We switch back to Trunks and Kaya, even with his super sayian power Kaya has the advance, she kick’s Trunks up in the air, knee’s him in the gut, then hit’s him hard in the back sending him crashing to the ground, Kuriri dashes up and try’s to land a few hit’s but she’s still weak and receives a right hand punch to the face sending her down to the ground as well.

Meanwhile Justin has gotten an upper hand and is laying a beating on Kai, then one hit go’s through an after image as Justin get’s a kick to the side of the head sending him flying, Justin air brakes within seconds and rushes at Kai agin as they block each other punches and kick’s.

Chulance jump’s back from Torn and powers up spirit energy in his finger tips and shoots 4 huge beams from his finger, Torn deflects the blast then they hit the ground in the distance creating 4 explosion’s. Both fighter’s engage in melee again.

Trunks and Kuriri has now climbed back to their feet.

Trunks: Kuriri *nod’s*.

Kuriri: Right.

Both begin to gather energy then fires 2 generic energy (both from the left hand) beam’s at Kaya, suddenly Kaya speed increases greatly as she easily avoids the attacks.

Kaya: *smile*

Trunks: No way.

Kuriri: What the.

Well it seems Justin has allowed Torn and Kaya to get in on the action. Justin and Kai are fighting evenly at the moment, so is Torn and Chulance. Kaya seems to be in control of her battle, Trunks has gone super sayian but Kaya power seems to be above that, Kuriri is still pretty worn out and isn’t able to put up a very good fight. Sly was KO’d before the battle even began and show’s no sign’s of coming to. How will this battle turn out, find out on the next Ultimate Battle Z.

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Post by justinlynch3 Wed Jun 17, 2009 7:56 am

Last time on Ultimate Battle Z Kai raised his power even high as he went super sayian 2, Justin underwent a transformation of his own which is at the moment matching Kai power. Torn KO’d Sly and Chulance has taken him on, both fighting evenly as well. Kaya is fighting both Kuriri and Trunks, and she seems to be in control of the battle. There is a lot of fighting happening at once, find out what happens now on Ultimate Battle Z.

Chapter 18: All out battle.

Kai: I’ll kill you. *while rushing forward*

Justin stands still and just as Kai reaches him Justin vanishes, but reappears in front of him again and lands a uppercut, Justin then grab’s Kai leg and slam’s him into the ground, he then vanishes and reappears putting his elbow in Kai back. Justin regains his stance.

Justin: Get up boy.

Kai struggles up.

Justin: I’m noticing your fighting is getting a bit sloppy, are you getting wore out, or are you just getting mad cause you can’t win.

Kai: *smiles* Go fuck yourself *Kai flips the opponent with TWO fingers*

Justin: You trying to make me mad right, so I’ll make mistakes huh, not going to happen.

Justin vanishes and appears rushing at Kai, Justin go’s through Kai after image, then the real Kai appears in the same spot and another Justin hit’s Kai hard in the gut, stunning him.

Kai (thinking): I didn’t that, he put an after image through my after image then attacked when I appeared.

Justin: It’s been fun kid, but I think this had dragged on long enough.

Justin charges all the power he can into one huge energy beam.

Justin: Your finished kid.

Justin fires a huge beam of energy that hit’s Kai dead on, a large explosion follows and a huge cloud of dust is created. When the dust clear’s Kai is laying motionless on the ground, returned to normal.

Meanwhile Chulance is getting pissed with Torn, Chulance makes a sword appear as Torn is rushing in, suddenly we see Torn arm fall to the ground.

Chulance: Not so tough now huh.

Torn: Hehehehe, you think you’ve won.

Torn yell’s as a new arm shoot’s out of his body.

Chulance: That worked well. *makes sword disappear*. Ok, how about this.

Chulance start’s powering up, his hair flow’s upward and becomes yellow, Chulance let’s out a yell as a golden aura surrounds him to finish his transformation. Chulance rushes Torn as they fight in close combat again, the 2 fighter’s jump away from each other, Torn forms a light blue ball of energy and fires it at Chulance, Chulance dodges but the attack follows him, Chulance put’s his hands forward as he attempted to grab the ball, Chulance manages to hold it back and after struggling he manages to divert the attack away, Chulance then charges energy in his right hand and fires a energy wave at Torn, the wave hit’s and Torn is hurt badly as he falls to the ground.

Chulance: *looks over at Trunks and Kuriri* Hold on.

Chulance prepares to go help them when Justin appears in front of him and lands a heavy hit to his face sending him crashing to the ground. Chulance get’s back up, then notices Kai getting back on his feet as well.

Justin: The kid still has some fight left, impressive.

Kai power’s up again and lightening surrounds his body once more, Chulance also power’s up, his hair becomes more spiky and golden in color, lightening surrounds his body as well. Both get in fighting stance as Justin smiles.

At this time Trunks and Kuriri are taking a beating from Kaya, Kuriri get’s knocked to the ground.

Kuriri (thinking): Damn it, she’s so fast.

Then a crash is heard as she see’s Trunks on the ground beside her.

Trunks: Hey Kuriri, how much energy do you have left.

Kuriri: Why.

Trunks: If you can keep her busy, I can charge up an attack and fire from behind.

Kaya: I heard that.

Trunks and Kuriri both turn their heads to see Kaya standing behind them. Kuriri swing’s around for a punch but Kaya catches her fist, Kuriri throw’s her other fist as Kaya catches that one to and a struggle occurs. Both fighter’s push against each other, Kuriri is suddenly forced down on 1 knee as Kaya appears to be overpowering her, Kaya kick’s Kuriri back ending the struggle, then feel’s energy gather, Kaya turn’s around to see Trunks inches away from her.

Trunks: Dodge this, BURNING ATTACK.

It seems that Justin gained the edge on Kai and almost finished him, Chulance has beaten Torn, for now, and is powered up to super sayian 2 along with Kai. Kaya was still in control as she easily overpowered both Trunks and Kuriri, now Trunks has fired a attack at point blank range. Who will come out on top, find out on the next Ultimate Battle Z.

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Post by justinlynch3 Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:30 am

Last time on Ultimate Battle Z Kai was almost beaten by Justin, but Chulance powered up and ended his fight with Torn, Now both hold their ground in their super sayian 2 states and prepare for attack. Meanwhile Trunks and Kuriri where having trouble with Kaya, but while Kuriri and Kaya fought, Trunks charged up an attack and fired it, will it be enough to stop her, will Chulance and Kai stop Justin, find out on Ultimate Battle Z.

Chapter 19: Trunks death. Kuriri vs Torn and Kaya, Justin vs Chulance and Kai.

Kaya kick’s Kuriri away after ending their struggle, Kaya then feel’s energy gather and turn’s around to see Trunks power up an attack from right in front of her.

Trunks: Dodge this, BURNING ATTACK.

A huge energy ball hit’s Kaya who hasn’t even got time to block, even with her speed. The ball pushes Kaya upward in the sky (mush like what Goku spirit bomb did to Vegeta in Z) as Kaya is unable to push herself off. Suddenly Kuriri fly’s past the attack and fire’s one of her own, Kaya is catch between the 2 attacks as a large explosion is seen. Kuriri lands back on the ground. Shortly after Kaya body is seen falling to the ground.

Trunks: It’s over. *power’s down*

Kuriri: *while staring at Kaya* No.................. not yet.

Kuriri start’s powering up an attack when a light blue wave of energy hit’s both Kuriri and Trunks from behind knocking them away. We see Kuriri and Trunks turn around in slow motion then Torn (who has regenerated all injury’s) knee Trunks in the gut. Trunks bends over in pain, Torn then grabs Trunks head and twist it completely around, snapping Trunks neck and killing him.

Kuriri: *while looking at the now dead Trunks* Oh............ *see’s Kaya slowly recover and struggles up to her feet* shit.


Justin: You to ready.

Chulance and Kai: *nod at each other* Hell ya.

Both fighter’s rush Justin at once, Justin is having some trouble now trying to block both fighter’s punches, suddenly chulance punches seem to keep getting faster and faster, Justin is hardly able to keep up, Justin jump’s back just as chulance was about to land a punch, Justin then uses energy rings which hook on to both Chulance arm’s and leg’s to trap him, using This time Justin attacks Kai and lands a few hit’s, he then swings Kai around and throw’s him into Chulance. After hitting Chulance Kai fall’s to the ground but manages to land on his hands ans knee, Chulance starts powering up and breaks free then attack’s Justin again. Chulance speed increases greatly as he start’s landing a lot of hit’s on Justin, then Chulance get’s knocked away, he look’s back to see a energy shield surrounding Justin. Justin lowers the shield and stands his ground.

At this time Kaya has climbed back to her feet and moved over by Torn, Kuriri hasn’t attacked yet and used what little time she had to get some energy back.

Kaya: That was quite the attack you 2 made, and it HURT, IT HURT BAD. Your friend is lucky to be dead cause I’m going to make what’s left of your life a living hell.

Kuriri throw’s a punch at Kaya, Kaya dodges and Torn elbow’s Kuriri in the back sending her flying, Kaya appears before Kuriri and lands a heavy punch to her gut, Torn then stat’s to land a furry of punches on Kuriri back at Kaya lands a furry of punches on the front. Then both Kaya and Torn back away and fire energy wave volley’s at Kuriri. A lot of smoke and dust is created, but a guest of wind blow’s it away. Kaya lands where Kuriri lay’s at, Kaya lay’s her foot lightly on Kuriri left arm, when she see Kuriri starting to recover and wake up, Kaya pushes her foot down breaking Kuriri’s arm. Kuriri let’s out a load scream, This makes Chulance look away from Justin and Justin uses this mistake to attack. However Kai joins back in the battle and the to put Justin at a disadvantage.

Kaya: You should of ran away, you would have probably gotten away seeing as we had no interest in you at the time.

Torn holds Kuriri up as Kaya start’s landing hit after hit on her. Kuriri has now become
defenseless and is being tortured, Kuriri spit’s blood out of her mouth with every hit Kaya lands, then Torn let’s Kuriri fall to the ground. Kaya stands her ground and watches with a twisted evil smile as Kuriri suffers from her beating.

While Kaya enjoys Kuriri suffering, Chulance and Kai has managed to land a nice few hit’s on Justin to finally do some damage, Chulance and Kai both started to fire a furry of ki blast at Justin, then Kai holds back 1 arm and creates a giant gold beam with lightening surrounding it, at this time Chulance charges up purple energy and does a powerful electric blast that spread into bullets stabbing Justin, after Chulance attack Kai releases his beam which makes direct contact with Justin.

Kai: Survive all that.

Then both Chulance and Kai dodges a energy ball that comes from the dust cloud created by their attack, Justin fly’s up in the air, looking damaged but very upset. Justin then charges all the power he can into one huge energy beam, the beam keep’s getting stronger as Justin pushes every bit of power he has into the attack, then, Justin changes his aim from Chulance and Kai to the Earth and releases the attack. A huge beam of energy larger then Justin himself heads slowly toward the Earth, Chulance and Kai, as well as Torn and Kaya look at the huge attack heading for the planet. Sly is still out and Kuriri is to hurt to move her body an inch and is unable to see what’s happening.

Justin: It’s all over now *evil crazy laugh*.

Kai: We’ll never deflect an attack of that size.

Chulance: Unless we go all out.

Kai looks at Chulance.

Kai: So, you’ve done it.

Chulance: Well, while I was dead, I don’t know if my living body can handle it, but I have no choice.

Chulance fly’s in the huge attacks path.

Chulance: It’s now or never.

Things are tense on the battle ground as Trunks and Kuriri thought they defeated Kaya, but she survived, and along with Torn, who killed Trunks, is putting Kuriri through hell. Meanwhile Chulance and Kai gained the upper hand on Justin, now Justin has released an attack to destroy the whole world, Chulance has something in mind and has gotten in the attack’s path, does Chulance know what he’s doing or will Justin attack completely vaporize him. Find out how the battle ends on the next Ultimate Battle Z.

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Ultimate Battle Z (completed story) Empty Re: Ultimate Battle Z (completed story)

Post by justinlynch3 Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:32 am

Last time on Ultimate Battle Z Kuriri was getting put through hell when she and Trunks failed to kill Kaya, Thunks, as Kaya said was lucky to have died by the hand of Torn. As this was happening Justin lost his advantage and has fired a massive beam of energy at the Earth, Chulance has gotten in the attack’s path and plans to stop it, will he do it, find out now on Ultimate Battle Z.

Chapter 20: It ends here, Kai vs Kaya.

Chulance: OK, this is it.

Chulance gather’s energy in both hands a fires a energy beam at the massive attack, Chulance beam does nothing as the attack continues at the same pace.

Chulance: NOW.

Chulance pushes more energy into the beam as he begins to power up, Chulance hair grows long, his eye brow’s disappear and his aura get’s larger in size. Chulance sends a sudden surge off energy into his beam as Justin attack stop’s and begins to slowly get pushed back.

Justin: WHAT!!! *while struggle to push his attack ahead*

Chulance sends another surge of energy into his beam pushing Justin attack right back at him.

Chulance: NOW YOU DIE.

Justin own attack get’s pushed back on him, it engulfs him completely, we see Justin body break apart and vaporize, not so much as a trail of blood remains. Chulance reverts to base form, breathing heavily.

Kai: So, that’s what the next level look like.

Chulance: Well *pant* for me anyway *pant*.

Kai looks over at Tron and Kaya.

Kai: Chulance, check on Sly down there, I have something I need to take care off.

Chulance nods and descends to the ground, Kai fly’s over to where Torn and Kaya are.

Kai: *as he lands* I was hoping you’d changed.

Torn and Kaya take a step back as they look worried.

Kai: But it’s clear to me you’ll never change. I never thought I’d see the day when I had to kill my own twin sister.

Kaya: Well you thought wrong.

Both Kaya and Torn attack Kai together, Kai is easily able to keep up in his super sayian 2 form and land a punch on Kaya face knocking her to the ground while kicking Torn in the gut sending him flying at the same time. Kai extends his right arm out, pointed at Kaya.

Kai: This is where it ends, sis.

Kai fires a beam of energy that destroys Kaya, he then turns around and blast Torn with the same type of beam fired from his other hand, Torn is destroyed as well as only ashes remains of him.

Kai (thinking): Why did you have to be evil, you could of had a good life here.

Kai returns to normal and see’s Kuriri.

Kai: Wow, what did she do to you.

Kuriri: What *cough up blood* does it look like. (Thinks) Idiot.

Kai: Wait here, I’ll be back.

Kuriri: Do you think *coughs up a bit more blood* I’m going anywhere, moron.

Kai fly’s over to Chulance.

Kai: How is he.

Chulance: He’s starting to come around.

Kai: Ok, if everything has been brought back then that mean’s Korin is back as well.

Chulance: Korin??????, oh, that little know it all cat that lives high up in a tower.

Kai: I’m gonna get some of those senzu beans he has.

Chulance: good idea, I’ll wait here.

Kai: Bring Sly over by the girl, she’s in bad shape, better someone be’s there incase something happens.

Chulance: Understood.

Kai fly’s off into the distance as Chulance moves Sly over where Kuriri is. Chulance wait’s for Kai to return and sits on a rock, we see Chulance look over at Kuriri a lot, it isn’t long before she noticed Chulance.

Kuriri: What are you *cough’s blood* looking at.

After about 15 minutes Kai return’s and gives everybody a bean.

When Sly wakes they inform him on all that’s happened, then Chulance, Kai and Sly look over to see Kuriri walking away. Kuriri stop’s for a brief moment.

Kuriri: Thank you.

Kuriri then fly’s off into the distance at high speed.

Sly: Am I hearing things, or did she thank us.

Kai: I’m sorry about your friend.

Sly: *smiles* Don’t worry, he’ll be back again.

Well the fight has ended, Justin, Torn and Kaya are dead. Sly is awake and was told of what happened, Kuriri was also healed and flew off somewhere. Sly seems to know a way to get Trunks back, will it work. And with her ship broken, what will Kuriri do now that she’s stuck on Earth. Find out on the next Ultimate Battle Z.

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Post by justinlynch3 Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:34 am

On the last Ultimate Battle Z Kai and Chulance manage to defeat Justin, Kaya, and Torn, now Sly has a plan to bring Trunks back, will it work. And what is Kuriri up to, find out now on Ultimate Battle Z.

Chapter 21: No Return.

Sly: Balls.

Kai and Chulance: ???

Sly: We use the dragon balls to wish him back, that’s all.

Kai: Right.

Sly: Is their a person that go’s by the name Dende living high above Korin’s tower.

Kai: Yes.

Sly: Then let’s go.

The 3 fly off at high speed. At this time Kuriri is flying along and comes by a city. She lands and walks around, within minutes she see’s a person selling a spaceship. She walks up to the guy.

Man: Hello there, how would you like to buy this lovely ship for only 10 000 zenie.

Kuriri: Or I could just take it for free.

Man: No, you can’t. This ship has a anti theft device, even if someone breaks in it won’t start without the password.

Kuriri grab’s the man by the throat.

Kuriri: Then give me the password or I’ll kill you.

Man: *while gasping for air* No.......... you............. won’t (smiles), not........... if you want.......... the ship.

Kuriri drop’s the man.

Kuriri: Give me a reason I shouldn’t just take another ship.

Man: Cause one like this is of a rare kind, it travel’s faster then any ship on Earth, is fully loaded, and has a gravity increase and training devices.

Kuriri: Really, interesting.

While this has been happening Sly, Kai and Chulance has reached what is called Dende’s lookout now. After a quick explanation Sly asks for the dragon balls to revive Trunks. Dende has all the balls at the lookout and quickly get’s them, they call for the dragon. The sky darken and all 7 balls glow, then dragon rocket’s up out of the dragon’s.

Shernon: What is your wish, tell me now.

Sly: I wish a friend of mine be brought back to life, his name is Trunks.

There is a moment of silence.

Shernon: This wish cannot be granted, the one you wish to revive has already died and been brought back, he can not be revived again.

Sly: Oh, well thanks anyway Shernon, your not needed.

The dragon vanishes, sky return’s to normal, and the balls scatter.

Dende: You could use my home planet’s dragon balls.

Sly: We already did, guess we’ll have to wait a year.

Back on Earth.

Kuriri: That was strange, anyway, I’ll get your money. Just to warn you, if this thing isn’t as good as you say’s it is, I will kill you.

Man: Don’t worry about that.

Kuriri fly’s off, it isn’t long before she lands again.

Announcer: Step right up, beat Big Fat Tony in a fight and win 20 000, come on, you could win easy money.

Random Guy: Hey, you going to try.

Random Guy 2: Are you kidding, that guy is huge, you’d have to be an idiot to fight him.

Kuriri: I’ll do it. *step’s in the ring*

Then the ground start’s shaking, and this huge guy walk’s out to the ring.

Random Guy 2: That girl’s done for.

Random Guy: I’ll say, that guy must be bigger then my house.

Announcer: Begin.

Kuriri quickly vanishes and appears in front Big Fat Tony face, then land a heavy right hand punch knocking Tony out cold, a crowd of people run’s in fear as Tony big fat body fall’s toward them, they then look in shock at what happened.

Kuriri: I’ll take that money now.

Announcer: R-right, yeah............ here. *passes bag*.

Kuriri then fly’s back and pay’s the man what he wanted, after getting the access code, Kuriri get’s in the ship and it blast off at super high speeds.

Kuriri: Looks like he told the truth, this thing is really fast.

The ship zoom’s out into space and quickly disappears into the distance.

It appears Sly plan had failed, and Trunks will remain dead. Kuriri has gotten a new and better ship and has gone out into space, where is she going, will she return, and what will our hero’s do now. Find out on the next Ultimate Battle Z.

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Ultimate Battle Z (completed story) Empty Re: Ultimate Battle Z (completed story)

Post by justinlynch3 Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:40 am

On the last Ultimate Battle Z Sly plan had failed to revive Trunks, since he was already wished back before, he couldn’t be again. Kuriri has also left Earth and is again flying through space, what is her plan’s. Find out now.

Chapter 22: Time of rest and training.

We see Sly, Kai and Chulance talking, suddenly the 3 look over in the same direction.

Kai: You feel that.

Sly: Yes, she’s leaving, probably stole a ship or something.

The 3 continue to talk to each other, after a little while they decided Sly would stay with Kai, the 2 fly off in one direction while Chulance fly’s a different way.

Sly: *while flying to the left of Kai* Hey, thanks for giving me a place to stay.

Kai: No prob.

The 2 increase their speed and fly faster.

Meanwhile out in space, Kuriri walks out of a doorway in the ship holding a soda in her hand. She walks over to a huge computer in the middle of the room (like what Goku ship (one used on his trip to Namake) had) and look the screen.

Kuriri: Hmm, gravity increase, use with extreme caution. *lay’s down the can of soda* Let’s see what this machine is mad of. *pushes on the option for gravity training, then a series of option’s come up* Let’s see, beginner, trainer, etc, etc. Ah, insane training.

Without looking at how much the gravity increase is, Kuriri selects the highest setting possible. Within a few seconds the whole inside of the ship becomes red in color, then in an instant the machine is activated, we see the soda can Kuriri layed down crush completely flat, it’s now no thicker then a sheet of paper, at the exact same moment Kuriri is forced to the floor. We see the meter increasing at a great rate of speed, it’s currently at X400, almost reaching X500. Kuriri struggles up on her hands and knee’s, as she’s about to climb to her feet the machine takes another jump to nearly X600 gravity, pushing Kuriri down again. Kuriri power’s up, making her
aura explode and reaches up, she manages to click the stop button just before the next increase. We see the meter flash at X700 before quickly falling back to X1.

Kuriri:*while lying on the floor resting* I, probably shouldn’t do that again. Then again, if I can make myself strong enough to handle that level easily, their would be no one that could stop me.

We now switch down to Earth, after enjoying a good night’s sleep, Sly and the others decide to train as well. Kai and Sly meet Chulance out in a huge open area, miles away from any town.

Chulance: Ok, how do you want to do this.

Sly: I say a free for all.

Kai: Sounds good.

Chulance: What about transformation’s.

Kai: I say we stay in base form.

Sly: I can go either way, not like it’ll give you any chance of beating me.

Chulance: I say base form as well, at least till we get use to our training, then we’ll fight on stronger level’s.

All 3 get into their fighting stance.

Sly: Ready to lose.

Chulance: If by lose you mean win, then yes.

Kai: Come on, you both know I’ll win *smiles*

Sly: Let the battle begin.

All 3 charge toward each other, Chulance and Kai are coming toward Sly from apposite side’s, Chulance throw’s a punch at Sly, Sly ducks under and punches Chulance in the gut, Sly then
kick’s the incoming Kai in the face sending him flying. Sly readies to chase after Kai but as soon as he lift’s off Chulance grab’s his foot, Chulance swing’s Sly around and throw’s him upward into the air, Chulance then appears above Sly but receives a knee to the face from Kai, Sly quickly recovers and grab’s Kai arm then throw’s him to the ground. Kai land on the ground and seems KO’d, Sly follows and attempted to knee Kai in the back, but instead went straight through his after image and crashed into the ground.

Kai: Fooled ya.

Suddenly Chulance comes up behind Kai, he places is left arm on Kai back and uses a small energy ball to push Kai away. Sly suddenly appears in front of Chulance from out of nowhere, Sly lands several punches on Chulance but is then kicked in the side of the head by Kai, Kai fire a small energy ball at Sly while kicking Chulance in the gut at the same time. Chulance is stunned, as Kai turn’s to attack him Sly deflects Kai blast and return’s fire. Again, Kai is blasted in the back, Chulance recovers and lands a uppercut to the jaw sending Kai flying upward, Sly then appears above him and lands a heavy hit to the gut sending Kai crashing to the Earth.

Both Sly and Chulance look down as Kai continues to lay motionless.

Chulance: Well, he’s out.

Sly: He just needs some rest, he’ll be up in no time.

Chulance and Sly get in their fighting stance as the battle has become a 1 on 1 match.

Sly: You know I’ll win.

Chulance: We’ll see.

Chulance begins by throwing a energy ball, Sly deflects it upward and charges in at Chulance, Sly throw’s a punch which Chulance side step’s, but before he can react Sly elbow’s Chulance in the gut, Sly then vanishes and appears above Chulance then uses a energy ball to blast him into the ground. Chulance climbs back to his feet but tripped by a sweep kick from Sly, as Chulance is falling Sly throw’s a punch, but misses as Chulance dodges. Chulance jump’s back and fires a small generic energy beam from his left hand, Sly counter’s with the same move and a struggle occurs, both Sly and Chulance push energy into their beam, and in the end, Sly win’s. Chulance is blasted back and slides across the ground.

Sly: I think that was a good first day.

Chulance: *while pushing himself up* Yeah.

Kai comes to.

Kai: What happened.

Chulance: Well, you could say me and Sly teamed up for a second.

Kai: I’ll get you to back for that in our next match.

After a little rest, the 3 split apart and went to train on their own. After a while, Sly and Kai start’s training together as Chulance stay’s on his own.

Meanwhile up in space, Kuriri is training intensely, pushing herself to the max, she set the machine on X250 gravity, well, for the moment anyway.

Kuriri: I think I’ll take over Earth when I’m done training, though, Sly will still be a problem.

We see the ship zoom through space at high speed and fade away into the distance.

Meanwhile Sly, Kai, and Chulance has called it a day and went home.

Well thing’s are peaceful on Earth, and Sly, Kai, and Chulance are now training together. Kuriri is also training, and planing on taking over Earth when she return’s. Kuriri has seen Sly as a super sayian 4 before, how is she planing to defeat him. See what happens on the next Ultimate Battle Z.

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Ultimate Battle Z (completed story) Empty Re: Ultimate Battle Z (completed story)

Post by justinlynch3 Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:44 am

On the last Ultimate Battle Z Kai, Sly, and Chulance decided to train together, and the first thing they did was have a free for all battle. A combo done by Chulance and Sly knocked Kai out of the fight, it then became a 1 on 1 battle which Sly ended up winning. Meanwhile in space Kuriri started messing around with the gravity machine, and almost made a fatal error doing so, but after managing to shut down the machine, she as also begone her own training.

Chapter 23: The Rematch.

It has been 1 month since our hero’s last match, they have trained hard and are having their rematch. Kai and Sly and in the same huge open area that their last battle took place.

Sly: He’s late.

Just then Chulance fly’s in form the opposite direction and lands beside the others.

Kai: What wrong, sleep in.

Chulance: No, I had to wait on Korin to get these. *show’s a small bag tied to waist*

Sly: We gonna turn up the flames on this battle.

Chulance: Super sayian 2.

Kai: Fine by me.

Sly start’s off, he power’s up as rock’s lift off the ground, his hair becomes golden as a golden aura also surrounds him, red sparks of lightening surround Sly’s body. Chulance is next, doing basically the same transformation, Chulance body is surrounded with the normal blue sparks instead of red one’s. Kai begins his transformation now, his hair became longer and pointier and stood up except for one small bang and lightning crackled up around him.

Sly: Chulance, keep them beans safe, I have a feeling we’ll need them.

Chulance: Don’t worry, I got em.

The 3 stare at each other, the entire area is filled with the sparks from the 3 fighter’s.

Sly: Ready.

Kai: You bet.

Chulance: That let’s start.

Chulance makes the first move and quickly vanishes, he appears behind Kai and throw’s a punch, Kai turn’s around and catches Chulance fist, he then swings him toward Sly. Kai releases Chulance and he head’s toward Sly at high speed, Sly readies to attack and throw’s a kick when Chulance vanishes, Sly is surprised and then looks up to see Kai coming at him all out, Kai lands a heavy blow to Sly face sending him flying, Kai readies for a follow up attack when Chulance appears in front of him and begins firing many ki blast. Sly has since recovered and teleported behind Chulance (who is still firing at Kai) and elbow’s him in the back, then Kai comes from the dust cloud and knee Chulance in the gut, then they both hit Chulance hard in the back sending him crashing toward the ground. Wasting no time Sly turn’s to attack Kai, Kai ducks under Sly’s punch and blast him away with an energy beam, Sly recovers and return’s fire only to have his attack go through an after image, he then feel’s Kai coming from behind and dodges his attack. Chulance has gotten back to his feet and fly’s up at Kai at a very quick rate of speed, Chulance punches Kai and kick’s Sly away at the same time, Sly and Kai recover and throw’s 2 energy ball’s at Chulance, Chulance dodges and the 2 attack’s connect creating a struggle, Kai and Sly push as much power as they can into their attack as they seem even, Chulance appears behind Sly and blast him, this cause Sly to lose his concentration and the struggle as Sly get’s blasted. A cloud of smoke appears, when it fades Sly clothing is all ripped up and he has a few minor cut’s over his body.

Sly: Your asking for it Chulance. *looks a bit mad*

Chulance: I’m only returning the favor *smiles*

Then Kai appears and knocks Sly away, he then turn’s to Chulance.

Kai: It’s ass whooping Time!

Kai whoops Chulance ass in EVERY way possible and ends when he punches Chulance in the gut and fires a ki blast. Sly appears in front of Kai, he then grabs Kai head and pulls it down and knees Kai in the head. He then hits Kai in the gut and then kicks him upwards(diagonally). Sly then uses out his Energy Pole and quickly smacks Kai down on the ground in the distance. Sly then starts running towards Kai, jumps in the air and turns (hanging diagonally) counterclockwise around his own axle (legs extended, held together, arms inside held at chest). After a spin or 4 he stretches out his arms, opens his legs a bit, bends his right foot backwards and folds his right arm a bit. He then makes a Nitro Blaster in this hand while screaming: "Rrrhaaaaaahhh" (Bardock style) and throws it at Kai who is just recovering on the ground, only to see a big energy ball right in front of him. The attack seemingly hit’s Kai as a huge cloud of dust and smoke is created. Sly suddenly spin’s around and block’s a punch from Kai who used a after image to escape the blast. As Kai and Sly are going all out, Chulance is calmly floating in the air taking it easy.

Chulance: I’ll just wait till one of them loses, then take out whoever is left. *Chulance smiles*

Kai and Sly are in close combat dodging each other hit’s when they notices Chulance just floating their. Chulance get’s a bit to relaxed and looks up at the fluffy white clouds in the sky, Kai and Sly combine their power’s and releases a missive energy wave at Chulance, by the time Chulance noticed it was to late and the attack made direct contact, the attack fades and Chulance fall’s to the ground, reverted to base form.

Sly: Hold up Kai.

Sly fly’s over to Chulance and checks him out. He then lay’s Chulance under the shade of a nearby tree, then return’s to Kai location.

Sly: He’ll be alright. Shall we continue.

Kai: You know it.

Sly and Kai charge at each other, both throw’s a punch and hit’s each other in the face, they both then stumble back and regain their footing. Then Sly vanishes, Kai look’s around but is unable to find Sly anywhere, then Kai hears a voice.

Sly: Behind you.

Sly attempt’s to kick Kai as it go’s through an after image.

Sly: *now looking around* Ok, where are you.

Then Sly jump’s to the right as a energy ball fly’s past him and hit’s the ground. Sly then charges energy in his left hand, he begins to turn and at the exact moment he is completely turned in Kai direction Sly releases an energy beam, Kai dodges and fires a small blast back at Sly, Sly jump’s back as the attack misses, then Kai appears in front of him. Sly is surprised and Kai takes the opening and fires a giant energy bolt out from his aura and electrifies Sly. Sly is stunned badly by the attack, Kai then holds back 1 arm and creates a giant gold beam with lightning bolt’s surrounding it, Kai fires the attack as it hit’s Sly dead on. When the attack fades Sly lie’s reverted to base form on the ground.

Kai: I won, yeah, I’m the man.

Kai reverts to base form, pick’s up Sly and brings him over by Chulance. Kai then takes the bag that was tied to Chulance waist, he empty’s the bag as 3 senzu bean’s fall in his hand. Kai quickly feeds the first to Sly, he then takes one himself, then gives the third to Chulance.

Sly: *after waking up* Hey Kai, nice move back there. Wasn’t expecting that one.

Chulance: *after waking up* What’s the big idea, I was off guard.

Sly: You should of paid attention to the battle, but instead you felt like relaxing.

Chulance: *mumbles* Could of beat them....... I’ll show them paying attention.

The 3 call it a day and head home. Meanwhile Kuriri power has increased greatly over the past month as she’s now training easily under X500 gravity.

Kuriri: I think it’s time to see how much my training paid off.

Kuriri ship stop’s on the outer atmosphere of a unknown planet.

Kuriri: First, I’ll get some rest, *sniffs* and get cleaned up.

We skipped ahead 1 month, our hero’s where having a rematch, but unlike last time, they went straight to super sayian 2 this time. The battle was intense as our hero’s showed their fighting ability’s, Chulance was the first to lose as he never kept an eye on what Sly and Kai was up to. Then Sly lost to Kai after he showed a great combo of attack’s catching Sly by surprise. Now Kuriri has stopped at some random planet, hoping to be able to put her training to the test. Will she find someone, and if so, what are he or she in for. Find out on the next exciting chapter of Ultimate Battle Z.

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Ultimate Battle Z (completed story) Empty Re: Ultimate Battle Z (completed story)

Post by justinlynch3 Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:49 am

On the last Ultimate Battle Z we went ahead 1 month, to the day of our hero’s rematch. The rules was the same, it was the same as their first match, everybody vs everybody. Chulance was the first to lose, then Sly fell after fighting with Kai, who became the winner. Where now seeing what Kuriri is up to, she’s stopped at a random planet to see how much her power has increased, will she find anybody to fight, and if so, is her training enough for her to win. Find out now on Ultimate Battle Z.

Chapter 24: Beauty vs Beast.

It’s been 5 hour’s since Kuriri ship stopped, she gotten cleaned up and took a rest. We see he walk out of a doorway in the ship, sit at the control panel, and press a few button’s.

Kuriri: Time to have some fun. *evil smile*

The ship quickly enters the planet’s atmosphere and lands on the ground shortly after. The door open’s and Kuriri step’s outside then looks around. The planet is dark, not pitch black (think of the night time city stage on BT3), the building’s are all destroyed or badly damaged, and blood is all over the place.

Kuriri: Looks like someone has after been here.

Kuriri walks through the town, she spot’s a dead body, only half of the person was left. The odd thing was, it didn’t look like it was cut in half, but more like it was eaten. Kuriri walks only a short distance before finding more body’s, some had head’s missing, others had holes in their back’s, and a few only had bones left.

Kuriri: Whatever did this, was killing for................. food.

Then Kuriri turns around and see’s a man standing behind her, this person is about 5 foot 6, short black hair with a army style cut, average muscle mass. Wears a blue sleeveless shirt, black jeans with red belt, red scarf around neck. Looks like a 20 year old human.

???: I’m glad you came.

Kuriri: Why’s that?

???: Cause, there is nothing left on this planet, now I have a way off thanks to you.

Kuriri: To bad cause, I came here to kill you.

???: I killed someone you cared for.

Kuriri: No, I just felt like it.

???: Little girl, you have no clue what your up against. *smiles* Lu.

Kuriri: What?

Lu: Remember that name, it’s the name of the person that’s about to kill you.

Kuriri: Whatever.

Kuriri vanishes and reappears behind Lu, Lu pushes his elbow back and hit’s Kuriri in the gut, Lu then turn’s around and throw’s a punch which hit Kuriri in the face and sends her sliding across the ground. Kuriri get’s up.

Kuriri: *smiles* Well, look’s like I was wrong about you. Still, you can’t win.

Kuriri quickly rushes Lu, she hold’s her arm back to throw a punch but ends up kicking Lu instead, Kuriri then appears behind Lu and blast him, sending him flying, then she appears in front of him and knee’s him in the gut before slamming him into the ground. Lu then grab’s Kuriri leg as makes her fall down, he then roll’s onto her back and grab’s her hair, Lu then pull’s Kuriri head and leg back toward each other as he is still lying on her back. Lu seems to have Kuriri in a deadly situation when she suddenly releases her energy, her aura causing Lu to lose his grip. Kuriri then fly’s up in the air causing Lu to roll off her back.

Lu: *smiles*

Kuriri: What does he think this is, a wrestling match.

Kuriri fires a energy blast and Lu jump’s above it, he then does a roundhouse kick which connects with Kuriri right when she appears near him. Kuriri is sent flying as Lu throw’s a fire ball her way, Kuriri recovers and uses a energy blast to cancel out the fire ball. Lu then creates a energy shield around himself, he then rushes Kuriri in melee. Kuriri try’s to fight back but the shield stops her attacks, but allows Lu to keep landing hit’s. Lu then punches Kuriri hard in the stomach stunning her, Lu proceeds to charge his energy then floats in the sky, Lu crosses his arm's and sends a serious look at Kuriri, Lu then yell's and the shield is pushed of Lu and turned into the front of a huge beam which heads straight at Kuriri. A large dust cloud is created, Lu looks at the cloud, waiting for it to settle, he’s then hit in the back of the head and sent flying toward the ground. Lu recovers and slows his decent, then lightly touches the ground. Lu look’s in the sky to see Kuriri floating where he use to be.

Kuriri: Nice move, but if that all you got you may as well stand there and let me kill you.

Lu: Hmhmhm, I guess it’s time to reveal me true power. I could use a snack anyway.

Lu begins his transformation, he grows to 9 foot 8, his cloths are ripped off in the
transformation, his body is covered with brown fur and he grows claws on his hands. He get's a dog like face and pointy ears, basically how a werewolf would look.

Lu: Say hello to the monster within.

Lu quickly rushes at Kuriri, Kuriri throw’s a punch as Lu dodges and grab’s her head, he then fly’s toward the ground and slam’s Kuriri head into it, he then jump’s back a small distance.

Lu: *as Kuriri climb’s back to her feet* I thought you wanted to kill me, if I had known you where a weakling I would have just finished you.

Kuriri: WEAKLING, you’ll pay for that.

Kuriri rushes at Lu, just as Kuriri is about to hit Lu with a punch, Lu releases a giant mouth blast at point blank range. The attack leaves a trail in the ground, then some distance away Lu see’s Kuriri on the ground.

Lu: *laugh’s* dinner is served.

Lu walk’s up to Kuriri, then as he stands above her, Kuriri quickly fires a energy blast catching Lu by surprise. Kuriri get’s back to her feet, her cloth all ripped but nothing but minor scratches on her body.

Kuriri: I think it’s time to finish this little game.

Lu: Game.

Kuriri: You poor fool, you think you had a change, this was nothing but a warm up for me. You hadn’t seen half of my true power yet. Now, say goodbye.

Kuriri starts glowing yellow as she moves her right arm behind her back and shoves it forward, launching a red beam half the size of her body at Lu. The beam blast Lu in half, the remaining half of his body fall’s to the ground lifeless, blood quickly rushing out and covering the surrounding ground.

Kuriri: *smiles* It was almost to easy.

Kuriri fly’s back to her ship, within seconds the ship blast off into outer space.

Well it seemed the planet Kuriri landed on was destroyed and everybody killed, but then she found the one behind the killings, or more so he found her. Lu showed to have an advantage on Kuriri, but she was only toying around the whole time and quickly killed Lu. Where is Kuriri headed to next, what is the real extent of her power, and how much stronger will she become before getting back to Earth. Keep reading Ultimate Battle Z to find out.

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Ultimate Battle Z (completed story) Empty Re: Ultimate Battle Z (completed story)

Post by justinlynch3 Fri Jun 19, 2009 9:51 am

On the last Ultimate Battle Z we seen Kuriri fight against Lu, Lu showed some skill’s and looked as though he’d win, until Kuriri revealed that the entire battle was only a game to her, she finished Lu easily and blasted off into space once more.

Chapter 25: The training continues.

We see Kuriri’s ship fly through space and see’s the planet she was just on fade into the distance.

Kuriri: I’m stronger, but not strong enough. Think it’s time to up my training.

Up to this point Kuriri has only been using the gravity device for training, she walks over to the control panel and increases her gravity from X500 to X550, then press another series of button’s, a voice is heard.

Computer: Max training level, caution, danger, use wisely.

Then a series of sliding door’s open’s in various location’s on the ship, a total of 7 opening’s, 3 alone one side of the ship, 3 alone the other, and 1 from the roof. From these opening 7 small round ship’s comes and surrounds Kuriri. Kuriri look’s at a flashing button on the control panel, it say’s “training level selected, start”. Kuriri pushes on the button and the training start’s.

We now switch back to Earth, Kai and Chulance is sparring with each other as they are again training, Sly is sitting on a rock as it’s his turn to watch, after another 15 minutes Kai and Chulance stop’s, Kai walk over to where Sly is.

Kai: It’s your turn.

Sly: *smiles* Yeah, let’s get started.

Kai takes his break as Sly begins sparring with Chulance. After 20 minutes both Sly and Chulance join’s Kai on the rock.

Chulance: Have you guy’s heard, there is going to be a world tournament in 1 month from now.

Kai: We’ve heard, where going to enter, you.

Chulance: Of course, man it’s going to be sweet being world champ.

Sly: Hay, you got me to deal with.

Kai: Come on, you both know I’ll win.

Chulance: In your dream’s.

Sly: Poor Chulance, I’ll be wearing a shiny gold belt and you’ll have to do with a little bit of pocket money for second.

After a hour long discussion over who will win, they settle down.

Sly: Are we going to use super sayian.

Kai and Chulance: Huh.

Sly: Well it is a tournament ring after all, transforming or using to much energy could destroy the place.

Kai: I see what you mean, ya, better stick to base form.

Sly: Chulance???

Chulance: Yes, I’ll stay in base.

Sly: Alright then, let’s get back to training. Kai, I think it’s our turn while Chulance sit’s this one out.

Kai: Right.

Both fight’s walk out in the open and begins sparring again.

Back in space we see flashes of light shine through the window’s of Kuriri’s ship. We move inside to see Kuriri on the defensive, 2 of the mini round ship’s fires a laser at Kuriri, she dodges then see’s 1 heading toward her, she duck’s under as it fly’s past. Then the 7 ship’s gather together and form a kind of wall, then all 7 fires laser’s at the same time, Kuriri tries to dodge as 1 laser hit’s Kuriri’s arm, losing focus the gravity pull’s her to the floor, suddenly a ship smashes into Kuriri while she’s down, as she pushes her up she see’s another one heading for her, Kuriri fires an energy blast, the ship stop’s and deflects Kuriri blast to 4 ship’s above her, the ship’s bounces the blast back and forth before sending it back it Kuriri direction, Kuriri see’s the attack and fires another blast to counter, the 2 blast collide as a struggle occurs, then both blast explode. We move back outside space ship and see all the window’s completely fill with a bright pick light, the light fades and we move back in the ship to see Kuriri on the floor. An alarm sounds and the little training ship’s move back to their storage spaces. The computer speaks up again.

Computer: Returning gravity to normal level.

We see on the meter the level of gravity go back to X1. Kuriri pushes herself up, cough’s a bit, then get’s back to her feet.

Kuriri: I gotta say, that was tougher then expected.

Kuriri slowly makes her way to the resting room, limping a small bit.

Kuriri: I need some rest.

Kuriri go’s in the room and jumps on the bed, then very quickly go’s to sleep.

Meanwhile on Earth, our hero’s continue to take turn’s sparring with each other as they awaits the day of the world tournament.

Well it appears a tournament is soon coming up, each of our 3 hero’s want’s the title of world champ, but who will it be. Also Kuriri is doing more intense training then ever before, her power continues to grow at a rapid rate, what is Kuriri’s plan to take over Earth, is she really trying to surpass Sly or has she got a plan in mind. We can only wait and see what happens on the next Ultimate Battle Z.

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